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- The first leg of the Royal Palm Yacht Club Bahamas 2007 Cruise
was from Fort Myers, Florida to Emerald Bay, Bahamas
- The second leg of the Royal Palm Yacht Club Bahamas 2007 Cruise
was from Emerald Bay, Bahamas to Harbour Island, Eleuthera
- The third leg of the Royal Palm Yacht Club Bahamas 2007 Cruise
was from Harbour Island, Eleuthera  to West Palm Beach, Florida
- Below is the log of the Fourth Leg of our Bahamas 2007 Cruise
Marv and Betty
60 foot Viking
Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2007- Log  F
West Palm Beach to Fort Myers, Florida
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End of Trip Log
- this is the END of this Trip Log ..
.. I hope that you enjoy the Log and that you are able to benefit from the Log .. if you have any questions or comments about our Trip please feel free to contact me by E-mail at marvboater@aol.com ..
Legacy Harbour Marina
Fort Myers Florida
Hurricane Dean
Autumn - 'before and after'
Tuesday August 21st  -  we are at our Home Port .. Legacy Harbour Marina at Fort Myers ..
- Hurricane DEAN has intensified into the first Category 5 Storm in the Atlantic since Hurricane Wilma of 2005 .. the latest Hurricane Hunter fix at 8:34pm EDT found 185 mph winds at their flight level of 10,000 feet, which corresponds to surface winds of 160 mph. The pressure had dropped to 914 mb, and I expect Dean will strengthen right up until landfall. Landfall is expected near Chetumal, Mexico, just after midnight local time. Dean will be a tremendously destructive storm for southern Mexico. Dean is powerful enough to be able to survive the crossing of the Yucatan as a Category 2 hurricane, and hurricane advisories have been posted for cities on the western coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The only hurricanes on record that survived crossing this portion of the Yucatan and maintaining hurricane intensity were Hurricane Roxanne of 1995 .. which hit just south of Cozumel as a Category 3, and emerged near Campeche as a Category 1; and Hurricane Janet of 1955 .. which hit near Chetumal as a Category 5 storm, then weakened to a Category 2 storm when it popped out into the Gulf of Mexico south of Campeche. We can expect Dean will carve out a path of great destruction all the way across the Yucatan Peninsula, then potentially re-intensify before hitting Mexico again along the Gulf Coast in the Bay of Campeche ..
- I took Autumn to the Beauty Parlor for a long overdue appointment .. check out her 'before and after' photos ..
Captiva to Fort Myers
DEE LIGHT at Legacy
Sunday August 19th  -  we will be cruising from  Captiva Island to our Home Port Legacy Harbour Marina at Fort Myers ..
- before we headed out Betty took one more walk to the Beach .. she had spotted a couple of Crab Pot Balls that were in a Break Wall that she wanted to retrieve to start a collection of them for her Home at Fort Myers Beach .. we hoisted the Dinghy back up to the Bow of DEE LIGHT and checked out of the Marina and pulled out of the Marina at 09:45 am .. we had a good but windy cruise to Legacy Harbour Marina and with the help of Lana and Eric we were docked by 12:30 pm .. and it was not long before both Betty and I was up to my arm pits with mail etc from the past many weeks ..
South Seas Plantation
Barnacle Phil's
The Bubble Room
Saturday August 18th  -  we will be spending the day with the RPYC Cruise group ..
- we took Autumn and went on a Dinghy ride .. due to the direction of the winds we headed out Red Fish Pass and went up the North Captiva Shore Line to the area where Charley cut North Captiva into two Islands .. there were an abundance of Birds that have taken over that area as 'their area' .. we went well pass the 'Cut' before heading back to the Marina ..
- at about 11:15 am about 20 of the RPYC group headed out in our Tenders to Barnacle Phil's for lunch .. we took the inside Route on the way there and went out in the Gulf on the way back .. Hal and Elaine Slaughter came with us as they did not have their Dinghy along .. for whatever reason the gal that waited on us took our order and walked off the job .. so it took a bit for us to get served etc but we eventually had a great meal and made our way back to the South Seas Island Resort .. when we got back Betty and Elaine headed to the Pool but they did not stay long as it was not long at all and an afternoon Thunderhead move thru the area .. it cooled it off some and the winds picked up also ..
- at 06:30 pm the RPYC Cruise had Docktails along the Docks and by that time the weather could not have been better ,, after Docktails the Marinas Shuttles brought us to The Bubble Room for dinner .. there were over 40 of us and they had the Third Level set up for us .. it was a deelightful evening and we all had way too much to eat .. but before we headed to DEE LIGHT we did manage to visit the Ice Cream Parlor one more time ..
South Seas Plantation
South Seas Island
South Seas Pool
Friday August 17th  -  this is the first time that we have been here since Hurricane Charley so we will be exploring the South Seas Plantation ..
- Hurricane DEAN's projected Route is great weather news for us but not so good for the people in the Peninsula of De Yucatan at all .. Betty enjoyed an early morning walk on the Beach and I got some 'stuff' done on DEE LIGHT .. since this is the first time that we have been back to South Seas since Hurricane Charley so we spent much time exploring the changes that have taken place .. overall they have really done a GREAT JOB of recreating what has always been a 'jewel' of the Southwest Florida area .. I enjoyed watching the RPYC Boats enter the Marina and making their way to their assigned Dock .. after Betty got our desert put together for the RPYC Dinner tonight she headed to the Pool .. I joined her for part of the afternoon .. the Pools are edgeless and even have a Beach area for kids of all ages .. we took a walk around the South Seas grounds .. every detail is thought out and is done in a first class way .. many of the RPYC group were enjoying both the Pool and Beach areas ..
- we went to the Docktails and Pot-Luck Dinner that was set up as part of the RPYC South Seas Cruise .. Pat and Jo An set it up on the Main Dock area in front of Docks A, B, C etc .. it was a most deelightful evening .. good food, good people etc .. a great evening ..
Key West to Captiva Island
Hurricane DEAN
In-Route to Captiva
Pat and Joan ( VOYAGEUR )
Thursday August 16th  -  we will be cruising from Key West to South Seas Plantation at Captiva Island ( 145.0 miles ) ..
- when I first got up I checked out the weather .. just before 05:00 am NOAA changed Tropical Storm DEAN to Hurricane DEAN .. the Forecast Track Line of DEAN has remained the same overnight .. it is still projected to travel below Cuba .. Tropical Storm ERIN has been affecting our weather giving us the unwanted overcast when we were looking for a good sunset at Mallory Square and it is pushing Isolated Thunderstorms our way .. it is still heading Northwest away from us but right towards lower Texas ..
- after Autumn had a quick walk we headed out of the Marina at 06:45 am .. about 07:30 am as the Sun was rising we passed the Smith Shoal Market and we had all but flat Seas and Crab Pots .. by mid morning our Seas became 'mixed' .. we had Rollers of 2 to 3 plus feet from a number of directions .. I am sure that it was due to the unsettled Storm Weather in the Gulf .. as we approached the Marco area ( about 25 miles off Shore ) the winds had picked up and the once clean DEE LIGHT became 'salt encrusted' .. as we were approaching Captiva the Port Engine started to sputter .. we quickly turned on the Fuel Transfer and after a few minutes the Port Engine regained its full power .. we found the new Markers to Red Fish Pass and made our way to the Marina .. DEE LIGHT was tied off to A-Dock by 01:45 am .. Pat and Jo An ( VOYAGEUR ) stopped by to welcome us back .. they are the Cruise Leaders for the RPYC South Seas Cruise .. we chatted on the Back Deck for a few minutes .. right after we checked in at the Marina Office we hosed some of the SALT off DEE LIGHT .. we hardly got done and Mother Nature moved in and gave us a power rinse with heavy rains and winds .. there were even Water Spouts spotted in the area ..
- after having drinks aboard VOYAGEUR a number of us had dinner together at the Harbourside Bar and Grill .. and then we went to Scoops and Slice for YUP Ice Cream .. the new Ice Cream Parlor at South Seas is done up in a 50s style and very well done .. and the Ice Cream is very good also ..
Key West - Conch Harbor
Breakfast with the Chickens
Key West Lighthouse
Sunset Key Launch
Wednesday August 15th  -  we will be enjoying our last day at Key West ..
- the Forecast Track Line of DEAN has changed overnight .. it is now projected to travel below Cuba and it is looking much like Charley's Track .. today DEAN was joined by Tropical Storm ERIN that is is the Gulf .. we took our Golf Cart and Autumn to Blue Heaven for breakfast with the chickens .. at first Autumn did not care for all the Chickens but she soon learned who was in charge of the 'pecking order' and she did quite well .. on our way back to DEE LIGHT we went past the Southern Most Point and the Key West Lighthouse .. we then took a drive past the Beaches .. it was very cloudy with the mixed Storm Weather out there thus the photo ops were very limited .. we also did a bunch of errands on our return trip to DEE LIGHT and once we were back we gave Autumn a very overdue bath .. in the afternoon I did a bunch of things to get DEE LIGHT ready for our trip tomorrow and Betty did some more power shopping and ended up at her favorite Bar the Schooner Wharf Bar where I joined her for Onion Rings and a drink .. when we dropped off our Golf Cart they brought us to the Westin Resort .. yesterday when we were at the Westin Resort we made a reservation for dinner at Latitudes Beach Cafe on Sunset Key .. a Launch provides the transportation service between Sunset Key and Key West .. ie from both The Westin Marina to the Sunset Key Guest Dock .. Sunset Key is located just West of Mallory Square .. we went out to the Island aboard the 06:16 pm Launch and once we were on the Island we were greeted and directed directly to our table .. we had a most deelightful dinner and the only way that it could have been better was if there was a sunset .. the Skies are just overtaken with the Storm activate throughout the area .. after dinner I was talking to the Boat Captain for the Launch .. he said that the owner of the Westin Resort owns the entire Island but there are about 100 separate homes on the Island that pay $4,800. 00 per Month for Condo Fees that cover the cost of the transpiration ( Launch ) to the Island ..
Key West - Conch Harbor
Key West Roster
Merrells and the McMahons
Tuesday August 14th  -  we will be enjoying Key West and watching the weather ..
- we took Autumn for a long walk and had a deelightful breakfast at Pepe's on Caroline Street ..
- Pepe's Bartender Hurricane Report - the new Tropical Depression Four will be going up the East Coast .. from Pepe's we went to Key West Marine Hardware for some miscellaneous 'stuff' .. it is the best Hardware Store that I have ever been to .. I always look forward to going there ..
- I spent much of the morning working on our Center Windshield Wiper .. and still do not have it working at all .. UGH !! .. it makes operating DEE LIGHT in rain or high Seas a challenge .. Betty did MUCH POWER SHOPPING .. and when she made it back to DEE LIGHT her arms were full ..
Pon Pon, Pon Pon, Pon Pon .. this is the US Coast Guard Key West Station .. all boaters be on the watch out for migrants swimming towards shore at approximately Archer Key .. this must go on daily around the Lower Keys ..
- at of 11:00 am we now have Tropical Storm DEAN out in the Atlantic heading towards Puerto Rico and San Juan area.. NOTE - see  Dee Light Website Hurricane Center for additional details ..
- in the afternoon we rented a Golf Cart with a roof on it .. it makes getting around much faster and with the heat much easier .. yesterday the owner of the Birkenstock Shop suggested that we have dinner at Michaels so that is just what we did and was it great .. it is ranked as the number five restaurant in Key West and we would highly recommend it .. we made it to Mallory Square again and again there was not a sunset at all but we met the Merrells and the McMahons from the Royal Palm Yacht Club that were spending a few days at Key West also .. from there we ended up going to a Key West Drag Show .. UFFDA !! .. a micro-light rain came thru when we were at the show .. Autumn sure did not like the lightning at all ..
Duck Key to Key West
Tropical Depression Four
 Hurricane Info
Dee Light Hurricane Center
First Day at Key West
Monday August 13th ( Anniversary of Hurricane Charley - 2004 )  -  we will be cruising from Duck Key to Key West ( Conch Harbor Marina ) ..
- the days are getting shorter and we do not have a long ways to go today so it was about 07:30 am when we pulled out into the Marinas Narrow ( skinny ) Channel .. our day started with Crab Pots and 2 foot Seas that soon built to way too many Crab Pots and Seas of 4 to 5 foot .. some of the Crab Pots were real hard to see as they are painted BLACK or DARK BLUE .. that along with our Center Windshield not working made for a long day .. Betty devised a towel on the end of a 3 foot pole that helped to keep the Windshield somewhat clear .. as we approached Key West we saw the Tails of three Carnival Cruise Ships that were docked along the Warf .. it will be a good day to not head into the Downtown area of Key West .. we had DEE LIGHT docked at the Conch Harbor Marina by 11:15 am ..
- when we were here at this time of the year in 2004 a Tropical Depression developed just below Cuba that turned into Hurricane Charley and sure enough just as we docked today on the Anniversary of Hurricane Charley - 2004 Tropical Depression Four was just announced and it is headed right on Charley's line .. UFFFDA !! .. click here or the Button to the left for Dee Light Website Hurricane Center .. UFFFFDA !!! ..
- we cleaned up and headed off to explore Key West a little .. we found new Birkenstock's at the Birkenstock Shop .. T-shirts and a drink at both Margaritaville and the Schooner Wharf Bar .. Chico's .. etc .. and many photo ops ..
- later the three Cruise Ships that were in Port all left so Key West was able to get back to 'normal' .. we took a walk to Mallory Square but with the overcast there was no sunset .. we took in the entertainment on Mallory Square and ended up at an Ice Cream Parlor for dinner ..
- when we returned to DEE LIGHT I took a quick look at the weather and it is looking like the winds are going to start to really pick in the next few days ..
Hawk's Cay at Duck Key
Hawk's Cay at Duck Key
Dolphin at Hawk's Cay
Sunday August 12th  -  we will be spending the day at Hawk's Cay on Duck Key ..
- we spent much of the morning getting a few things done around DEE LIGHT .. Dave and Betty called us on the Marine Radio .. they said that the waters have not settled down at all and that they are going to pull their Anchor and head back to the Marina where they have Temporary Dockage set up for the next couple of Months .. Dave has some 'business stuff' to take care of later this week so they will have to be in Port for that .. Radar Update .. Betty is SO HAPPY .. for the first time ever Radar pooped on the Front Deck of their Boat .. indeed an event to celebrate !! ..
- in the afternoon we took the Dinghy out one last time before hoisting it back on the Bow of DEE LIGHT .. we explored the Cannels and Waterways around the Hawk's Cay Resort area .. the Tide Current really moves thru the Cannels but there was no breeze in many of the areas and we cleaned out our sweat pours .. when we returned to DEE LIGHT it looked like it was going to rain so we put LIL DELIGHT on the Bow and got her ready for us to head out in the morning .. there are a number of restaurants at Hawk's Cay but since the Waters Edge Waterfront is right behind DEE LIGHT we ended up there for dinner again .. the MarineMax boaters had their last event and they will be heading out in the morning also ..
Hawk's Cay at Duck Key
Dave and Betty
Saturday August 11th  - weather permitting Dave and Betty are going to show us how to do Lobstering ..
- I called David on the Marine Radio and the weather does not look the best .. we are going to plan for about noon at this time .. we fueled up our Dinghy at the Fuel Dock .. about 11:00 am Dave called and said that it was rough out on the Hook so we will hold tight for now and watch the weather ..
- about 01:30 pm Dave called and we headed out to their Boat .. the waters were choppy but LIL DEE LIGHT could handle it .. when we made it to SONG OF THE SOUTH they all but ready to head out to try a little Lobstering in the choppy waters .. Dave and Betty have been Lobstering for over 25 years and they know every trick in the book .. or maybe they wrote the book .. below is a note from Dave about their Boat ..

I know we kind of look like a Conestoga wagon of the Old West, the front bow canvas idea came from the design of Indian teepee's that allow heat dissipation through the top.  Bringing my western heritage to a boat sure makes it comfortable.

I do not know it you noticed the Hoses coming off each rear toe rail on the upper deck that go to 5 Gallon Cans clamped to our swim platform.

They are to catch rain water for rinsing the salt off our dive equipment and Florida Dive Suits ( Long Sleeve White Shirts and Long White Pants, When you climb back into the boat after diving it is like wearing an air conditioner).

The mooring whips on our swim platform help with easy docking, loading and unloading of our dive gear especially in rough weather.

.. when we first got started Dave pulled the two Betty's behind their Dinghy with a 75 foot Water Skiing Lines .. once they found a suspect area they dropped a bright colored Marker that they had made up using a Childs Arm Float .. Dave then set their Anchor and got out their Lobster diving tools .. ie a Net, a Tickler ( pole ) and a Live Net to keep any keepers in etc .. Dave the 'diver' joined the gals and sure enough they came up with a number of Lobsters .. I watched the process from both above the waterline as well as below the waterline .. it was a real education / clinic on Lobstering .. today only one was a keeper ( long enough ) but it made the outing most worthwhile .. it is a LOT OF WORK but so well worth it .. once we were back to SONG OF THE SOUTH Dave showed me how they clean the Lobster .. we enjoyed a drink on the Bow of their Boat before returning to DEE LIGHT .. it was a GREAT DAY !!!! ..
- after dinner at the Waters Edge Waterfront we walked the section of the Resort that will be getting a face lift starting Monday .. ie as of February Hawk's Cay at Duck Key has been under new ownership and the renovations are to start on Monday ..
Miami to Duck Key
Hawk's Nest at Duck Key
Radar, Dave and Betty
Betty's Lobster Dinner
Friday August 10th  -  we will be traveling from Miami to Duck Key ..
- it is about 95 miles from Miami to Duck Kay and we have to make it thru the Marinas Entrance Channel before Low Tide at about 03:00 pm today .. at Low Tide the Entrance Channel has one area that will be at a depth of under 5 foot and our Draft is 05 foot .. UGH !! .. so we will be getting an early start today ..
- just as we were getting ready to head out two large Cruise Ships entered the Government Cut .. one was a Carnival Cruise Ship and the other was a Royal Caribbean Ship .. we left the Marina at 06:30 am and headed towards Hawk's Channel that runs along the Florida Keys .. at first our Seas were 3 to four footers .. when we got to Hawk's Channel they leveled off to about 2 foot in the Key Largo area .. since Lobster Season just started on August 01st we had hundreds of Crab Pots to dodge .. just before we were going to contact Hawk's Nest Marina the first time we heard a series of emergency calls on the Marine Radio about a Diver that had drowned in the Key West area so we held off until we were inside the Channel to Hawk's Cay before we contacted them .. I had forgotten what a beautiful place this is until we were on our way thru the Channel .. we made it thru the SHALLOW area and were docked by 11:30 am .. when we were docking the Guys that were giving us a hand with the Lines said that Marine Max has 28 Boats that are coming to the Marina today .. UFFFDA !! now we know why we had a hard time getting a Slip ..
- I contacted Dave and Betty ( SONG OF THE SOUTH ) to let them know that we had made it .. he told us where we could get Fuel for our Dinghy and that it was too windy to do any Lobstering ..
- right after a quick lunch we launched our Dinghy and headed out to see if we could find Dave and Betty .. they are on the Hook about 6 miles due North of Duck Kay  .. after going under the A1A Bridge we headed almost due North into choppy waters .. when we were about 3 miles from them we spotted what appeared to be their Boat but we were unsure until we were about 2 miles away .. from their Boat you can hardly see any land for 360 degrees .. we spent most of the afternoon on the covered Bow of their Boat and when the winds picked up we headed back into even MORE choppy Seas ..
- the Waters Edge Waterfront Dining Room was right at the Aft of DEE LIGHT and there was live music on the Deck area outside the Dining Room .. we had dinner right there and Betty had her long awated Lobster dinner ..
 Miami Beach Marina
South Beach
Shopping South Beach
Thursday August 09th  -  we will be exploring South Beach ..
- shortly after dawn we watched a Brazilian Naval Ship make its way into the Miami Government Cut .. all the Guys in their whites were at attention on each of the Ships Decks .. sorry no photos I was not quick enough .. it is most interesting to watch the activities going on in and out of the Miami Inlet ..
- I talked with my son Jon .. he and PASSION are back at Chub right now they will be here on Friday and Saturday .. we will miss them by one day .. UGH !! ..
- in the afternoon we headed into South Beach .. we did much Window Shopping and I even checked out a couple of Camera Shops .. it was almost too warm ( HOT ) to shop .. we ended up having a 'health treat' ( Onion Rings ) at Johnny Rockets a 50s styled restaurant .. when we made it back to the Marina we saw a Carnival Cruise Ship ( IMAGINATION ) leaving the Miami Government Cut .. I walked to the Marina Office and checked out with them so we are all set to head out in the morning ..
- at about 07:00 pm Betty's son Randy and his wife Catalina made it to DEE LIGHT .. they were working in the Miami area and live about an hour from the Marina .. we ended up having dinner with them along the Pool at Monty's Restaurant .. Monty's is right at the Marina but they are independent ..
 Fort Lauderdale to Miami
Miami Beach Marina
South Beach
Dinner at South Beach
Wednesday August 08th  -  we will be cruising the ICW or going outside to Miami ..
- when we checked out the weather this morning we saw a large Storm Cell offshore between Fort Lauderdale and Miami .. UGH !! .. we elected to hold off for a bit and track the Storm before heading out .. at 09:30 am with the Storm Cell moving inland just South of us we headed down the ICW .. I had thought of going outside but Betty wanted to do the ICW as this will be out last opportunity for some time to do the ICW .. with our Antennas down we were able to slither under all of the Bridges except two that we had to have opened for us .. when we got to the Miami Inlet there was not a Cruise Ship in sight so we were able to take the Inlet Waterway to the Marina .. if there was a Cruise Ship in the Waterway we would have had to take an alternate Route around the Waterway .. this is a Regulation since 911 .. when we were in the process of docking we noted a STRONG current and wind that tried to pull DEE LIGHT right under D-Dock but with the help of the Dock Attendant we had DEE LIGHT docked once again by 01:15 pm ..
- once checked in we headed to the Ships Store where I found some Sump Pump parts .. I ended up in the Bilge and Betty ended up in the Marinas Laundry Room .. we have been on a waiting list for a Slip at Hawk's Nest at Duck Kay .. I just 'sweet talked' the gal there into a Slip for us .. we want to see Dave and Betty ( SONG OF THE SOUTH ) and that is the closest Marina to their anchorage ..
- about 05:30 pm we cleaned up and walked to South Beach .. the route from the Marina to South Beach that we have taken in the past is now blocked off .. ie under construction .. yup more Condos going up .. once we were at South Beach we walked until we dropped into some chairs right on the Sidewalk at the Caffe Milano where we had dinner .. we sat along the Street and watched the people as they walked by .. it was a Smorgasbord for the Eyes .. my Italian dish was so hot that I just had to cool it off with some Ice Cream .. we tool a Taxi back to the Marina ..
 Bahia Mar Marina
Fort Lauderdale
Tuesday August 07th  -  we will be spending the day relaxing at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center ..
- once the early morning Sea Fog lifted the sun appeared and we had the start of a beautiful day .. we got out our Calendars and started to plan the last leg of our return trip to Fort Myers .. we had singed up for Royal Palm Yacht Club's South Seas Cruise but at the time we did not know our return plans at it is set for August 17th thru the 19th .. I tried to contact the Cruise Leader Pat Maurice but thus far have been unsuccessful .. Pat sent me an E-mail so now we are set for the South Seas Cruise .. that will now be our last Port before heading to our Home Port of Legacy Harbour Marina at Fort Myers .. I took a photo walk and checked out the latest Gallant Lady .. it is a 168 footer that is owned by a Toyota Importing entrepreneur .. Betty spent part of the day at the Pool and I joined her after doing some work in the Bilge .. I replaced a Sump Pump that has been acting up ..
- we took a good long walk on the Beach before having dinner aboard the Swings at the Oasis Cafe ..
 West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale
A very eerie Sunrise
ICW Bow Riders
Betty and the Crew
Dinner at Hooters
Monday August 06th  - today SEA BUFF will head North up the ICW and DEE LIGHT will head South down the ICW back to Fort Myers ..
- about 04:00 am a large Thunderstorm moved into the area .. Autumn did not like the Thunder or the Lightning at all .. after the Thunderstorm that headed South we had a very eerie Sunrise ( that should have been a clue to our day ahead ) but it looks like we will have a great day ..
- at about 08:30 am we moved DEE LIGHT to the Fuel Dock and filled our very thirsty Fuel Tanks .. SEA BUFF joined us on the Fuel Dock at about 08:45 am .. once SEA BUFF filled up and checked they headed North on the ICW thru the 10:15 am Bridge opening .. Betty's daughter-in-law Shelly and three of her family joined us aboard DEE LIGHT for the cruise to Fort Lauderdale .. we checked out at the Marina Office ( UGH ) and headed down the ICW at 10:30 pm .. we had 16 Bridges ahead of us .. all went very smooth for the first seven Bridges .,.then when we called ahead to our eighth Bridge they would NOT answer at all until we were right in front of them .. the name of the Bridge was changed from Delray Beach Bridge to George W Bush Bridge and she would NOT respond to anything else at all .. UGH !! .. the next few went OK also but when we called ahead to our number twelve Bridge ( Boca Club Camino Bridge - ICW 1048.2 ) they said that they were just CLOSED as of 60 minutes ago with no apparent prior communication to anyone and they were closed in a down position and would be closed for the next three Months for repairs .. he said that they will eventually be closed in an upright position but for the next unknown period of time they would be in the down position .. just as we were looking at the option to head out thru the Boca Raton Inlet a THUNDERSTORM of all Thunderstorms came down on us right out of nowhere and nailed us with high winds that we had to power into at 1600 rpm and rain that cut our visibility to ZERO .. we also had the Boca Raton Bridge to negotiate between the ICW and the Atlantic Ocean .. we elected to weather the bulk of the Storm on the ICW before we headed out .. once the Bridge Tender opened the Boca Raton Bridge we found it to be very narrow and once we made it to the Boca Raton Inlet we noted that it was VERY shallow .. UFFFFDA !! .. now I know why we have never done that Inlet before .. once we made it to the Ocean we slowly followed the Storm Cell all the way to the Fort Lauderdale Inlet .. as we approached Fort Lauderdale we heard the US Coast Guard on the Marine Radio calling a Cargo Ship to do a boarding much like we had a few days ago .. we followed a Cruise Ship in the Inlet that just was returning from the Bahamas .. we called ahead to the Bahia Mar Marina ( the land of the Mega Yachts ) and were in our Slip by 04:55 pm and by 05:00 pm all the kids including Betty were off to the Pool and the Beach and I cleaned my shorts out ..
- once everyone was back from the Beach and cleaned up we took a walk along the Strip in search of a place to have dinner .. we did a little shopping on our way .. we let the four kids pick out the spot and they picked Hooters .. Betty's son Dan and Shelly joined when they made it from Palm City ..
 Palm Harbor Marina - West Palm Beach FL
the Beach at Palm Beach
Water Fountain
Sunday August 05th  - we will be putting together our plans for the next number of days ..
- when I first got up ( 05:00 am ) I found that during the night a number of Boats had moved into empty Slips on our Dock and they were having a party on the Boats .. they appeared to be local West Palm people about 20 to 35 years old .. most likely they had been at Peanut Island ( a Party Island ) just up the ICW from the Marina .. as the sun came up they provided us with our morning entertainment ..
- in the afternoon we barrowed the Rental Car from Bob and Gayle and explored the area by Car .. just across the ICW from the Marina we could see a huge building that intrigued us so we drove to .. it is called The Breakers Hotel and is it stately .. from there we drove along the Shoreline from the Fort Worth Inlet and South .. we ended up at the local Ice Cream Parlor that is near DEE LIGHT and then we went to Publix for supplies for tomorrow .. Autumn spent ALL afternoon with her Girlfriends aboard SEA BUFF ..
- on our way to dinner we stopped by the Water Fountain at the Centennial Park area .. it was a HOT day and there were kids of all ages all day long cooling off in the Fountain .. after dinner at Spoto's Oyster Bar we just had to make one more stop at Sloan's Ice Cream Parlor .. in addition to a fantastic selection they have the most unique doors to the Restrooms .. from the outside you can see right into the Restrooms thru their Glass Doors .. when a person goes in and turns a lever up the Door fogs up so you cannot see thru the Door at all .. ?? .. and the Ice Cream was GREAT ..
 Palm Harbor Marina - West Palm Beach FL
Chinese Dinner at the Mall
Saturday August 04th  - we will be spending the day getting a few more things done around DEE LIGHT and Betty's son Randy and his wife will be stopping by ..
- when I was at West Marine yesterday I picked up a new Sump Pump for the Rear Sump Pit .. today I installed the Pump ..
- about mid-afternoon Betty's son Randy and his wife Catalina joined us aboard DEE LIGHT .. they live about 30 minutes South of West Palm Beach ..  they brought us to the The Gardens ( Mall at Palm Beach ) to do some long overdue shopping .. right after making it to the Ice Cream Parlor Betty made it to Chico's, Black and White etc and I made it to the Wolf Camera shop .. we had a Chinese dinner at the Mall where we just had to check out my new Camera equipment ..
 Palm Harbor Marina - West Palm Beach FL
Betty's son Danny and family
Friday August 03rd  - we will be spending the day getting a few things done around DEE LIGHT Betty's Danny and his family will be stopping by ..
- a Diver came to check out the bottom of SEA BUFF and I had him remove the Bathtub Ring around DEE LIGHT .. Bob and Gayle got a Car for the weekend ( $20.00 per day ) .. Bob and I took a trip to West Marine for a few supplies and Betty did some shopping near the Marina .. in the afternoon Betty' daughter-in-law Shelly, and part of her family met up with Betty at the City Center .. Bob and I found a local Boat detailer ( Yacht Detail ) to clean our salt encrusted Boats ..  Gayle and Bob brought the three Girls ( our three Dogs ) to the Beauty Parlor and did they need it .. well Autumn had other thoughts .. she gave the personal at the Beauty Parlor such a piece of her mind that she came back to DEE LIGHT just as she left ..
- we had dinner with Betty's son Danny and his family at ER Bradley's just a short walk from the Marina ..
 West End to West Palm Beach Florida
Sunrise at West End
 US Coast Guard Cutter
US Coast Guard Boarding
Bridge Collapse Minneapolis
Thursday August 02nd  - once again we will be trying to do the Crossing to Florida ..
- when I first got up to check on the weather their was a light rain shower moving thru .. we headed out of the Marina at 06:15 am right into 6 foot plus Rollers and 3 foot Waves .. we watched SEA BUFF 'bobbing' for a short time and decided to head back to the Marina .. we pulled up to the Fuel Dock and once it opened up ( after the sunrise )  we both took on ballast ( Fuel ) .. neither of us needed additional Fuel for the Crossing but we put an additional 100 gallons into each of our two Forward Fuel Tanks to help hold the Bow down .. when we were at the Fuel Dock we talked with another Boater ( TOO BAD SO SAD ) that wanted to make the Crossing today also .. and they had 8 teenagers aboard .. much like us they were really checking out the Seas .. we headed out again at about 08:18  am into the same Seas .. UFFFDA !! .. it was bumpy for about 10 miles then the Rollers settled down and we had a very comfortable ride until two US Coast Guard Cutter and it Interceptor Boat cut us off .. they did not contact us ahead by Marine Radio they just headed for our Bow .. they said that they wanted the element of surprise .. well they got our attention quickly .. we slowed down and they said that they were going to do an At Sea Boarding since it has been many Months since our last boarding .. they went thru all of our paper work and once they were done they headed to SEA BUFF to do a boarding with them also .. as I did the paperwork with two of the Guys Betty had an interesting conversation with the others as she took them thru DEE LIGHT ... they did check all the normal stuff ie Flares, Fire Extinguishers etc but what they were really looking for Illegals and Drugs .. daily they encounter people being smuggled in via the Bahamas from Cuba, South America etc .. they really searched every Storage Area and even went thru the Engine Room .. the location of our boarding's was at about half the distance from the West End to Lake Worth Inlet .. both Gayle and Betty said that any of the US Coast Guard Guys could qualify as their Poster Guys anytime .. it was about 11:15 am before we were on our way again .. DEE LIGHT has been boarded at Sea a number of times but never by a unit as courteous and professional as this unit .. after our encounter the Seas were a lot flatter so we were able to cruise a little faster ..
- we spent much of the day watching the TV coverage of the I-35 Bridge Collapse that took place in Minneapolis yesterday ( August 01st at 06:09 pm - Rush Hour ) .. I have traveled over that Bridge countless times and under the Bridge by Boat a number of times ..
- as we got closer to Florida we did have a number of Ships to dodge as we got closer to the Inlet .. when we were about 5 miles from the Inlet our Cell Phones were working for the first time since we left for the Bahamas .. the first call that I made was to the US Customs and Border Protection Office .. I gave them our Local Boaters Option Numbers that we got before we headed to the Bahamas and within 2 minutes we had cleared Customs ..  once we made it to the ICW we called ahead to the Flagler Memorial Bridge and set up an opening for 01:15 pm .. once thru the Bridge we were within sight of the Marina and we had both Boats docked by 01:30 pm ..
- after checking in at the Marinas Office we cleaned up and headed into the City Center .. we ended up having dinner at The Cheesecake Factory .. it was great but no Beans and Rice on the Menu .. ?? ..
 Lucaya to West End
Wave Heights - 'click' for larger
Pool - West End
Mega Yacht - West End
Wednesday August 01st  - we will be doing the Crossing back to Florida .. ( we got part way ) ..
- based on the weather forecast we changed our plans and decided to head out for Florida today ..
- after checking the weather forecast for today we headed out of the Marina at 06:15 am .. we headed out to Mixed Seas of about 3 plus feet .. the light wind and the 'wraparound' Seas from the Florida Straights were both coming from the South-Southwest .. after about only 30 to 40 minutes we sensed a Fuel Filter problem with our Starboard Engine .. I called SEA BUFF and told them that we were going to head to West End to change out our Fuel Filters etc .. we slowed down to about 12 knots and made our way up the Shoreline .. when we were within sight of the Marinas Outer Markers we saw a Sport Fishing Boat that had just left West End and had caught on fire .. they quickly dropped their anchor and a Tender was picking them up as we went by .. I had called ahead to West End when we first noted our problem and it was a good thing as when we got there they were all but full and other Boats were calling for dockage also .. we were both docked by 09:00 am ..
- once we got settled in I headed to the Engine Room .. I replaced the Racor Fuel Filters and I also cleaned out the Racor Units .. some time ago I had given some Filters to one of our other RPYC Boaters so today I used my last set of Racor Filters .. I also changed the Final Fuel Filters .. I got done about 02:00 pm ..
- after Betty got us checked in at the Marina Office she tried to take a Bus into Freeport for the day but the schedule times for today were changed so she ended up at the Pool .. I joined her at the Pool and Bob and Gayle also made it to the Pool for part of the afternoon ..
- the four of us had dinner at the Marinas Restaurant and hit the sack early so we will be ready again in the morning ..