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2006 - June and July - Little Loop - Log D
Log - Dee Light – Little Loop – 2006
Starting at Week of July 03rd 2006

.. on Monday the weather looked a little better than it did yesterday .. we almost had a sunrise .. the Bahia Mar Yachting Center has all new Docks since I was here last .. they are floating concrete Docks just like the Docks at our Home Port in Fort Myers ( Legacy Harbour Marina ) ..

.. since there are six of us we cannot fit in the Dinghy so we decided to take the Water Bus and explore up the New River into the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale .. the Water Bus makes eleven stops along its course and with a One Day Pass you can ride it all day getting on and off at any of its eleven stops .. we ended up going up the New River to the Las Olas Riverfront area where we had lunch and did some ‘window shopping’ .. after a dip in the Hotel Pool Danny prepared a great dinner aboard Dee Light ..
Bahia Mar - Fort Lauderdale
Betty with Danny Shelly Danielle Adam
Water Bus
Yacht on the ICW
Condo on the ICW
House on the ICW
.. on Tuesday ( the 04th of July ) .. Danny and family spent much of the morning exploring the Waterways with the Dinghy .. in the afternoon we made it to the Beach that was filled with interesting Beach Wear .. some of which proved to be most enjoyable and some that should have remained in the Stores .. after we all had dinner on the Swings at the Oasis Café we watched the Fourth of July Fireworks on the Beach .. they have not had Fireworks at Fort Lauderdale for the past two years due to budget cuts .. but this year the local merchants pooled together the funds and they had a great Fireworks display ..
Shopping Restaurants Beach etc
Betty Shelly Danny
Yachts at Bahia Mar Yachting Center
Dee Light at Bahia Mar Yachting Center
Danny Danielle and Shelly
Betty's son Danny and Family
Fort Lauderdale Beach before Fireworks
TV Crew on the Beach
Fireworks on the Beach
.. on Wednesday by 08:00 am Betty’s son Danny and Adam packed up and headed back to Stuart to go back to work and by 09:00 am Shelly and Danielle were heading North also .. we decided to spend an extra day at Fort Lauderdale before continuing our trip North up the East Coast ..
.. the Low that has been over us the last few days is now moving to the West so our weather is to be changing today .. by this afternoon we should have showers etc .. after a short Dinghy ride we were able to get the aboard the Bow of Dee Light, cleaned up and covered before the showers moved our way ..
.. it a ‘small world’ .. we talked some more with the couple that was the most instrumental in the rescue of Autumn a few days ago and found out that our paths have crossed before .. the couple have their Boat GRAY BEARD ( Marco Island ) docked just a few Slips from Dee Light .. they are one of the other Boaters that were at the Roland Martins Resort Marina in Clewiston Florida when we were there during Hurricane WILMA .. during the storm they elected to leave their Boat and broke into the Marina Store .. they know now that they would have been safer onboard their Boat ..
.. in the past the GALLANT LADY has been harbored along the main Face Dock at the Marina .. I asked and found out that the 160 foot GALLANT LADY was sold last week and now there is a new 172 foot GALLANT LADY but it is out on a short trip at this time ..
Bahia Cabana Restaurant
House and Boat on the ICW
House on the ICW
Condo on the ICW West Palm Beach
Condo on the ICW West Palm Beach
Bridge on the ICW West Palm Beach
.. on Thursday morning a WET weather front moved in about the time that we were ready to move out so we waited a little and had a later than what we like start for our day on the ICW .. we had some rain as we headed North towards West Palm and the last 15 miles it rained quite hard .. hard enough to make seeing our way a challenge .. Dee Light dose not have any salt on her at all .. we had 20 Bridges in our path and with our Antennas down  we still could not get under 10 of them .. at each Bridge we had a 20 to 30 minute wait .. so we had a long day long the water but the view along the ICW was worth it .. homes and Boats to die for !! .. and we celebrated President George Bush’s 60th birthday when we passed thru the George W Bush Bridge .. we did have to have the Bush’s open their Bridge for us .. by 03:45 pm we had Dee Light all hooked up again at the Palm Harbor Marina in West Palm Beach Florida ..
.. on our way into the Marina the Marine Radio was busy with activity about a missing Diver .. the missing Diver ended up being found about the time that we got docked but the news was not good at all ..
Diver, 59, Missing Off Lake Worth Inlet
By Kevin Deutsch - Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
Thursday, July 06, 2006
The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for a 59-year-old diver who went missing off of Lake Worth Inlet today .. The man was diving with a group about a mile from the inlet .. When he didn't resurface, someone on the diving boat he had been on, called Deep Obsession, notified the Coast Guard .. They sent a boat and helicopter to search for him .. He had not been seen for about an hour and 15 minutes as of 3 pm ..
.. after cleaning up we took a walk to an area near the Water Front called Clematis Square .. once we had the Clematis area checked out we took the Trolley to the newly re-developed downtown area called the City Center .. we just had to check out the shops and also found an Italian Restaurant called Il Bellagio .. we sat outside and enjoyed the Waterfalls etc .. and our dinners were just great too ..
Water Front - West Palm Beach
City Center - Palm Beach
City Center - Palm Beach



.. on Friday morning after calling the next Bridge for an opening we heading out of the Marina and up the ICW .. we had fewer Bridges today and with our Antennas down we only had to have two of them open up for us .. we had skinny waters all day and at the Stuart Inlet the waters became real skinny almost all the way to the St Lucie Lock .. we thought that we would have better waters after locking thru the St Lucie Lock but we were wrong .. the US Corps has all of the Waterways lowered for the 2006 Hurricane Season ..  the River Forest Yachting Center / Hurricane Club is about one mile West of the Lock .. we did not have any problem finding the entrance but had a real challenge docking between two other Vessels .. but by 02:30 pm we had Dee Light tied off again for the day .. when we checked in for the night at the Office we were given a tour of their facility .. when we walked thru the main Boat Storage Building it did not take long at all to find Bill and Paula’s Boat ( TIN MAN ) .. they are up North for the Summer and elected to store their Boat in this Hurricane proof facility for the Summer / Hurricane Season .. we also saw Jimmy Buffet’s Boat ( MARLIN ) .. it is stored two Boats in front of TIM MAN .. when the Boat was custom built for Jimmy Buffet he had the official Brand Name of the Boat changed to Margaretville ..
.. a few days ago we made arrangements to take on Fuel directly off the Fuel Truck when we got here .. we could have made the entire trip without refueling but it sure feels good to have the Tanks filled .. so Dee Light’s belly is now full of fresh Fuel .. later Betty’s son Danny picked us up and brought us to their new home in the outskirts of Stuart .. Danielle and Shelly put together a great dinner that we most enjoyed and we also got to see their new home ..
Bridge under construction on the ICW
Bill and Paula's Boat
Jimmy Buffet’s Boat



..  Saturday morning after taking a good look at the weather we headed up the River towards Lake Okeechobee .. we heard on the Marine Radio that the St Lucie Railroad Bridge that we went thru yesterday was hit by lighting last night and is closed this morning ..  we are really ‘gun-shy’ weather-wise when it comes to the Lake as the last time that we crossed the Lake ( a year ago ) we got caught in a BIG STORM .. see our Log from our return trip from the Bahamas .. we made good time on the Waterway but as we made our way to the Fort Mayaca Lock we watched a HUGH Weather Cell start to head for the Lake and then right for Dee Light .. we called ahead to the Lock Master and asked if we could tie off temporary on their Lower Lock Wooded Wall .. after the Main Storm Cell was East of us we entered the Lock .. we locked thru with a Manatee .. once we were out on the Lake we had 4 footers that went down to flat Seas by the time we made it to the Hurricane Gate at Clewiston .. on our way across the Lake we saw a HUGH Alligator and many Ospreys .. we were met on the Roland Martins Resort Marina Docks by the NEW Harbour Master Sam as Little Man up and left the Marina about 3 Months ago .. the waters in the Marina have new life .. there was at least 5 Manatees all around Dee Light .. even a small Baby Manatee .. if there is such a thing as a small Manatee .. the Manatee were eating the Lilly Pads etc that were along the Docks and floating in the Waterway .. after having lunch at the Marina Café we surveyed the repairs that have been since Hurricane WILMA .. some of the Docks have been removed and the Main Dock is still in the construction stage .. by late afternoon the Dock at Roland Martins Marina was completely filled including one group of Boats from the South Beach Miami area .. later they put together a Lobster / Shrimp Broil that was unreal .. at the Marina Bar we asked about Little Man and did get some more details about his absents at the Marina as Harbour Master .. apparently Little Man and the owner of the Marina had it out and Little Man is no longer employed at the Marina .. but she ( the Owner ) has stated that if he asked for his job back 30 times he can have his job back .. thus far he has asked 11 times .. soooo in about 6 Months he will be back .. well that may just be Bar Talk but it is what we heard ..

Sailboat along Waterway
Our weather before we entered the Lock
Dee Light at Roland Martins Marina



Mommy and Baby Manatee at Marina
Manatee eating along the Docks at Marina
Lobster / Shrimp Broil on the Dock

.. Sunday morning we checked the weather and for the first time since we headed out on the Little Loop the Weather Radar in South Florida is clear and the forecast calls for a sunny day .. wouldn’t you know that this is the last day of our trip .. as we headed out of the Roland Martins Resort Marina we had memories of the last time that we pulled out of this Marina was after Hurricane WILMA .. Dee Light was in rough shape .. for details check out our Hurricane WILMA Log .. not good memories at all .. we had a great trip back across the Waterway to Fort Myers .. the winds were all but none .. the temperature has dropped from all the rains and there was not a storm or even a drop of rain for our whole trip today .. at our first Lock of the day we locked thru with Ken and Barbara aboard MACH V ( Tampa Florida ) who had been at Roland Martins last night also .. they later joined us at Legacy Harbour Marina in Fort Myers for the evening .. between our second and third Lock of the day we spotted a number of Cows along the Waterway that had made their way thru the US Corps Fence to the waters along the River .. they were in the water up to their necks .. so  we had a great time providing them with a Dee Light wake that provided them with total Sunday bath .. I do not know who enjoyed it the most .. us or them .. it was a GREAT trip but it is always great to get back home also .. and now we have to get ready to head out on the 13th to head up North ( by Air ) for a wedding in Wisconsin ..

RECAP of ‘Little Loop’ Trip


  • Sharing part of the trip with Betty’s Granddaughter Danielle and sharing her first snorkeling experience
  • Dinghy trip from Naples to Stan’s at Goodland
  • Staying at Hawk’s Cay Resort on Duck Kay
  • Snorkeling the Reefs at the Key Largo area
  • Seeing the Christ Statue when snorkeling
  • Snorkeling at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park area
  • Having dinner with Marv’s son Jon at Miami’s South Beach
  • Fireworks on the Beach at Fort Lauderdale
  • Sharing part of the trip with Betty’s son Danny and his family
  • Looking at all the Homes and Condos on the ICW in the Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach area
  • Seeing the City Center at Palm Beach
  • Seeing all the Manatees at Clewiston






  • Fort Myers to Fort Myers Beach – 24 Miles
  • Fort Myers Beach to Naples – 38 miles
  • Naples to Marathon – 101 miles
  • Marathon to Duck Key – 21 miles
  • Duck Key to Key Largo – 25 miles
  • Key Largo to Miami – 51 miles
  • Miami to Fort Lauderdale – 24 miles
  • Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach – 37 miles
  • West Palm Beach to Stuart – 42 miles
  • Stuart to Clewiston – 44 miles
  • Clewiston to Fort Myers – 70 miles

Total Mileage – 477 miles

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