Dee Light
Dee Light - Trip North - Log - Mobile to Grand Rivers
Updated - 05-17-02

05-07-02 Tuesday Grand Mariner Marine Inc - Mobile AL - Mile 167.0
Contact – Owners - Ed and Louise Carlson - ( 251-443-5300 )
Crew – Marv and Betty
Weather – overnight low of 77 deg .. partly cloudy sunrise .. warm sunny day
with an afternoon high of 88 deg ..

.. the day that they caught the Mailbox Pipe Boomer from Rochester Minnesota that went
to College at UW – Stout .... Jon and Aaron got up at 07:00 am .. they packed up for their trip back to Fort Myers .. including a ‘STOP’ sign that came from Fort Walton Beach .. they had a quick but delightful breakfast on the Back Deck that Betty put together for them .. and they were down the road in the Rental Car by 07:30 am .. after Autumn took Betty for a walk Dee Light pulled out of the Marina at 08:00 am .. Dee Light made it out of the Dog River Cut into the Main Shipping Channel that heads North to the heart of Mobile .. the first boat that we met was a US Coats Guard Boat .. also saw many Shrimp Boats .. the Mobile Shipping Channel has a lot of commercial activity going on at all times .. loading and unloading of Sea going vessels .. repair Shipping Yards .. we went under US 10 at 09:15 am .. at about Mile 11 we passed a Pusher and then came up to a Rail Road Bridge in the closed position .. once the Train made its way across the Bridge we were able to continue on .. Bonnie Lass caught up to us when we were waiting for the RR Bridge .. the water has turned brown and with the high water it is full of logs .. trees .. even saw a Deer floating down the river .. after taking a turn on the wheel dodging junk in the water Betty spent some time out in the sun .. we had to slow down for many Fisher Men in small boats .. did not see any guns .. Bonnie Lass called and note a good spot to drop the Hook for the night at Mile 42 in the David Lake .. just off the Main Channel .. met a few other boats that were traveling up or down the Waterway .. the high water is due to a hard rain that took place in this area and just North of this area a few days ago .. at Mile 90 we called the Rail Road Lift Bridge .. they lifted it right up for us .. this was the first Lift Bridge that Betty had ever seen .. some of the junk going down the river looks like ‘Duck Blinds’ .. Bob would be right at home here hunting Ducks .. Marv checked the Port Fuel Filter .. some Sludge has started to build up again .. .. Marv called the Lock at 03:55 pm .. Bonnie Lass called us to have them hold the Lock for them .. the Lock Master asked for the boat name and the Documentation Number .. heavy current right below the Lock .. Bonnie Lass was rigged for the Lock on its Starboard Side .. the Lock Master told them to change .. they had an exchange of words over the Marine Radio .. we entered the Lock 04:35 pm ..

COFFEEVILLE LOCK & DAM - Coffeeville, AL - Lift – 34 Feet Mile – 116.6

.. we made it out of the Lock at 04:50 pm .. and tied off at Bobby’s Fish Camp’s Dock at 05:15
pm .. with the current it was a real challenge .. Bobbie’s Dock Boy helped us with the lines but he was of little help .. Betty ended up on the Dock doing the lines .. we have a Sailboat tight to our Bow and Bonnie Lass tight to our Aft .. no power or water at the Dock .. Marv walked up to the Office and met Bobby when he checked Dee Light in .. dockage is $.50 per foot .. we had snacks and a drink on top of the Hard Top .. then Betty prepared dinner that we enjoyed on the Back Deck ..

Travel – Jon and Aaron drive back to Fort Myers FL in the Rental Car – 12 Hours
Travel - Mobile AL/Dog River to - Silas AL – 1 Lock – 126 Miles - 762 Miles

05-08-02 Wednesday Bobby’s Fish Camp – Silas AL - Mile 118.9
Contact - Bobby Dahlberg
Weather – overnight low of 72 deg .. got up to heavy FOG ..
.. when we got up there was heavy FOG .. cannot see across the river .. Marv cleaned the Water
Filters .. checked the oil levels and added a little oil to the Port Engine .. we talked to Mike from
Bonny Lass .. Memphis TN .. and we decided to wait until the fog lifted .. they pulled out first as
we were Dock Locked .. after Autumn took Betty for a walk Dee Light pulled off the Dock at 08:20 am .. a LOT of JUNK in the water .. river water is leaking out of the Generator Cabinet .. a Water Hose for the Generator was worked on in Fort Myers and it now appears to be leaking .. the current down river is holding at about 4 knots .. we have hit a few pieces of junk .. but have avoided the big chunks .. at 11:40 we passed under the Meridian Railroad Lift Bridge .. no one out in fishing boats at all .. Markers under water .. Betty got some sun .. Bonnie Lass made it to the Lock ahead of us .. a South bound Tow locked thru between us .. we entered the Lock at 02:50 pm ..

DEMOPOLIS LOCK & DAM - Demopolis, AL - Lift – 40 Feet Mile – 213.2

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 03:00 pm .. once out of the Lock and underway we called the Marina .. at first they told us to wait for Bonnie Lass to get fueled up .. but later the Dockmaster had us pull in along side the Fuel Dock Office .. Dee Light was tied off and fueling up by 03:45 pm .. during the fueling Betty slipped on some Diesel Fuel and took a fall hitting her left leg on a step .. the main vertical component above her left foot pride got badly damaged .. it required a number of Coors Light before she could walk on it without pain ..

Demopolis Yacht Basin - Demopolis AL Starboard Engine – 1369.8 hours
Highway 43 North, Box 1028 Port Engine – 1363.8 hours
Demopolis , AL 36732
Phone - 334-289-4374

.. Marv worked on the water problem with the Generator .. Autumn and Betty did the laundry at the Marina’s Laundry Room .. after needed showers we had dinner at New Orleans Bar & Grill ( 334-289-2668 ) .. right at the Marina .. with the high water the entire restaurant is over water .. we talked with Mike Ormiston and Teresa from Bonnie Lass .. we exchanged business cards .. they Summer their boat at Bay Springs Marina in New Site Mississippi .. the dinner rolls were great .. the Waitress said that they are made in a deep fat fryer .. Marv saved some of the rolls for breakfast ..

Travel - Silas AL to Demopolis AL 1 Lock 97 miles 859 Miles

05-09-02 Thursday Demopolis Yacht Basin - Demopolis AL - Mile 216
Contacts – General Manager - Fred Hansard .. Fuel Dock - Trenella Davis
Weather – overnight low of 74 deg .. clear skies .. high of 91 deg with a mild
breeze ..
.. great morning .. Marv had the last of ‘Betty’s Grapefruit’ .. we stored the last of them in the Bilge below the Cockpit .. they stayed very well there .. the Demopolis Yacht Basin has a long Commercial Dock that Tow Boats use for fueling .. pumping out their Bilges .. taking on supplies .. changing Crew people .. etc. .. thus there was many Tow Boats coming to the Tow Boat Dock all night and all day .. Betty continued with the laundry and Marv worked with the Demopolis Yacht Basin Mechanic on the Generator .. after removing the pump and getting it up to the Shop the mechanic determined that the Water Pump has to be replaced .. it will have to be ‘Next Day’ shipped into Demopolis and will get here on Friday .. Marv hooked up to AOL in the Marina’s Office .. after lunch they had us move Dee Light to the end of Dock A .. Wally from the boat SLO-POLK .. Port of La Crosse, WI ( 40 foot Houseboat ) .. helped us with the lines .. Betty spent most of the day cleaning the interior of Dee Light .. Wally said that he has taken his boat from Demopolis to La Crosse 6 times .. one time it took him from May 5th to July 17th .. it was a long trip .. we took a long look at out travel plans for the next number of days ahead .. and made some reservations at Marinas .. Marv and Betty both cleaned the exterior and interior of Dee Light .. Marv checked the engine oil levels .. we took the Courtesy Car into town and had dinner at The Red Barn Restaurant and Lounge ( 205-289-0595 ) .. the restaurant is in a very old Barn that has been converted into a restaurant and bar .. Betty said that it was one of the best meals that she has had .. after dinner we picked up supplies at the Food Mart .. once we had everything on Dee Light we watched Survivor ….

05-10-02 Friday Demopolis Yacht Basin - Demopolis AL - Mile 216
Contacts – General Manager - Fred Hansard .. Fuel Dock - Trenella Davis
Weather – overnight low of 76 deg .. clear skies .. no wind in the morning but
by noon there was a mild breeze .. another hot day but the humidity has lifted .. the high for the day was 90 deg ..
.. the Trawler .. WAYPOINT from Long Beach IN pulled out of the Marina at 06:45 am and headed up River .. many of the ‘local’ people in this area are ‘black’ .. real ‘black’ .. with very little if any white blood at all .. after doing some more chores around Dee Light both Marv and Betty did E-mail .. when the UPS Truck made it to the Marina we were both there looking over the boxes .. and the Water Pump came in .. at about 12:30 pm a large tour boat named NIAGARA PRINCE for the American Canadian Caribbean Line docked at the Marina .. it is 170 feet in length and has been to the Marina 3 times before this year .. they do tours from Chicago to New Orleans .. they have rooms for 87 passengers .. they have 47 passengers onboard for this trip .. at 01:00 pm a Shuttle Bus pulled into the Marina and loaded up some of the passengers to tour Demopolis .. right after lunch the Mechanic from the Marina brought the pump to the boat and got it installed .. Betty got a bike from the Marina and headed for town about 01:15 pm .. a number of Months ago an E-mail went around about a Tow Boat that was caught in high water above a Bridge .. the Tow Boat was sucked under the Bridge .. resurfaced on the downriver side of the Bridge .. and was running so it rehooked up to its Cargo Boxes and continued down the River .. the E-mail included a number of photos .. and a little write up about each photo .. this seamed to be unbelievable so when we were at the Demopolis Yacht Basin we asked about it .. we were told that it did take place 1979 .. the Tow Boat .. CAHABA .. that was owned by the Towboat Company Warrior & Gulf Navigation .. lost control of the Tow Boat above the Rooster Bridge that is located just South of the Demopolis Lock and Dam .. a Reporter / Photographer for the Demopolis Weekly Newspaper just happen to be at the Bridge taking photos of the high water when he spotted the Tow Boat and took the photos .. the Bridge has since been replaced with a high Bridge .. the new Bridge is also called the Rooster Bridge .. by 03:00 pm the Generator was running normal again .. about 03:15 two boats docked at the Marina .. Marv talked to one of them when they were at the Grand Mariner Marine in Mobile two days ago .. Marv talked with them as they were cleaning their boats .. they are headed to Chicago .. they said that there was a lot of junk in the water yesterday but today was not bad at all .. they stayed at Bobby’s last night and are planning to go to Columbus Alabama on Saturday .. the bike that Betty took is normally used by a Beach Bum .. from St Paul .. he stopped by and said that the bike was in tough shape and that Betty will have her hands full .. Betty returned with her purchased from her trip into town .. she found a Beach Towel just like the one that we lost at the Bay Point Marina & Marriott Resort in Panama City .. her Mother had given it to her .. we barrowed the Courtesy Car again and went to Wal-Mart and to dinner at The Foscue House Restaurant ( 334-289-2221 ) .. we both had Pork Tenderloins that were to die for .. we planed to have a ‘doggy bag’ for lunch on Saturday .. before and after we were done with dinner we took a tour of the buildings and grounds .. once back to Dee Light we got things ready to leave in the morning ..

05-11-02 Saturday Demopolis Yacht Basin - Demopolis AL - Mile 216
Contacts – General Manager - Fred Hansard .. Fuel Dock - Trenella Davis .. Office – Kim ..
Weather – overnight low of 72 deg .. morning fog and cool temps .. then the sun came out and it warmed up to an afternoon high of 88 deg ..
.. the Cruse Boat NIAGARA PRINCE pulled out of the Marina at 04:00 am and headed down River .. could see the sunrise thru the light fog .. a Houseboat that had been at the Marina for repairs for a number of days left the Marina at 06:15 am .. Autumn took Betty for a good walk and Marv got Dee Light ready to leave .. when the Cruse Boat NIAGARA PRINCE had made it thru the Demopolis Lock and Dam he reported that he had zero visibility .. Dee Light departed from the Marina at 06:40 am .. just above the Marina we passed the Towboat FAST EDDIE .. on prior trips we have seen this Towboat many times in this area .. the River is down about 4 feet from the time that we first pulled into the Demopolis Marina .. and the current is running at about 2.5 knots today .. great morning on the water .. a little breeze.. some junk and ‘Duck Blinds’ .. but not near as many as before .. the Port Trim Tab had some junk hung up on it .. when we were at Demopolis we worked it off with a pole and it appears to be working normal now .. about 07:40 am fog started to drift in .. the fog got quite dense .. Betty stood at the Bow of the boat to look for junk and Markers .. we navigated by Radar .. Plotter .. Hailer and Betty’s hand signals .. the fog lifted by 08:30 am .. at 09:35 am we called the Lock on the Marine Radio .. the Lock Master said that there was nothing in the area and that he would lower the Chamber for us .. we entered the Lock at 09:40 am .. .. three other boats that were at the Demopolis Marina called the Lockmaster and asked if he would hold the Lock for them .. he said that he would .. Betty marker the top of the Bollard .. the other boats made it to the Lock at 10:05 am ..

HOWELL HEFLIN LOCK & DAM Gainesville, AL 30 Lift Mile 266.1

.. the four of us locked thru together .. we pulled out of the Lock at 10:20 am .. we let the other three boats pull out ahead of us as they travel faster than we do .. the two Searays disappeared ahead of us and we followed a 63 foot Hatteras named MO JAC from Chattanooga, TN .. they said that they had to be in Aqua by Monday morning for a scheduled pull .. thus they plan to go up River further than we do today .. the two Sea Rays are both being delivered to Chicago by hired Captains .. there are many fishermen out today being a Saturday .. Betty went out and got some sun .. and then put together lunch .. we had left over Pork Tenderloin sandwiches .. MO JAC called the Lock and we just listened in .. we pulled into the Lock at 12:50 .. when we came in contact with the Lock Wall one of our Fender Latches broke .. and we retrieved the Fender out of the water after Betty had us tied off to the Bollard ..

TOM BEVILL LOCK & DAM Carrolton, AL 30 Lift Mile 306.8

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 01:10 pm .. there was much activity in this Pool being a Saturday afternoon .. the Jet Skiers had a good time in our wake .. many fishing boats .. the down River current is about 3.5 knots .. the water is real muddy and brown in color .. its creating a brown ‘moustache’ on the Bow of Dee Light .. we met a Towboat heading down River .. passed a Towboat heading up River .. a fishing boat .. two Duck Blinds .. and met two pleasure crafts all at the same time of the Towboat Captains said that with all the activity today that he was going to need extra Viagra tonight .. when we made it to the Lock MO JAC called the Lockmaster on his Marine Radio .. we were able to pull right into the Lock .. we made it into the Lock at 03:15 pm .. the Lockmaster wanted our Documentation Number .. type and size of the vessel .. where we were coming from and where we were going ..

JOHN C STENNIS LOCK & DAM Columbus, AL 30 Lift Mile 334.7

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 03:25 pm .. once thru the Lock we wished MO JAC a safe voyage and then we called the Marina on our Marine Radio for directions to our .. the two Sea Rays were just finishing up getting fuel .. we docked Dee Light right on the Fuel Dock at 0345 pm .. after cleaning the exterior of Dee Light and checking in at the Marina we walked to a Bar-B-Q Stand and bought our lunch for Sunday .. we picked up a copy of the 2002 Quimby’s Cruising Guide .. they just got them in to their shop last week .. the owner of the Marina Captain Chuck and his wife Barbara remembered meeting us at the Miami International Boat Show in February .. they said that they were going to find some Alligators in the back waters tonight .. we got a Courtesy Car from the Marina ( White Pickup Truck ) .. we drove into town to pick up a few supplies and had dinner at J Broussard’s Restaurant .. Columbus is a very clean older community .. it has a University and is larger than Demopolis .. New Orleans Style Cuisine ( 662-343-1480 ) .. many fishing boats .. Bass type boats were shooting around and rocked us to sleep for the night ..

Travel - Demopolis, AL to Columbus, AL 3 Locks 119 miles 978 Miles

05-12-02 Sunday Columbus Marina - Columbus, AL - Mile 335.0
Contacts – Owners - Captain Chuck & Barbara Bigelow
Weather – overnight low of 72 deg .. overcast .. high temp of 85 deg .. and
still no rain and this area needs rain .. 4 inches of rain hit the area North of this area .. this will affect the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers ..
.. Mothers Day .. we had Bob’s coffee and watched the sun rise thru the morning fog .. the two Sea Rays left the Marina at 07:15 am and headed up River .. they want to make it to Aqua thus they have a long day ahead .. and with today being a Sunday / Mothers Day there will be many other boaters out also that they will have to contend with .. we spent a little time talking to Barbara at the Marina .. she said that Columbus is the birthplace of Memorial Day and that Columbus is the largest City on the Tenn-Tom .. there was a Restaurant that was built and opened at the same time the Marina was first built .. 2 plus years ago .. its located on stilts right next to the Marina .. it has gone out of business and they ( the Bank ) have an auction coming up in June to sell the building .. Dee Light pulled off the Fuel Dock at 08:30 am .. we have a shorter day on the water so we spent a little am time at the Marina doing E-mail .. just after we left Betty’s daughter Cheryl called on Betty’s Cell Phone .. she wished Betty a happy Mothers Day .. and said that the dates that we had given her to join us will now not work out .. she has taken on another Unit at her Hospital and has a seminar in Orlando Florida that she has to attend for her new Unit .. we will try to put together a change in our plans and get back to her .. the area here and South of here NEEDS rain .. today looks like it could rain but the Weather Channel dose not show any rain at all for this area .. Betty was at the wheel for most of this section of the River .. we called the Lock at 09:40 am .. the Lockmaster said that he would get us right thru .. after a wait below the Lock we entered the Lock Chamber at 10:10 am ..

ALBERDEEN LOCK & DAM Aberdeen, MS 30 Lift Mile 357.5

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 10:25 am .. once we were out of the Lock the Lockmaster called us on Channel 12 .. he said that he will call ahead to the next Lock to let them know that we are on our way .. and said that there is a Dredger named Henry working in the Cut at Mile
362.6 .. he said for us to call him ahead of getting there .. Betty enjoyed watched a Black Mommy Duck with 15 little Ducklings scamper away from our wake .. on Mothers Day too .. we contacted the Dredger and he instructed us as to how to get by him .. we made our way between two Work Tows and the Dredger .. we were well out of the marked Channel all the time that we went by .. we called ahead to the Lock at 11:20 am .. he has a South bound Tow just above the Lock .. as the Gate opened the Tow pulled out .. Betty’s son Shawn called and wished Betty a happy Mothers Day .. Betty updated him with our travels .. they may be able to join us along the way .. business for Shawn has picked up so that may be a factor .. he said that it was still raining in Indianapolis right now and that they had gotten 4 inches .. we met the Tow as it pulled out of the Lock on a one whistle .. we pulled into the Lock at 11:30 am ..

AMORY LOCK & DAM Amory, MS 30 Lift Mile 371.1

.. the upriver wind was real strong in the Lock .. it pushed the Bow towards the Lock Wall .. we pulled out of the Lock at 11:50 am .. the Lockmaster said that he called ahead to the next Lock for us .. when we pulled out of the Lock we could see the next Lock right up the Cut .. we called ahead to the Lockmaster at 12:00 pm .. he will have the Lock ready for us .. we tied off to the Bollard at 12:10 pm .. Marv’s Cell Phone service has been fading in and out .. mostly out .. a strong signal in a lot of areas but no service at all most of the time .. Betty’s service is much better ..

GLOVER WILKINS LOCK & DAM Smithville, MS 30 Lift Mile 376.3

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 12:30 pm .. the Lockmaster said that he called ahead to the next Lock for us and that we would be meeting a Towboat before we get to the next Lock .. each of the Locks in this area have a different working Channel .. i.e. Channel 10 or 12 or 14 .. etc. .. Betty took advantage of this strew had our Bar-B-Q from Columbus .. each to put together lunch .. some areas of this Cut open up and there are fields of stumps in the water thousands of stumps .. the current thru the Cut is at about 2.5 knots .. we met the Towboat PAM D .. Marv’s Cell Phone started to work so he call his Mother and left a message wishing her a happy Mothers Day .. and he returned a call to Lori Bishop about his Condo .. she will be Faxing Marv some papers on the sale of his Condo when we get to the Green Turtle Bay Resort in Grand Rivers KY when we get there .. we called the Lock at 01:20 pm .. and pulled into the Lock at 01:45 pm ..

FULTON LOCK & DAM Fulton, MS 30 Lift Mile 391.0

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 02:00 pm and called the Marina on the Marine Radio to let him know that we are going to pull off the Cut and spend the night at the Midway Marina .. Marv also returned a call to Jewel .. and left another message .. Betty has been putting Autumn on a short leash and tied her off when we had been going thru the Locks .. Autumn did not have any problem with being tied off at all .. we made our way to the Marina and had Dee Light at the Dock by 02:20 pm .. Autumn took us for a walk and we checked into the Marina .. when we were checking in Betty’s son Randy called to wish Betty a happy Mothers Day .. we talked to a couple of locals that were sitting in rocking chairs on the Front Porch of the Marina Office .. Marv asked them about Cell Phone service in the area .. they said that they were going to vote for that El Gore guy because they heard that he invented the internet and if he was elected they would get internet service and with that they were sure the Cell Phone service would also come to the area .. after our walk Autumn had a good bath .. there is Cable TV at the Dock .. Betty enjoyed the ‘locals’ on the Local TV Station .. we were able to use the Marina’s Courtesy Truck .. it was rust in color for good reason .. it did have two doors .. we made it into town .. Fulton .. we drove all over looking for a restaurant .. none of the restaurants that they told us about were open .. must be that people do not like to be out after dark around here .. we did find a Pizza Hut next to Wall-Mart that was open .. we ended up with so much to eat that now we have leftovers for days .. Betty called her Mother and wished her a happy Mothers Day .. Betty also updated her on our travels North .. Marv called Jewel at their Cabin .. Marv also called Sarah and gave her some additional Wedding List information .. Marv also updated Sarah and Jewel on our travels North .. Shrah said that Jon and Aaron both made it back safe and sound .. .. the Weather Channel is showing a change in the weather for this area .. a Cold Front is headed our way ..

Travel – Columbus, AL to Fulton MS 4 Locks 59 miles 1037 Miles

05-13-02 Monday Midway Marina - Fulton MS - Mile 394.0
Contacts – Contacts - Ginger and Gerald Conner
Weather – overcast and cooler .. the high temp was in the early morning – 78
deg .. the low was 53 deg .. it got COLDER all day ..
.. the day Jimmy Carter visited Cuba .. he was the first American President in 50 years to go to Cuba .. at 06:00 am a Cold Front moved thru the area .. a light rain followed .. Ginger and Gerald Conner Live above the Marina Office .. they have a Guy that has been running the Marina for them for the past 4 years .. he and his wife are live-aboards right in the Marina .. the Weather Channel shows high water at the Arch in St Louis .. we watched the weather .. by 07:30 am the rain had stopped and the skies were getting brighter .. the storm warnings for North of us are to be over by 10:00 am .. we tried to hook up to AOL but kept getting a busy line so we gave up .. we broke out our rain gear .. we pulled out of the Marina at 09:15 am .. once in the Channel we called the Lock .. they said that they will be ready when we get there .. we entered the Lock at 0:40 am .. Betty said that we now have two ‘Rats’ eating the Cinnamon Rolls .. too bad that we didn’t bring our gun ..

JOHN RANKIN LOCK & DAM Fulton, MS 30 Lift Mile 398.4

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 10:00 am .. the winds have picked up a lot .. once out of the Lock the Lockmaster said that he called ahead to the next Lock for us .. off and on light rain and very high winds from our Port Side .. once we were within site of the Lock we called the Lock .. we were in the Lock and tied off at 10:35 am .. when we were locking thru Betty slipped on the Cockpit Steps .. landed on her but .. no damage except her pride .. the gusty winds followed us right into the Lock ..

G V ‘SONNY’ MONTGOMERY LOCK & DAM Fulton, AL 30 Lift Mile 406.7

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 10:50 am .. the Lockmaster called ahead again to the next Lock for us .. we finished off our second pot of Bob’s Coffee .. great coffee .. very little junk in the water and no fishermen at all .. we made it into the Lock and tied off at 11:15 am .. very high winds that swirled Dee Light around made getting to the Pin a challenge .. the outside temperature has dropped all morning .. our high for the day was when we first got up ..

JAMIE WHITTEN LOCK & DAM Dennis, MS 84 Lift Mile 411.9

.. we pulled out of the Lock at 11:40 am and headed into whitecaps .. the water depth was 100 feet .. high winds on our Port Side .. there are Mooring Cells out side the Lock for the Towboats to tie off on .. as we entered a Lake area we called on the Marine Radio for the Bonnie Lass .. they did not respond .. WE MET THE towboat EDITH TRIPP on the Lake .. when we made it to the Cut we had whitecaps coming right bat us .. we had leftovers for lunch .. Dee Lightful Chicken Primavera .. Garlic and Cheese Bread Sticks with Cocktail Sauce .. Bar-B-Q Pork on Toast .. Pickles .. and a Fruit Plate for Dissert .. great leftovers .. there were a few hearty fishermen in the Cut .. it was 01:20 when we made it to the Pickwick Lake and at 01:40 pm we called the Marina they directed us to dock at the Fuel Dock for the night .. we were tied off by 01:55 pm .. and started to fuel up ..

Grand Harbor Condominiums & Marina - Pickwick Dam TN
PO Box 19 Port Engine – 1383.6 hours
Pickwick Dam TN 38365 Starboard Engine – 1389.6 hours
Phone – 888-689-5551

.. we put our heavy cloths on .. long pants and long shirts .. Autumn took Betty for a walk .. Marv checked in and tried to hook up to AOL but was unsuccessful .. but was able to use the Marinas PC to check for mail .. a 65 foot Viking named High Maintenance from Chicago IL pulled into the Fuel Dock to take on fuel and to get pumped out .. we talked to the 3 Guys that were onboard .. it was the owner a Captain and a Crew person .. we found that we had boated with the Captain ( Patterson ) when we were heading down River in November of 1999 with our 47 foot Mainship .. he was delivering a Skipper Liner from La Crosse Wisconsin to Naples Florida .. at that time Marjorie Bunce said that she use to see him when ever she made it to La Crosse .. we took the Courtesy Car .. a nice Van .. to dinner we pulled into the Aqua Marina and spotted the Hatteras MO JAC that we had boated with a few days ago .. the boat was pulled out of the water and had a set of new props on it .. we drove by the support buildings for the Offshore Racing Team for the boat Pier 57 .. a Fountain .. we had dinner at Freddy T’s.. ( 731-689-3099 ) .. this is a ‘dry’ County .. the food was great .. when we made it back to the Marina the Crew from High Maintenance were looking for ride so we gave them the Courtesy Car .. once we made it back to Dee Light we watched the sunset and then Autumn took Marv for a good walk .. we had popcorn and watched a movie ..

Travel - Fulton MS to Pickwick Dam TN 3 Locks 56 Miles 1093 Miles

05-14-02 Tuesday Grand Harbor Condominiums & Marina - Pickwick Dam TN - Mile 449.7
… old name ..
Pickwick’s Tenn-Tom Marina - Pickwick Dam TN - Mile 449.7
Contacts – General Manager - Cissy Murphy
Weather – morning low of 54 deg .. fog on the water .. sunny clear skies ..
afternoon high of 80 deg ..
.. the Marina is under new management since it was taken over by the Condominium Association .. since the last time that we were here there has been a large Condominium Building constructed that over looks the Marina .. it is all first class .. great sunrise thru the early morning fog .. when Autumn took us for a morning walk we took photos of the Condos and Dee Light .. Dee Light and the boat High Maintenance left the Marina at 07:45 am and made our way to the intersection with the Tennessee River by 07:55 am .. we followed the fast moving 65 footer .. we called the Lock at 08:15 am and entered the Lock at 08:35 am ..

PICKWICK LANDING LOCK Pickwick Dam, TN 55 Lift – ( down ) Mile 206.7

.. the US Army Corps of Engineers have 3 Barges .. 2 Cranes .. many little Work Boats .. etc .. doing a high level operation right at the Lock .. at least they look very important and official in there operation .. the Corps gave us a Comment Card to fill our and mail back to them .. this was our first lockage down .. Betty is doing a great job .. we pulled out of the Lock at 09:00 am .. the boat High Maintenance was ahead of us and we soon saw him for the last time .. once out of the Lock we entered a large lake that is gorges .. much like the Lake Pepin area and the Wisconsin Dells area .. but red clay banks and clear clean waters .. multi level homes and cottages .. after a few miles we entered the Cut again .. a lot of fishing boats and Towboats in this area .. we passed the Trawler .. SIMPATICA .. once past them we talked to them on the Marine Radio for quite a long time .. they are on their way to Chicago and they will be at Cuba Landing tonight also .. they sound like a nice couple that have traveled this Waterway many times .. Betty put together Leftovers for lunch .. it was great .. Marv checked the Starboard Fuel Filter .. it will have to be cleaned tonight .. we went by a number of Dredgers that were mining gravel from the River bottom .. Betty got some sun and a nap on the Hard Top .. a few of Bob’s Duck Blinds and other junk in the Water but not bad .. at 02:50 pm we called the Marina for directions into the Marina .. just as we were heading towards the Marinas Channel Markers the boat Gypsy Jenny called for us on the Marina Radio .. they knew that it had to be Marv Market on Dee Light .. just as we were docking Dee Light at the Transit Dock the Bow Thruster failed .. that will be the first thing to get checked out .. the Harbour Manager .. Toby Horton .. helped us with the lines to get docked .. our Cuba Flag made it to Cuba Landing Marina .. once we were docked Kenny Pearson stopped by to say hi and offered the use of his car for tonight .. Betty cleaned the exterior of Dee Light .. Marv checked us in and then went to work in the Engine Room .. the sun is out and the temp is 78 deg .. a beautiful day !! .. we removed and replaced the Starboard Fuel Filter and replaced a Fuse for the Bow Thruster .. when Marv started the Starboard Engine to test out the bleeding operation Autumn was on the Dock and she got upset at the thought that she was going to be left behind .. Betty came to her rescue and put her on her boat .. we put the Diesel Fuel that came out of the Filter into a plastic container .. once it settled we could see about 1 of ‘stuff’ in the bottom of the one gallon container .. at 05:00 pm the boat SIMPATICA pulled in to the Fuel Dock for the night .. we offered them the use of the Curtsey Car but they said that they did not need to go to town .. we walked over to Ken and Bonnie Pearson boat and asked them if they would like to get together for dinner .. they picked us up at 06:30 pm and we had dinner at the Log Cabin Restaurant ( 931-296-5311 ) .. dinner was great .. Ken and Bonnie are friends of Mr. Joe and Linda .. it was great to recap and exchange boating stories .. Ribs and Liver with Onions .. after dinner Ken drove us to the Hardware Store so we could get some additional fuses ..

Travel - Pickwick Dam TN to Waverly TN 1 Locks 110 miles 1203 Miles

05-15-02 Wednesday Cuba Landing Marina LLC - Waverly TN - Mile 115.5
Contacts – Harbor Master - Geneva Baugus .. Manager - Toby Horton
Weather – light fog on the River .. sunny .. overnight low of 60 deg ..
.. we ground up some of Bob’s Coffee and had fresh coffee and breakfast on the Back Deck .. the water appears to be about 3 feet high .. this is a great Marina .. quiet .. the Docks, Buildings, landscape, etc. are all very well kept.. the staff and everyone that we met were all friendly and helpful .. the boat SIMPATICA left the Marina at 06:40 am .. Autumn took Betty for a good walk and Marv got Dee Light ready to leave .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:40 am .. smooth waters and a well marked Channel .. Betty said that Autumn is an ‘ingrate’ .. i.e. Autumn did not like getting her feet wiped after her walk .. that is a new word for Marv .. we passed a number of fishermen that were ‘bottle’ or ‘can’ fishing .. the Kentucky Lake waters are breathtaking .. many large birds .. green bluffs .. clean waters .. but still a few of Bob’s Duck Blinds with the high waters .. at 08:40 am we went under the Railroad Drawbridge at Mile 100.5 .. at 09:20 we passed SIMPATICA and talked with them for quite awhile .. Betty looked into Car Rentals .. we did contact Enterprise and got a rate but we are going to wait until we get to Green Turtle to make more calls .. many small islands in the Lake .. also many boats with Diving Flags on them .. on the open waters we were able to use our Autopilot for many long stretches .. at more than 50 above the Kentucky Lock and Dam we passed 2 Towboats that were stopped waiting for the Lock .. the Lock must be really busy right now .. the wind is from the South and it has picked up some .. Betty went out on the Hard Top and got a little sun .. we entered the Barkley Cannel at 12:45 pm and pulled into the Fuel Dock at 01:05 pm .. before we even got Dee Light docked we were welcomed the boaters from the 2 Sea Rays .. they got here yesterday and will be staying here until the Rivers go down .. Bill helped us with our lines and filled our Fuel Tanks .. when we were fueling up we lobbied for a good spot to dock Dee Light ..

Green Turtle Bay Resort – Grand Rivers KY
263 Green Turtle Bay Drive - Box 102 Port Engine – 1396.3 hours
Grand Rivers KY 42045 Starboard Engine – 1402.4 hours
Phone – 800-498-0428

.. after fueling up we moved Dee Light to the Slip right by the Marina Office .. and got settled in for Dee Light to stay here for a week .. Betty contacted a number of Car Rentals and got the best deal with Enterprise .. they will be here to pick us up in the morning .. after we went to the Marina Store to check on mail and to pick up a few things we spent a little time talking to the other boaters on the Dock .. the ‘Dock Talk’ was exclusively about the Rivers .. the Mississippi River is well above ‘flood stage’ and looks like it will not crest for a few days depending on weather there is any additional rain .. the Weather Channel is showing additional rain for the areas North and West of here .. UGH .. that’s not the news that we need to hear at all .. the ‘Crew’ on the 2 Sea Rays were cleaning their boats .. they used a product called .. ON & OFF by Marykate .. to remove the rust color from the fiberglass .. it really works great .. we picked up some at the Ships Store .. the boat SIMPATICA made its way into the Marina at 06:00 pm .. the owners of Summer Wind .. Paul and Dorothy .. came by to talk .. Marv met them in the Spring of 2000 when we both had our boat at the Fort Myers Yacht Basin and have since crossed paths a number of times .. they are headed up River to Stillwater Minnesota for the Summer .. we joined them on their boat before we went to dinner at the Commonwealth Yacht Club ( 270-362-4444 ) .. the Yacht Club overlooks the Marina ..

Travel - Waverly TN to Grand Rivers KY 0 Locks 98 Miles 1301 Miles

05-16-02 Thursday Green Turtle Bay Resort – Grand Rivers KY - Mile 31.7
Contact - Marina Manager - Bill Gary .. Assistant Marina Manager - Melissa
Weather – overnight low of 65 deg .. high of 83 deg ..
.. Green Turtle Bay Resort is a large Marina .. well protected with a Break Wall .. a new Ship Store .. very good repair service .. quite a contrast from Cuba Landing and a number of the other Marinas that we have been at .. the docks are filling up with boats that are waiting for the Rivers to settle down .. we were able to check our E-mail .. Bud Wackwitz sent a note that Nan Sipple .. a boater from the Mississippi Parkside Marina had passed away .. Michele West also called on her way to the funeral .. at 09:00 am Enterprise picked us up and drove us into Paducah KY and we ended up with our Rental Car .. we drove to the Ohio River and checked out the Riverfront wall .. a local artist has been painting River seines on the River Wall .. the Wall was constructed a number of years ago to protect Paducah’s Downtown area from the flooding Ohio River .. after some shopping in the area we drove to Patti’s 1880's Settlement (888-736-2515 ) for lunch .. we had Patti’s 2 inch thick Pork Chops .. we spent a little time shopping .. then back to Dee Light to get things ready for our trip to Betty’s Mothers place .. two boaters stopped by that are also planning to head up River as soon as the water conditions are better .. we shared a few thoughts with them and gave them an old copy of Quimby’s .. after we did e-mail in the Marina Office we joined the other stranded boaters on the Dock for a drink .. then we went back to Dee Light and packed up for our trip .. at about 10:00 pm it started to rain .. and it rained all night .. we will be off to Bandstand and Betty’s Mothers place in the morning ..

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