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The first leg of the Royal Palm Yacht Club Bahamas 2007 Cruise
was from Fort Myers, Florida to Emerald Bay, Bahamas
The second leg of the Royal Palm Yacht Club Bahamas 2007 Cruise
was from Emerald Bay, Bahamas to Harbour Island, Eleuthera
Below is the log of the Third Leg of our Bahamas 2007 Cruise
Marv and Betty
60 foot Viking
Bob and Gayle
53 foot Navigator
Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2007- Log  E
Harbour Island, Eleuthera to West Palm Beach Florida
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 Palm Harbor Marina - West Palm Beach FL
Saturday August 04th  - NOTE - this is the end of Log D .. to continue click here for Log F ..
 Palm Harbor Marina - West Palm Beach FL
Betty's son Danny and family
Friday August 03rd  - we will be spending the day getting a few things done around DEE LIGHT Betty's Danny and his family will be stopping by ..
- a Diver came to check out the bottom of SEA BUFF and I had him remove the Bathtub Ring around DEE LIGHT .. Bob and Gayle got a Car for the weekend ( $20.00 per day ) .. Bob and I took a trip to West Marine for a few supplies and Betty did some shopping near the Marina .. in the afternoon Betty' daughter-in-law Shelly, and part of her family met up with Betty at the City Center .. Bob and I found a local Boat detailer ( Yacht Detail ) to clean our salt encrusted Boats ..  Gayle and Bob brought the three Girls ( our three Dogs ) to the Beauty Parlor and did they need it .. well Autumn had other thoughts .. she gave the personal at the Beauty Parlor such a piece of her mind that she came back to DEE LIGHT just as she left ..
- we had dinner with Betty's son Danny and his family at ER Bradley's just a short walk from the Marina ..
 West End to West Palm Beach Florida
Sunrise at West End
 US Coast Guard Cutter
US Coast Guard Boarding
Bridge Collapse Minneapolis
Thursday August 02nd  - once again we will be trying to do the Crossing to Florida ..
- when I first got up to check on the weather their was a light rain shower moving thru .. we headed out of the Marina at 06:15 am right into 6 foot plus Rollers and 3 foot Waves .. we watched SEA BUFF 'bobbing' for a short time and decided to head back to the Marina .. we pulled up to the Fuel Dock and once it opened up ( after the sunrise )  we both took on ballast ( Fuel ) .. neither of us needed additional Fuel for the Crossing but we put an additional 100 gallons into each of our two Forward Fuel Tanks to help hold the Bow down .. when we were at the Fuel Dock we talked with another Boater ( TOO BAD SO SAD ) that wanted to make the Crossing today also .. and they had 8 teenagers aboard .. much like us they were really checking out the Seas .. we headed out again at about 08:18  am into the same Seas .. UFFFDA !! .. it was bumpy for about 10 miles then the Rollers settled down and we had a very comfortable ride until two US Coast Guard Cutter and it Interceptor Boat cut us off .. they did not contact us ahead by Marine Radio they just headed for our Bow .. they said that they wanted the element of surprise .. well they got our attention quickly .. we slowed down and they said that they were going to do an At Sea Boarding since it has been many Months since our last boarding .. they went thru all of our paper work and once they were done they headed to SEA BUFF to do a boarding with them also .. as I did the paperwork with two of the Guys Betty had an interesting conversation with the others as she took them thru DEE LIGHT ... they did check all the normal stuff ie Flares, Fire Extinguishers etc but what they were really looking for Illegals and Drugs .. daily they encounter people being smuggled in via the Bahamas from Cuba, South America etc .. they really searched every Storage Area and even went thru the Engine Room .. the location of our boarding's was at about half the distance from the West End to Lake Worth Inlet .. both Gayle and Betty said that any of the US Coast Guard Guys could qualify as their Poster Guys anytime .. it was about 11:15 am before we were on our way again .. DEE LIGHT has been boarded at Sea a number of times but never by a unit as courteous and professional as this unit .. after our encounter the Seas were a lot flatter so we were able to cruise a little faster ..
- we spent much of the day watching the TV coverage of the I-35 Bridge Collapse that took place in Minneapolis yesterday ( August 01st at 06:09 pm - Rush Hour ) .. I have traveled over that Bridge countless times and under the Bridge by Boat a number of times ..
- as we got closer to Florida we did have a number of Ships to dodge as we got closer to the Inlet .. when we were about 5 miles from the Inlet our Cell Phones were working for the first time since we left for the Bahamas .. the first call that I made was to the US Customs and Border Protection Office .. I gave them our Local Boaters Option Numbers that we got before we headed to the Bahamas and within 2 minutes we had cleared Customs ..  once we made it to the ICW we called ahead to the Flagler Memorial Bridge and set up an opening for 01:15 pm .. once thru the Bridge we were within sight of the Marina and we had both Boats docked by 01:30 pm ..
- after checking in at the Marinas Office we cleaned up and headed into the City Center .. we ended up having dinner at The Cheesecake Factory .. it was great but no Beans and Rice on the Menu .. ?? ..
 Lucaya to West End
Wave Heights - 'click' for larger
Pool - West End
Mega Yacht - West End
Wednesday August 01st  - we will be doing the Crossing back to Florida .. ( we got part way ) ..
- based on the weather forecast we changed our plans and decided to head out for Florida today ..
- after checking the weather forecast for today we headed out of the Marina at 06:15 am .. we headed out to Mixed Seas of about 3 plus feet .. the light wind and the 'wraparound' Seas from the Florida Straights were both coming from the South-Southwest .. after about only 30 to 40 minutes we sensed a Fuel Filter problem with our Starboard Engine .. I called SEA BUFF and told them that we were going to head to West End to change out our Fuel Filters etc .. we slowed down to about 12 knots and made our way up the Shoreline .. when we were within sight of the Marinas Outer Markers we saw a Sport Fishing Boat that had just left West End and had caught on fire .. they quickly dropped their anchor and a Tender was picking them up as we went by .. I had called ahead to West End when we first noted our problem and it was a good thing as when we got there they were all but full and other Boats were calling for dockage also .. we were both docked by 09:00 am ..
- once we got settled in I headed to the Engine Room .. I replaced the Racor Fuel Filters and I also cleaned out the Racor Units .. some time ago I had given some Filters to one of our other RPYC Boaters so today I used my last set of Racor Filters .. I also changed the Final Fuel Filters .. I got done about 02:00 pm ..
- after Betty got us checked in at the Marina Office she tried to take a Bus into Freeport for the day but the schedule times for today were changed so she ended up at the Pool .. I joined her at the Pool and Bob and Gayle also made it to the Pool for part of the afternoon ..
- the four of us had dinner at the Marinas Restaurant and hit the sack early so we will be ready again in the morning ..
 Grand Bahamas Yacht Club - Lucaya
Grand Lucaya Waterway
Grand Lucaya Waterway
Grand Lucaya Waterway
Tuesday July 31st  -  weather permitting we will be exploring the Grand Lucaya Waterway by Dinghy ..
- we are again watching the Buoy Weather for our upcoming crossing back to Florida .. I have updated our old Bimini Buoy ( Bimini Buoy ) and added a new Virtual Buoy about half way between West End and West Palm ( West Palm Buoy ) .. I will update these two links until we make our crossing .. it appears that the weather ( Storm Cell ) in the Gulf is affecting our Seas ..below is the 'Key' for the Wave Heights Chart to the left ..
- at 09:00 one of the Guys from the Marina cleaned DEE LIGHT and SEA BUFF as they both needed it 
- about 10:00 we took the two Dinghies and headed to the Grand Lucaya Waterway .. we had a ROUGH 11 mile Dinghy Cruise ( 2 to 2 1/2 footers )  to the Waterways Inlet but when we did make it the Waterway was all but flat .. we scooted right up the Waterway to the North end .. we checked the depth at the critical area and found that we had about 5.2 feet of water when the Tide was down about 1 foot .. thus DEE LIGHT with a 5 foot draft would really have to do it at High Tide only .. the Upper Inlet was very well marked .. all of the Pylons seam to be new .. we took our time heading back down the Waterway .. most of the Shore Line looks much like Cape Coral would after a direct Nuclear Attract ,,  once we got to open waters again it was VERY ROUGH ( 2 to 3 footers ) as we were heading right into the wind .. about half way back there is a short section of Bahamas ICW that we took for the last few miles of our Dinghy Cruise .. once back we hoisted our Tenders back onto our Boats and cleaned up as we were all 'salt encrusted' ..
- when we got back we looked at the weather once again and decided that it would be best to head out early in the morning instead of later in the week .. SEA BUFF had to fuel up before heading out so when they got their Dinghy back onboard they headed to the Fuel Dock .. the cost of Diesel Fuel is $3.73 and that is one of the lowest prices that we have seen in some time .. Gayle made reservations for us at the Palm Harbor Marina and found that the Fuel cost there is $3.15 ..
- we turned in our Bahamas Immigration Forms at the Marina Office ..
- after SEA BUFF got re-docked and cleaned up a little we all took the Marinas Water Ferry to the Downtown Dock for dinner .. we ended up having an elegant last Bahamas dinner at Lucianos Restaurant .. when we returned to the Boats the 'Girl' decided that they would like to do one last Bahamas Slumber Party so they all spent the night aboard SEA BUFF ..
 West End
to Lucaya
Freeport Tide Chart
'click' on it for larger size
Mega Yachts at West End
Port of Lucaya Lighthouse
Monday July 30th  - we will be cruising from the West End to Grand Bahamas Yacht Club at Lucaya ..
- the Tide Table to the left is the one that we were going to use for our passage thru the Great Lacayan Waterway to Lucaya .. that will be an experience that we will have to save for another trip ..
- before heading out for Lucaya we filled our Water Tanks with Lucaya water as it is a flat rate for water at the Old Bahama Marina .. Bob, Gayle and I had breakfast at the Marinas Restaurant directly behind our Slips before we headed out ..
- we left West End at about 10:15 am .. we had Mixed Seas all the way to Lucaya with 2 foot Seas from one direction and 2 to 3 foot Rollers from another direction .. there were a number of large Freighters hanging around the Freeport area and at least two large Cruise Ships in the Freeport Harbour .. and we passed a Tugboat pulling a cargo of rock .. as we were approaching the Lucaya area there was a lot of water activity going on and out of the blue a Tender came racing out in front of us .. he slowed down and waved his arms .. we cut our Throttles and when we looked ahead to where the Tender was there were 5 or 6 people Snorkeling dead in front of us .. how they got there is still a question .. I tried to contact the Tender by Marine Radio but was not successful at all .. that could have been really ugly .. by 12:45 pm both SEA BUFF and DEE LIGHT were once again safely secured to the Dock and just in time as an early afternoon Thunderhead moved right in to clean the salt off our Boats .. and Autumn got another Bahamas bath also ..
- at 03:30 pm we took the Marinas Water Taxi into Lucaya .. we just walked around, did some shopping, checked out to Beach and Pools, walked the Docks at the other Marinas and ended up having Bar Food at Rum Runners where we spotted a Green Bay Packer 'Titletown USA' Pennant and a Indianapolis Colts Car Flag .. .. and yes we did make two trips to Andy's Ice Cream Parlor .. Lucaya is very much a 'Play Grounds' for Cruise Ships and vacationers ..
 Spanish Cay to
Mangrove Cay to West End
Center of the World Rock
at West End
Dinner Aboard DEE LIGHT
Sunday July 29th  - we will be cruising from Spanish Cay to an Anchorage at Mangrove Cay ..
- at 05:00 am I could hear a Thunderstorm rumbling its way thru and so could Autumn .. she does not like Thunder or Lightning at all ..
- after checking out at the Marina Office and taking the Girls to Shore one last time we ( DEE LIGHT ) left the Slip at 08:45 am .. just as we were pulling out Betty heard a loud scream from the Boat next to us in the Marina .. their 90 pound Dog fell in .. Gayle and Bob helped the owner of the Dog get to Dog out of the water before they headed out .. UFFFDA !! what a start to the day .. on our way we passed a 'rock' called the Center of the World Rock .. we got into a lot of weather in route to Mangrove Cay .. Bob called three Boaters that we met .. they said that our weather ahead was very rough .. waterspouts etc .. we watched the weather on our Radar and got any salt off the Boats a number of times .. once we made it to Mangrove Cay the weather was looking as bad as it had all day .. our winds were from every direction but up .. and our Seas were from 1 to 3 feet .. after taking a good look at our wide open Anchorage we decided to head to West End so off we went .. I put a Route into my Computer as we traveled along and conveyed what information I could to SEA BUFF .. when we were within Marine Radio range I called ahead and arranged for dockage for the two of us ..
- we were docked at the Old Bahama Bay Marina by 03:30 pm right in front of the Marinas Restaurant .. we were disappointed as we were looking forward to spending the night on the Hook and going thru the Great Lacayan Waterway to Lucaya but looking back we feel that we made the right decision ..
- when we docked the Boats the Harbour Master told us that the Pool was closed but Betty and I took a walk to the Pool Bar we found that it had just reopened .. on our way to the Pool we spotted a Boat at the end of our Dock from White Bear Lake Minnesota .. once at the Pool / Beach Bar we had a drink and enjoyed the viewssss .. - we were going to be at Mangrove Cay we were going to have Bahamas Fish that Gayle got when we were back at Abaco Boat Harbour at Marsh Harbour but instead we had our Bahamas Fish aboard DEE LIGHT at West End .. and what a deelightful dinner it was ..
Green Turtle Bay to Spanish Cay
heading to Spanish Cay
Gayle cleaning Sea Treasures
Spanish Cay Sunset
Saturday July 28th  - we will be cruising from the Green Turtle Club to Spanish Cay ..
- last night we had a good Thunderstorm but by morning we got up to overcast skies and a very light rain .. before we headed out SEA BUFF relocated to the Fuel Dock and we hoisted our Dinghy aboard DEE LIGHT .. the Fuel Dock did not wake up until 08:00 am ..
- with the sun shining we headed out of the Marina for Spanish Cay at about 09:00 am .. we had dead flat Seas for our short 18 mile cruise .. as we were docking the Staff at the Marina Office thought that our faded Green Bay Packer Flag was our Bahamas Customs Flag and thought that we were going to have to go to the Customs Office .. once Betty told them that it was a Packer Flag we were welcomed with open arm .. Spanish Cay is a Port of Entree for the Bahamas .. we were both docked by 10:30 am and right away both Betty and Gayle got busy with cleaning their Sea Treasures and I spent some time putting together our Routes for the next two days ....
- Betty went to the Marinas Pool and I spent some time talking with locals about the Great Lacayan Waterway .. the only 'local knowledge' that I picked up was about the Tides in the Dover Sound area .. I joined Betty at the Pool and soon Gayle and Bob came to the Pool to cool off .. later Betty and I walked the Beach looking for Sea Treasures but we returned empty handed ..
- the WI-FI System in the Marina was hit by lightning about a week ago so when I was at the Marina Office they let me use their connection ..
- we all had dinner at the Marinas Restaurant .. dinner and the sunset were GREAT .. and the Rum Cake was something else .. WOW !!!! what a punch !! ..
Green Turtle Bay Club
Sea Treasures
lunch on the Beach
Mother Nature
Royal Palm Yacht Club Burgee
Friday July 27th  - the weather today is to be just like yesterday ,, GREAT .. so we will be off with the Tenders again exploring more of the area .. 
- before we headed out for the day I went into the Marina and found a Boat Captain that has traveled thru the Great Lacayan Waterway .. he said that the upper entrance of the Waterway has been remarked and he gave me a number of pointers on how to approach the shallow area at that end .. very helpful !! ..
- we headed out with our two Tenders and with a little hunting we found one of the Mooring Balls off the Island of Manjack Cay .. Gayle and Bob dove right in and gave it a HIGH rating .. with much prodding Betty joined them and I remained on the Tender nursing my Ear .. UGH !! .. they snorkeled the Reef until they all were exhausted .. from there we tried to find another Ball only to find a Dive Boat was at it .. we went around the Island to the inside and found one of the Beach areas that we were at yesterday .. the Tide was way out so we had a lot of new area to explore .. we ended up with more Sea Biscuits and Conch  than the Tenders would hold .. about mid day we found a small Beach area and had our lunch on the Beach .. after lunch Bob and I pulled the Tenders in the water with Gayle and Betty on lines behind the Tenders .. ie they were surfing the net .. we found more Conch and came across the Dive Boat that we saw earlier .. when the Gals were surfing Gayle got STUNG by a Sea Creature that looked much like a very small Octopus .. it was hiding in a Conch shells that she had picked up to look at .. she got in the Dinghy real quick and checked out the bite and appears to be ok .. we also had a small Shark that swam by us most of the time that we were at the Beach .. it stayed about 20 to 30 feet from us .. later we did head out to one of the other Mooring Balls but on our way decided we had enough water for the day and headed back to the Marina slowly as our ballast of Sea Treasures kept our speed down ..
- we decided to have dinner at the Marinas Dining Room so I got a copy of the Menu and we all made our dinner selections .. all dinner selections have to be into the Chef by 05:00 pm .. before our dinner we had a drink in the Green Turtle Bar .. the Bar ceiling is lined with Burgees from all over the world and sure enough we spotted a Royal Palm Yacht Club Burgee hanging overhead .. at dinner Gayle said that her arm still hurt from her Sea Creature sting but that she should be ok .. our dinners were so - so but it was a great evening ..
- after dinner we spent some time getting our Waypoints and Route set for tomorrow ..
Green Turtle Bay Club
New Plymouth
Sea Biscuits
Thursday July 26th  - once we got organized the four of us took our Dinghy into New Plymouth .. the settlement of New Plymouth is located just a few miles Southeast of the Marina .. the Supply Ship arrived at the Main Pier just before we got to the Dinghy Dock .. we walked the Streets and found many Shops buzzing with the fresh supply of product .. we even found fresh made Ice Cream in one of the Shops .. after exploring the main Downtown area we took the Dinghy a short distance to a Packer Bar called Pineapples where we had lunch .. once back to the Boats we waited for a bit so the HOT part of the day would pass ..
- Bob and Gayle said that they wanted to get a few things done around SEA BUFF .. so about 03:15 pm Betty and I headed out in LIL DEE LIGHT for the Beaches again to do some shelling .. the breeze was down to almost 0 and the with the afternoon Sun it was a great afternoon .. we went to a Beach on a small Island between two Inlets that we explored when we were here in 2005 and did we find the Sea Biscuits ( the photo was taken as they look before Betty cleans them up ) .. it was hard to call it a day and head back to DEE LIGHT but by 06:30 we were back with our Tender loaded up once again ..
- the Green Turtle area has been without Gasoline for the last number of days but that changed this evening when the Fuel Tanker pulled up to the Fuel Dock .. it was interesting to watch them maneuver .. they ended up spending the night at the Marina ..
- later we had dinner aboard DEE LIGHT and watched the Garrison Keillor DVD that Gayle and Bob recorded a few days ago ..
Great Guana Cay to Green Turtle Bay
Green Turtle Club
Manjack Cay
Wednesday July 25th  - we will be cruising from Guana to Green Turtle Bay ..
- we checked out of the Marina and headed out at 08:30 am .. we had a SE breeze of 6 knots so we had a near flat Sea .. we made it thru the dreaded Whales Cay without any problems at all .. just some rollers of about 2 foot .. this is the Cut that Gene and Kathy ( FRONT PAGE ) had a rough passage a few years ago .. as an example of how calm the ride thru Whales Cay was Betty rode the Bow for most of the trip and Gayle had forgotten some Seashells on the corner of their Swim Platform and they were still there when we docked the Boats .. we were tied off at the Green Turtle Bay Club Marina by 10:15 am .. we launched our Tender before we even checked into the Marina Office ..
- by 11:30 am we were heading out of the Marina to do some snorkeling and shelling .. we went Northwest about four miles to Manjack Cay and within minutes all four of us found our first Sea Biscuits .. from Manjack Cay we went to Coconut Tree Beach and then to Nunjack Bluff etc .. we all had a great afternoon and returned to the Boats with our Tenders filled with Sea Treasures ..
- after cleaning up we took LITTLE DEE to the Bluff House Marina for dinner .. we sat at the Jolly Rogers outside bar that overlooks their Marina and the Green Turtle Bay Harbour .. there are just a few Boats at the Green Turtle Club as well at the Bluff House .. there are a few families that are traveling together but most must have headed back to the states for the start of School .. it was a delightful evening ..
Orchid Bay Marina
Great Guana Cay
Gated Beach Area
Tuesday July 24th  - weather permitting we will be exploring Gated Beach area ..
- we took the Golf Cart to the Gated area and found our snorkeling spot .. Bob went out a little farther than the rest of us and he saw a large Stingray and a lot of quality Coral .. after just a short time in the water my ear started started pounding again .. I am guessing that my snorkeling for this trip may be over .. UGH !! .. from there we went back to the Marina and took our Tenders out towards the Mooring Balls that we discovered a few day ago .. when the Thunderstorms started to head our way we turned back .. when we made it back to the Marina we fueled up both Dinghies .. we got any salt off our Boats as the Thunderstorms lasted right into the afternoon .. Betty got some laundry done and I tried to get online but the Thunderstorms must have caused the WI-FI in the Marina to go down .. the four of us went back to the Restaurant at the Marina for dinner .. and it was just as good as the first time ..
Orchid Bay Marina
Great Guana Cay
Orchid Bay
Monday July 23rd  - weather permitting we will be exploring Great Guana Cay ..
- many of the Boaters that were at Nipper's yesterday spent the night at the Marina and headed out this morning .. PASSION pulled out of the Marina at about 10:00 am .. Betty took an early morning walk and got a 'tip' on a good snorkeling and shelling Beach .. when Betty returned to DEE LIGHT we all packed up and headed out to the Beach that Betty got the hot tip on .. well it was a bummer .. no Sea Treasures at all and it was no good for snorkeling at all .. we then drove to the end of Guana Cay where Backer Bay is being developed and found a couple of Beaches there .. but again they were no good either .. we checked out a couple of more Beaches on the way back to the Boats but ended up in a dry run .. we then headed to Nipper's for lunch and to complete our Nipper's shopping .. Gayle and Bob were the 'shopping winners' as they did real good in the buying department ..
- I used our Water Maker right in the Marina as the water in the Marina is crystal clear ..
- when we returned to the Marina I was able to get a Pass to go into the Gated part of the Island .. when we were here two years ago we found a great snorkeling area in the Gated area .. we headed out with the Golf Cart and headed into the Gated area .. on the unpaved Roads we saw hundreds of small / baby Crabs .. we were able to find the same Beach area and it was as beautiful as we remembered it .. when we got back Betty worked on her prize Conch Shell and I struggled with trying to get online as this Marina does not have a good WI-FI system .. later we had dinner aboard our Boats ..
Orchid Bay Marina
Great Guana Cay
Jon and Marv
Sunday July 22nd  - we will be going to Nipper's for their Sunday Pig Roast ..
- I got up to an early morning Thunderstorm that moved thru the area it put Autumn at high alert but it was very short lived .. we rented a Golf Cart and headed to Nipper's ( http://www.nippersbar.com/ ) to check out a good spot for later today .. Nipper's is Perched high upon a forty-foot dune .. Nippers overlooks the Great Abaco Barrier Reef .. a great place for snorkeling ..
- when we were off with the Cart Jon and PASSION made it to the Marina ..
- by 11:00 am all of us were at Nipper's for their Sunday Pig Roast and we all had a great time .. we filled our tummies and from our perch our eyes had a smorgasbord .. and we tried to buy out the Gift Shop until we saw a large Freighter delivering more T-shirts .. Thunderstorms developed all around us so when we thought that there was no way of escaping a good storm we headed back to the Boats .. we got a lot of lighting, thunder, winds etc but little rain .. Autumn was happy to see us as she does NOT like thunder at all .. we did have enough wind to have a 'rental' Catamaran come louse from its Mooring Ball and slam into the end of the Marinas Dock causing a Pylon to break off while the renters were at Nipper's .. I can only imagine what they thought when they returned their Catamaran .. the Catamaran was rented from The Moorings at Marsh Harbour .. they are located at the Conch Inn Marina at Marsh Harbour .. after taking a ride on the Golf Cart only to get rained on we had dinner aboard DEE LIGHT .. once the rain set in it lasted into the night .. we cannot complain as this is the first rainy weather that we have had in many weeks ..
Treasure Cay to Orchid Bay - Great Guana Cay
at Orchid Bay
Backer Bay Development
Sea Treasure
Orchid Bay
Saturday July 21st  - we will be cruising from Treasure Cay to Orchid Bay ..
- after checking out at both the Marina Office and the Hotel Office we left the Marina at 09:00 am .. we experienced about 6 inch Seas all the way .. we were both tied off at Orchid Bay by 10:15 am and had the Dinghy in the water within minutes .. after checking in at the Harbormasters Office we took off with both of our Tenders .. we first went to a Beach near the Bakers Cay Development a few miles West of the Marina .. we had been here in 2005 so I was curious to see what has been done in the last two years .. well I took a walk once we made it to the Beach and found that very little has been done except the development of a new Marina .. the Marina had not even been started in 2005 and now they have the entire basin cut out .. I talked with two Guys with Baker Bay shirts on .. they said that they were busy working on the infrastructure .. that is just what I heard two years ago .. the other three were bust looking for Sea Treasures but there was little to find at all in this area as the development work has redefined the Beach with Bulldozers that destroyed most everything in their paths .. from there we checked out a nearby Island called Shell Island but there were few Treasures there also .. the Island was created when the Disney Development first started their work in this area and created the DEEP Ditch for their Cruise Ships.. later we headed around to the North side of the Island where we found some Diving Mooring Balls .. the waters and Sea Deelights were a real treat .. we will be returning to this area again .. by then we ( me ) had enough sun so we headed back to the Marina .. when we first arrived at the Marina this morning there were only a few Boats at the Marina but it sure filled up when were gone out on the Dinghies ..
- on our way down the Dock we talked with a Boater from Stuart Florida about his experience going thru the Great Lacayan Waterway .. he told us about how he RIPPED up one of his Props .. UGH !! .. we had dinner at the Marinas Restaurant and was it great .. when we walked in they asked if we had a reservation and we did not so we almost went back without dinner but then one of the Waiters found a table for us .. a storm moved thru the area but we hardly got a drop at all out of it ..
Weather - this has been our typical weather for the last few weeks ..
Scattered Clouds. High: 86 F. / 30 C. Wind SSW 6 mph. / 10 km/h.
Treasure Cay Marina
Treasure Cay Marina
Betty in Pool
Friday July 20th  - we will be enjoying the day at Treasure Cay ..
- we took a long Bike ride that ended up at the Spinnaker Room for breakfast .. over my Omelet we talked with three gals from Nassau .. they told us about the heritage behind the Junkanoo .. the big Junkanoo celebrations are at Christmas time and then again at the Bahamian Independence Day .. Gayle made it to the Bakery and she shared the Cinnamon Rolls that she found there .. YUMMMM !! .. we did some Route Planning .. Betty and Gayle did some shopping at a Treasure Cay Shop with 75 percent off .. after lunch we took an emergency trip to the local Treasure Cay Grocery Store for Ice Cream .. Betty and Gayle had checked it out and found that it is a well stocked Store .. we had a most successful trip as we returned with three large containers of Ice Cream ..
- there will be Powerboat Races here tomorrow so today many of the entries were testing out their Boats ..
- we spent the afternoon at the Pool .. one of the Boaters at the Pool is with a group of Boaters from Stuart Florida .. they are going to Orchid Bay and Nipper's tomorrow also .. they said that two of the Boaters that are part of their group have boated thru the Great Lacayan Waterway .. we are trying to get additional information on the Waterway so we will defiantly be talking with them ..
- we had dinner at the Spinnaker Room that is part of Treasure Cay ..
Marsh Harbour to Treasure Cay
Jon with Autumn
Treasure Cay Beach
Thursday July 19th  - we will be traveling to the Treasure Cay Marina for two nights ..
- Jon stopped over before we headed out .. Autumn sure enjoyed seeing him again ..
- after checking out we left the Marina at 09:00 am .. we had an uneventful cruise to Treasure Cay Marina .. we were all tied off by 10:45 am and had six local young Boys asking if we wanted to have our Boat cleaned .. we checked in at the Marina Office and put together our Bikes and headed to the Beach .. the Beach at Treasure Cay is a powder white sand that is just beautiful .. they have Canopies and Beach Chairs etc .. a real playground for all ages ..
- when we got to the Beach we had a quick lunch at the Coco Beach Bar and from there went directly to the Beach for the afternoon .. after time in the water and on Beach Chairs we headed back to the Boats .. on our way back we stopped at the local Ice Cream Parlor ( right next to the Bakery ) only to find out that their Ice Cream Coolers has gone bad and they were not selling any Ice Cream at all .. good thing that we still have a good stock on the Boat ..
- after cleaning up we went to the Pool Bar where they were serving Pizza for dinner so we had Pizza at the Bar .. there are many families with many smaller children thus the Pizza was a big hit ..
Abaco Boat Harbour
Marsh Harbour
Bahamas Art
Gayle and Bob after her swim
Wednesday July 18th  - this will be our last day at the Abaco Boat Harbour ..
- I have had a Sump Pump for our main Shower that has needed some attention so today was the day .. I was able to do a temporary repair but I will have to replace it when we get back to Fort Myers .. I spent part of the day setting up Routes for our next days of travel .. Bob was able to get a local Electrician to replace an Electrical Breaker that has been failing .. most likely due to the irregular power that we have been hooking up to the last number of weeks ..
- just before we were going to head out for the Jib Room for their Ribs I heard Gayle's voice .. I could not tell what she said but when I went to check it out I saw her and Roxie in the water behind their Boat .. apparently Roxie fell in between the Boat and the Dock when Gayle was taking the Girls up for a trip to Shore before we headed out .. when Gayle got on the Swim Platform to retrieve Roxie who was swimming away from the Boat Gayle's foot tripped on one of their Dock Lines causing her to fall in .. UUUFFDAAA !! .. when she fell in her foot got hung up in the Dock Line and she ended up hanging upside down in the water under the Swim Platform .. once she was able to free herself she swam to Roxie who crawled up on her back for the ride back to the Boat .. Bob and I were able to help her and Roxie out of the water .. with all her close and shoes on she was totally done in but once Gayle got out of the water she headed to the shower .. and in no time all of us were off to the Jib Room for a great evening ..
Abaco Boat Harbour
Marsh Harbour
Albury Brothers Boats
Tuesday July 17th  - we will be taking the Water Ferry to the Island of Man-O-War Cay ..my son Jon will be coming to the Marina ..
- after spending a few nights here at the Marina 18 Grady-White Boats that have been doing the Abacos together headed out of the Marina this morning .. 12 are heading back to Vero Beach Florida and the other 6 are going to head to the Exumas .. it was interesting to listen to them as they headed out .. they even had a 'roll call' .. I can only image the logistic problems ..
- at about 08:15 am every morning there are Weather Announcements ( Patty - Abaco Cruisers Net - http://oii.net/boats/news.html )  on Channel 68 .. Barometer Bob ( http://www.barometerbob.com/ ) is another super Weather Website ..
- at 10:00 am we took our Bikes to the Albury's Ferry Dock and took the 10:30 am Ferry to Man-O-War Cay for the day .. we checked out all the Shops and made a number of purchase .. and even had Ice Cream at one of the local Shops .. Man-O-War is the home for the Albury Brothers Boats .. they have been producing Boats for three or four generations on the Cay .. I took some 'flower' photos when we were here before and after much walking in the HEAT I found the same spot and took a number of shots .. when we returned on the Albury's Ferry we took our Bikes to a 'local' Restaurant and had lunch on our way back to the Marina .. shortly after we got back to DEE LIGHT Jon called me on the Marine Radio and said that they ( PASSION - 80 foot Lazzara ) were a few miles out and would be at the Marina shortly .. I walked over to the Fuel Dock and helped them with the lines .. after they took on Fuel they docked PASSION on the 100 Dock .. later we enjoyed a great dinner with Jon in the Marinas Main Dining Room ( Angler's Restaurant ) at the Marina .. they ( PASSION ) plan to be here at the Marina until Sunday when they will be heading to the Orchid Bay Yacht Club and Marina so they can go to Nippers for their Sunday Buffet .. small world as we are going to be there also after going to Treasure Cay ..
Abaco Boat Harbour
Marsh Harbour
Bahaman Artwork
Gayle and Bob
Monday July 16th  - we will be spending the day getting some 'stuff' done in Marsh Harbour ..
- the Boat ( SATISFACTION - 65 foot ) that has been docked next to SEA BUFF is from Jupiter Florida .. the owner Frank and his daughter have been here for a few weeks .. his Captain and Mate arrived yesterday so this morning they pulled out of the Marina at about 06:30 am ..
- I have been having an Ear problem that has been nagging away since last week so this morning I checked at the Marina Office for a Clinic .. they suggested a Doctor Hull at the Marsh Harbour Medical Center .. so we headed out to his office .. since I was a walk-in it took all morning but hopefully it will be time well spent .. the issue appears to be caused by a lack of fluids and the hot weather .. the Doctor gave me some medication and I was out the door just before noon .. Bob did not fare as well with his contacts ..he tried to get someone to look at hid Tender and wanted to get some help with his Radar  but in both cases the Mechanics that he tried to contact ere on 'Bahamas Time' and would not be able to get to him for days or ??? .. after my trip to the Doctors Office I spent most of the afternoon resting .. that medication really did me in .. but before dinner we made it to the Pool Bar with Gayle and Bob where we heard all about the shopping that Gayle and Betty had done all afternoon ..
- when we first made it here I sent Sheila ( Legacy Harbour Marina ) an E-mail to FedEx my mail to me .. well today a large box was delivered right to DEE LIGHT .. it will keep me busy tonight ..
Abaco Boat Harbour
Marsh Harbour
Betty at Pool Bar
Sunday July 15th  - we will be spending the day enjoying the Marina and doing Boat stuff ..
- I spent the morning getting the salt off DEE LIGHT and with the East-Southeast winds so strong I hosed off SEA BUFF at the same time .. Betty spent the morning getting caught up on her E-mail .. Gayle and Bob did the same 'stuff' ..
- we had lunch at the Pool Bar and there was hardly anyone there .. the Marina is part of a Resort so it could be that this is the time of the week when people are coming and going ..
- in the afternoon it was time to change out our Fuel Filters and clean our Strainers .. the Engine Room was HOT but I got the job done ..
- an afternoon thunderstorm moved thru the area ( we never got a drop ) and once it passed we headed out on our Bikes .. after exploring around and checking out a few places we ended up having dinner at the Conch Inn Upper Bar .. they have had a Tiki type Bar on grade that has always been very popular with the Boaters in the Marina as well as locals .. well it is gone and has been replaced with a Bar above their Main Dining Room ..
Abaco Boat Harbour
Marsh Harbour
Hope Town Lighthouse
Limbo at Jib Room
Saturday July 14th  - we will be heading to Hope Town by Water Ferry for the day ..
- we took our Bikes to the Albury's Ferry Dock and then took the 10:30 am Ferry to Hope Town .. when we made it to Hope Town we got a Golf Cart and headed out to explore .. we drove to the Sea Spray Marina where we had a drink at their Marina Bar .. we then drove to the South most end of the Island to Tabiti Beach .. Hope Town is known for its red and white Lighthouse and I took many photos of it .. when we made it back to Hope Town we had a late lunch at the Hope Town Harbour Pool Bar that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean .. the four Bikini clad Gals and a Jack Russell Dog that were at the table next to us were also off of a Boat at our Marina .. they are from Miami and are here for a Gals only outing .. when we took Albury's Ferry back to the Marina we just had to check out their Boat .. it is about a 70 footer by Monte Crisco .. I have never heard of it ..
- for dinner we took a Taxi to the Jib Room that is located on the North side of the Marsh Harbour Bay .. Saturday night is Steak Night and they serve an outstanding Strip Steak .. other choices are Fish or Chicken .. we were the first people there so we had our choice of tables .. the Bartender said that they have had a real busy season but since July 10th there business will slow down until about mid October .. we had a great evening and we all enjoyed the Limbo but non of us participated ..
Harbour Island Eleuthera
to Marsh Harbour Abacos
Abaco Boat Harbour Marina
Marsh Harbour
Friday July 13th  - we will be traveling from Harbour Island, Eleuthera to the Abaco Beach Resort and Marina in Marsh Harbour, Abacos ..
- at 06:30 am Ole Pot ( Vivian ) made it to the Marina and at about 07:00 am we headed out .. yesterday Ole Pot's brother ( A-1 ) was at the Marina and when we were talking with him he shared with us that Ole Pot's name is Vivian so we just had to rib him about it .. once we were past the Coral Heads ( 07:35 am ) Ole Pot got in his Tender and headed off to his next Boat and we headed right into 3 footers that soon grew to 4 to 6 footers ( Rollers from our Starboard Side ) .. we rocked and rolled all the way to our Inlet Waypoint .. once inside the Sound the Seas were all but calm ( 1 to 2 footers ) but 'skinny' waters as it was LOW Tide .. we made our way to the Marina were both tied off at the Abaco Boat Harbour Marina by 01:00 pm ..
- the only Friday the 13th incident that we have had is that Bob stubbed his Toe when he was in pursuit Gayle chasing her thru their Boat Cabin ..
- I tried to get a rental Golf Cart but they come out of Treasure Cay and I could not get one until Saturday so I put one of our Bikes together and Betty headed off to buy Charcoal for the Marinas Charcoal Grill ..
- we must be getting closer to home as we are able to get all the local Fort Myers TV Stations via our Direct TV System .. this is a first since we left Nassau ..
- we grilled Chicken Breasts at one of the many Marinas Charcoal Grills and had dinner under one of the Marinas Tiki Huts .. it was interesting to watch the activity in the Marina as many Boats were coming in from spending a day on the waters fishing ..
Valentines Marina
Harbour Island, Eleuthera
Dee Sea Diving
Dee Sea Diving
Dinner at Runaway Hill Inn
Thursday July 12th ( Autumn's Birthday )  - Bob and Gayle will be doing a Deep Sea Dive with a group from the Marina ..
- Betty took of for the Harbor Islands Community Center to get her blood tested and then did some shopping .. Gayle and Bob headed out on their Deep Sea Diving trip .. I filled our Water Tank with water and started to get DEE LIGHT ready for leaving in the morning ..
- Betty and I ended up having lunch at the Sip Sip that overlooks the Pink Sand Beach .. when we got back Bob reported that they headed South of the Marina and thru the Inlet that we looked at yesterday and that they had two great dives ..
- Gayle and Bob met a Father and Son that were diving with them .. the Father and Son along with their family ended up spending some time on SEA BUFF after the Diving Trip .. they have been in the Abacos the last number of days so Gayle and Bob got a number of 'to-do' tips ..
- before we hoisted our Dinghy up onto the Bow of DEE LIGHT we took it out one more time to explore the other side of the Sound .. there is a lot of shallow waters on the West Side of the and there are a number of small Settlements .. the Water Shuttles were busy taking locals from side to side ..
- the four of us headed out for dinner on our Golf Cart for the Runaway Hill Inn at 07:00 pm .. the owner of  Runaway Hill Inn keeps their Boat at the Harbour Island Marina .. a few days ago he cough a large Tuna so we had Tuna for dinner tonight except Betty who had a steak .. the entire evening was deelightful ..
- Autumn had a great Birthday .. she spent the day with 'the girls' aboard SEA BUFF and then when we returned from dinner she got a number of steak scraps from Betty ..