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Bahamas 2007- Log  C
Staniel Cay to Emerald Bay
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Week of June 24th
Emerald Bay Marina
Friday - this will be our last day at Emerald Bay ..
- click here for Log D ..
Week of June 24th
Emerald Bay Marina
Betty blowing her Conch Horn
Emerald Bay
Friday - the winds have died down and the Seas have laid down so HAWKSHAW, SCINTILLATOR and LADY SHARON will be heading back this morning ..
- the sun came out for the first time in days and it was a great day to start their trip back ..by 07:30 am with Betty blowing her Conch Horn all three Boats had cleared the Marina Harbour and were underway .. they reported that they had 2 foot rollers ..
- there is an Air Strip on the top of the Marinas Break Wall that an Alter Light Airplane landed on and took some people for rides ..
- with the winds down we launched our Dinghies and headed out in search of treasures .. after weaving our way thru the Coral Heads we made our way to a Beach only to find that the Surf was going to do a number on our Dinghies so we regrouped and headed out for a second Beach that was protected a little .. and we found treasures including the Conch that Tony was looking for .. it was a great Dinghy outing ..
- shortly after we got back from our outing Betty said that two Governmental Officials stopped by looking for Illegal Aliens .. she told them that Tony left this morning and that he was heading North ..
- we ended up having Docktails / Dinner at the Wahoo Bar ..
Week of June 24th
Emerald Bay Marina
Farwell Dinner
Flowers at Four Seasons
Thursday - another day to watch the weather and enjoy Emerald Bay .. and a good day to do planning for our next number of days in the Bahamas ..
- a few larger Boats headed out of the Marina this morning .. it was interesting to watch as they hooked up their Tenders / Dinghies as they headed out .. once out of the protected Harbour area they really bounced .. the topic at the Boaters Lounge and around the Marina is the weather .. it is most interesting to listen to the seasoned Captains and other Boaters talk about the Seas, Wave Heights, etc ..
- all of us ended up having lunch together at the Marina's Wahoo's Restaurant .. weather permitting the three RPYC Boats are going to head out in the morning ..
- we all headed to the Grand Isle Resort Pool area for Docktails and then had our Farwell Dinner at the Four Seasons Restaurant ..
- Sharon ( LADY SHARON ) - It has been an amazing trip.  I am so sad to have to turn around and go home.  Marv has been an excellent cruise leader and Betty was a great social director.  We could not have asked for better ones.  It has been a journey to remember for the rest of our lives.  Thank you Marv and Betty.
Week of June 24th
Emerald Bay Marina
DEE LIGHT at Emerald Bay
Tony Blair Steps Down
Our Weather YUCK !!
'click' to enlarge
Wednesday - another day to relax and enjoy Emerald Bay ..
- the front of the Tropical Wave moved thru during the night .. the center of the Tropical Wave appears to be to the Northeast of us but we ended up with HIGH winds and lightning and a little rain .. but later in the morning we got DUMPED on big time .. two inches of rain in 30 minutes .. any thoughts of salt on the Boats is gone ..
- the Emerald Bay Marina is part of a huge new development .. in addition to the Marina there is the Four Season Resort complex complete with Pools, Restaurants, etc .. and there is the time share Condo Grand Isle Resort that also has Restaurants, Pools, etc .. and then there is Roker Point at Emerald Bay that must be the housing / condo development section .. it is spread out over many acres and is still under construction .. there is a Shuttle that we have been using that will take us to any location within the development .. as a guest of the Marina we have full run of the entire development ..
- when the rains all but stopped we took a walk around to look at the waves coming into the Marina Entrance .. a large Boat ( FIVE STAR ) entered the Marina and docked when we were on our walk .. we stopped by and talked with them .. they said that it was rough and described it as much like being in a Laundry Machine .. I have never done that so I will just have to take their word for it .. we took a photo of Poor Betty's Cay that is just off the Coast from Emerald Bay .. we also took photos of the waves at the Entrance to the Marina .. UFFFDA !! ..
- SCINTILLATOR 's Generator has not worked since Warderick Wells so Tony got a local Mechanic to look at it today and HAWKSHAW has not been running as well as Bob would like so he got a local Diver to clean HAWKSHAW's bottom off ..
HEADLINES - LONDON (June 27) - Former Treasury chief Gordon Brown became British prime minister Wednesday, promising "a new government with new priorities," after Tony Blair resigned to end a decade in power.
- the Island gets a delivery of supplies every Tuesday when the Cargo Ship comes to George Town and by Wednesday afternoon the shelves are restocked at the local Stores .. so once the Gals heard that the Grocery Store was restocked they all headed right over there ..
- we had dinner at one of the Four Season's Restaurants and then ended up in the Casino where it did not take the Slots long at all to consume our twenty dollars ..
Week of June 24th
Emerald Bay Marina
Rose and Betty - fixing dinner
Tuesday - another day to relax and enjoy Emerald Bay ..
- I looked at the side of HAWKSHAW where their ladder had tipped into the side of their Boat .. it looks like the ladder was the victim of a gust of wind .. when the rough edges of the ladder rested on a Plastic Air Intake Grill it made some scuff marks on the Grill .. should rub right out ..
- Betty spent the morning in the Laundry Room with a number of the other Gals .. and before turning in the Rental Van I made an emergency Ice Cream run to the on-site Grocery Store .. it ended up being a 'Dry Run' as ALL the non-chocolate Ice Cream was GONE !! at the Grocery Store and the Ice Cream Parlor was not open yet for the day .. later Gayle went to the Plaza via Marina Shuttle and picked up Ice Cream at the Ice Cream Parlor for me ..
- when we had lunch at the Marina's Bar our entertainment was watching a large Boat make its way to the Marina Entrance .. we were all glad that we decided to stay right here for a few days ..
- in the afternoon the WINDS started to pick up a lot ..
- we had dinner on the Dock again tonight .. the temperature, the breeze, etc were perfect .. and the food was GREAT .. and the Dogs enjoyed being included .. after dinner the Crew of LADY SHARON and Tony headed to the Casino and the rest of us headed to Bed ..
Week of June 24th
Emerald Bay Marina
Betty Hair Beaded
Peace and Plenty Hotel
Betty's Flowers
Monday - based on the weather forecast ( it is going to get WINDY the next few days ) HAWKSHAW, SCINTILLATOR and LADY SHARON decided to stay at Emerald Bay for a few more days so we will all enjoy another day in paradise ..
- when we first made it to Emerald Bay we set up a Rental Van for today .. at about 10:30 am we all stuffed ourselves into the Rental and headed into George Town .. our first stop was the Straw Market where Betty lined up a Gal to Bead her hair later today .. we then all headed to the South end of the Island to a restaurant for lunch .. well that was a mistake as most all of the restaurants .. if you could call them that .. were closed on Mondays .. we did not find anything of interest at all on our drive to the South end so we headed back to the Straw Market area and had lunch at the Peace and Plenty Hotel and it was very good .. when we were done with lunch Betty stayed at the Straw Market and the rest of us headed back to the Marina via the Ice Cream Parlor ..
- later I headed back into Town to pick up Betty at the Straw Market .. Emerald Bay Marina is located about 20 miles North of the George Town area .. it takes about an hour to travel the 20 miles due to the condition of the roads .. we stopped at one of the Fuel Stations on our return trip to put Gas in the Rental .. the cost of the Gas was $5.08 per gallon ..
- later when I was walking Autumn I talked with Bob ( HAWKSHAW ) he said that after our trip to George Town he and Laurel took a nap for the rest of the day .. when they were napping their Ship Ladder tipped over right into the side of their Boat .. UGH !! .. Bob thinks that it may have been a 'disgruntled local' that Bob had talked to about cleaning the bottom of his Boat or it could have been the wind as they are starting to pick up ..
Week of June 24th
Emerald Bay Marina
Mt. Sinai Union Baptist Church
Farwell Dinner
Sunday - a day to relax and enjoy Emerald Bay ..
- we took the Church Taxi to the Mt. Sinai Union Baptist Church with one of the local Gals that we met yesterday at the Marina .. at 08:00 am when the Church Service started the Church was all but empty but after the service started the Church started to fill up .. after Church we took the Church Taxi back to the Marina and checked out banquet facilities for our final evening that all of us will be together ..
- in the past we have set up a banquet for the entire group on the last night that we were together .. looking ahead to the weather we decided to have our get together tonight .. Betty and I went to the Four Season Resort section of the Resort and checked out our option only to find out that LADY SHARON was also setting up a dinner also .. anyway we got our heads together and set up the details with Adrian ( Four Seasons Resort ) for 07:30 pm tonight ..
- we all took the Marina Shuttle to the Four Seasons .. once there we were greeted by Pierre the General Manager .. he brought us to a special Dining Room all of our own where we had our Farwell Dinner ..
- since our Cruise started based on our observations we came up with a small 'gift' for each of our Bahamas 2007 Cruise Crew and tonight I presented each Crew Person with their gift and the thoughts behind their gift .. everyone had a great time ..
Week of June 17th
Cave Cay Marina
Junkanoo George Town
Harvest Conch
Junkanoo Junk Food
Saturday - we will be traveling from Cave Cay to the Emerald Bay Marina about ten miles north of George Town ..
- we hoisted our Dinghy aboard DEE LIGHT and transferred water to both HAWKSHAW and SCINTILLATOR .. at about 08:45 am the Cave Cay Harbour Master came to each Boat and checked us out for out dockage etc .. it took forever to get  the paper work done but we were all out of the Marina about 09:30 am .. we had FLAT SEAS for the trip to Emerald Bay Marina .. once within visual site of the general area of the Marina we could easily spot their REAL Red and Green Markers .. once in the Marina Basin we were directed to our assigned Slip .. all five of us were docked by noon ..
- WHAT A MARINA !!!! .. free fast WI-FI Internet, water at 15 cents a gallon, free laundry ( large Washers and Dryers ), Showers and Restrooms to die for, free Cable TV, etc and shortly after we were docked they even arranged for the Heavens to rinse all the salt waters off our Boats ..
- when we were at the Marina Office we discovered that today ( Saturday ) there is the Bahamas Junkanoo Summer Festival in George Town so we decided to head into town at 04:00 pm by Taxi .. on the way to the Junkanoo the Taxi Driver drove us thru the Downtown area of George Town ( population of 600 people ) .. once at the Junkanoo we junked out on Junkanoo Junk Food .. we watched the locals harvest the Conch .. YUCK !! .. it takes 5 to 15 years before a Conch is ready to harvest .. and even after seeing that Tony, Rose, Gayle and Bob had Conch Salad .. I had Guava Pudding / Cake to die for .. and once back to the Marina I topped it off with Ice Cream ..
Week of June 17th
Cave Cay Marina
Betty's Sea Treasure
lunch at Ocean Cabin
LADY SHARON Casino Night
LADY SHARON Casino Night
Friday - we will be exploring the Cave Cay and Little Farmers Cay area ..
- Cave Cay has been under construction for just over twelve years .. when Steve started on the project there was nothing here but a dream .. at low Tide you could walk over the area where the Marina Basin is now located .. he and the Crew that he put together have dredged out the entire Marina, built all of the support buildings, built the Air Strip, built housing for all of the people working on the project, etc .. they have come a long ways but they still have a long ways to go ..
- the first thing in the morning two Marina Employees and one of the many Dogs  came by each Boat to collect our garbage and then the Harbour Master and his Son came by to see if there was anything that they can do for us ..
CNN HEADLINE NEWS - Eau Claire WI - Chemical fire on the South Side of Eau Claire possibly caused by an electrical problem ..
- Autumn and I dropped Betty off on a Beach to look for more Sea Treasures and then we took the Dinghy out thru the Cut to an area just South of the Marina where David Copperfield and Bill Gates own a number of the Islands .. Steve said that there is one Island South of the Marina that they are spending over 250 million to develop it .. I tried to ask Steve about his investment but did not get to first base ..
- at about 11:30 am we headed out with the Dinghies for Little Farmers Cay and had a most deelightful lunch at Ocean Cabin ( www.oceancbn.com ) .. Terry and his wife operate the Restaurant ..
- we filled SCINTILLATOR's Water Tank with water from DEE LIGHT .. as of to date none of us have paid for water since we have been in the Bahamas .. most all of the Marinas are selling their water for 50 cents a gallon ..
- Tony had made a deal with two local for 20 Lobsters at $5.00 each .. ie $100.00 .. well the two Guys came by with six Lobsters that they had speared and wanted their $100.00 .. after some heated discussion needless to say they did not get their $100.00 but Tony did not get his Lobsters either ..
- LADY SHARON was our host for our last Theme Party of the Cruise .. due to the HOT weather we decided to have LADY SHARON's party aboard DEE LIGHT .. Bill and Sharon put together a Casino Night and what a GREAT job they did .. complete with Beads, Craps Table etc .. and a dinner to die for ..
Week of June 17th
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Little Farmers Cay
Betty and Sharon
Another Day In Paradise
Thursday - we will be traveling to Cave Cay Marina ..
- after getting our Bikes, Dinghies etc all put back on in place and after getting checked out at the Marina Office ( end of the Bar ) we are planning to head out for Cave Cay at about 09:30 am .. LADY SHARON's Generator failed just before we were going to head out .. once we made it to Cave Cay Bill changed out the Impellor again .. we attempted to time our arrival at Cave Cay at high Tide as the depth at their Marina Entrance is 5.5 foot at Low Tide .. we had an uneventful ( enjoyable ) cruise to Cave Cay and had all of our Boats docked by 12:15 am ..
- the Cave Cay Marina has been under construction for twelve years now .. they have their own support Construction Crew, housing for the Crew etc .. there is no theft on the Cay as they control all .. the Marina Entrance is well marked with REAL Red and Green Markers something that we have not seen for a LONG time .. the dockage at Cave Cay is $2.00 per foot plus $35.00 for electrical per day plus water ..
- after we were docked and checked in Laurel and Rose headed to the Laundry Room and the Crew of DEE LIGHT plus Tony headed out with the LIL DEE to Little Farmers Cay about five miles to the North .. once there we were able to get a Lunch Menu from Terry who is the Owner / Operator of a restaurant called Ocean Cabin .. we will return with the entire group for lunch tomorrow .. Tony also bartered for some Snapper Fish that we brought back for dinner .. later Betty and Sharon floated around the Marina and did they come back with a number of Sea Treasures .. Betty found what she has said is the BEST Seashell that she has ever found ( see photos ) .. 
- later Tony grilled up the Fish that we got at Little Farmers Cay and we had a fantastic dinner on the Dock as the Sun set on another day in paradise ..
Week of June 17th
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Thunderball Grotto
Sea Treasures
RPYC Burgee at Staniel
Fowl Cay Yacht Club
Wednesday - today Tony and the two Bobs are going to head out fishing aboard a locals Boat ..
- I made another early morning visit to the Internet Cafe .. it goes much faster when there are not a lot of others online at the same time .. later Bob and Laurel took a morning Bike ride and Betty took a good walk ..
- this is the typical weather that we are experiencing every day ..
Chance of Rain. Partly Cloudy. High: 89 F. / 32 C. Wind ESE 8 mph. / 14 km/h. Chance of precipitation 20%.
- the Guys were unable to go fishing because the local contact was unable to secure a Fishing Boat with a Bimini Top on it .. Bob and Tony may take my Dinghy out later this afternoon to do some fishing .. Betty and Laurel found a Beach with more treasures that they lugged back to the Boats .. Laurel fell in love with a little boy that kept brining her Sea Treasures .. at least they were Sea Treasures in his Eyes ..
- in the afternoon HAWKSHAW filled up their Water Tank ( from DEE LIGHT ) .. it sure works good to have some Boats with Water Makers .. after filling up their Water Tank they made their way to the Pool for the afternoon ..
- just before noon a small Sea Plane landed right in front of DEE LIGHT and water taxied to the Shore .. once to Shore the Pilot dropped off the passengers for lunch at Staniel Cay Yacht Club ..
- after lunch I took LADY SHARON and Betty out to a Beach and Thunderball for the afternoon ..
- just before we headed to the Fowl Cay Yacht Club for dinner we all got together in the Staniel Cay Bar to date the RPYC Burgee that has been hanging for a number of years from the ceiling of the Bar ..
- at 06:15 pm the Fowl Cay Water Taxi picked up the ten of us and brought us to the Fowl Cay Yacht Club for the evening .. and what an evening it was .. our Boat ride to the FCYC was thru the Mega Yachts that were on the hook, the view from the FCYC was breathtaking and the dinner was superb .. and what a great ride back in the dark thru the Mega Yachts .. Fowl Cay was developed by an American couple and it has just been sold to the Sandals Company .. their Son and Daughter-in-law have been onsite since the sale helping out with the transition of the sale .. they will be leaving in two days .. we met the new team that will be operating the Yacht Club and it appears to be in good hands ..
Week of June 17th
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Lorraine's Cafe
Secluded Beach
Conch and Hog Snapper
Tuesday - today we will be taking the Dinghies to Black Point for lunch ..
- after updating the Dee Light Website I helped SEA BUFF get moved so OBSIBIAN could take on Fuel .. Bob's view of OBSIBIAN's 'ballast' was not totally lost just a different angle .. OPPs spoke too soon SEA BUFF had to move again to get better Electrical Power .. and with that move his view was all but gone ..
- HAWKSHAW filled their Water Tank from DEE LIGHT ..
- SITTING DUCK came in to take on water .. this is as far South as they will be going so they will now be starting their way back to their home in Cape Coral ..
- at about 10:30 am we headed out with our five Dinghies for Black Point on the Island of Great Guana Cay about six miles South of the Marina or as Bob and Laurel would saw three Fuel Stops .. at the Settlement Pier we were greeted by a number of locals that were processing Chicken for a funeral that will take place on Saturday ( none of us had Chicken for lunch ) .. we walked to Lorraine's Cafe for a most unique dining experience .. on our way Betty bought a Hat from a local native named Eunice .. she had an open Bar and every one of our meals were just great .. no one had the Sheep Tongue nor the Pig Feet Souse not even Tony .. on our return trip some of us stopped at a very Secluded Beach for snorkeling and photo ops and Betty was attacked by a Sea Creature .. we also found a number of Sea Treasures that we brought back to the Boats ..
- now that SEA BUFF has moved we are all on the same Dock .. at about 07:00 pm we had Docktails and later had dinner on our Dock .. Tony grilled Conch and Hog Snapper Fish and everyone contributed to the meal including some of my Ice Cream stock .. during our dinner we watched the Sunset on another great day in the Exuma Islands ..
Week of June 17th
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Black Point Exuma
Black Point Exuma
Dinner aboard LADY SHARON
Monday - today we will be exploring the Island and Bob and Tony will be heading out to do some fishing ..
- there is free Internet here but you have to be at their Internet Cafe ( Bar ) to get a signal .. so you know where I have been .. after updating the Log and Photos we talked with Leanne ( Staniel Cay Yacht Club ) about some area options for our group to do .. ie Black Point and Fowl Cay .. then we took the Dinghy to Black Point about 6 miles South of the Marina .. Black Point is undeveloped and many of the locals work at Staniel or on one of the other area Islands .. there are two very local Restaurants that we checked out in addition to the Garden Of Eden .. see photos .. when we got back to the Marina ( 111:15 am ) we fueled up LIL DEE for the first time .. ie at $5.08 per gallon ..
- at noon we had a very short Skippers Meeting to discuss options for the next few days .. after our meeting Bill and I took LIL DEE to Fowl Cay to set up dinner arrangements for the group .. we wanted to have dinner there tonight but they are full so we set it up for Wednesday ..
- Bob and Laurel spent much of the day at the freshly filled Pool .. this is the home of the areas Water Making Company so the Pool water was hard to beat .. a 98 foot Boat OBSIBIAN moved in on the Fuel Dock right in front of SEA BUFF .. at 22 knots the Boat uses 250 gallons of Fuel an hour .. OK at $4.00 per gallon you do the math .. UFFFDA !! .. one of the people aboard the Boat is Cato Calin of the OJ Simpson Trial along with a number of Gals that are 'body perfect' ..
- in the afternoon Bill, Sharon Betty, Rose and Tony rented a Golf Cart and took a ride around the Island ..
- for dinner LADY SHARON ( and Rainbow ) hosted the Crew on their Boat .. Tony put together his traditional Conch Salad and Gayle made a Peach Cobbler that was great .. right down to the last 'lick' ..
Week of June 17th
Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Mt Olivet Baptist Church
Swimming Pigs
Thunderball Grotto
Tony's Mask Night
Sunday ( Fathers Day ) - today we plan to explore the Island of Staniel Cay , go to Church and to explore the area waters by Dinghy ..
- in the morning the RPYC Crew woke up to SUN, FLAT Seas and Betty's Conch Horn .. yup its Fathers Day .. once the Marina woke up we rented a Golf Cart for later today and then took a good long Dinghies ride in search for Sea Life and photo ops .. Bob and Laurel took their Bikes for a ride and the rest of the Crew enjoyed a day to rest in ..
- at 11:00 am a number of us went to the local Church ( Mt Olivet Baptist Church ) and it was a most unique Fathers Day treat as much of the service was centered around Fathers Day .. after Church we grabbed a quick sandwich at the Yacht Club with most of the RPYC Crew ..
- Bernie and Barbara ( SITTING DUCK ) stopped by .. they are now anchored near Big Majors and when they went to Shore to see the Pigs earlier today they were rousted by the Pigs .. in the ordeal Bernie lost his Camera and a Hand Held Marine Radio to the waters .. Betty gave Bernie her Camera for the rest of their trip .. later we headed out with our Dinghies to see the Swimming Pigs on Big Majors Spot where we met up with Bernie and Barbara again as they are on the Hook real close to where the Pigs are .. after feeding the Pigs the garbage that we have been collecting for the last week we went to the Thunderball Grotto .. it was near low tide so we were able to get into the Grotto real easy .. the colors of the Fish and Sea Life are breathtaking .. and once inside the Grotto you can look up to a number of openings in the rock ceiling above .. we had a great time playing in the water ..
- tonight we had our Fathers Day Dinner and Tony's Mask Night at the Yacht Club .. Betty put together a Fathers Day Bag of goodies for each of the fathers .. we made up Tony Masks from a photo that I took of Tony last night .. and was Tony surprised !!!! .. he could not believe his eyes .. the Masks looked so realistic that he thought that we had mirrors over our fazes .. Ramon with a Mask joined us for desert .. the Staff and the others dining at the Yacht Club enjoy seeing Ramon .. Ramon ended up going back to the Boats with Rose ..