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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2008- Log  A
Fort Myers Florida to Chub Cay Club
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the Months before the Cruise
 our location - Fort Myers
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- we spent much time getting our two Boats ready for the trip .. in addition to all the normal 'stuff' the Crew of RootBeer Float added a Water Maker to their Boat and the Crew of Dee Light added a Freezer that the Crew of Front Page let us use for the trip .. we also had a Bimini Top made for Dee Light's Dinghy .. the Water Maker on Dee Light gave us a number of hiccups but Ross ( Classic Yacht Service ) was able to baby it back for the trip .. Joe from Universal Marine Service also gave Dee Light a good once over before we were ready to head out ..
.. our departure date has been centered around when we feel it would the best time for us to make 'The Crossing' Florida to the Bahamas ( Bimini Islands ) so we have been watching the weather forecast daily to try to determine the best time for us to leave Fort Myers .. one of the tools that we used is BuoyWeather ( www.buoyweather.com  ) .. 'click' on the image to the left for one of the latest Reports that we are looking at .. for a number of days we had about a three day Weather Window but as we got closer to our anticipated departure date our Window has become much smaller .. Tropical Depression ALMA has the whole area stirred up ..
.. another tool that we use is an Animated Wave Image ( see link to left ) from The Weather Underground ( www.wunderground.com ) ..
.. it was opening weekend of the movie 'Sex In The City' so the night before we headed out Betty and Mary Kay went to get one last culture fix so they went to the movie .. after their movie we moved our Cars to Betty's place and had dinner at The Pink Cadillac ..
Sunday June 01st
location - Fort Myers
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Dinner at Matanzas
BuoyWeather to Marathon
on June 2nd 2008
Travel - Fort Myers to Fort Myers Beach 18.5 Nautical Miles - this will be out 'shakedown' cruise ..
 - first day of Hurricane Season - and sure enough we have our first Tropical Depression ALMA and Tropical Storm ARTHUR that are passing thru the Bay of Honduras area as I write this update .. when I checked the BuoyWeather this morning I noted that our 'window' to do The Crossing has shrunk !! .. UUFDDA !! ..
.. a number of Months ago when we first started to talk about returning to the Bahamas we set June 1st as our target date to start our adventure .. when we were just in the process of doing our last minute 'stuff' our Toaster died .. UHG !! .. so Betty took off for Wal-Mart and got a new one ..
.. departure day finally arrived, Sunny, Winds at 8 knots, Seas flat, all systems working on both Dee Light and  Root Beer Float .. weft Legacy at 10:30 with assistance and good-byes from Ron and Peggy and headed out for our Shakedown Cruise from Legacy Harbour Marina to Fort Myers Beach ..
..  both boats appear to be sitting very low in the water, maybe the 76 cases of Diet Coke + the 15 6 packs of bottled Diet Coke and the 10 boxes of Ice Cream  had something to do with it .. many weekend warriors were out on their Boats along with several wave-riders and Dolphin accompanied us down the river, with Miserable Mile living up to its reputation.
Arrived at Moss Marine ( Moss Marina - 239-765-6677) at 01:00 pm .. Moss is home forthe Big M Casino Boat .. before we left Legacy we both had our bottoms cleaned but with the water in the River being so dirty it was difficult at best to do a good job so I called Chris from Dive Master to take a look at both of our boats .. Chris cleaned our 'bottoms' and polished our Props so we will be set for the morning ..
After getting tied off with a deck hand from Michigan and very little experience,  we girls earned our cowboy hat roping the pilings .. after a quick snack and Mary Kay and Betty headed straight to the Beach to enjoy the low, low, tide and finding many sand dollars.
.. Marv's son Jon and  his friend Mendy joined us for  dinner at Matanzas, where with Marv’s recommendation enjoyed the Stuffed Grouper yummmmm!!!   Then you guessed it we walked to the Ice Cream store for Marv and Johns usual 3 dipper .. the day ended with showers and Autumn hiding under Marv’s legs.
Monday June 02nd
location - Fort Myers Beach FL
Pancho's Fuel .. UFFDAA !!
Sunset at Marathon
Travel - Fort Myers Beach to Marathon 130 Nautical Miles -
.. when we went to bed last night we had a good thunderstorm and again at about 04:30 am another thunderstorm moved in .. the rainy season is here in SW Florida .. the BuoyWeather Reports for today look good but now we have the thunderstorms .. UFDA !! .. we left Moss Marine 6:45 am with the sun just coming up .. winds 8 knots from the South with two footers .. we noted big thunderheads between here and Naples .. the thunderheads became smaller storm cells which Marv managed to slither between ..
.. John kept asking How far it was to the next “Lock and Dam” .. those river boaters never change ..
.. we saw only 4 dolphin and 1 flying fish and no other boats between Marco and Marathon ..
.. we were at Poncho's Fuel Dock at Marathon FL ( 305-743-2281 ) by 03:00 pm taking on Fuel UUUFFFDDA !! .. $4.99 per gallon for Diesel .. but by filling our Tanks here we got FREE dockage .. after taking on our Fuel we moved Dee Light for the night .. while moving around the corner to our tie-along, and thrusting over to the dock , we heard this KLUNK so we got this non-english  speaking person to dive down and have a look and shur-nuff the very tip of one Blade on our Port Prop had been damaged .. needless to say Marv is NOT happy .. but the dockage was free .. UFFDA !! ..
.. Betty and Mary Kay went exploring the area of small mobile homes  on canals each with a very weathered fishing boat tied outside .. there are cats everywhere, each person living here must have at least one .. later John and Marv joined us and we had a bite to eat at Burdines upstairs looking over the channel and out into the Atlantic .. the food was good, the No-See-Ums were horrible ..  
.. after showers  John and Mary Kay came over and you guessed it, they had their usual 3 scoopers of Ice Cream to end a great day.
Tuesday June 03rd
location - Marathon FL 
BuoyWeather to Bimini
on June 3rd 2008
The Crossing
Travel - Marathon FL - Bimini Islands 126 Nautical Miles -
.. at first light we left Marathon at 6:45 am .. partly cloudy skies, winds 6 knots from SE, seas of 1 foot increasing to 3 feet and quickly flattened out as we got out into the Florida Straits and then remaining flat for the remainder of the trip .. when we first headed out Marv brought the engines up to 16 plus knots to check out our Port Prop and there was no noticeable vibration from the damaged Port Prop .. we maintained this speed increasing 3 knots from the current of the Gulf Stream ..
.. we met several Freighters and Tankers probably bringing some more of that $5.00 diesel  from our friends in Iran .. we also saw several Flying Fish .. Betty had a couple of good naps and when she woke from one of them she saw a 'mirage' thru the front Windshield .. see photos ..
.. when we arrived , one of the sets of  Buoys marking the entrance to Bimini harbor was missing .. ie numbers 3 and 4 .. Marv very carefully picked his way down the channel .. arrived at Bimini Blue Water Resort, Bimini Islands ( 242-347-3166 ) at 2:00 PM .. the dockage here is $1.00 per foot per night plus a $20.00 flat rate for electric per day and 50 cents a gallon for water .. what a deal ..
.. once we were docked and had our Customs and Immigration Forms filled out we walked to the Customs Office .. once checked in they wasted no time in taking our $300.00 and we were on our way ..
.. Marv and John returned to the boats and Mary Kay and Betty went straight up over the hill to the Beach .. Betty just had to get into the water .. they found tons of Sea Glass and several unusual Shells ..
.. later we decided to celebrate our great crossing .. John grilled steaks and New Orleans Sausage and the girls made all the trimmings .. what a feast we had .. and you guessed it finished off a wonderful day with fresh baked cookies and their usual 3 dippers of strawberry Ice Cream ..
.. there was a wonderful breeze so we opened up the Boats and will not need the air on tonight ..
Wednesday June 04th
location - Bimini Islands
North Bimini Island
Shark Research Lab
The Sheller
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Resort, Bimini Islands ( 242-347-3166 ) ..
.. we will be spending the day exploring the area ..

.. we had a partly cloudy and VERY breezy day .. Marv was quite unhappy this morning as the Watermaker has failed again so with several e-mails and photos over the Internet to Ross Lund in Ft Myers by noon Marv and John have it operating again ..

.. we splashed the Dinghy and went over to Bimini Sands Resort and Marina on the island of South Bimini .. with the help of “Katie” from White Bear Minnesota we secured a Golf Cart for the afternoon and we set out to explore the Island .. we soon came upon Marv and Johns favorite place “Booze and Screws”  .. that maybe the Screws part was a hardware store but all that John found was Booze and a closed door .. we then visited the “ Fountain of Youth” and walked part of the Nature Trail ..

.. we also visited the Shark Research Lab where we saw several Sharks, Rays, and small Fish .. they let us pet one of the Sharks .. John said it felt like sandpaper ..

.. we had a late lunch at Bimini Bay in their really nice restaurant .. John and Mary Kay had their first Cracked Conch .. I don’t think they were impressed ..

Marv put up his new Bimini Top on the Dinghy and we returned to the boats .. immediately Betty and Mary Kay headed right up over the hill to the Beach in search of more Sea Glass .. Marv and John joined them for the sunset .. on the return walk to the Boats we met a man who is a local artist and  author .. he has spent 15 years working on his “Dolphin House” it was very unique and of course Mary Kay had to get two of his books and Marv took many pictures ..

.. when we returned to the Boats Betty and Mary Kay headed right for the shower while Marv and John, you knew it, had their usual 3 dipper .. and it was sooo good ..

The Dolphin House
THE DOLPHIN HOUSE - when we walked by The Dolphin House the owner and builder ( Ashley B. Saunders ) was at his House working away .. he gave us the full tour of the historic two story House .. it is must unique and interesting .. click on the photo / link to the left for many photos ..and for more information check out this Website ..  http://inmyrighthand.homestead.com/DolphinHOUSEindex.html
Thursday June 05th
location - Bimini Islands
Autumn and John
Lil Dee's New Top
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Resort, Bimini Islands ( 242-347-3166 ) ..
.. clear- breezy, slept without the Air on all night and the window open, great feeling .. 
Marv and John not happy, secured the dinghy last night and the Tide went down but dinghy did  not, one of the rubber handles had pulled off and the poor thing was hanging by one small cable .. you know those River Boaters ..
.. we all explored by Dinghy the “Bimini Road” or “Atlantis” .. we used Johns Viewing Bucket and was able to see the flat areas and in one place there were 6 large square pieces of stone, resembling Pillars..  very interesting .. the girls went shopping and came back with Bahama Bread and Cookies along with reservations for dinner at “Ediths”  She will take us at 07:00 and serve some type of Seafood ..
.. the afternoon found the boys tweeting their Water Makers and retying the Dinghy several times .. of course the girls headed over the hill, snorkel tubes in hand to practice and maybe find a little Sea Glass ..
.. Edith's is located on the water in Porgey Bay .. a good distance from the Marina .. we took the Tram there and back .. the food was local Bahamian fore and very good .. John and Betty had Lobster, Marv and Mary Kay had snapper,  Marv’s fish still had the head on and kept looking at everyone .. YUCK ..
.. after we returned to the boats, guess what?  3 dippers each of Butter Pecan ..
Friday June 06th
location - Bimini Islands
Dinghy to Bimini Bay
Fixer Upper - Bimini
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Resort, Bimini Islands ( 242-347-3166 ) ..
.. we had a clear, sunny and WINDY .. Marv has extended our days here till this wind decreases .. looks like it will probably be Monday before we head out from here ..
.. this morning we took the Dingy and explored the new complex about 2 miles North of our Marina .. ie “Bimini Bay” .. we had stayed there a year ago and it is amazing how much they have accomplished in one year .. there is a huge new Marina that is still under construction, many more Houses and countless Condos .. they have even made a man made Island with lots for 30 homes with boat docks behind every house .. their Five Star Restaurant just opened for business .. and they many more things in the plan, they say it is only approx one third done .. we had lunch “Grouper Fingers” at the Pool Bar area .. the boys found a shop that had Gelato “Italian Ice Cream” so you already know what they had for dessert ..
.. when we made it back to the Boats Marv and John set off in search of some fresh fish for dinner, but came home empty handed so Mary Kay and Betty prepared dinner ..
.. after the sun had lost its intensity about 4pm the girls once again went over the hill to the Beach in search of Sea Glass and YES Kim we found 4 pieces of BLUE glass .. they even had a nice swim and got cooled off .. this weekend is the Bahama Labor Day and they set up a DJ and some huge speakers just down the street .. very loud speakers ..
.. we had a fishless dinner on Back Deck on Root Beer Float  ( fresh green beans, with little potatoes, onion, and Ham) .. Marv made some Cornbread while we were at the Beach .. the guys had a warm cinnamon baked desert with the last of the Butter Pecan Ice Cream on it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOTE - the free Internet System at Bimini Blue Water went down so I signed up for the Internet at the Big Game Marina but I am unable to connect with the Dee Light Server to update our Trip Log .. ??? ..
Saturday June 07th
location - Bimini Islands
Sunset Picnic on the Beach
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Resort, Bimini Islands ( 242-347-3166 ) ..
HEADLINES - WASHINGTON (June 7) -- Sen. Hillary Clinton on Saturday formally ended her presidential campaign and expressed her support for the Democratic Party's presumptive nominee Barack Obama ..
.. we had another Sunny and Windy day .. the breeze feels awesome but we rocked and rolled all night .. the Girls did laundry, Mary Kay took theirs to Laundromat and cost her 11.00  for 2 loads .. water sells for 50 cents a gallon here, must have had something to do with it .. the Guys stayed on the Boat and looked at Charts and Maps and lats and lons  ect.
.. in the afternoon Mary Kay and Betty took off for a really long bike ride .. they ran out of road and had to push their bikes thru sand and over rock but saw a lot of the town .. one of the 3 Billy Goat Gruff live here under a porch, we wasted no time getting on down the street .. Mary Kay learned about harvesting the Conch and picked out a beautiful pink shell from a huge pile of discarded shells on the Warf .. they stopped by the Straw Market and got Marv another loaf of Bahama bread and a coconut roll .. Julia called the Church where she goes and I talked to the pastors wife and the Church Bus will pick us up at 7:30 am .. Betty loves Black Spiritual Music ..
John went for a ride on his bike to look for fresh fish for Sunday Dinner but came back with barbeque ribs hmmmmmm .. in addition to the Ribs for dinner Mary Kay made a delicious picnic and we ate it on the Beach at sunset time .. we walked back to boats and of course had their 3 scoopers of Strawberry !!!!!!!!
Sunday June 08th
location - Bimini Islands
Gateway Church
Mary the Sheller
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Resort, Bimini Islands ( 242-347-3166 ) ..
.. we woke to a brief rainstorm, and the sun came right out along with the breeze and another glorious day .. the Gateway Church Bus was late so some native man gave us a ride .. Julia had recommended her church,  as  we had asked where to go that the music was good .. the congregation was very friendly, the worship service was very different  from the Lutheran or Catholic Church but the message the same, the music was much different also .. more of a chant than the hymns we use .. the pastor drove us back to the Marina, and told us of the School and work of the church .. Pastor Gilbert Rolle was born here on the Island of Bimini .. he became a member of the Universal Household of Faith. , and was ordained a Minister  in 1997 on  Grand Bahama, returned to His native island to preach for one month, after seeing the desolation of the people he remained and started the Gateway Outreach Ministry, named as Bimini was known to be the Gateway of the Bahamas for drugs and illicitness ..
.. in the afternoon we took the Dinghy out for a shakedown cruise to look at taking a shortcut when leaving tomorrow am, but the guys decided not to go that way as it would be low tide and didn’t know if there would be enough depth .. when we got back we loaded it back on the bow of Dee Light in preparation for the trip tomorrow .. we had a Pasta Salad and grilled chicken on the Back Deck of Dee Light and right after dinner the Gals headed back to the Beach for a few more treasures .. and were they lucky again !! ....
Monday June 09th
location - Cruising
Southern Boating's 2008 Swimsuit Edition
Fishing Boats
.. to continue with our
Trip Log
click on Log B
Travel - Bimini Islands to Chub Cay Club Marina 85 Nautical Miles -
.. Great Sunrise has Marv out taking pictures .. John wanted to top off his tank so moved to fuel dock at 7:00 am when they open but guess what they are operating on Island Time .. so we pulled out of Marina at 7:45 , OH-MI-GOT the diesel is $6.25 and gasoline 6$.00 .. never in your wildest dreams would you think fuel would ever reach this level .. the 86 nm cruise to Chub could not have been better Betty even had three LONG naps .. the Seas were calm all the way to Chub Cay we noted a great variation in the depth from less than 6ft. mlt all they to 7,000 when crossing the Tongue of the Ocean ..
.. arrived at Chub Cay Marina 1:30 pm .. it is a primo Marina filled with ALL large boats most of them bristling with fish poles .. Chub is the location of Southern Boating's 2008 Swimsuit Edition photo shoot in April .. so the first thing that we did upon arrival was to check out to see if there were any Bikinis left from the Photo Shoot .. but we are out of luck .. gotta keep looking ..
.. right after we got checked in at the Marina the Gals took off for the Beach near the Marina Entrance .. it appears to be man made and the Sheller's returned with near empty pockets .. they were quite disgusted with the little man-made beach finding only a meager few butterflies
.. when we were in route Betty had spilled her “lunch” all over the galley as Marv hit a wake from a larger boat so had to look up the laundry and wash the throw rugs .. it was on the other side of the Marina, on the way she passed a “fish cleaning house”.  Inside  it was very cold and smelly with sinks and metal cabinet tops all the way around filled with fisherman cleaning their catch .. she saw many large dolphin ( not Flippers) .. must have been a great day in the fishing world ..
.. a few years ago the Marina was closed down for remodeling .. it reopened a few years ago but the remodeling is still going on .. with DEEP waters just outside the Marina this area is a very popular fishing area .. a real fishing haven .. thus the Docks have many fishing Boats .. shortly after we were docked a group of six Boats arrive that are traveling together .. they are from Miami .. they were at Bimini the last two nights and will be heading to Nassau from here .. we spent much time sharing notes with them ..
.. later we had dinner at the Marinas quite small Harbor Club .. the Catch of the day was great .. once back to the Boats it was time for a 3 dipper treat for the guys and diet Jell-O for the gals ..we had a trip planning session over YUP Ice Cream ..
Tuesday June 10th
location - Chub Cay Club
In Port - Chub Cay Club Marina ( 242-422-7183 ) ..
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