Dee Light
Trip North 2002 - Log - Grand Rivers KY to Wabasha MN
Updated - 06-06-02

05-21-02 Tuesday Green Turtle Bay Resort – Grand Rivers KY - Mile 31.7
Betty’s Mothers Home –
Weather – overnight low of 46 deg .. sunny and an afternoon high of 73 deg ..
cold ..
.. once Dee Light made it to Green Turtle Bay Resort we got a rental Car and drove to Betty’s Mothers place in Pea Ridge Arkansas .. on our way we did stop for one night in Branson Missouri and saw the Jim Stafford Show .. our stay at Pea Ridge was a very colorful time and was a great source for many stories and tails .. enough said .. Tuesday the 21st after breakfast and final packing we drove Joey ( Betty’s brother ) to his place and then drove to the boat .. we had dinner at Miss Patti's Iron Kettle - a Subsidiary of Patti’s 1880's Settlement in Grand Rivers ( 270-362-0409) .. all three of us were really ready to get back to Dee Light ..

Travel – Betty and Marv - Drive – Pea Ridge Arkansas to Grand Rivers KY ...

05-22-23-02 Wednesday-Thursday - Green Turtle Bay Resort – Grand Rivers KY - Mile 31.7
Weather – overnight lows of 42 to 48 deg .. sunny with a mild breeze that
increased to 20 mph .. and afternoon highs in the 80s …
.. on Wednesday we got up to 42 deg a record low for Paducah KY .. lucky us .. the Ohio River has been closed to all traffic but did open up this morning .. the Illinois River has been closed for a number of days but did open again on the 23rd .. did some shopping for supplies and got Dee Light ready for our departure on Friday ..

05-24-02 Friday Green Turtle Bay Resort – Grand Rivers KY - Mile 31.7
Crew – Marv and Betty
Weather – overnight low of 61 deg .. afternoon high of 82 deg .. winds from
the Southwest at 10 to 15 mph ..
.. got up to a great sunrise .. Autumn took Betty for a walk and we readied Dee Light to take off .. the Weather Channel is showing rain .. UGH !! .. 80 percent for the area that we are heading for .. we called the Lock from the Marina at 06:15 am .. they will be ready for us .. we were in the Lock and tied off at 06:45 am .. the Lockmaster gave us a postcard to fill out and mail in .. he sent it down to Betty in a bucket ..

BARKLEY LOCK and DAM Grand River KY 52 Lift ( drop ) Mile 30.6

.. under normal waters the drop / lift is 52 feet today it was about 42 feet .. we pulled out of the Lock onto the Cumberland River at 07:00 am .. after the Lock we had some breakfast .. we toasted bread that Betty’s Mother had baked for us .. the River is deep .. at least today it was .. 45 to 55 feet .. met one Towboat .. we traveled at about 18 knots most of the way .. we entered the Ohio River at 08:40 am .. many .. many Towboats lining the shores .. Betty took the wheel to get a feel of driving with the added current from our Aft .. we passed the mouth of the Tennessee River at 09:05 am .. a lot of ‘junk’ and Bob’s Duck Blinds in the water .. at 09:35 am we went over the top of the Lock ..

LOCK and DAM 52 Brookport IL Lift - Under Water Mile 939.0

.. we called for the Lock but they did not answer .. had to be about 20 plus feet under water .. a lot of junk in the water .. some of the Markers are below water .. ‘bobbing’ .. at 10:35 we called ahead to the Lock .. he said to slow down a little due to the Towboats working in the area .. but he said that the Lock was well under water .. at about 10:45 am we went over the Lock ..

LOCK and DAM 53 Grand Chain IL Lift – Under Water Mile 962.6

.. we called ahead to the Lock at 10:50 am .. Lock 53 responded .. he said that the Olmstead Lock and Dam is not in operation yet .. and he said to go right along the side of the Lock .. we did .. Betty said that this is her type of Locks ..

OLMSTEAD LOCK and DAM Olmstead IL Lift – Under Water Mile 964.5

.. at 11:00 am we went over the top of the Lock .. the Lock is under construction and has been for years .. at 11:10 am we went by a Towboat that got caught in high winds and sunk .. Betty went out on the Hard Top and got some sun .. as we got close to the Mississippi River the Barge traffic increased .. a lot .. like going thru a ‘war zone’ .. at 11:55 am we entered the Mississippi River .. the down river current is about 4.5 knots .. but a lot less junk .. the wind has picked up but at this time its not a factor .. some nasty logs coming down river .. at about Mile 40 the current has increased to 6 knots .. and the wind has picked up hiding the Markers and the junk .. many Towboats on the move .. both going up and down River .. the current over the Wing Dams is a real challenge .. whirlpools .. at Mile 65 a 65 foot Viking heading for Chicago IL passed us .. they are traveling at 28 knots .. it has big Man Engines in it .. they plan to tie off for the night at Mile 117 .. they said that the spot that we are heading for is a good spot to spend the night on the Hook .. they spent the night there two years ago .. they said that the Illinois River is still closed .. we made our way to Mile 78 where there is an Island in the center of the Channel .. we went off the Channel on the West side of the Channel .. the depth went from 70 feet to 25 feet and then held so we pulled ahead more .. the depth did not change .. the current was at 6 plus knots back in the Channel .. when we tucked up next to the Island the current dropped to 2 knots .. we found a good spot for the night .. the winds dropped off to nothing .. at 06:15 pm we dropped the Hook .. it took three times to get it stuck good for the night .. we checked our GPS reading and wrote it down right on our Mississippi River Chart .. we shut down the Engines and lit our charcoal grill .. no rain yet .. Cell Service is near a zero but Betty was able to return phone calls to Danny and Shawn .. large logs and Duck Blinds drifted by Dee Light .. about 07:30 pm fog started to settle in on the River .. we had charcoal grilled Rib Eye Steaks on the Back Deck .. after dinner we watched the Lakers beat the Kings .. during the night a number of Towboat went by us on the wrong side .. right off the Marked Channel .. they went up River on the unmarked part of the River Channel .. they went between us and the West Shore Line .. Dee Light really rocked and rolled when they went by .. we ‘camped out’ on the Back Deck ..

Travel - Grand Rivers KY to Mississippi River – 170 Miles - 4 Locks – 1471 Miles

05-25-02 Saturday On the Hook - Mississippi River – Mile 78.0
Weather – overcast .. overnight low of 63 deg .. high of 84 deg ..
.. during the night logs hit the hull of Dee Light all night .. just after we dozed off a HUGH something hit us .. it sounded like we went aground .. after breakfast .. showers ( including Autumn ) .. checked Engines .. etc. .. light fog over the River Valley .. we started to pull our Hook at 07:00 am .. we could tell that something was wrong with the Starboard Side .. we stuck a pole under the boat and could feel something was there that should not be there .. after many attempts a HUGH log / tree appeared behind Dee Light .. first a limb that was about 8 inches in diameter and 10 to 12 feet long then the tree that was MUCH larger .. 14 to 16 inch in diameter by long .. after that we were able to get the Hook up but we picked up a vibration on our Starboard Prop .. we can hold about 17 knots ( 11 knots on the ground – that’s fast enough for all the junk ) .. Betty said that a lot of the ‘logs’ look like ‘wooden Dolphins’ .. the sun is trying to come out .. current is back to over 6 knots .. by noon it started getting more overcast .. many diving Markets .. we have not seen one other pleasure craft or fishing boat all day .. and its Memorial Day Weekend .. on Friday we saw the one 65 foot boat and that’s it for two days .. at 01:45 pm Jon called .. they are on their boat at Fort Myers .. and they are going to Marina north of them for the Weekend .. at 02:00 pm we saw two other pleasure crafts .. the overcast skies have gone to mostly sunny and warm .. the winds have picked up from the West .. at 02:45 pm we were docked at Hoppie’s Marina ..

FUEL – Hoppie’s Marina Service - Kimmswick MO
6018 Windsor Harbor Lane Port Engine – 1415.7 hours
Imperial MO 63052 Starboard Engine – 1421.7 hours
Phone – 636-467-6154

.. Autumn was ready to get on the land to go for a walk .. after fueling we hooked up our shore power and water .. Fern made dinner reservations for us .. Dee Light was docked behind the Towboat BULLFROG at Hoppie’s .. the Captain / Crew is a ‘gal’ .. that fit right in what you think of when you think of a Bullfrog .. she said that she has been on the Tow for 7 months without water .. and she looks like it .. a Bullfrog out of water for 7 months .. UGH !! .. the Towboat was built in Stevens Point Wisconsin in 1940 .. the Gal / Guy / ?? has a 65 foot Houseboat in Alma WI that she / it lives on when not on the Towboat .. Betty’s son Danny called and said that they could not get anyone to return their car so they are going to meet us at Alton IL .. we cleaned up Dee Light and ourselves .. we took the Corsetry Van to town for dinner .. we drove to Bambino’s Restaurant & Bar 9 636-282-1100 ) .. after dinner we took a Van tour of old Kimmswick MO .. Dee Light really rocked when the Towboats heading up River would go by ..

Travel - Mississippi River – Mile 78 to Kimmswick MO - 0 Locks - 81 Miles - 1552 Miles

05-26-02 Sunday Hoppie’s Marina Service -Kimmswick MO – Mile 158.5
Contact – Fern and Hoppie ( Charles ) Hopkins
Weather – overnight low of 65 deg and a sunny afternoon high of 85 deg ..
.. this is the day that the Towboat hit and knocked down a Bridge on the Arkansas River .. 500 feet of the Bridge were destroyed and a number of people killed .. Hoppie’s Marina is quite laid back .. real laid back .. the Docks are steel Towboat Boxes that are capped off to make a walking deck .. the social hub of the area is under a shelter built on the dock with some chairs etc. under it .. got to see the photos .. their unmarried daughter lives on site and appears to be learning the Marina business .. of we had coffee and watched the sunrise from the Bridge .. looks like a great day .. the Weather Channel has shown rain every day for days and we have not seen a drop .. they are showing rain again today .. we left Hoppie’s at 07:20 am .. a lot of Towboat traffic .. 5 Towboats at the first Bridge below St. Louise to get around all on the move .. one with 35 Boxes going up River .. in this area the Towboats are King of the River .. and they know it and they make sure that you know it .. much camera action and much maneuvering of Dee Light thru and around all the Towboats .. .. at 09:00 am we went by the Arch .. a sunny day so it’s a great photo day .. Autumn stood on her hind feet and watched off the side of Dee Light for the entire trip thru St Louis .. at 09:45 am we called the Lock .. there are two Locks .. the Lockmaster said that we will be able to pull right in the Small Chamber .. at 10:00 am we were in the Lock and tied off ..

CHAIN OF ROCKS LOCK & DAM 27 – Granite City IL - 12 Lift ( a 8 foot lift today ) - Mile 185.0

.. the Lock Gate ahead of us dropped down below the water line and we pulled out of the Lock at 10: 10 am .. this section of the waterway is a man made Cut that bypasses the River Channel .. only a 2 knot current .. rock walls on both sides .. by 10:40 am we were out of the Cut and passed where the Missouri River joins the Mississippi River .. at 11:00 am the Indy 500 started and at 11:10 am we called the Lock .. they will have the Second Chamber ready when we get there .. at 11:30 am we pulled into the Chamber ..

MELVIN PRICE LOCK & DAM 26 – Alton IL - 23 Lift ( a 2 foot lift today ) - Mile 200.8

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 1140 and headed into many Wooden Dolphins .. UGH !! .. once out of the Lock we called the Alton Marina .. they gave us directions for dockage .. a Dock Boy was waiting for us at the end of the I – Dock .. by 12:15 pm we were in the Marina .. tied off and hooked up for our stay here .. before even getting Dee Light set for our stay here Betty told Marv that we were going to have to move .. being a retired Nurse Betty sensed that Marv may develop a heart problem due to the abundance of Water Wings all around the end of our Dock .. we ended up staying put at the end of I-Dock .. by 12:30 pm Grandmother Betty had her Danielle onboard Dee Light and Marv researched Wing Migration .. Danielle’s family soon joined us and we had lunch on Dee Light .. the 65 foot Viking .. SEA LAB .. that passed us two days ago is docked here waiting for the Illinois River to open up .. when we checked into the Marina Walt ( Harbour Master ) showed us photos that were taken 10 days ago when the Mississippi River was at high water in this area .. the flood waters were in the Parking Lot for the Marina and Casino .. that parking area is about 12 feet above the river elevation today .. after lunch it was off to the Pool for the gals .. now that we have Cell Phone service we were able to make a number of calls .. we spotted a boat named OUR COVE III is docked at the Marina .. there use to be a boat with that name at the Wabasha Marina a number of years ago .. could be the same boat .. the Weather Channel was wrong again today .. no rain just a great day to be out and on the water .. we went to Fast Eddies for dinner but with two kids under 21 we were unable to stay there so we went to Tony's Restaurant ( 800-243-8384 ) in the old downtown area of Alton IL .. had a great dinner .. on our way back to Dee Light we dropped Danny and Shelly off at the Alton Casino .. they had a good time there but returned to the boat with empty pockets .. Grandmother Betty took care of Danielle for the night ..

Travel - Kimmswick MO to Alton Ik 2 Locks 44 Miles 1596 Miles
Travel – Drive – Danny and family – Indianapolis IN to Alton IL

05-27-02 Monday Memorial Day - Alton Marina – Alton IL - Mile 202.9
Contact - General Manager - Walt DeGrendele and Assistant - Charlie Wickenhauser ( 618-462-9860 ) ..
Crew – Marv .. Betty .. Danny .. Shelly .. Adam .. Danielle ..
Weather – overcast in the morning .. overnight low of 63 deg .. an afternoon high of 84 deg ..
.. the Alton Marina is a first class Marina .. good docks .. etc. .. no cable TV on the Docks .. and its located right in the heart of town with the Alton Casino within sight just on the end of a large parking lot .. during the night the tour boat NIAGARA PRINCE that we saw in Demopolis docked at the end of the Dock next to us .. with the Illinois River closed this may be the end of their trip .. we had breakfast with Danielle on the Back Deck .. Jewel returned our call .. all is going great up North at their Log Cabin .. Jewel had been to Rochester MN to a wedding shower for Sarah and Jon with her Grandmother .. Debbie and Debbie’s daughter Heidi .. they met a lot of new people and had a real good time .. Autumn seams to be back to normal after spending much time without land .. we inquired about the boat OUR COVE III that is docked on the same Dock at Dee Light .. we asked Charlie Wickenhauser if he knew anything about the boat .. he said that it had been owned by someone up North ( Jerry Schmidt ) .. and was sold to a new owner about a year ago .. Jerry had boated out of the Wabasha Marina for years and now has a place in Florida .. Danny and his family drove to the Arch for the afternoon .. Cheryl made it to the boat at 01:45 pm .. at 03:00 pm the NIAGARA PRINCE pulled out .. the 190 foot boat made a 180 turn inside the Marina .. and received a standing ovation from the boaters on the Dock .. Autumn was playing on the Back Deck and lost a nail on her left rear foot .. Cheryl got her to the Cockpit area right away and Autumn soon had blood all over the Floor of the Cockpit .. Autumn required much TLC .. a storm front moved thru with a lot of wind but no rain .. Danny .. Shelly and Adam took off with their car and Cheryl’s car .. they will be dropping Cheryl’s car off up river where we plan to be in a few days .. then they will be heading to Indy .. the ‘Crew’ had dinner on the Back Deck and watched the sunset ..

Travel – Drive – Cheryl – Indianapolis IN to Alton IL
Travel – Drive – Danny .. Shelly and Adam – Alton IL to Keokuk IA to Indianapolis IN

05-28-02 Tuesday Alton Marina – Alton IL - Mile 202.9
Crew – Marv .. Betty .. Cheryl .. Danielle ..
Weather – overnight low of 65 deg and an afternoon high of 84 deg .. a
chance of rain ..
.. after breakfast on the Back Deck Dee Light left the Marina at 07:05 am .. just before we left the Dock Betty went thru the interior and put down everything that would fall down when we are underway .. a few minutes later Danielle went thru the boat and saw everything on the floor so she put everything back in place .. a light fog was on the water as we headed up River .. the seas are flat this morning .. a number of large ‘Wooden Manatees’ on the River .. we now think that it was a Wooden Manatee that got stuck in our Starboard Prop when we were out on the Hook .. about a 4 knot current with much junk .. once we were past the mouth of the Illinois River at Mile 217 the current dropped to just under 4 knots .. I was hoping that for more of a drop .. we saw a few Houseboats aground and destroyed due to the flood .. at 09:45 am we were about 5 miles from the Lock and we contacted the Lockmaster .. it was easy to tell that they are busy .. but he said that they would lock us thru between the Towboats when we got there .. when we were within sight of the Lock the Lockmaster said that when the upriver Tow pulls out of the Lock he will lower the Chamber and we will be able to float thru the Lock .. as there is little change in elevation in the water levels .. at 11:00 am a 47 foot bright yellow Fountain pulled out of the Lock and we entered the Lock Chamber .. we found out later that the Fountain had come from the Two Rivers Marina and is from Keokuk IA ..

LOCK & DAM 25 – Winfield MO 15 Lift Mile 241.4

.. we had about a 1 foot lift .. we pulled out of the Lock at 11:05 am .. many Towboats on the River .. the River Valley has become wider with vast backwater areas .. we still have a 4 knot current .. this is the area of the River where we got in trouble a number of years ago .. ( 1996 ) .. going too fast in a high water condition .. many of the Channel Markers have been relocated by the high waters .. we first called the Lock at 01:05 pm .. the Lockmaster said if we could speed up that he would lock us right thru .. so we did speed up .. we entered the Chamber at 01:35 pm .. two Towboats .. side-by-side with 15 Boxes pulled out of the Lock and we pulled in with the Towboat BOB KOCH and floated thru in front of the BOB KOCH .. we passed him a few days ago .. another Towboat was getting ready to enter the Lock on the upriver side of the Lock .. a Pusher was helping the Towboat ..

LOCK & DAM 24 – Clarksville MO 15 Lift Mile 273.4

.. we again only had a 1 foot lift in elevation .. we pulled out of the Lock at 01:40 pm ahead of the Towboat that locked thru with us .. Cheryl had a good nap .. she slept right thru the lockage .. it tried to rain on us a little .. just a few large drops .. we made our way past the Railroad Swing Bridge and called the Marina .. we pulled into the Fuel Dock at 02:45 pm .. and started fueling up .. once fueling started the gals got the Corsetry Car and drove to town for supplies .. when they returned they did the laundry at the Marina ..

FUEL – Two Rivers Marina
Route One - #2 Marina Drive
Box 106 Port Engine – 1428.3 hours
Rockport IL 62370-9727 Starboard Engine – 1434.4 hours
Phone – 217-437-2321

.. after fueling Marv moved Dee Light to the end of the Transit Dock for the night with the help of the Harbour Master Jim Eatock .. Jim gave Marv a tour of the 47 foot Bayliner that was docked right behind Dee Light .. he showed Marv the ‘Chart System’ that he installed on the Bayliner .. the Crew had dinner at the Lighthouse Inn Restaurant and Captain’s Lounge ( 217-437-2500 ) .. the restaurant is located right next to the Marina .. excellent food .. after dinner Betty finished up the laundry and Marv talked with Jewel .. she had GOOD news .. we got our fingers crossed .. Danielle read stories to Cheryl and they fell asleep together .. Betty was really tired but …

Travel - Alton IL to Rockport IL 2 Locks 80 Miles 1688 Miles

05-29-02 Wednesday Two Rivers Marina – Rockport IL - Mile 283.2
Contact - Harbor Master - Jim Eatock - 217-437-2321 Ext 299
Weather – overcast in the morning with an overnight low of 62 deg .. afternoon
high of 83 deg ..
.. .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:00 am to flat seas on the Mississippi River .. there was a light morning fog on the water .. we called the Lock at 08:15 am .. they have a Towboat in the Chamber .. once it moves out we will be able to float thru .. he said that they have a 3 foot lift .. we entered the Lock at 08:40 am ..

LOCK & DAM 22 – Hannibal MO 10 Lift Mile 302.2

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 08:50 am .. we called the Hannibal Railroad Bridge at 09:25 am .. they have a train coming and we will have a short wait .. we made it under the Railroad Bridge at 09:50 am .. Danielle and the Rat had little Sausages .. we called the Lock at 10:30 am .. at 10:40 am we re-contacted the Lock .. he said that he will have the Lock ready for us and that we can float thru as the lift is only 1 foot .. Danielle calls Marv the ‘Rat’ and Betty the ‘Crab’ .. named after the Crab that Betty is drying out that she got back in Florida .. the skies are starting to clear .. Cheryl took a little nap .. we pulled into the Lock at 10:55 am ..

LOCK & DAM 21 – Quincy IL 10 Lift Mile 324.9

.. the water went up about 3 feet .. Betty and Danielle took care of the Fenders as Cheryl napped .. we pulled out of the Lock at 11:05 am .. the current is still at 4 knots and brown .. but there is a lot less junk .. was able to use the Autopilot on many long stretches .. our seas are still all but flat today .. at 12:00 pm we contacted the Lock .. he said that we would have a wait of 1 ˝ hours as a Towboat was just pulling into the Lock .. there is a Car Ferry ( PAUL D ) .. just below the Lock that stays quite busy .. Danielle left much of her ‘art work’ on Dee Light .. we had lunch on the Back Deck and watched the Towboat lock thru .. the Lockmaster said that we can float thru .. we entered the Lock Chamber between the Outer Mooring Piling and the Yellow End of the Lock Wall at 02:00 pm ..

LOCK & DAM 20 – Canton MO 10 Lift Mile 343.2

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 02:10 pm .. all three of the gals got some sun on the Hardtop .. an upriver wind picked up a little .. at 03:25 pm after passing a Towboat that we saw above Lock 20 we contacted the Lock the first time .. once we got past the mouth of the Des Moines River the water became cleaner .. must be Iowa farmland washing down the River .. we re-contacted the Lockmaster .. he said that he would lower the water and be ready for us when we got there .. once outside the Lock we waited just a few minutes and the Gate opened .. as we entered the Lock Chamber we went under a Highway Bridge and a Swing Railroad Bridge .. at 03:45 pm we entered the Lock .. Cheryl helped Betty tie off Dee Light to the Floating Bollard .. there is a large Power Plant ( Keokuk Plant - Union Electric Company ) right at this Lock ..

LOCK & DAM 19 – Keokuk IA 38 Lift Mile 365.2

.. Danielle took a nap right thru the lockage .. at this Lock the Upper Gate goes up and down .. the Lower Gate swings into the Lock Wall .. we pulled out of the Lock at 04:20 pm into the upper Lock Basin .. at this Lock they have a Break Wall to protect the Lock Entrance and to make it easier for the Towboats to get in and out of the Lock .. once out of the Lock Basin we contacted the Yacht Club .. they gave us directions for docking Dee Light on their new concrete wall .. the Bartender and another gal came out to help us with the lines .. just as we docked the boat the Port Prop kissed the sand - gravel bottom .. we hand moved the boat down River about 20 feet .. there appears to be enough water at this spot .. we retired our Confederate Flag and replaced it with our American Flag .. we figured that the people from Iowa just would not understand the Confederate Flag .. Betty and Cheryl herd a report over the Marine Radio about a Towboat that hit a Railroad Bridge and closed down the River in that area .. we drove Cheryl’s car to The Hawkeye Restaurant ( 319-524-7549 ) .. the home of Iowa’s thickest Pork Chop .. after dinner Betty took Danielle for a walk they came across a very large River Snake .. when they got back Danielle needed a bath .. she was dirt from one end to the other .. we watched the Miss Universe Pageant ..

Travel - Rockport IL to Keokuk IA 4 Locks 84 Miles 1772 Miles

05-30-02 Thursday Keokuk Yacht Club – Keokuk IA - Mile 366.9
Contact – Bartender ( 319-524-9469 ) ..
Crew – Marv and Betty ..
Weather – mostly clear skies .. overnight low of 65 deg .. an afternoon high
of 83 deg .. the Weather Channel shows storms North of us ..
.. today is the day that the clean up work at the Word Trade Center was completed .. great sunrise this morning .. the sun came up on the far shore .. this area is much like the Lake Pepin area .. the River is about 1 mile wide for about the next 50 miles .. Cheryl and Danielle headed out for Indy by car at 07:50 am .. and Dee Light left at 07:55 am .. there was a mild upriver breeze on the Lake are .. we cannot detect any vibration from the docking experience at Keokuk .. the Lake has a depth of about 20 to 15 feet .. we were able to use our Autopilot on the Lake area .. we met a number of Towboats and had to go slow for working Tow Boats that were moving Boxes around .. when we got to the Fort Madison Railroad Swingbridge ( 08:50 am ) the Bridge Master said that he decided to have us wait for a train .. the locals told him that we were putting out too large of a wake .. we went past the Bridge at 09:20 am .. Betty called her sister about their mother .. their mother will be moving to live with Betty’s sister in North Carolina .. Betty took the once we were past the Bridge .. the current on the Lake is about 2 knots .. Marv called the Fairport Landing Marina and set up dockage for tonight .. he said that they have 90,000 boats that pass thru their a year .. Betty went out on the Front Deck and got some sun .. she said that it was the best day in the sun since we left Florida .. we contacted the Burlington Railroad Bridge .. he asked what our clearance is with our antennas down .. he said that he would open for us and a Towboat ( the SIR RANDY J a small Pusher with a Load ) .. once an Eastbound train comes thru .. after waiting for 55 minutes at 11:30 am we cleared the Bridge .. in the Burlington IA area the Railroad must be King .. the Towboat pulled off on the Iowa side above the Bridge to pick up a Crew Person .. at 11:45 am we called ahead to the Lock .. he said that they have a Towboat in the Lock and that it would be about an hour wait .. once we got to the Lock we saw the BILL BERRY half in the Lock .. so we had lunch .. its still sunny but the wind has picked up .. during our wait at the Lock the Lockmaster contacted us and said that the Towboat SIR RANDY J would enter the Chamber first and that we would follow him and go past him once we were in the Lock .. at 01:30 pm we entered the Lock .. once past the Tow we pulled Dee Light to the Wall .. they referred to us as the ‘Reck Boat’ ..

LOCK & DAM 18 – Gulfport IL 10 Lift Mile 410.5

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 01:40 pm .. this was Betty’s first lockage where we used the Lock Lines to hold us to the Lock Walls .. it went very well .. Betty went out and got some more sun .. there are a few other Reck Boats out today .. at 03:05 pm went by the Mouth of the Iowa River .. at 03:10 pm we called ahead to the next Lock .. they will be ready for us .. we pulled into the Lock at 03:25 pm .. when we were going thru the Lock the Lock Master told us the the Towboat that hit the Railroad Bridge ahead of us .. first hit the Bridge and the impact from hitting it caused the lead 9 Boxes to come loose and start floating down the River .. the Towboat is being put back together and is to go thru Lock 15 at about 05:30 pm today .. the River traffic has been closed down since the accident ..

LOCK & DAM 17 – New Boston IL 8 Lift Mile 437.1

.. after only a 1 foot lift we pulled out of the Lock at03:35 pm .. Betty took the wheel and Marv looked ahead in Quimby’s to plan our next few days of travel .. as we entered the Lock at 05:00 pm the Lock Master said that we could float thru .. so we did .. they did have a 3 foot lift and there was a strong up river wind but we were able to control Dee Light in the Chamber ok ..

LOCK & DAM 16 – East Muscatine IL 9 Lift Mile 457.1

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 05:20 pm .. after a few miles up river we tried to call the Marina on the Cell Phone .. but they did not answer .. a boater responded when we called the Marina on the Marine Radio .. a Sea Plane and two boats were on the Fuel Dock when we got there .. they were fueling up and once they were done .. right after the second boat left the Fuel Dock we docked Dee Light on the Fuel Dock at 06:25 pm with much help from a number of people on the Dock .. as we were pulling Dee Light up to the Fuel Dock two Guys on the Dock asked about our Green Bay Packer Flags .. they said that we were not welcome with the flags and that they should be Bears Flags .. yup we are in Iowa .. they don’t even know what state that there from .. they did say that the Colts Flag didn’t even count .. once docked we started fueling up .. they only have a 500 gallon Diesel Fuel Tank so we had them put 200 gallons in each of our two main tanks .. the winds have picked up .. its an upriver wind .. the Sea Plane that was tied off to the Fuel Dock took off at 06:50 pm .. by 07:20 pm we were fueled up and we both took a very needed shower .. we had dinner at the Chart House Lounge ( 319-264-8660 ) .. the restaurant is part of the Marina .. or the Marina is really part of the restaurant .. dinner was very good .. and we now have lunch for tomorrow ..

Travel - Drive – Cheryl and Danielle - Keokuk IA to Indianapolis IN
Travel - Keokuk IA to Muscatine IA 3 Locks 96 Miles 1868 Miles

05-31-02 Friday Fairport Landing / Chart House Lounge - Muscatine IA – Mile 463.0
Contact – Owner – Tim Schoenthal
Weather – overnight low of 69 deg .. high of 86 deg ..
.. we rocked and rolled all night .. this place makes Hoppie’s Marine look like a dream Marina .. the Fuel Dock is right on the River Channel and consists of 5 wooded dock pieces rafted together and held off shore with something that words cannot describe .. there is no power at the Dock .. they ran a garden hose to Dee Light for water .. but its Iowa .. the Owner of the Restaurant / Marina is quite a promoter .. he said that they have 90,000 people thru their place a year .. at 07:40 am right after Autumn took Betty for a walk we pulled off the Dock .. the seas were all but flat .. the Weather Channel is showing Thunder Showers for this area all day today .. we started out going East right into the sun glairing off the water .. we must be heading right .. we saw a ‘V’ shaped flock of Canadian Geese heading the same direction that we are going .. when all else fails we can always follow the Geese in the Spring and Fall .. this is Towboat land ( waters ) .. many Boxes being filled with grain etc. .. we first called the Lock at 08:10 am .. he said that we will be able to go right thru their Auxiliary Lock .. we passed thru the Railroad Swing Bridge that the Towboat hit at 08:20 am .. we could see the damage where the Towboat hit the Bridge .. and entered the Lock at 08:15 am .. the Lockmaster gave us a rough time about our Packer Flags .. but said that he is not a Bear fan ..

LOCK & DAM 15 – Rock Island IL 12 Lift Mile 482.9

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 08:40 am .. we called ahead to the next Lock at 09:15 am .. they have a double Tow that just went into the Lock heading North .. and a Single that is heading North also .. the Single is a U S Coast Guard boat that matinees the River Channel Markers .. they are going to have the Coast Guard boat go in first and we ( the Reck boat ) will follow them .. pass them in the Lock and get the lines on our Starboard side .. the Coast Guard boat worked there way to the Lock .. our tax dollars at work .. they moved many Channel Markers on both sides of the River .. we entered the Lock Chamber at 11:00 am ..

LOCK & DAM 14 & 14A – LeClaire IA 11 Lift Mile 493.1

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 11:15 am .. after locking thru we recalled the Clinton Marina to confirm dockage for tonight .. they said that they could not take us at their Marina but that they had contacted the Fulton Marina across the River and they could put us up on their Fuel Dock for the night .. after we contacted them by phone we decided to explore other options .. we called the Island City Harbor and set up dockage there .. at 01:20 pm we passed the Clinton Marina and we called ahead to the Lock .. they said that they would be ready for us .. we passed the Clinton Showboat ( BELLE II CASINO ) that has a number of people out for the afternoon .. we pulled into the Lock at 02:10 pm ..

LOCK & DAM 13 – Fulton IL 11 Lift Mile 522.5

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 02:20 pm .. above the Lock the River opens up into a large lake area .. we met and passed a number of Towboats .. its getting very overcast .. Betty missed getting out to her sun today .. but did have a nap on the Bridge .. as we approached the Marina we called on the Marine Radio for directions .. the water depth at the Mouth of the Harbour is 6 foot deep right in the center .. once we were inside the Harbour we had good depth .. we got Dee Light docked at 03:20 pm .. hooked up the Shore Power to two 30 Amp Lines .. the sun came back out so Betty cleaned the exterior of Dee Light and got some sun at the same time .. when Marv checked us in he got bikes for us to use at the same time .. we took the bikes into town for dinner .. we dined at the Island City Café ( 563-687-2606 ) .. picked up a few things at the Hop N Stop and stopped at the Ice Cream Shop on our way back to the boat .. we spent a little time talking with the boaters on the Dock .. they had a bad storm go thru here a day before we got here .. we had storms above us and below us on the trip North .. but we hardly got a drop of rain .. the local boaters told us about the Marina and the City .. its all located on an island .. in 1993 it was all covered with the flood waters .. and then called it a day ….

Travel - Muscatine IA to Sabula IA 3 Locks 72 Miles 1940 Miles

06-01-02 Saturday Island City Harbor – Sabula IA – Mile 534.5
Contact - Jerry and Patt Lawson
Weather – overnight low of 62 deg .. an afternoon high of 88 deg ..
.. we got up to a GREAT sunrise .. and flat seas .. the Marina is full of Houseboats .. even a SkipperLiner on the same Dock that we spent the night on .. Autumn took Betty for a walk and Dee Light pulled out of the Marina at 06:30 am .. with the great weather we decided to change our plans and head right for the Casino without spending a night in the Quad City area .. as we were heading up River we were looking ahead to what we thought were 2 ducks or large birds in the water ahead of us .. as we got closer we saw that they were 2 young Bambies swimming from the East Shore to the West Shore .. they saw us and really took off .. they galloped on the water .. about half of their bodies were out of the water .. they did make it to shore .. but very tired .. we could tell that they were confused .. as anyone wanting to go to Iowa would be .. we had to slow down a number of times for fishermen and boats docked along the shores .. the current is 3 knots .. and the water is cleaner .. we first called the Lock at 08:00 am .. we did not get an answer .. ugh .. they must be busy with a Towboat .. quite often when a Towboat is locking thru they either will not respond because they are too busy or they will respond on their Hand Held Marine Radio and we cannot pick them up .. we called the Lock on both 14 and 16 and Lock 12 did not even respond when we were sitting right in front of them .. only after the Tow moved out of the Lock did they call back .. we entered the Lock at 08:45 am .. as we entered the Lock we saw that it was going to be a short lift so we asked if we could float thru .. they said that it was ok .. so we floated thru .. they poured the water in and they gave us a trip to remember ..

LOCK & DAM 12 – Bellevue IA 8 Lift Mile 556.7

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 09:00 am .. as we exited the Lock we thanked them for the lockage .. they did not even respond .. can tell that they are from Iowa .. there are still many Towboats going both directions .. and many weekend boaters on the beaches .. the current has dropped to about 2 to 3 knots .. we had a long wait for the Dubuque Railroad Bridge .. we passed thru it at 11:05 am .. we called for Greg and Karen .. and left a message on their Cell Phone .. the Lockmaster said that the Tow in the Lock will be out shortly and they will lock us thru when he is out .. we pulled into the Lock at 11:30 am with a number of other Reck boats .. when locking thru Betty talked with the couple that were lacking their boat thru just behind us .. they winter their boat in Dubuque and boat out of Prairie du Chien in the Summer .. they know Greg and Karen .. and Mike and Carol .. and have heard all about our trip to Cuba ..

LOCK & DAM 11 – Dubuque IA 11 Lift Mile 583.0

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 11:40 am .. above the Lock the River becomes a Lake area for a number of miles .. we called TIME ENOUGH ( friends of Greg and Karen ) on the Marine Radio after locking thru with them .. many pleasure boats out .. their names are Ed and Sue .. we got yelled at a couple of times Betty went out and got some sun .. we called the Lock at 01:30 pm .. they said that they would be waiting for us .. we entered the Lock at 02:00 pm ..

LOCK & DAM 10 – Guttenburg IA 6 Lift Mile 615.1

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 02:10 pm .. Sue drove their boat into and out of the Lock .. the winds picked up a little .. when we were a few miles from the Marina we met Greg and Karen in their boat heading down River .. they got our message so they decided to come out on the River and great us .. we talked to them over the Marine Radio and they are going to pick us up for dinner later .. we called the Marina on the Marine Radio they said that they would be on the Dock to help us dock Dee Light .. with the very high side winds and down current it took the 3 of them and the 2 of us to get Dee Light docked for the night .. we slipped between 2 fingers on the main Dock with 2 feet to spare on the Bow and Aft .. we were able to hook up to water and 30 amp shore power .. at 06:45 pm Greg and Karen pick us up .. we went to Kaber’s Restaurant ( 608-326-6216 ) in Prairie du Chien for dinner .. there Paul and Gloria .. and Ed and Sue joined us for dinner .. the restaurant is a fourth generation family owned business right next to the Bridge that goes over the Mississippi River .. the River waters have made their way into the Bar area many times .. we had a great meal .. after dinner and much talk we were brought back by Greg and Karen .. a train was blocking the way to Dee Light so they dropped us off at the Casino .. Betty made a small deposit and Marv made a decent withdrawal .. when we did make it back to the Dock we found that a Trawler that we locked thru with at the last Lock had joined us on the Dock as well as a rental Houseboat that we had passed just down River from the Casino .. all in all an end to a very good day ..

Travel - Sabula IA to Marquette IA - 3 Locks – 101 Miles - 2041 Miles

06-02-02 Sunday Isle of Capri Marquette Marina – Marquette IA – Mile 634.7
Contact - The Casino Office .. or the Dockmaster
Weather – heavy overcast with an overnight low of 54 deg .. ugh .. and an
afternoon high of 60 deg .. UGH .. its COLD !! …
.. the Weather Channel shows a storm front coming our way .. and it did not look good to our West .. so we decided to stay right here .. later we talked to the Casino Manager and he said that a storm should be here in about an hour ( about 07:30 am ) .. this reinforced our decision .. we remembered that last night Karen said that the Marquette Café and Bar ( 563-873-9663 ) had a great breakfast .. so we took a short walk to the old red brick building and had a great breakfast .. Karen was right .. the skies got darker and the rains started at about 08:45 am .. Autumn got a very needed bath and we did a number of ‘clean up’ things around Dee Light .. by 10:30 am the rain had passed and the skies looked much better .. we watched the Weather Channel again and decided to head North as far as La Crosse today .. we pulled off the Dock at 11:05 am .. at 11:40 am we contacted the Lock .. they said that they could lock us right thru .. when we were passing the Towboat BILL BERRY the Lock re-contacted us and said that they had a Towboat getting close and that we would have to wait .. we passed the second Towboat and dropped our Hook and watched the Tow pull into the Lock .. UGH .. a light rain shower came thru .. we had lunch and Marv went thru his mail and paid some bills .. we pulled the Hook at 01:30 pm .. when the Hook came up we had picked up a cable that had looped twice over the Hook .. we worked it off with the Boat Hook .. the Lockmaster said that we could float thru the Lock .. we entered the Lock at 02:10 pm .. when they raised the water they gave us a good ride and we ended up on the Lock Wall on our Port Side .. that’s the reason that we put Fenders out on both sides when floating ..

LOCK & DAM 9 – Eastman WI 9 Lift Mile 647.9

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 02:20 pm .. and passed the Towboat that went thru the Lock ahead of us .. got into heavy rain .. and at the same time we met 2 Towboats .. we called ahead to the Lock and they said that they would have the Green Light on for us .. Betty took a nap but not outside in the sun .. as we approached the Lock the Lock Master said that we should plan to grab Lines .. then a heavy rain started and he said that we could float thru .. we entered the Lock at 04:20 pm .. when they raised the water they gave us a good ride and we ended up on the Lock Wall on our Port Side again ..

LOCK & DAM 8 – Geona WI 8 Lift Mile 679.2

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 04:35 pm .. once out of the Lock we did get into a heavy rain .. Betty took the wheel for a period of time .. a Jet Skier spotted us and enjoyed our wake for a number of miles .. there have been very few boaters out due to the bad weather .. when the Marina was within sight we called the Marina on the Marine Radio .. they had us dock on the end of A – Dock .. by 05:45 we had Dee Light docked .. the Dock Boy that helped us said that he closed up at 06:00 pm .. so we walked up to his Gas Dock office and paid for our dockage .. he tried to contact Midwest Fuels - Bob Johnson Oil to get fuel for us in the morning .. but he was unable to get in contact with him .. so he gave us his number .. after a few chores we headed up to the Pettibone Boat Club ( 608-784-7743 ) for dinner .. when we were at dinner we talked to the boaters sitting next to us about Diesel Fuel they introduced us to the Harbour Master Erv Dummer who was having a burger with a buddy .. he was able to line up Bob Johnson Oil and set him up for 07:30 am on Monday .. after dinner we continued with our chores and watched the final game between the Lakers and Sacramento .. and what a final game it was .. the Lakers won in overtime .. during the night the winds picked up and La Crosse got over 2 inches of rain ..

Travel - Marquette IA to La Crosse WI – 2 Locks – 63 Miles – 2104 Miles

06-03-02 Monday Pettibone Boat Club – La Crosse WI – Mile 697.4
Contact – Harbor Master Erv Dummer
Weather – overnight low of 51 deg with and afternoon high of a 61 deg
.. Luther Hospital Golf Outing .. at 06:35 we started our move to the Fuel Dock .. the winds picked up a LOT .. Betty had to move all our Fenders from side to side before docking Dee Light .. we had to dock on our Starboard side and the upriver winds were coming from our Port side .. they said that we would have wind gusts of 30 mph .. as we made our approach to the Fuel Dock the winds picked up well above the 30 mph range .. Betty put most of our Fenders out .. but with all of that we were on the Dock and tied off by 07:00 am .. the Dockmaster came about 07:10 am .. he said that he would let Midwest Fuels – Bob Johnson Oil know that we were on the Fuel Dock .. before leaving Fort Myers we stocked Dee Light with many things for our trip North .. we put 4 large fruit bags of grapefruit into the storage area below the Cockpit Floor .. we still have part of one bag of Florida Grapefruit .. so we had a touch of Florida on the Back Deck along with some of Betty’s mothers bread .. we started fueling at 08:00 am ..

FUEL – Pettibone Boat Club Midwest Fuels
South Pettibone Drive 615 Summer Street – La Crosse WI 54601
Box 1042 Port Engine – 1473.1 hours
La Crosse WI 54601-1042 Starboard Engine – 1479.1 hours
Phone – 608-785-2011

.. the winds have dropped down and the sun came out pulled off the Fuel Dock at 09:00 am .. we called ahead to the Lock .. they will be ready for us .. but when we called the Railroad Bridge they said that they have a West bound Train and an East bound Train that we will have to wait for .. ugh .. at 09:45 we cleared the Railroad Bridge .. Betty took a photo of Marv getting ready for the La Crosse Queen .. we passed a Houseboat as we headed towards the Lock .. they called us on the Marine Radio and said that we could enter the Lock first as this was their first time thru a Lock .. we gave them instructions on how to lock thru a Lock .. we entered the Lock at 10:00 am .. the Lock Master gave us a copy of their report called .. ‘Vessels Current Location In Pools’ .. it looks like we could have a good day to make the 5 Locks .. as there are only 6 Towboats total in the Pool 4 thru Pool 7 area ..

LOCK & DAM 7 – LaCrescent MN 8 Lift Mile 702.5

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 10:15 am .. we called ahead to the Lock at 10:45 am .. the lady Lockmaster said that they would be ready for us .. they asked us if we wanted to float thru but with the wind we said that we would grab a line .. we entered the Lock at 10:50 am .. its easy to see why the Towboats get bunched up at Lock 6 with the Blond Lockmaster .. and she really did a great job ..

LOCK & DAM 6 – Trempealeau WI 8 Lift Mile 714.3

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 11:00 am .. after pulling out of the Lock we went to 16 on the Marine Radio and tried to contact the Marina at Trempealeau and instead we were contacted by Ron and Kay Fologson .. FOGIES FOLLY .. they are on their way North by car and at the time were near us on Highway 61 .. we will be seeing them shortly .. Betty took the wheel between the Locks a number of times .. we called ahead to the Lock at 11:40 am .. they said that if we get there before BILL BERRY dose that they would lock us right thru .. we contacted BILL BERRY he said that they were going to stop at Winona and for us to go by on a One Whistle .. we tried to contact Captain Ron Larson on the Marine Radio but did not get in contact with him .. as we approached the Lock Marv could hear Betty sputtering about lines .. Fenders .. Port Side .. Bow .. Aft .. men .. changing from side to side .. always something .. etc .. etc .. we entered the Lock at 12:10 pm ..

LOCK & DAM 5A – Fountain City WI 5 Lift Mile 728.5

.. we could have floated thru but with the wind we elected to grab lines .. we pulled out of the Lock at 12:20 pm .. we had a great lunch that Betty put together .. it included the last piece of Betty’s mothers bread .. at 12:45 pm we called ahead to the Lock and they said that they would be ready for us .. its getting COLD out there and the WIND has picked up .. with one Fender over each shoulder Betty pulled something in her right arm / shoulder when she was wrestling the Fenders from one side of Dee Light to the other .. we entered the Lock at 01:00 pm ..

LOCK & DAM 5 – Minnesota City MN 9 Lift Mile 738.1

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 01 :10 pm .. we could see the Stacks at the Alma Power Plant for miles ahead of us .. at 01:50 pm we called the Lock .. they said that they will be waiting for us .. looks like the Wabasha Bridge is getting a new paint job .. we entered the Lock at 02:15 pm ..

LOCK & DAM 4 – Alma WI 7 Lift Mile 752.8

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 02:20 pm .. into our Summer Pool .. Pool 4 .. very few people out on the water .. we called the Marina at 03:00 pm .. we did not get an answer .. both Marv and Betty put their Winter gear on .. by 03:10 pm Dee Light was docked at the end of the 100 Boom .. Lowell came down to Dee Light to welcome us to Parkside and the COLD Minnesota weather .. we got the boat hooked up to power .. water .. etc .. Marv went to the Marina to get our mail and check in with Betty that is the Office Manager at the Marina .. later we walked to Slippery's Restaurant ( 651-565-4748 ) for dinner .. after a brief walk thru town included the Anderson House ( we checked out the ‘Cat Room’ ) .. we headed back to the boat .. Mike and Carol had stopped by and left a note .. we will be getting together with them for dinner on Tuesday ..

Travel – La Crosse WI to Wabasha MN – 5 Locks – 63 Miles – 2167 Miles

06-04-02 Tuesday Mississippi Parkside Marina – Wabasha MN Mile 760.5
Contact – Harbour Master - Lowell Wondrow and Office Manager - Betty
Weather – RAIN and COLD !! .. UGH !!! ..
.. after breakfast Autumn took Marv for a walk to the Marina Office .. Lowell said that we could use his car to go to Eau Claire and get our car .. we drove to Marv’s Condo in Eau Claire .. during the Summer Months we enjoyed the Upper Mississippi River area …..

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