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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2008- Log  C
Highbourne Cay to Compass Cay
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Tuesday June 17th
Travel - Hurricane to Highbourne
Highbourne Cay
Dinner on the Dock
House on private Island
Long Cay
Travel - Nassau to Highbourne .. 37 Nautical Miles ..
.. we made it across the Waterway and were tied off to the Nassau Yacht Harbour Fuel Dock by 06:15 am .. we wanted to get to the Fuel Dock before any other Boaters so we would not have to wait for other Boaters to Fuel up ahead of us .. as we waited for the Fuel Dock to open ( 08:00 am ) up we watched Sabrina ( FOX 4 TV - Fort Myers ) for our last time as we will be outside the Fort Myers Direct TV Cone when we head East out of Nassau .. the cost for Diesel was $5.73 a gallon and we took on 648 gallon .. UFFFDA !! .. once fueled up we headed out of Nassau at 8:45 AM into two to three footers on our Port Side with 10-15 knot winds from the South .. we had a bright and Sunny day for our cruise .. and we had a beautiful cruise to Highborn .. we wound our way thru the Rocks and Coral that guard the entrance to the Marina and was in our Slip by 11:45 am .. Betty and Mary Kay went right to the Grocery / Souvenir Store where Betty found the hand painted tops and visors that she had seen there before and brought a pink one back to the boat .. Mary Kay enjoyed the 8 Sharks and 2 Rays that were swimming at the end of the Fuel Dock .. Joel brought his bread and Johnny Cake for our dinner later tonight UMMMMMM .. Marv splashed the Dinghy and washed out the interior of it quite well as he had forgotten to put in the Plug .. ( just cant trust those River Boaters ) .. the four of us went exploring the area via Dinghy and found a beautiful Bay with a wonderful white sandy Beach where the girls found a number of Sand Dollars and just enjoyed the water .. we could see that there were at least two people inside the House on the Beach but they would not respond to our hand waving etc until just as we were leaving we saw the Guy walk to the Beach without a 'stitch' on .. later I looked up the location of the Beach and found that it is a 'Private Island' ( Long Cay ) .. if I knew that it was private I would have taken more photos .. when we got back to the Boats we had dinner on the Dock just behind Dee Light .. the waters here are unreal .. they are every shade of blue, clean, clear, warm etc .. it would seem this is truly Paradise .. no 3 dippers again tonight too much Johnny Cake ..
Wednesday June 18th
Location - HighbourneCay
Highbourne Cay
Sharks at Highbourne Cay
visitor at our dinner on the Beach
In Port - Highbourne Plantation ( 242-356-1008 ) ..
.. Marv and John worked on Ryan's Plane Ticket from Nassau to Staniel most of the morning. Ryan ( John's son ) will be flying from Sierra on Saturday the 21st .. and Ryan catching up with us on Sunday morning the 22nd at Staniel Cay ..
.. since there is a flat rate on electrical and a charge of $.50 per gallon for water both John and Marv ran their Water Makers .. I hesitate to write this in our Log but as of to date we have not had to change or clean out a Filter on anything ( ie Fuel Filters, Generator Filter, etc ) and both of our Water Makers have not missed a beat .. it was overcast and mid day we had a light rain but that did not stop Betty and Mary Kay from exploring the local Beaches and yes they brought more treasures ( ballast ) back to the Boats .. when Betty returned to Dee Light she noticed a large Power Cord running out the back window to the Dinghy ..  OPP's .. Marv forgot to shut the power off last night on the Dinghy and sure enough it was dead this morning ..
.. just down the Dock from our Boats is the Boat PRESS ON REGARDLESS from Miami Florida .. the owner is the Owner of the magazine Southern Boating .. and the Boat docked right next to is the Boat OLD GLORY that was used for a number of years in the American Cup Races as a Viewing Boat .. the owner of the Boat is constructing a House on Norman Cay .. after lunch we walked to the end of the Dock at the Marina where about ten Sharks were looking for their lunch .. they really gave Autumn a doubletake ..
.. in the afternoon we watched Tim Russert's eulogy on TV .. what a loss ..
.. Mary Kay and John prepared a delicious Pork Chop dinner with seasoning from PATTY'S in Green Turtle
Marina in Tennessee .. we carried it over to the Beach Picnic Table and enjoyed the sound of the Waves and
the little Yellow Finches that joined us for dinner .. after dinner we walked up the hill behind the Marina and
enjoyed the view of the Ocean on the other side of the Island .. Marv had 6 Deviled Eggs for dinner but even
that did not stop him from his usual 3 dippers ..
Thursday June 19th
Location - Highbourne Cay
Eric Dock Hand - Highbourne
In Port - Highbourne Plantation ( 242-356-1008 ) ..
.. we got a light rain last night so our Boats are again salt free ..
.. in the morning after a Thunderstorm but it passed quickly and the sun came out and it was bright and
sunny all day with 20-25 knot winds .. we asked Eric the Dock Hand at Highbourne Plantation for advice on
taking the Dinghy to Normans Cay for lunch .. about 10:00 am we headed South to Norman's Cay and the
Beach Club at Mac Duff's ( formally Mac Duff's Bar and Grill ) for lunch .. we tried to head down the East side
of the Islands as the winds were coming out of the Southwest .. John was ducking as he was riding in the
bow .. Marv tried several different routes but no better .. well so much for a good plan .. we got our Dinghy
into 4 to 6 footers with no sign of any change so we surfed back .. on our way back to the Marina Betty and
Mary Kay spotted a new to them Beach so right after a quick lunch on our Boats they headed out on foot for
the Beach .. the shelling was poor but had a good time .. there is no such thing as a bad Beach .. they
returned with much additional Ballast for our Boats ..
.. yesterday Betty had shared some of her sea glass and helped “Debbie” on this Nordhavn to make a
necklace from her favorite shell .. so today she stopped by Dee Light and gave us 2 huge Filet Mignon steaks
in repayment .. we had seen a fresh Cauliflower in the little Store at the Marina so Mary Kay went up to get it
and “OH_MI_GOT”  it was $6.97 for one little one .. John grilled the steaks for our dinner .. we again had on
the Beach .. just as we were finishing dinner the winds changed direction by 180 degrees and the Birds came
from all directions .. we thought that we were in the center of Alfred Hitchcock's  movie 'The Birds' .. 40 to 50
birds were all around us within seconds and once the food was gone they disappeared .. after dinner we went
back to the Dock for our desert .. the rains held off long enough for us to polish off a couple of bowls of ..
YUP .. Ice Cream and diet Jell-O ..
Friday June 20th
Travel - Highbourne to Staniel
Waterspout at Highbourne Cay
Staniel Cay Yacht Club Bar
Travel - Highbourne to Staniel ..
.. this morning when we walked up to the Office ( 07:50 am ) to checkout we spotted a huge Waterspout just West of the Marina and it appeared to be coming right for us as was not moving either North or South .. and right with it was a beautiful Rainbow... and sure enough I did not have my Camera so I ran down the Dock .. good for me the Waterspout lasted over 40 minutes .. see photo to left ( a number of people have asked for a copy of this photo and it is now on the News Wall at Staniel Cay ) .. the Waterspout was followed by a downpour of RAIN and a good old fashion Thunderstorm .. we even saw the Exuma Park Warden Boat come into the Marina to get out of the Storm .. we waited in the Marina for the weather to pass before we headed out for Staniel .. we left Highborne at 11:45 after the stormy weather had passed thru and enjoyed a great trip to Staniel arriving at 3:00 pm .. the Dockmaster put 60 foot Dee Light into a 61 foot tie-along .. Marv's skill shone as he slid us right between those 2 Boats without touching anything .. UUFFFDDA !! .. Staniel Cay Yacht Club has a  great Bar-Restaurant-Marina, Internet Café and the food is good too .. needless to say right after a little Staniel Gift Shopping Betty scooted right up there and had her Kalik with glass of ice .. we splashed the Dinghy and explored the area, noting Thunderball, the mommy Pig with her Piglet on Big Majors and a couple of Beaches .. when Betty and Mary Kay were done with their shelling we hurried back to Marina and was ready for the dinner bell at 07:30 pm sharp .. and what a dinner it was .. can you believe they were too full for 3 dippers ..
Saturday June 21st
Location - Staniel
Big Majors Island
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club ( 242-355-2024 ) Chubby - Harbormaster .. http://www.stanielcay.com ..
.. the Internet Service is FREE here at Staniel Cay .. the Hot Spot that they have set up is in the corner of the YC Bar both inside and outside with the bugs .. during the day and evening it is SLOW mostly due to the Boaters that are anchored out come in to use it at that time .. but John and Marv have found that at 05:00 am if you can put up with the bugs etc it is MUCH faster .. a local Boy ( Andrew bout 11 years old ) came by the Boat looking for some work to do so I hired him to wash the Dinghy .. it did not need to be cleaned after all the rain yesterday but .. he was so cute ..
.. in the morning Betty and Mary Kay took a walk and went exploring .. they stopped at the Blue Market and Betty bought a cabbage for $5.40 .. she was sure there was some gold inside somewhere .. John splashed his Dinghy and spent some time troubleshooting the Motor .. it just wouldn’t run right .. John fussed and tweeted and even beached it and filed on the prop, all to no avail, but when John and Marv really got to looking close they discovered there was A SPARKPLUG WIRE off .. “ those river boaters”, one just never knows .. it ran like a champ after discovering the problem .. we spent part of the morning  exploring a few Beaches and Swimming Pigs and got in the water on a couple of them .. we ended up at the Thunderball Club for a drink before we headed back to the Boats for lunch ..
.. after lunch we took the Dinghies and our Snorkeling stuff to the Thunderball Cave .. it is very beautiful with  the fish, plants coral and underwater life .. Mary Kay made many  friends of the fish with her bag of green peas .. Marv took pictures with his Underwater Camera, but forgot to put in the Memory Card ( good thing that the Camera has a built in memory ) so I  know we will be returning tomorrow .. later we had a mini pitch in for dinner on Root Beer Float .. can you believe it they skipped the 3 scoopers again ..
Sunday June 22nd
Location - Staniel
Ryan arrives
Golf Cart Island tour
dinner at Staniel
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club ( 242-355-2024 ) - http://www.stanielcay.com ..
.. we had a sunny, breezy  and very warm day .. John and Mary Kay are so excited, their son Ryan is flying in this am to spend a couple of weeks with them on their Boat .. John's rented a Golf Cart and at about 08:30 am he headed to the Staniel Cay Airport to pick up Ryan .. he and his wife have been living in Syria and are on their way to Malaysia where they will be living and teaching for at least the next year .. we all are enjoying his being here .. Marv and Betty went to the local Baptist Church, the music was good as they increase the
Tempo and change some of the words as we had learned them as children .. all of us took the Golf Cart and went to the Ocean Beach.  With the color of the water, the crashing waves and high bluffs it is very beautiful.  guess what Kim, Mary Kay found a SEA BEAN, and of course Betty is quite envious ..
Marv and John took dinghy and went to Samson Cay to secure dockage for tomorrow night .. the Marina has had Marv calling back every day to no avail, but the expert manipulator was able to get us space .. Marv was able to find the Harbormaster and hopefully we will be able to get dockage there the next few nights when the winds are predicated to pick up .. YEAH .. Marv saw Bill and Michelle at Sampson ..  the girls and Ryan went to Thunderball Cave and did some snorkeling .. Ryan went thru the Cave and came out the Tunnel .. we were sure glad to see him come out Mary Kay lost her bag of peas but the fish must have remembered us from yesterday as they mobbed us again ..
.. when we had dinner at the Staniel Cay Bar-Restaurant Autumn got one of the Wing Doors open and joined some of the Boaters on the Dock for Docktails .. she also enjoyed the 3 scoopers that we had later on the Back Deck of Dee Light .. Marv and John were feeling generous as they allowed Ryan to have 3 scoopers also .. the girls enjoyed their diet Jell-O .. after our Ice Cream Ryan joined Marv and John at the Internet Cafe ..
Monday June 23rd
Travel - Staniel to Sampson
Sampson Cay Club
Shark feeding
Travel - Staniel Cay Yacht Club to Sampson Cay .. www.sampsoncayclub.com - 7 Nautical Miles
.. sunny, breezy, increasing to windy .. we got our Boats ready to move out and we waited for our call from the Sampson Cay Club .. with the winds we helped a number of the other boaters move out of the Marina .. at noon we got our call and yes we got dockage at Sampson Cay .. in route to Sampson the Generator on Dee Light quit .. good thing it was a short trip as we would not want to have our Ice Cream melt .. UFFDAA !! .. we were docked by 01:00 pm .. they put us by the Fuel Pumps in front of the actual Docks and tied next to us is of all things an 85 foot Pacific Mariner, of course Marv and Betty are drooling as it is their dream Boat ..
.. and sure enough we did not even have the Lines tied off and Mary Kay and Betty were off to the Beaches with Ryan .. they did return for a quick lunch and they were off once again to the Beaches and Flats .. Marv spent some time making water and checking out Dee Light's Generator and ended up E-mailing an old friend Bill Cooksey who now lives in the Exumas .. Marv printed some photos of the Water Spout as the word has spread  about the photo .. with the aid of the photo Marv has been using his most persuasive personality to get us dockage .. John spent part of the afternoon at the Internet Lawn Claire that overlooks the Flats behind the Marina .. Ryan is enjoying the beauty of this area and loves getting in the water and snorkeling .. after the Gals and Ryan returned we had a deelightful dinner at the Clubs Restaurant .. after dinner the Captain on the Boat next to us turned on their Underwater Lights and fed the Sharks that lurk around the Docks .. it is called “chumming” feeding the Sharks ground Fish that had been frozen .. there were 5 large ones with the little Parasite Fish along with them, coming to the surface, and circling the area .. believe me we all stepped back, and no one wanted to go swimming ..
.. everyone was so tired that we all ended up heading to bed without even one scoop of Ice Cream ..
Tuesday June 24th
Location - Sampson Cay Club
visit from the Defence Force
Sharks at Compass Cay
Bill and Michelle's Boat
the Sea Shell Shellers
In Port - Sampson Cay Club ( 242-355-2034 ) .. www.sampsoncayclub.com .. Sunny, Breezy, Very Warm
.. about 08:00 am we had a courtesy visit from the Bahaman Defence Force ( seems its their version of our Coast Guard, PT 42 ) .. we passed ..
.. Betty and Mary Kay went for a hike, Betty took her to the other beaches and to the nature trail that runs the length of the Island .. the trail is nothing like the trails we might know, having sharp Coral and large Water Holes and is quite steep in places .. a person needs not to slip and fall on the jagged and sharp Coral, we didn’t see one sign, just some little piles of rocks that point the way to go ..
.. Bill ( see photo ) was here about 10:00 am .. with his Pressure Testing Equipment we discovered a Water Hose that had a leak in it .. there was an Electrical Wire that has been rubbing on the Water Hose since day one and just now has developed the leak .. well with Bills help and a section of Water Hose from John we got the Generator repaired and running again by noon ..
.. after a quick lunch we took the two Dinghies out past Overyonder Cay and headed up Pipe Creek to Compass Cay .. the whole area is scattered with Inlets and small Islands .. Pipe Creek is very wide and runs between small Islands and Cays and lots of UGLY Coral Heads .. we stopped at the Compass Cay Marina and talked with Tucker .. he said that his son Trevor Rolle was taking over the operation of the Marina .. it is skinny water with a lot of Coral to get there so they will send out a Boat to lead you in .. we checked out dockage at the Marina in the hopes that we will be able to get in there in a few days .. we shopped at the Marina Store, had a Soda, MK did some shelling and Ryan played with the Sharks on the Dinghy Dock “petting them” UGH .. on our way back we checked out the Marinas Entrance and went past Bill and Michelle's Boat .. Bill is replacing his Generator and has his their Boat temporarily docked at Smidgen Cay .. Mike who owns the Island has been kind enough to let them use his Dock for the whole procedure .. they are normally on their Mooring out where the other three Vessels are moored just West of the Dock (on the other side of the Sand Bar .. the Island that Bill manages is Hatti Cay .. it is right next door to Smidgen .. they have a great neighborhood and is consider it to be one of the best spots in the Exumas  ( Pipe creek area ) .. they were relaxing in the waters off the Beach ..
.. when we made it back to the Marina it was approaching Low Tide and the Gals wanted to do some shelling in the Flats behind the Marina .. Ryan found many large Conch, a Horse Conch, and a small perfect Helmet.  Mary Kay and Betty's stash were smaller but respectable .. Ryan also found an old Camera that had at one time been a really nice Minolta ( see photo ) .. it appears to have been in the water a long time, so knowing that Marv has been wanting another Camera, gave it to him as a gift .. when they got tired we had a Pot-Luck style dinner aboard Root Beer Float .. no 3 dippers again tonight as all were way too tired ..
.. later the second Bahamian Defence Force boat came in. this one has 13 crew members PT 27 .. later the Defence Force had to move their 60 Cutter in the dark as the Mail Boat is due in later .. it was quite a sight ( Chinese Fire Drill ) ..
Wednesday June 25th
Location - Sampson Cay Club
US DECCA Station
picnic dinner
In Port - Sampson Cay Club ( 242-355-2034 ) .. www.sampsoncayclub.com
.. at about 05:45 am the weekly Mail / Supply Boat pulled up to the Fuel Dock .. in addition to all the supplies that they delivered there were many children returning from being off to school .. Tucker from Compass Cay came by Skiff to pick up supplies and two people ( see photos ) .. they restocked the little Store and Restaurant .. by evening the fresh produce in the Store was cleaned out .. we got 2 bananas and some grapes .. we made water again today and did laundry .. once we got organized for the day it did not take long for the Gals to head out for the Flats with their Schell Gear in hand .. when they got back they said that they were going to spend much of the day working on their treasures ..
.. the Guys took the Dinghy to the US DECCA Station .. when Front Page was here a number of weeks ago they said that there was a mostly sunk Aircraft at the DECCA Station that they tried to move to make more room along the Retaining Wall to tie off Boats .. we looked for the Aircraft but it was no ware to be found ..
.. when we got back from out Dinghy trip to the DECCA Station we found that the Gals had decided to have a picnic tonight at a cute little Tiki hut on a beautiful sandy Beach .. John cooked Hamburgers on his Grill .. when we walked to out picnic area we went up to the highest spot on the Island .. from there you can get a fantastic 360 degree view of the area including the Marina ( see photos ) ..
.. when we were having dinner the Fuel Barge ( see photos ) out of Nassau arrived at the Marina and pumped 2,000 gallons of Diesel into the Marina's Fuel Tank .. for some reason Fuel has become scarce in this area so they are rationing out the Fuel that they have .. and YES this was a 3 scooper night ..
Thursday June 26th
Location - Sampson Cay Club
MK and Betty's new Footwear
Misty's Memorial
picnic dinner
In Port - Sampson Cay Club ( 242-355-2034 ) .. www.sampsoncayclub.com
.. last night when I went to shut the Watermaker off I discovered that a High Pressure Hose had come off the end of one of the Water Filters so this morning I cleaned up the mess and at the same time cleaned up the last of the Generator stuff .. I also ran the Generator and all seams good to go .. with the am Low Tide Ryan took Lil Dee and the Schallers out to the Flats ..
.. when John and I were working on the Watermaker we saw a leak developing in the main Water Line for all of the Air Conditioners .. the incoming salt water had eaten a hole right thru the one inch nipple ( see photo ) .. I was really lucky as John had an extra one inch nipple that we were able to put to good use and we had the Air back in running order within an hour .. the word got out that the Fuel Tanker made it to Sampson last night so the Fuel Dock was BUSY all day .. we filled up both of our Dinghies also .. last year when we were here with the RPYC Boaters Bill and Sharon's dog Misty passed away when we were here .. I went and visited the Stone Memorial that we constructed ( see photo ) ..
.. in the afternoon Ryan and John took Lil Dee out to do some snorkeling .. it was so WINDY that they never even made it in the water but they had a great cruise all around the Island of Sampson Cay and into a number of small Bays ..
.. at about 05:00 pm Compass Cay said that they would have room for us for the next few days so we hoisted Lil Dee aboard the Bow of Dee Light and got stuff ready for our departure in the morning ..
.. later John grilled Fish on his Electric Grill and we had another picnic dinner .. this time we went to the Gazebo near the narrow entrance to the main Harbour .. for desert Betty made up the last of our Canolas that we had from a prior cruise ..  
Friday June 27th
Travel - Sampson to Compass
Dinghies to Rachel's Bath
Compass Cay - Sharks
dinner aboard Dee Light
Travel - Sampson to Compass Cay .. www.compasscay.com/press.htm .. 9 Nautical Miles ..
.. after the Marina woke up John relocated ( right before the Defence Force came back to the Marina ) to the Fuel Dock and took on some Diesel .. we left Sampson Cay just after 09:00 am ( low tide ) and with the winds at our back we had a great cruise to Compass Cay .. we called the Marina as we were approaching the outer Marker ( Red ) and the Marina sent out a Pilot  Boat that guided us into the marina .. I had put a course into both of our Nobeltec systems but the Marina has changed the route into their Marina since the last Nobeltec update .. good thing that we had a Pilot  Boat ( see photos ).. PT 27 followed us into the Marina .. they must be following us along ..
.. after getting docked and checked in we splashed the Dinghies and headed out for Rachel's Bubble Bath ( see photos and more photos ) on the North end of Compass Cay .. after beaching the Dinghies we walked upstream thru Rachel's Falls and at the end of the Stream we were treated to Rachel's Bubble Bath where the Seas crash into the Rocks and splash into a small pond .. ie Rachel's Bubble Bath .. what a 'photo op' .. we spent much time there as the 360 degree view was unreal .. and of course Mary came back with many more treasures ..
.. when we got back to the Marina we petted the Sharks and Ryan swam with the Sharks ( see photos ) .. we met Scott ( HIGH ON THE HOG ) from our home Marina ( Legacy Harbour Marina ) Fort Myers ..
.. Betty prepared a deelightful dinner aboard Dee Light .. and yes it did include .. yup .. Ice Cream ..
Saturday June 28th
Location - Compass Cay
Compass Cay Marina
land of the giants
In Port - Compass Cay ( 242-355-2137 ) .. www.compasscay.com/press.htm ..
.. the four of us headed out for a walk around the Island .. there are paths that have been developed mostly just for getting from point A to B to etc .. on the East side of the Island we found the 'Ruins' ( see photo ) of a very nice home that must have been a victim of a Hurricane .. John and I headed back after two hours but the others continued on for another two hour .. they tried to make it to the North end of the Island but did not get there .. on our way back John and I found a neat spot that overlooks the entire Marina ( see photos ) ..
.. after a quick lunch and a nap ( Betty ) we took the Dinghies out to explore some of the area Beaches etc .. it was so WINDY that we had to be selective on just where we ended up going .. after our last Beach I took Betty South to the DECCA Station as she had not seen it when we were there a few days ago .. as we were returning to the Marina we saw this huge Boat ( 130 foot Westport - SEA BEAR ie the owner is Jack Nickolas ) being guided towards the Marina by a small Pilot Boat .. our side entertainment for the day was watching the Captain dock the Boat in the winds and the current that passes thru the Marina Basin ( see photos ) .. they had 20 plus guests aboard and it did not take any time and the kids were swimming with the Sharks .. apparently Jack Nickolas is not aboard .. the quests are friends of his .. later the Crew arranged for their guests to be boated to Staniel for dinner and the Crew enjoyed dinner and a break on the Dock ..
.. a number of LARGE Boats have been in and out of the Marina since we first came here by Dinghy .. it is clear that Compass Cay has been discovered by the Mega Boats .. later we had a great dinner on the Back Deck of Root Beer Float .. and just after the sunset another Mega Boat ( MUSTANG SALLY ) moved in right next to Dee Light .. it came directly from Fort Lauderdale to Compass Cay with one stop at Nassau for fuel and customs ..
Sunday June 29th
Location -  Compass Cay
Compass Cay Marina
shelling at Rocky Dundas
Mega Yachts at Compass
SEA BEAR at night
In Port - Compass Cay ( 242-355-2137 ) .. www.compasscay.com/press.htm ..
.. the Crew from SEA BEAR splashed their three Dinghies and took the kids to the Beach ..
.. the owners of the Boat MUSTANG SALLY own the Pier that we are docked on .. this morning Tucker said that they may have another Boat coming in and thus we will have to move .. the Crew of MUSTANG SALLY also brought a large amount of miscellaneous supplies for the Marina ..
.. we took the Dinghies to a small Island called Rocky Dundas at the Conch Cut and close to the Exuma Land and Sea Park Boundary .. the entire area is just beautiful .. and I am not going to even try to describe it with words .. it was too windy to tie off on the Dinghy Mooring Balls so we beached the Dinghies on the back side of the Island .. there are so many Sea Treasures you could just scoop them up with shovels and fill the Dinghies .. and Mary Kay did just about that .. it had to be a Forty Pounder outing for her .. and did MK had a BIG smile on her face .. Root Beer Float sunk very low in the water and bubbled out a gasp ..
.. it was mid afternoon before we got back to the Marina and we were told that we would not have to move as they found a spot for the 85 footer that is headed this way ..
.. the Staff ( three ) at the Marina were busy grilling burgers for a large group of people that were on the Docks playing / feeding the Sharks .. and yes Sharks do love burgers ..
.. in the afternoon the Mega Yachts started to move in and the Docks were filled .. later a Boat that had reserved dockage many days ago was told that they had over booked the Marina and that they did not have dockage for them .. before dark they were able to squeak them into the Marina ..
.. we had another deelightful dinner aboard Dee Light .. Betty said that she has had it with cooking and that she is no longer going to cook once we are at a Marina where there is a Restaurant ..
.. after dinner we put together a Shark Sign with our names on it .. we will find a place for it in the morning .. the winds continued right thru the night ..
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