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The first leg of the Royal Palm Yacht Club Bahamas 2007 Cruise
was from Fort Myers, Florida to Emerald Bay, Bahamas
Once we made it to Emerald Bay three of the Boats
headed back to Fort Myers, Florida
Below is the log of the Second Leg of our Bahamas 2007 Cruise
Marv and Betty
60 foot Viking
Bob and Gayle
53 foot Navigator
Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2007- Log  D
Emerald Bay to Harbour Island, Eleuthera
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Harbour Island Eleuthera
to Marsh Harbour Abacos
Friday July 13th  - we will be traveling from Harbour Island, Eleuthera to the Abaco Beach Resort and Marina in Marsh Harbour, Abacos ..
- NOTE - this is the end of Log D .. to continue click here for Log E ..
Valentines Marina
Harbour Island, Eleuthera
Dee Sea Diving
Dee Sea Diving
Dinner at Runaway Hill Inn
Thursday July 12th ( Autumn's Birthday )  - Bob and Gayle will be doing a Deep Sea Dive with a group from the Marina ..
- Betty took of for the Harbor Islands Community Center to get her blood tested and then did some shopping .. Gayle and Bob headed out on their Deep Sea Diving trip .. I filled our Water Tank with water and started to get DEE LIGHT ready for leaving in the morning ..
- Betty and I ended up having lunch at the Sip Sip that overlooks the Pink Sand Beach .. when we got back Bob reported that they headed South of the Marina and thru the Inlet that we looked at yesterday and that they had two great dives ..
- Gayle and Bob met a Father and Son that were diving with them .. the Father and Son along with their family ended up spending some time on SEA BUFF after the Diving Trip .. they have been in the Abacos the last number of days so Gayle and Bob got a number of 'to-do' tips ..
- before we hoisted our Dinghy up onto the Bow of DEE LIGHT we took it out one more time to explore the other side of the Sound .. there is a lot of shallow waters on the West Side of the and there are a number of small Settlements .. the Water Shuttles were busy taking locals from side to side ..
- the four of us headed out for dinner on our Golf Cart for the Runaway Hill Inn at 07:00 pm .. the owner of  Runaway Hill Inn keeps their Boat at the Harbour Island Marina .. a few days ago he cough a large Tuna so we had Tuna for dinner tonight except Betty who had a steak .. the entire evening was deelightful ..
- Autumn had a great Birthday .. she spent the day with 'the girls' aboard SEA BUFF and then when we returned from dinner she got a number of steak scraps from Betty ..
Valentines Marina
Harbour Island, Eleuthera
lunch at Harbour Island Marina
Sunset at Harbour Lounge
Wednesday July 11th  ( Recovery Day ) - we will be launching our Tender and will be exploring the area by water ..
- at 06:30 am the Mega Yachts INSPIRATION with the aid of a local Pilot ( A-1 ) pulled out of the Marina ..
- most all of the Shops, Restaurants, etc are closed again today ie Recovery Day ..
- we launched our Dinghy and headed out with Bob and Gayle .. we looked over the Inlet that is a few miles South of the Marina and then we headed to the Cut above the Marina .. the Inlet South of the Marina has two charted routes on Nobeltec that can be used but after taking a look at the Inlet neither are anyplace that we want to take Dee Light thru .. we went to the Harbour Island Marina Bar for a quick lunch before heading back to the Boats .. once back we rinsed the salt off the Boats and ourselves and then headed to the Marinas Pool ..
- we ended up taking the Golf Cart to the Harbour Lounge for dinner .. it is located right where the Independence Day celebration took place last night .. and did we have a dinner with a sunset .. and yup Ice Cream .. on our way back to the Marina we stopped at the Runaway Hill Inn and we decided that we will have our last dinner at Harbour Island there tomorrow night ..
Valentines Marina
Harbour Island, Eleuthera
Betty talking on Skype
Betty at the Beach
Bahamian Independence Day
Tuesday July 10th ( Bahamian Independence Day ) - we will be exploring and enjoying Harbour Island ..
- after enjoying a few pieces of Johnnycake that Ole Pot gave us we headed out in the Golf Cart .. later Betty made a number of calls on Skype .. Autumn spent most of the day recovering from her ordeal yesterday ..
- it is most interesting to watch the Mega Yachts move in and out of the Marina .. yesterday the Mega Yacht INSPIRATION ( Kingston ) docked right in front of DEE LIGHT .. this is some info that I found about the Boat
Builder: Broward Marine - Year: 1996
L.O.A.: 47.50 m / 156.27 ft - Beam: 8.50 m / 27.96 ft - Draft: 2.30 m / 7.56 ft
Hull: Aluminum - Superstructure: Aluminum
Max. speed: 20 knots - Cruising speed: 14 knots
Fuel: 52.990 l / 13.777 gal - Range: 2.400 miles - Engines: Twin Detroit/Allison 16V 149-TI DDEC
Power: 2x 2.400 hp - Generators: 2x Northern Lights 99kW - Guests: 10 - Crew: 10
- the four of us plus Autumn had lunch at the Marinas Exterior Bar that overlooks the Harbour .. lunch was great and the view is to die for ..
- in the afternoon we took the Gulf Cart to the Pink Beach .. with today being Bahamians Independence Day everything is closed up for the day .. there is hardly any activate on the Streets but there was a lot of people on the Beach .. but no 'no tan lines' Gals at all ..
- at about 07:00 pm we headed to the Bay Street Park area in the center of the Settlement where the Independence Day celebration was going on .. we had dinner at the Food Stands .. they had BBQ Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Soda, Corn on the cob, Potato Salad, etc and it was all FREE .. they had a number of local Bands and a DJ .. Gayle and Bob left for the Boats early and it was a good thing because when the Fireworks started Autumn decided to abandon the Boat and Gayle rescued her from the Swim Platform .. after the Fireworks they had a small Junkanoo that consisted of mostly kids ..
Spanish Wells thru
Devils Backbone
to Harbour Island
Our Pilot - Ole Pot
SEA BUFF - Devils Backbone
Devils Backbone
Harbor Island Marina Bar
The Pink Sand Beach
Monday July 09th - we will be traveling from Spanish Wells thru the Devils Backbone to Harbour Island ..
- the Route to Harbour Island is thru an area called 'the Devils Backbone .. the Devils Backbone is a narrow Waterway that is VERY difficult to navigate thru thus MOST everyone that goes to Harbour Island uses the services of a local Pilot .. even the most seasoned Boat Captains will not try the Devils Backbone on their own .. yes there are some that have tried it without a Pilot and in a few cases they have made it but most of those that have tried it on their own have ended up being the ones that the locals talk about .. if they are lucky they end up back at Spanish Wells Boat Yard for repairs ..
 - we suggested that since we have experienced the Devils Backbone once before that Ole Hat should Pilot SEA BUFF and that we will follow .. I have our route for today laid out on my Chart Plotter .. ie 10.8 miles and 27 Waypoints ( for reference only ) .. Ole Pot will guide using 'visual' only and will not use any Waypoints ..
- once SEA BUFF pulled out of their Slip ( 08:15 am ) Ole Pot pulled up behind them and tied off his Skiff and we pulled in right behind them .. we had a great cruise thru the Devils Backbone and were were docked at the Valentines Marina by 09:45 am .. the Harbormaster helped us get hooked up and said that the cost of the water is $20.00 per day whether we use it or not so we hooked up our Waterlines for the first time in weeks ..
- right after we were docked Autumn TRIED to jump on the Dock and took a plunge into the Marina Harbour .. the Harbormaster ( Marcus ) and I fished her out .. we wrapped a towel around her and she was motionless in Betty's arms for a long time ..
- also right after we were docked I saw the Captain of OVERDRAFT from Fort Myers .. he said that he has been here since April and that his owner will be leaving at 01:30 pm and that he will be pulling out with the Boat at about 02:30 pm ..
- we checked in at the Marina Office and got a Golf Cart .. I took Betty to the Harbor Islands Community Center to set up a time to get her blood tested and I went to the local Barber Shop .. I got a 'buzz' that only a mother would like .. UFFFFDA !! .. but it will grow back someday ..
- Bob and Gayle spent part of the afternoon enjoying the Pool ..
- we did a Golf Cart Island tour with Bob and Gayle .. after having a drink at the Harbor Island Marina Bar we headed out and we came across a construction project where they were mixing concrete onsite .. we ended up at the topless section of the Pink Sand Beach where we saw the Wild Horses on the Beach and yes 'no tan lines' Gals .. ( after a closer look there were slight tan lines ) ..
- later we ended up taking the Golf Cart to a very 'local' restaurant Avery's where we enjoyed 'local' food .. on our way back to the Marina we stopped to take in part of the Independence Day Celebration .. when we made it back to the Marina we checked out the Mega Yacht that docked directly in front of DEE LIGHT when we were out .. DEE LIGHT is just the right size to be a Tender on the Mega Yacht .. they were having Cocktails on the Lower Aft Deck ..
Spanish Wells Yacht Haven - Eleuthera
Autumn on the Beach
Crab Claw Dinner
Sunday July 08th - a day to enjoy and explore Spanish Wells ..
- Spanish Wells Yacht Haven has a new owner .. their Boat ( 80 foot Ferretti ) is in the Tie-Along Slip right next to DEE LIGHT .. they are Bahamans from Nassau .. they also own the Marina next to The Poop Deck in Nassau ..
- Betty took Autumn and myself on a long early morning Golf Cart ride to the Beaches, the City, a section of the Island just across from the Marina and the Warf area .. on Sundays nothing is open at all as this is a very religious community .. I was able to use the Marina's phone to call the Valentines Marina at Harbour Island, Eleuthera to confirm that we will be arriving there tomorrow morning ..
- it was a clean up day for Gayle and Bob .. they had SEA BUFF's exterior  cleaned yesterday so today they cleaned the interior ..
- when I turned in the Key to the Golf Cart all of the locals in the Marina Office were watching Bahaman TV coverage of the Bahamas Independence Day Ceremonies ..
- at about 06:00 pm Gayle and Bob joined us on DEE LIGHT for a Crab Claws dinner .. yesterday Ole Pot brought us five pounds of Crab Claws and tonight we had a feast .. Crab Claws, Tossed Salad, Pasta Salad, Beer Muffins etc .. most deelightful !! .. and another great Sunset in the Bahamas !! ..
Cape Eleuthera
to Spanish Wells
SEA BUFF - The Current Cut
The Current Cut
SEA BUFF - The Current Cut
'photo walk' on the Warf
Gayle, Bob and the Girls
Saturday July 07th - (( 07-07-07 )) .. we will be traveling from Cape Eleuthera to Spanish Wells thru The Current Cut ..
- we left the Marina at about 07:45 am .. a large Freighter was heading right at us as we pulled out of the Marina .. he was headed to Powel Point ( part of the Marina ) with supplies .. the first 10 plus miles was 'dicey' navigation as we had Coral Heads on both of our sides .. once we made it to more open waters we had an 11 knot wind from our Aft making for a very deelightful crossing to The Cut ..
- last night Gayle made a Crunchy Creamy Coconut Pie out of the Coconut that Bob and I harvested .. I had part of it when we were in route and it was a deelight ..
- we made it thru The Current Cut at about 11:00 am .. The Current Cut is a narrow unmarked waterway between two Islands .. by going thru The Current Cut we save many miles of open water travel around the end if an Island .. as we approached The Current Cut we had 4 foot Rollers on our Stern plus Whitecaps from our Starboard Side and once we were at The Current Cut we had a STRONG CURRENT coming right at us .. it was dicey but we made it by staying right on our predetermined course .. once thru The Cut we had 6 inchers that soon became 3 footers ..
- we ran our Water Maker for the entire trip again today .. the Inlet at Spanish Wells is marked but once you are in the Inter Harbour Channel you must use visual navigation as almost nothing is marked at all .. the Spanish Wells Yacht Haven Harbormaster and an assistant met us at the Dock and helped us in with the WINDS at our Starboard Side .. we had both Boats docked by 12:15 pm ..
- after checking in at the Marina Office we rented a Golf Cart and headed out for the local Internet Shop .. there is only one location in Spanish Wells where you can get on the Internet and it is not open on Sunday so this was our one chance to get on-line for a few minutes .. they charged $10.00 per hour even if you were only on-line for a few minutes .. from the Internet Cafe we went to the Dive Shop ( Bob broke a strap on one of his Flippers ) .. when the others went to the Grocery Store I took a 'photo walk' on the Warf .. this weekend is the Bahamas Independence Day celebration much like our Fourth of July so there was more going on in the town than a normal Saturday .. along the Warf I went to where we bought Fuel the last time that we were here and am I glad that we filled up at Cape Eleuthera .. the cost of Diesel here is $3.91 !! .. much of the Spanish Wells economy revolves around the Fishing Industry and as you walk the Warf it is evident .. when the first of August comes the Fishing Boats head out and the community is dead ..
- we lined up a Pilot Captain ( Ole Pot ) to guide us thru The Devils Backbone on Monday .. later he dropped of Bread and Johnny Cakes that were baked by his wife .. later he dropped off five pounds of Crab Claws ..
- later we had dinner at the Anchor Snack Bar that is right on the Warf .. and did we EAT !! .. including my Ice Cream .. they had a HUGH bowl of Ice Cream for only $4.50 .. and yes I ate it all .. after dinner Bob gave us a road tour of Spanish Wells and wouldn't you know we came across a Soft Serve Ice Cream business that was set up in a persons drive way .. and yes we went away with a container of Soft Serve for the Boat ..
Cape Eleuthera Marina
Rock Sound, Eleuthera
Sammy's Place
Sammy's Place
Friday July 06th - we will be spending the day exploring the Rock Sound, Eleuthera area ..
- the Cape Eleuthera Marina just reopened on May 15th .. it was shut down for a couple of years, changed ownership and has gone thru an extensive remodeling project that is still going on ..
- yesterday when docking I noted that I had a linkage problem with the Throttle Control on the Port Engine .. this morning I worked on the linkage problem and we headed to the Fuel Dock for Fuel .. this was our first Fuel since Nassau ..
- at about 11:30 am ( Bahaman time ) Kenny from the Cape Eleuthera Development Company took us into town ( Rock Sound ) .. Kelly was heading into town to get some supplies ( Beer ) for a local celebration that will be held this weekend .. it is about 25 miles to town from the Marina and she gave a verbal tour all the way .. she said that a son of one of the Amway founders bought the Cape Eleuthera Marina ( 5,000 acres ) and is the monies behind all of the reconstruction that is going on at the Marina ..
- the Summer Camp on the Island of Eleuthera is run by the Bahaman Police Department .. ie Police Summer Camp .. it is for all of the kids on the Island but there are mostly boys that are sent to the Camp .. not a bad idea at all ..
- Kenny took us to the Sammy's Place for lunch and what a lunch it was .. in addition to everything else Bob had Sheep's Tongue .. on our way out of town we were able to stop at a 'Strip Mall' for some supplies ..
- once back to the Marina Betty and Gayle headed to the Beach and I got things ready to head out in the morning .. after they returned I helped Bob take SEA BUFF to the Fuel Dock ..
New Bight to Cape Eleuthera
Betty in route to Eleuthera
Cape Eleuthera Marina
Dinner at Barracjdas
Thursday July 05th - we will be traveling from the Hook at New Bright to Cape Eleuthera Marina
- as we watching the sunrise there was a light rain at the same time .. after we took the 'Girls' to Shore for their morning walk we then hoisted up the Dinghies and headed out of The Bight for Eleuthera at about 07:50 am .. we started with 2 to 3 foot Seas .. the Seas built as we headed Northwest and when we were at the South end of Eleuthera the Seas were 4 to 6 foot and were real 'squirrelly' and bumpy .. just before we made it to the Marina Entrance we had a large Boat ( 112 foot Westport - HIDE OUT ) approach the Entrance from the West at the same time .. we entered the Marina first in 2 to 3 foot Seas .. both Boats were docked by 12:30 pm .. just after getting docked a local boy asked us if we wanted to have DEE LIGHT cleaned .. he was the same boy that cleaned DEE LIGHT two years ago when we were at Davis Marina just South of Cape Eleuthera .. we both recognized each other ..
- the General Manager Stephen ( former GM at Hurricane Hole at Nassau ) drove around to our Boats and welcomed us .. he and his wife live in a home that overlooks the Marina Entrance .. he filled us in on the development of the Marina ( the Marina opened up on May 15th 2007 ) ..
- we must be back to civilization we have WI-FI Internet and Direct TV for the first time in days ..
- we checked out the Marina Grounds by Bike and foot and decided to have dinner later at the Barracjdas Restaurant ( with a view to die for ) that overlooks the Seas to the Southwest ..
- once back at the Boats Bob and I harvested a Coconut that Betty found and Gayle gave all the Girls Bike Rides ..
- once we made it to WI-FI land I checked my E-mail and I heard from Sharon, Bob and Laurel .. they said that after making it to the Miami Beach Marina they were able to lick their wounds and this morning they headed out for Key West Florida before heading back to Fort Myers ..
on the Hook - New Bight
Cat Island, Bahamas
Betty with Water Jet
Gayle with Starfish
Wednesday July 04th  - we are enjoying our peaceful time here on the Hook so we decided to spend another night ..
- we watched to sun come up over Cat Island and could hear the Rosters in the distance .. then we launched our Wal-Mart Floats and made our way over to SEA BUFF and provided them with a wake up rap on the Hull of their Boat .. once we got them up they took the three Girls into Shore for their morning trip ..
since we decided to spend another night on the Hook I had to contact the Cape Eleuthera Marina to let them know that we would not be making it there today .. since we do not have any WI-FI on the Hook I had to call by Land Line .. it took two Dinghy trips to Shore to contact the Marina .. on the second trip the skies opened up and really dumped on me .. I walked in the rain to the BaTelCo to place the call to the Marina .. once I reached the Cape Eleuthera Marina they said 'no problem' and we will plan to see ya tomorrow .. the overseas phone call cost $1.20 ..
- when Betty and Gayle were on the Water Jets a Dolphin came thru The Bight to check them out .. after they were done with the Water Jets Bob took them out for Dinghy Drifting for the balance of the afternoon ..
- I spent some time checking out our Generator, Strainers, Oil levels etc ..
- I took the Dinghy in to the brightly colored Restaurant along the Shoreline .. the Cook came to the Waterside Door and said that she could do Conch, Beans and Rice dinner for four at 07:00 pm and that she would not use any pepper .. we decided to pass and instead we had a great dinner on our Boats ..
Hawk's Nest to New Bight
The Hermitage
The Hermitage
The Hermitage
Spectacular Sunset
Tuesday July 03rd - we will be traveling from Hawk's Nest to an anchorage called the New Bight ..
- at about 07:30 am we headed over to The Club for an Omelet .. to get to The Club you take a Bike out of the Marina, to the Islands Airstrip, then down or up the Airstrip to the Airstrip Support Buildings, then hang a left to the other side of the Island .. we had breakfast with Gayle and Boob .. over breakfast we decided to head out to the New Bight today to spend the night on the Hook .. we were both on the Hook by 01:30 pm just off Shore from the Village of New Bright ( 157 people ) .. the water in the Marina Basin at Hawk's Nest was 'milky' so we did not run our Water Maker when we were there but once we were on the Hook I turned our Water Maker on ..
- we launched the two Dinghies and took the Dogs to Shore .. in the travel ( old ) information they said that you could tie off your Dinghy on the Government Dock .. well the stone Dock has weathered and now is the local fish cleaning spot .. after talking with some locals we ended up at the Blue Bird for a drink and to place our dinner orders for later ..
- Betty and I headed our for The Hermitage ( the retirement home of Revered Father Jerome - born in England 1876 ) .. we did not get 100 feet from the front door of the Blue Bird and the brother of the owner of the Blue Bird picked us up and drove us up the Hill as far as the Road went .. from there it was a long very rough and rugged walk and climbed up to The Hermitage .. once there we were at the highest point on Cat Island ( 260 feet above our Dinghies ) .. the view was great both to the East and to the West .. and it was most interesting to explore the interior of the Hermitage .. Father Jerome did an interim elsewhere as a wagon train driver, a monk, a missionary and as a horse breeder .. he became a Catholic Priest and returned to the Bahamas to build Catholic Churches and the St Augustine Monastery in Nassau .. he first came to New Bright in 1937 to build his retirement home .. there was a Guest Book in his home that we signed ..
- shortly after we returned to the Boats a Sailboat joined us at our Anchorage ..
- later we picked up Bob and Gayle with our Dinghy and went to the Blue Bird for a delightful but SPICY !!!! dinner .. UFFFDA !!! and they did not even have any Ice Cream to temper it at all .. three sisters own and operate the Blue Bird .. they had us sign their Guest Book also .. on our return trip to the Boats the sunset was spectacular ..
- we watched the Heat Lightning dancing in the skies over Mount Alvernla before we headed in for the night ..
Three Captains
Injury Report
Bob - Sprained Ankle
Bob and Laurel
42 foot Sea Ray
Tony - Terrible Rash
Tony and Rose
45 foot Sea Ray
Bill - Sprained Wrist
Bill and Sharon
53 foot Ferretti
- below is an E-mail that I received this morning from Sharon ( LADY SHARON ) ..
Hi Marv:
What a day!  You may have gotten all this info already, but if so, here is another perspective. 
 Tony has a terrible rash all over his face, arms and legs.  We don't know how or where he got it but it looks like poison ivy.  He may have gotten it when he hiked Highborne or from some Mango Cheesecake (mango is related to poison ivy and he is very alergic.)  He is a mess and very uncomfortable.  This morning Bob fell and sprained his ankle.  He is in a cast.  Both of them went to the nurse practitioner on Cat Cay.  Tony got a shot of Benidril.  We had to get Bob up to his bridge on crutches.  Tony was in more discomfort in the sun and we tried to get him to stay in his boat (but, would you believe; he did not listen) while we got Bob ready to cast off.  Finally, at about 11:00 when we were about to leave and Bill and I were getting our boat untied, Bill fell and sprained his wrist!  Unbelieable.  So, we had three damaged captains and three first mates with  added nursing duties.
The seas were flat, the skies clear and a gentle breeze blowing.  There was a storn approaching Miami but it was about two hours out when we were only about 20 miles out.  So we were confident that we were home free with very flat seas.  Oh, but wait.  "What is that big white boat with a red stripe off our port bow?  Oh, it is the CG!.  Bill, they seem to be turning;  in our direction!  Bill, turn to chanel 16 in case they want to hail us."  Sure enough, they are hailing us and they are asking us who, what, where, etc.  And they want to board us!  So, they did.  The other boats stop up ahead of us.  It takes them 20 minutes to get on board and that storm is still moving and we are not.  I  hear one of their guys say they are going to board the next vessel up ahead (Hawkshaw).  They spend about an hour on our boat inspecting, questioning and being very polite.  Good news is that we got the "good as gold" document and  were in full compliance without any drugs or illigals on board.  More good news, they decide that we were so squeaky clean that they weren't going to inspect our traveling companions' boats.  Bad news is that storm did not slow down.  So we keep going for a few minutes and the storm beats us to the port and we had to sit still about two miles off shore.  Lightning was hitting all around us, it was raining so hard we could not see more than twenty feet in front of us and we were very uncomfortable to say the least.  Thank goodness, the seas were still very flat and the wind was not bad at all.  I just had visions of getting fried by that lightning.  Bill got two life jackets out and we sat it out in the lower helm.  We couldn't see the other boats and we all turned off our radios beause the lightning was so close.   Finally the storm passed and we found the other two boats.  Tony was way off to our port and very close to a huge freighter that couldn't have been visible in the storm.  Bob was way off to our starboard.  We turned our radios on and followed Tony in. 
If we had not been stopped by the CG and/or if we were not delayed in the clinic, we would have been in the marina long before the storm hit.  But, that was not meant to be.
Can you believe that we went all that way and on our last day in the Bahamas all three captains were disabled?  We can now laugh at it. 
Just a side note, Rainbow had here little doctor's visit and it went very well and took only a few minutes.  The doctor was here before we finished tying up and gone before our water was in our tank.  Also, the LBO was very simple and we don't have to do it again in Ft. Myers.
The boys were so exhausted, that after a very late lunch or early dinner, they all went to sleep and the girls took a bus ride to south beach and I got an ice cream cone, Rose bought a blouse and Laurel didn't get anything.  We took the bus back to the boats at 7:30 and we all stayed in for the night. 
Now, that's some log, eh?
Hawk's Nest Marina
Cat Island, Bahamas
HUGH King Crab
Gayle with Sea Treasures
Monday July 02nd - we will be exploring the area ..
- for the Pleasure Boater there are not a lot of amentias at Hawk's Nest .. no Cable TV, no Direct TV ( we are outside their range ), no WI-FI ( except at The Club ), no green areas ( just gravel ) etc but it is a Fisherman's 'deelight' ..
- yesterday we took the Dinghies to the West and East of the Marina so today we took the Dinghies up the River / Creek that the Marina is located on and then we took the Dinghies to the East and North of the Marina .. we found a number of Coral Heads and a number of Beaches .. at our first Beach area Betty spotted two LARGE King Crabs .. the body was about the size of a large Grapefruit and it had an overall span of about two foot .. we did much snorkeling and added to our Sea Treasure collections .. Betty put her RPYC Hat on one of the Crabs to show the size of it .. Bob used his hand to also display the size of the Crab but was quick to pull his hand away when he was reminded of his bloody Iguana encounter ..we also came across a Sea Alter that someone set up along one of the Beach areas .. it was a great place to take a break in the shade .. Betty also found a vintage Clorox brown bottle ..
- once back to the Marina we cleaned up and headed to The Club for a drink and to hook up to the Internet .. my son Jon is on his way to Chub and he sent me an E-mail from the Miami Beach Marina .. he said that 'the three Boats are now there' .. we also got an E-mail from Jim and Kim saying that they have had a change in plans and will not be joining up with us here at Hawk's Nest .. when we headed back to the Boats for dinner we saw that the Fishermen were cleaning the catch of the day in the Fish Cleaning Building ..
Emerald Bay to Hawk's Nest
Crossing to Cat Island
Hawk's Nest - Cat Island
Sunday July 01st - we will be traveling from Emerald Bay to Hawk's Nest on Cat Island, Bahamas  today ..
- it was about 08:00 am when we pulled out of the Marina to smooth Seas .. and within minutes we were in over 5,000 feet of water .. and not one Crab Pot .. we made water while underway .. we arrived at the Hawk's Nest Inlet at mid Tide and we had good water all the way in .. the Inlet is narrow but well marked ( three large Red Channel Markers ) .. by 10:45 am we were both tied off for the day ..
- after we were settled in we launched the Dinghies and took off to explore and check out the Nude Beaches just out from the Marina .. we ended up going about 10 miles from the Marina stopping and exploring at a number of spots .. there are just miles and miles of beautiful Beaches to explore .. Beaches and Sea Life that is untouched .. on our return trip a HUGE Fish totally come out of the water between our Dinghies ..
- Hawk's Nest is a Fisherman's 'deelight' .. they are the hosts of some of the largest Fishing Tournaments in the Bahamas .. in the late afternoon the all the Fishing Boats that were out for the day came in and filled almost all the Slips .. near the end of our Dock area is an air conditioned Fish Cleaning Building .. 
- the Marina Office ( The Club ) is located remote from the Marina Harbour .. but there are a fleet of Bicycles that can be used for transportation around the Marina Grounds .. the only place for WI-FI is at The Club .. and that is where their Restaurant is located also .. for dinner they only offer one selection and tonight it is Hot Dogs and Hamburgers at $25.00 per person .. last night one of the Fishing Boats caught a large Wahoo and grilled it for everyone at the Marina .. we are just a day late .. we decided to have dinner aboard SEA BUFF and what a great dinner it was !! .. Pinwheel Steaks and we even had Ice Cream for desert ..
Emerald Bay Marina
Emerald Bay
Helmet Conch
Cleaning the Helmet Conch
Gayle's Sea Alter
Saturday June 30th - this will be our last day at Emerald Bay ..
- note from Bob and Loral when they were at Highborne Bahamas ..
- the rains that came thru this area and then headed to Florida came back this morning .. I took LIL DEE ( our Dinghy ) out only to get caught in a good downpour .. a good day to use our Skype to make a few calls and change out our Fuel Filters ..
- yesterday when we were Snorkeling Betty and Gayle both found some Helmet Conch so today it was Helmet Conch cleaning day .. the meat from the Helmet Conch is poisonous so we did not save it for Tony
- below are notes from LADY SHARON and HAWKSHAW written after they made it to Chub Bahamas ..
We arrived at Chub.  The water was so smooth, I gave myself a pedicure while on the fly bridge.  It is beautiful here.  We miss you folks.  Say "Hi" to Betty.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Marv and Betty
We made it to Chub after fueling up at Nassau.  The ride was about as smooth as you could ask for..plus we dodged the rain.  The Club at Chub is beautiful and everyone did some pool/drinks time.  The bar is built into the pool how convenient
We had dinner at their restaurant and headed back to the marina to see a beautiful full moon rise over our boats.  Its too bad we missed your son, it would be nice to get the experienced point of view about this place.
Hopefully this weather will continue.
Bob and Lor
- after getting everything ready to head out in the morning we took the Marina Shuttle to the Four Seasons for dinner and one last trip to the Casino ..
Emerald Bay Marina
Betty blowing her Conch Horn
Friday June 29th - the winds have died down and the Seas have laid down so HAWKSHAW, SCINTILLATOR and LADY SHARON will be heading back this morning ..
- the sun came out for the first time in days and it was a great day to start their trip back ..by 07:30 am with Betty blowing her Conch Horn all three Boats had cleared the Marina Harbour and were underway .. they reported that they had 2 foot rollers ..
- there is an Air Strip on the top of the Marinas Break Wall that an Alter Light Airplane landed on and took some people for rides ..
- with the winds down we launched our Dinghies and headed out in search of treasures .. after weaving our way thru the Coral Heads we made our way to a Beach only to find that the Surf was going to do a number on our Dinghies so we regrouped and headed out for a second Beach that was protected a little .. and we found treasures including the Conch that Tony was looking for .. it was a great Dinghy outing ..
- shortly after we got back from our outing Betty said that two Governmental Officials stopped by looking for Illegal Aliens .. she told them that Tony left this morning and that he was heading North ..
- we ended up having Docktails / Dinner at the Wahoo Bar ..
Emerald Bay Marina
Farwell Dinner
Flowers at Four Seasons
Thursday June 28th - another day to watch the weather and enjoy Emerald Bay .. and a good day to do planning for our next number of days in the Bahamas ..
- a few larger Boats headed out of the Marina this morning .. it was interesting to watch as they hooked up their Tenders / Dinghies as they headed out .. once out of the protected Harbour area they really bounced .. the topic at the Boaters Lounge and around the Marina is the weather .. it is most interesting to listen to the seasoned Captains and other Boaters talk about the Seas, Wave Heights, etc ..
- all of us ended up having lunch together at the Marina's Wahoo's Restaurant .. weather permitting the three RPYC Boats are going to head out in the morning ..
- we all headed to the Grand Isle Resort Pool area for Docktails and then had our Farwell Dinner at the Four Seasons Restaurant ..
- Sharon ( LADY SHARON ) - It has been an amazing trip.  I am so sad to have to turn around and go home.  Marv has been an excellent cruise leader and Betty was a great social director.  We could not have asked for better ones.  It has been a journey to remember for the rest of our lives.  Thank you Marv and Betty.