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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2007- Log  B
Bimini to Staniel Cay Bahamas
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Week of June 17th
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Monday - today we will be exploring the Island and Bob and Tony will be heading out to do some fishing ..
- click here for Log C ..
Week of June 17th
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Mt Olivet Baptist Church
Swimming Pigs
Thunderball Grotto
Tony's Mask Night
Sunday ( Fathers Day ) - today we plan to explore the Island of Staniel Cay , go to Church and to explore the area waters by Dinghy ..
- in the morning the RPYC Crew woke up to SUN, FLAT Seas and Betty's Conch Horn .. yup its Fathers Day .. once the Marina woke up we rented a Golf Cart for later today and then took a good long Dinghies ride in search for Sea Life and photo ops .. Bob and Laurel took their Bikes for a ride and the rest of the Crew enjoyed a day to rest in ..
- at 11:00 am a number of us went to the local Church ( Mt Olivet Baptist Church ) and it was a most unique Fathers Day treat as much of the service was centered around Fathers Day .. after Church we grabbed a quick sandwich at the Yacht Club with most of the RPYC Crew ..
- Bernie and Barbara ( SITTING DUCK ) stopped by .. they are now anchored near Big Majors and when they went to Shore to see the Pigs earlier today they were rousted by the Pigs .. in the ordeal Bernie lost his Camera and a Hand Held Marine Radio to the waters .. Betty gave Bernie her Camera for the rest of their trip .. later we headed out with our Dinghies to see the Swimming Pigs on Big Majors Spot where we met up with Bernie and Barbara again as they are on the Hook real close to where the Pigs are .. after feeding the Pigs the garbage that we have been collecting for the last week we went to the Thunderball Grotto .. it was near low tide so we were able to get into the Grotto real easy .. the colors of the Fish and Sea Life are breathtaking .. and once inside the Grotto you can look up to a number of openings in the rock ceiling above .. we had a great time playing in the water ..
- tonight we had our Fathers Day Dinner and Tony's Mask Night at the Yacht Club .. Betty put together a Fathers Day Bag of goodies for each of the fathers .. we made up Tony Masks from a photo that I took of Tony last night .. and was Tony surprised !!!! .. he could not believe his eyes .. the Masks looked so realistic that he thought that we had mirrors over our fazes .. Ramon with a Mask joined us for desert .. the Staff and the others dining at the Yacht Club enjoy seeing Ramon .. Ramon ended up going back to the Boats with Rose ..
Week of June 10th
Sampson Cay Marina
our weather
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Ramon was a HIT
Saturday - today we will traveling to Staniel Cay Yacht Club in the RAIN ..
- with the wind direction coming from the Southwest and the YUCK RAINS I walked up to the Harbour Masters Office a little after 08:00 am this morning to check out the possibility of spending another night here at Sampson instead of going to Staniel today .. with the existing wind direction it will be a challenge to dock at Staniel .. and I have heard that at Staniel you may be asked / told to leave their Docks if the weather conditions change that could cause their Docks to be damaged ..
- the winds are to clock around later today .. about 11:00 am I called Staniel on the Marinas Phone ( land line ) and they said that the seven Boats that are to leave today are still there .. after making one more phone call to Staniel Cay we headed out for the six miles at Sea .. just as we were outside of the Sampson Cay Marina we met the seven Boats that were at Staniel .. with all the 'locals' on the Dock docking was much like a Chinese Fire Drill .. by 02:00 pm we were docked once again ..
- once docked it did not take long at all for the RPYC Crew to hit the Bar / Restaurant for lunch .. once done with lunch the Gals took off on their Bikes to explore the Island and I launched the Dinghy .. Autumn and I took a Dinghy ride and checked out the Thunderball Grotto and then we went to see the Pigs on Big Majors Spot ..
- at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club dinner is served when the Dinner Bell rings at 07:30 pm .. we had set up a table for ten and had to expand the table later when Ramon joined us .. Ramon was a HIT with all the Gals and some of the Guys .. even the Staff at the Yacht Club and the other Boaters loved Ramon .. Bob ( SEA BUFF ) really enjoyed Ramon .. Gayle ended up taking Ramon back to SEA BUFF for the night or could it have been Bob that wanted Ramon .. ?? .. something's will just have to stay in the Bahamas ..
- when we made it back to the Boats the winds were rocking and rolling the Boats but later the winds died down or Ramon was finished for the evening ..
Week of June 10th
Sampson Cay Marina
our weather
Fishing Dog
Friday - we will spend today at Sampson doing what we wanted to do yesterday ..
- it is not raining this morning ( forget that I wrote that ) .. just overcast Skies and a mild breeze ..
- when the Harbour Masters Office I checked out with them what if any procedure we were to follow when you have a Dog die on your Boat .. they indicated that this is the first time that they have had this happen and said that the Bahamas Government does not have any regulations to follow .. just find a good spot for a burial or whatever the individual wants to do is fine with them .. I did check out the RPYC Cruise Leaders Manual and did not find a section at all on what to do when a pet dies on a Cruise ..
- Gayle and Betty headed off on their Bikes to explore the Island .. the rest of the RPYC Crew rested in this morning .. sounded like Bob ( HAWKSHAW ) had a sever Headache .. ie no Deep Sea Fishing, no Snorkeling etc ..
- later I went with Bill and we found a special spot for Misty near the Sea and with the help of a local we dug a hole .. about 11:00 am the entire RPYC Crew joined Bill and Sharon for a few brief last minutes .. I found a string of 'shinny beads' that had drifted in from the Sea and I strung the beads over the top of Misty's rocks ..  Misty is now at rest in a Rock covered slope with a 'view of the Sea' .. Sampson Cay will always have a special meaning to the Crew of LADY SHARON ..
- about noon we all met at the Sampson Cay Club Bar for a light lunch ..
- in the afternoon .. yes more RAIN .. no wonder it is so green around here ..
- a few Boats down the Dock from DEE LIGHT was a Dog that just loves to go Fishing along the Shoreline ..
- for dinner we had a RPYC Pitch-In right back at the Sampson Cay Club Bar  .. after dinner sum of us adjourned to DEE LIGHT for Coffee and Baileys ..
Weather - there is an area of disturbed weather with heavy thunderstorm activity has developed in the western Caribbean between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Cuba .. this disturbance has the potential to form into a Tropical Depression by Sunday as it drifts northwards into the Gulf of Mexico .. this Tropical Depression should not head our direction but it is affecting our weather .. ie RAIN ..
Week of June 10th
Sampson Cay Marina
Sampson in the rain
Sea Creatures Party
Laurel - Sea Creatures Party
Thursday - we will spend today at Sampson .. Tony, Bob and Bob will be going fishing with a local Guide ..
- just before the Guys were going to head out fishing and the Gals were going to take a Bike ride a nice shower moved in and sat right over us for about 2 hours .. opps it developed into an 'all day-er' .. well we no longer have salt on the Boats anymore and the Bahamas are even beautiful in the rain ..
- between showers we took a walk to the Marinas Store to pickup a few things and to check out the Ice Cream selection ..
- Laurel and Bob came by in the RAIN and we went over the return trip for the three Boats that will be heading back first ..
- when the rains died off the Crew of DEE LIGHT took a long walk exploring the Island and looking for Sea treasures .. got a couple of keepers that we brought back to Betty's 'stash' ..
- tonight Laurel and Bob hosted our Sea Creatures Party .. prior to the party they passed out 'Bite Me' Shark T-Shirts to each Boat and they made arrangements to have the party in the Sampson Cay's Bar just in case the rains come back .. and what a party it was Laurel had prepared a Seafood Pasta 'Deelight' that was voted the BEST EVER PASTA .. the entire meal was a hit with everyone .. after our desert they had a 'mind' game to see who was paying attention to details .. Bob has said what a good cook Laurel is but little did we know what a great Cook she really is .. a light rain did return during the party but we were all having such a great time that we did not even notice ..  Laurel and Bob did a great job !! ..
- the evening had a terrible ending .. when Bill and Sharon returned to LADY SHARON they discovered that their Dog Misty had passed away .. Misty was 17 1/2 and appeared to be really enjoying her trip to the Bahamas ..
Week of June 10th
Warderick Wells Cay
Exuma Park
Sampson Cay Marina
'Ladies Hats Night'
Bird Lady Gayle
Thunderball Grotto
Wednesday - we will be traveling to Sampson Cay today ..
- we had a little rain during the night so once again all of our Boats are 'salt free' .. and also came thru SCINTILLATOR Hatch and SOAKED their bedding .. UGH !! .. Tony slept right thru it ..
- Gayle did a morning Dog Run with the three Gals ..
- I took the Dinghy to the Park Office to check out with Judy, Kim and Jim one last time .. they called ahead to Sampson for us and found that our dockage should be ready for us about 11:00 am to noon .. we have such a short haul today that we got a few things done and headed out about 10:15 am
- we had an uneventful cruise from Warderick Wells Cay with all of 2 foot Seas and by noon all of us were docked at Sampson Cay .. it did not take the 'Crew' long at all to find the Sampson Cay Club Bar for a quick lunch ..
- since HAWKSHAW and SCINTILLATOR do not have Water Makers DEE LIGHT filled HAWKSHAW's Water Tank and SEA BUFF filled and SCINTILLATOR's Water Tank .. you can buy water at the Marina for 50 cents a gallon .. UFFFDA !! ..
- at 07:30 pm we all had dinner together at the Sampson Cay Club Main Dining Room .. well its their only dining room .. Betty came up with the idea of having 'Ladies Hats Night' .. earlier today Betty gave each of the Gals a most unique Hat and told them that they were to wear it to dinner and that they were to come up with a Hat Story to share with the group over dinner .. ie if your Hat was a Frog Hat you were to come up with a Frog Hat Story .. it was a blast and everyone had a 'deelightful' evening ..
- in a couple of days we will have 'Guy Hats Night' ..
- Laurel ( HAWKSHAW ) - after a hard run to both Bimini and Nassau we made it to Sampson Cay today where calm Seas, clear aqua waters and sunny skies prevail ..
..although this week has brought much rain, choppy Seas and a multitude of Boat problems this RPYC group does a great job of keeping up their sprites, holding on to their sense of humor and working as a team ..
.. I have a feeling that the best is yet to come .. each day brings a new adventure ..
- Betty ( DEE LIGHT ) - we have arrived .. the water is as blue and clear as I remembered .. the Channel is shallow with Coral Heads just below the surface ..
Week of June 10th
Warderick Wells Cay
Exuma Park
The Aquarium
Dinghy Adventure
LADY SHARON undertow
Beach Party
Tuesday - we will be exploring the area by Dinghy ..
- one of the Crew aboard LADY SHARON is a Bird names Rainbow .. apparently during the evening a 'local' Bird tried to get aboard LADY SHARON for what ever reason and became injured when it struck the Mirrored Rear Doors .. Sharon contacted the Park Office and Kim sent Jim ( JIM & AYE ) our with a local 'Bird Person' .. they boxed up the local baby Bird and took it to the Park Office for observation .. just as the Park Office was closing for the day the they took the baby Bird to the Beach and thru it in the air .. the Bird was so young it did not know how to 'take off' on its own but once in the air it took off all on its own ..
- Bill ( LADY SHARON ) indicated that they have a Refrigerator that is not working .. UGH !! ..
- we checked in with Tony about his Generator ..  Jim ( JIM & AYE ) said that he has the same Generator and that he had the saw thing go with his and told Tony how to fix it ..
- at about 10:00 am Jim ( JIM & AYE ) took us on a 'Dinghy Adventure' .. we headed South the the Park's South Mooring Field and beached the Dinghies at the site of the Pirates Lair .. from there we headed South again to the site of a sunken Airplane and then on to The Aquarium where we snorkeled .. on our return trip Bill ( LADY SHARON ) ran out of Fuel so we towed them back to the Park and Boats .. another example of why we travel as a Club ..
- just before we made it back to the Marina Bernie and Barbara ( SITTING DUCK ) pulled into the Mooring Field and found a Ball ..
- when we made it back to the Boats Betty and Sharon took the SeaDoo Toys into the Mooring Field area ..
- tonight Tony and Rose hosted a Beach Party right on the Beach .. and what a great party it was .. Jim and Kim joined us for dinner and Bernie and Barbara ( SITTING DUCK ) joined us for desert .. Barbara brought me a number of Deviled Eggs ..
- just after the sunset a small rain cloud move thru and cooled it off for a very comfortable evening ..
Week of June 10th
location - Highborne Cay
Boo Boo Hill
Boo Boo Hill
Monday -  today we will be traveling to Warderick Wells Cay - Exuma Park ..
- by 10:00 am we left Highborne and had a most deelightful trip to Warderick Wells .. Jim ( JIM & AYE ) was right there to help us hook onto the Mooring Balls and Kim ( JIM & AYE ) was in the Park Office when we made it to the Office to check in ..  we know Jim and Jim from the Legacy Harbour Marina in Fort Myers we have lived on the same Dock for the last number of years .. they are here for the Summer ( five Months ) and when they are her they help out Tom and Judy the Exuma Park Manager ( formerly from Fort Myers also ) ..
- when getting tied off to the Mooring Balls SCINTILLATOR managed to get one of their Lines wrapped around their Prop .. it got a little exciting for a few minutes but Tony and Rose managed quite well ..
- once everyone got their Dinghies splashed and checked in at the Park Office we all headed up to Boo Boo Hill with out RPYC Sign that Lars had made for us a long time ago .. the view from the top of Boo Boo is breathtaking .. there are also some Blow Holes that we had to check out before heading back to the Boats ..
- Jim and Kim stopped by to catch up on 'stuff' .. Jim offered to take our group on an 'adventure by Dinghy' in the morning .. we took him up on it .. just after they left I relayed the adventure to the others and when I was talking on the Marine Radio I saw a large flume of smoke suddenly appear off the back side of  SCINTILLATOR .. I tool Lil Dee to see what was going on .. Tony said that it was their Generator .. UFFFFDA !! .. Tony indicated that they would be ok as everything on the Boat runs off their Batteries ( except the Air ) and Tony said that he would run his Main Engines now and then to keep the Batteries charged up ..
Weather - SUNNY .. mild breeze from the ESE ..
Week of June 10th
location - Highborne Cay
Iguanas - Allen Cay
Allen Cay
Highborne Cay
Sunday -  in the early morning we had a rain cloud pass thru giving us a light rain .. when I looked at the weather on the Computer this morning the word 'rain' was not in the forecast until Wednesday !! .. this is a first ..
- the population of Highborne Cay is 15 thus they do not have a lot of Shops, Restaurants etc ..
- everyone was really tired from our Pirates of the Caribbean Party last night so it took us quite awhile to get the Dinghies launched and underway .. but once we did we headed North to Allen Cay ( about 2 miles ) and played with the Iguanas .. someone said that they would not bite you .. well ask Bob ( SEA BUFF ) about the Iguanas not biting .. see photo ..
- after spending some tome with the Iguanas and doing a little diving for Sea Treasures we headed South to Norman's Cay and Beach Club at Mac Duff's ( formally Mac Duff's Bar and Grill ) for lunch .. when we were here in 2005 it was Mac Duff's and it was a well established Icon .. a Storm put Mac Duff's out of Business and that is when Stefan took over the Building etc and established Norman' .. they have only been open for seven weeks .. we all had fantastic lunches ..
- on our way back Tony did a little diving for Lobsters .. once back to Highborne we put the Dinghies back on our Boats ..
- Bob and Laurel ( HAWKSHAW ) spent the day exploring the Island and re-rigging their Dinghy Support ..
- with Water Makers on three of the five Boats we have been sharing water from Boat to Boat ..
- Bill ( LADY SHARON ) had an electrical issue that we resolved when we found the Electrical Smart Box .. 
- later we gathered at the Shelter near the beach of a light snack and the Sunset ..
Weather - SUNNY at last !! .. mild breeze from the East .. 90 degrees
Week of June 03rd
location - Nassau
Pirates of the Caribbean Party
Highborne Cay
Saturday -  we will be traveling from Nassau to Highborne Cay today ..
- Bill and Tony had some last minute Waypoints to work on before heading out so we were not underway until about 08:30 am .. we had an uneventful trip .. only 2 foot Seas and only a mild breeze of about 8 knots .. but just as we made it to the Marina the RAINS came .. once HAWKSHAW and SCINTILLATOR were docked and the rains died off a little we pulled in the 'Cut' and then into the 'new' Harbour .. when we were underway we made water with our Water Marker so when we made it to Highborne Cay our Water Tank was overflowing .. they have added a number of Slips since we were here the last time in 2005 .. by 01:30 pm all five Boats were tied off for the day ..
- Tony and Rose's Son and his family were planning to join us at Nassau via their Airplane but the weather was so bad they could not get there so they set up to meet us here .. well the weather is still so bad that they are unable to fly in here either ..
- the Crew of DEE LIGHT hosted our Pirates of the Caribbean Party .. due to the rain we decided to have early Cocktails at 05:00 pm ( yes the weather is forcing us to drinking ) aboard DEE LIGHT .. we went right from the cocktails to our Pirates of the Caribbean dinner that Betty had put together when we were underway .. later we checked out the Nurse Sharks at the near the Entrance to the Marina and took a walk around the Marina and ended up sharing stories under a Hut on the Dock and the stars came out ..
Week of June 03rd
location - Nassau
Friday -  our day for play at Nassau .. well .. it was also a day to do repairs, maintenance, etc to the Boats also .. Tony had a BUSY day as our Chief Engineer ( Mechanic ) ..
- HAWKSHAW has the Dinghy to take care of and to get their Marine Radios replaced or repaired ..
- SEA BUFF has water leaks to deal with and an Air Conditioning Pump to deal with ..
- LADY SHARON is trying to line up extra Impellors for their Generator ..
- DEE LIGHT had to deal with a death of one of our NASCRAB Crew Members ..
- and all the Boats need a day of R and R to get ready for the next few days of travel ..
- SITTING DUCK headed out to Allen Cay this morning and will be spending the next number of days in the Exumas ..
- Hurricane Hole Marina is owned and operated by Atlantis thus the dockage here is only $4.00 per foot .. they share the same Fuel Dock etc .. we are the smaller Boats in the Marina ..
- all of the Gals except Sharon took their Bikes and went shopping at all of the Marina Supply Shops .. what a great group of First Mates !! .. they did treat themselves to lunch on the Bikes and before they made it back to the Marina they had their own Wet T Shirt Contest as the afternoon rains got them real good ..
- now I feel really DUMB .. right after the Wet T Shirt Gals made it back to the Boats they talked Tony and I into joining them on a Water Ferry Ride across the Channel to the Straw Market .. as soon as we got there they dumped me and went off to buy cheep liquor .. after walking thru the farmers Market I found an Ice Cream Parlor .. Tony and Rose joined me for an afternoon deelight .. on my way back towards the Water Taxi Dock I could see that it was going to rain really hard so I hurried .. once I made it to the Farmers Market it started to rain .. and RAIN .. at least 5 inches came down .. now the aisles in the Straw Market became rivers willed with 'stuff' that we will not put in the Trip Log .. sections of the Canvas Roof above us were starting to give way so we moved ( slowly ) thru the structure to the back side where there was a main street .. we now had given up any chance of the Water Taxi and were looking for a regular Taxi .. since there were a number of Cruise Ships in the Harbour all the Taxies were filled .. I finally found myself in knee deep water in the middle of the street holding up my arms to stop a Taxi .. I got Betty and Gayle aboard and four Gals visiting from Canada .. on our way back to the Marina we saw many Shops that were flooded, Cars floating in the streets, the streets looked like rivers etc ..
- lets see now .. we saved $8.00 on the liquor .. paid $15.00 dollars for the Water Taxi, paid $5.00 for Ice Cream, paid $12.00 for the regular Taxi, etc but 'the experience' was priceless ..
- after we dried out one more time Bill and Sharon ( LADY SHARON ) headed to the Casino for the evening and the balance of the Crew went to dinner at Anthony's for dinner where we all shared RAIN stories .. Bob ( HAWKSHAW ) had discover a couple of broken welds on one of his Dinghy Supports .. Bob took a Taxi to a Welding Shop when the RAIN came down .. he did not mind the rain but he feared for his life at the Welding Shop .. Tony and Rose ( SCINTILLATOR ) were at the Straw Market and ended up in an Alley of 18 inches of water with Rats and Cockroaches .. we had a great dinner .. after dinner Betty and I went to the Casino for Ice Cream and to deposit our $20.00 .. it did not take long at all .. Tony joined Bill and Sharon at the Casino and the others went to bed ..
- Bill indicated later that Sharon paid for one of the new Towers al the Casino ..
- Sharon ( LADY SHARON ) - I've heard of pleasure cruising well, I get the cruise part, where does the pleasure come in ?
- Laurel ( HAWKSHAW ) - Finally in the Bahamas ! ( my first time ) .. hope our trip here is as good as the - time we spent planning and waiting for our voyage to begin .. our group has definitely bonded through emotional and mechanical support by all .. thanks to our wonderful leader Betty and Marv who simply are the best ..
Week of June 03rd
location - Bimini
Thursday - we will be traveling from Bimini Cay to the Hurricane Hole Marina in Nassau ..
- there is a Sport Fishing Tournament at the Bimini Cay Marina and were told that the starting time for Boats to head out is 06:30 am .. we do not want to get caught up in their wakes so SEA BUFF headed out at about 06:10 am at first light and the rest of us followed a few minutes later .. the first 70 miles was thru an area of 'skinny waters' .. ie a depth on 7 to 12 feet but once we got to 'The Tongue' with bottom dropped out and we had a depth of over 6,000 feet ( yes OVER 6,000 feet ) .. we had Seas of about 2 feet in the shallow area and Seas of 3 feet once we made it into the deep waters .. shortly after we got into the deeper waters HAWKSHAW reported in an elevated voice that he was having an issue with his Dinghy .. it came loose on one side and all but took a 6,000 plunge to the bottom .. we were all within minutes of travel time of each other so it was not long before Bob had much advice and verbal help .. that is just one more reason to travel with a group ..
- once we made it to the Nassau Harbour we all took on Fuel ( 03:30 pm ) before going to our assigned Slips at the Hurricane Hole .. at the Docks we were greeted by a number of 'helpful locals' that would wash our Boats for almost nothing .. they were all looking for work ..
- once docked Bob ( HAWKSHAW ) got busy repairing his Dinghy Rigging ..
- at 06:45 pm we took a Van to the Poop Deck on the Water for dinner  .. Bernie and Barbara ( SITTING DUCK ) joined us for dinner as they are staying at the Marina where the restaurant is located ..
- after dinner we had a communication problem and part of our Crew ended up at the Docks and some of the Crew ended up at the Casino ..everyone except
Week of June 03rd
location - Bimini
Betty's Treasures
Bimini Bay Marina
dinner aboard DEE LIGHT
Wednesday - we will be spending the day at Bimini exploring and relaxing .. I spent some time laying out our 'revised' Route from Bimini Bay Marina to our next Port ie Hurricane Hole Nassau .. I delivered a copy of all the Waypoints to all of the other boaters .. after first light Betty took a long walk on the Beach ..
- about 09:00 am HAWKSHAW headed into town to take on Fuel .. since Bimini Bay is still under construction they do not have their Fuel Dock set up yet ..
- MarineMax will be hosting a Fishing Tournament at Bimini Bay starting this weekend .. they were busy all day brining Boats in and doing all their preparations for the Tournament .. including a number of Swim Gear Models .. sorry - no photos ..
- all the Gals except Gayle spent the afternoon shopping in the downtown Shops .. after shopping they decided to have a ,Pitch-In' Dinner here at the Marina ..
- SEA BUFF has developed a water problem that must have been caused by the Seas yesterday .. Bob and Gayle spent much of the afternoon cleaning up the water mess ..
- in the late afternoon we had a good HARD rain for about 45 minutes .. just before the rain came Bob ( HAWKSHAW ) hosed down and cleaned his entire Boat at 50 cents a gallon .. Mother Nature cleaned all the other Boats and did not charge extra for the water at all ..
- the Gals decided that they would like to prepare dinner instead of going to one of the few local places .. Tony was put in charge of securing Lobster and did he do a great job .. 14 huge Lobsters for $50.00 total right off the Fishing Boat ..
- everyone prepared something for the dinner .. Bernie and Barbara ( SITTING DUCK ) were able to join us and we all enjoyed a most deelightful meal aboard DEE LIGHT ..
- we also had a brief Skippers Meeting the next few days ahead .. it was noted that the Gals were getting tired of the long days at Sea .. and it was also decided that the three Boats that are doing the shorter trip will go back to their original plans to return by early July ..
Weather - overcast and it almost rained in the morning ..10 knot winds from the South ..