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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2008- Log  D
Compass Cay to Cave Cay
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Monday June 30th
Travel -  Compass to Warderick
arrival at Exuma Park
Exuma Land and Sea Park
Exuma Mooring Balls
Travel - Compass Cay to Warderick Wells ..
.. at near high Tide we watched SEA BEAR pull out of the Marina .. after taking on 71 gallons of water we checked out of the Marina and gave Tucker another photo that I took yesterday when all but one of the Boats were in for the night .. we were able to contact Warderick Wells on the Marine Radio at about 09:00 am .. Tom said that our two Mooring Balls were waiting for us .. after we took a group photo of both of our Crews in front of the Sign that we put together last night we headed out of the Marina ( 10:00 am ) .. we had a deelightful cruise to the Exuma Park with the WINDS at our Aft for the most part .. by 11:30 am both Boats were secured to our Mooring Balls ( number 16 and 17 ) .. we wanted to get Mooring Balls number 14 and 15 because they are right in front of the Park Office but Tom said that a Charter Boat had first dibs on them .. Ryan launched their Dinghy and came over and helped me splash Lil Dee ..
.. after lunch we took the Dinghies into the Exuma Park Office and when we checked in we talked to Tom who heads up the Park .. his wife Judy took her mother back to the US to have some medical stuff checked out so Tom was solo in the Office .. he said that he could not wait for Jim and Kim to return from Fort Myers to help him out ..
.. in the afternoon we took both Dinghies and explored the area .. the Root Beet Float did some snorkeling and checked out a sunken ship that is located in the Mooring Field and the Crew of Dee Light visited a group of eleven Boats that were on Park Mooring Balls just Southeast of our Mooring Field .. a number of the Gals were out on the Decks getting a little sun topless .. I bet that they will need a lot of lotion rubbed in tonight ..
.. we had a great dinner aboard Root Beer Float including two to die for deserts .. just before we were ready to call it a day a 'blow' came thru the area .. we had winds over 35 knots, lightning, thunder and just a little rain .. we were all glad that we were on good solid Mooring Balls .. with the WINDS out of the Eastsoutheast we ROCKED and ROLLED all night ..
Tuesday July 1st
Location- Warderick Wells
Boo Boo Hill - Exuma Park
snorkeling in the rain
view of Beach from MB 15
Mooring Ball - Warderick Wells - Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park ..
.. it was a long night for Autumn as we had WINDS, lightning and thunder all night but almost no badly needed rain .. we did not even get the SALT off our Boats .. just when I was taking Autumn to Shore for her morning trip and when we were half way to shore a gust of wind and rain came thru but not enough to get much of the salt off the Boats .. when we thought that the weather had blown thru we took our Dinghies to the Park Office .. Root Beer Float will be able to move to Mooring Ball number 12 but the only alternate Mooring Ball for Dee Light is number 15 and that has been taken by another Boat .. after checking in at the Park Office we headed up to Boo Boo Hill .. all the time that we were on Boo Boo Hill it was Thunder, Lighting and there was much Lighting in the area .. our Board from Bahamas 2007 ( see photos ) is still in VERY good shape .. Front Page ( Gene and Kathy ) attached their sign to our Post .. John had made a small Ice Cream / Dee Light sign that we attached to Front Pages sign ( see photos ) .. the winds and spits of rain moved in so we head down to the Park Office .. the Bahamas Defence Force had moved in when we were on the Hill .. they took over the Dinghy Dock and the Staff part of the Exuma Office .. they watched 'R' rated movies as we waited in the rain for the weather to move thru .. right after lunch Root Beer Float moved to their new Mooring Ball .. later Betty joined Ryan and Mary Kay for some Park snorkeling but they gave up their snorkeling when the rains returned .. ie they were getting wet .. ?? ..
.. just after 03:00 pm we swapped Mooring Balls with the other Boat .. thanks to Denise .. now we feel like we are at home again as this is the Ball that we have been on before and the SUN came back out .. we will be able to rest WELL tonight .. after a very short cruise the Bahamas Defence Force ( P 43 ) returned to the Dinghy Dock for the night ..
.. just as we were getting ready for a deelightful fish dinner aboard Dee Light a floating ''hotel' ( Let It Be ) floated by us on its way to Mooring Ball number 19 ( see photos ) .. after our dinner we took the Dinghies for a nice cruise South of the Mooring Fields .. the winds were down and it was a great evening on the water ..
Wednesday July 2nd
Location- Warderick Wells
Parks South Mooring Field
Owner Johnny Depp
Parks South Mooring Field
Mooring Ball - Warderick Wells - Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park ..
.. we woke up to a mild breeze for the first time in many days .. as it has been VERY windy for days .. we are keeping a close eye on the Tropical stuff that appears to be developing well East of us at this time ..
.. before the Park Office opened up for the day we took our Dinghies to the Dingy Dock at the Office and met with Tom .. he reviewed with us the 'not to miss' stuff in the area and in short order we were on our way .. our day started out very overcast but by mid afternoon the sun came out and it was a great day .. we took the Dinghies to
- the Davis Plantation Ruins 1780 on Warderick Wells Cay ( see photos ) .. we beached the Dinghies and walked the stone trail to the stone Ruins ..
- the Parks South Mooring Field where we walked the trail to the Pirate's Lair .. do to the lack of rain the fresh water Pool was dry ( see photos ) ..
- Little Halls Pond Cay where we saw a 150 foot Turkish Boat ( VaJoLiRoJa - Owner Johnny Depp ) .. it is truly a work of art ( see photos ) ..
- the Sea Aquarium where we crossed paths again with a family on their Sailboat from New Orleans .. we snorkeled and had lunch aboard our Dinghies ( see photos ) ..
- the Submerged Airplane where Ryan dove and took underwater photos ..
- Sandy Cay .. the winds had picked up and the Tidal Current was ripping so it was too rough for us to do anything ..
- back to the Parks South Mooring Field where we found that two large Mega Boats had moved in .. we walked a couple of the small Beaches ( see photos ) ..
.. when we got back the Park Office was closed as Tom was off assisting a 50 foot Boat that ended up on a Reef at Conch Cut just South of the Park .. Tom was trying to keep it afloat until the Salvage Boat could get to it .. UUFFFDDA !! ..
Thursday July 3rd
Travel- Warderick to Staniel
Tropical Depression Two
last trip to Boo Boo Hill
dinner at Staniel Cay
Travel- Warderick to Staniel Cay - 23 nautical miles ..
.. gotta keep an eye on the weather Tropical Depression Number TWO has just developed off the Coast of Africa .. at this time it looks like it will be heading well East of the Bahamas ..
HEADLINES - According to a report by ESPN.com .. 'Brett Favre again could be having second thoughts about retirement' .. or is it just a rumor ..
.. after making one last trip to Boo Boo Hill ( see photos ) and checking out at the Park Office we floated away from our Mooring Balls and headed out for Staniel Cay .. we had a great cruise with 2 to 3 footers on our Bow for most all of the trip .. we had both Boats tied off at the Marina by Noon .. our Generators really like the Shore Power .. Ryan had RBF's Dinghy splashed before the lines were even tied off .. Ryan ended up snorkeling Thunderball again .. after a quick lunch we checked in and started to unload our garbage from the last few days ..
.. we had an afternoon of laundry, filling our Water Tanks, grocery shopping etc ..
.. with all the large Boats on the Docks the Shore Power is maxed out .. our power went off a number of times and we have been on our Generator more than the Shore Power ..
.. after eating on the Boats the last number of days and having to do all that cooking the gals ( Betty ) decided that we would have dinner at the Yacht Club ( see photos ) .. the routine at Staniel is that by 05:00 pm you must let the Bartender know that you will having dinner at the Club and you have to make your dinner selection off their Menu .. then just prior to 07:30 pm everyone gathers around the Bar waiting for the Dinner Bell that is rung promptly at 07:30 pm .. each party is escorted to their assigned table where you are served dinner that includes desert ( not Ice Cream ) .. once we were back to the Boats we were able to switch over to Shore Power and give our Generators a well deserved break ....
Friday July 4th
Location - Staniel Cay YC
Dinghy to Black Point
The Garden of Eden
Lorraine's Cafe
Iguanas at Gaulin Cay South
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club ( 242-355-2024 ) Chubby - Harbormaster .. http://www.stanielcay.com ..
.. the Marina is FILLED to its max .. and with more large Boats than ever ..
.. the winds have picked up again but we took our Dinghies and headed for the Black Point Settlement just South of Staniel Cay .. most all of the people that work on the Islands that we have been at the last number of days live at Black Point .. when we pulled up to the Main Pier the native kids were jumping, diving into the waters having a great time .. we walked down the main road where we enjoyed a whimsical "Garden of Eden" created by Billy Rolle ( Tucker's brother ) a local residents .. the Garden of Eden is a collection of driftwood, shells and odds and ends to bring a smile to anyone viewing this masterpiece .. at Black Point there is a "blowhole" within walking distance of the Cottages where Sea Spray whooshes through on the Tide continue down the road to a fabulous Ocean Beach .. the community has many colorful houses, along with a Clinic, School, three Churches, Grocery and Restaurants .. we ended up having lunch at Lorraine's Cafe .. she is really a neat lady .. at Lorraine's Cafe she has a bulletin board that is one giant Calling Card... when we were there we spotted a Business Card that Gene and Kathy ( Front Page ) had left when they were here a number of weeks ago .. after a great lunch we started towards the Dinghies but before we made it back to the Dinghies Betty and Mary Kay stopped at at Eunice's home and bought two Beach Mats from her .. Betty bought a straw Hat from her last year ..
.. on our way back to Staniel we stopped at Gaulin Cay South where we beached our Dinghies .. we found a number of Iguanas along the Beach .. they were quite aggressive looking for food .. John had a couple of Rice Crispy Bars that he shared with them .. Betty and Mary Kay cruised the Beach and found many additional treasures including a small Helmet Conch Shell that she gave to me for my Office area ..
.. when we did get back to the Marina the Shore Power was off again .. must be too many people using the Hair Dryers again ..
.. the Staniel Cay Yacht Club set up a Fourth of July Dinner and Fireworks .. the Bahamas Independence Day is not until July 10th but the Islands in this area depend on the American tourist so MUCH that they celebrate our holidays with us .. the dinner was a Pig and Turkey Roast ,, everyone there thought the the Pig came from Big Major Island where the Pigs will swim out to the Dinghies for garbage .. the dinner and deserts was GREAT .. and the Fireworks went on and on .. Autumn was not a happy Boater .. she just put her paws over her ears ..
Saturday July 5th
Location - Staniel Cay YC
John and Ryan heading to Airport
Swimming Pigs
Big Majors Cay
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club ( 242-355-2024 ) Chubby - Harbormaster .. http://www.stanielcay.com ..
.. it was a SAD morning aboard Root Beer Float .. Ryan did his final packing for his trip to Eau Claire Wisconsin .. the Air Port Security and Check In is at the SCYC Bar .. Ryan's pilot was having breakfast at the Bar .. we were also having breakfast when Ryan checked in and John and Ryan joined us for a few minutes before they took their Dinghy to the South end of the Airport .. its only about 50 feet from where you can dock the Dinghy to the Airport .. the Airplane was a little late as space was made for a woman that needs to get to a Hospital ASAP she got hurt last night in the SCYC Bar ..
.. this morning BERTHA still looks like it will pass by this area to our East but I have learned the hard way to respect these Tropical things ..
.. after Ryan left it was a day to catch up on 'Boat stuff' but in the afternoon we did take Lil Dee out one more time to explore around the Big Majors Cay Spot .. we went to the Beach where the Swimming Pigs hang out to see if any of them survived the Pig Roast last night .. Mary Kay had some Pig Food ( food scraps ) and sure enough there was one Pig on the Beach with a big smile .. much like seeing a Turkey after Thanksgiving Day .. the Pig swam right out to us and devoured everything except the celery .. must have reminded him of stuffing .. after we ran out of Pig Food we found a couple of Beaches that the Gals had to check out for treasures ..
.. when we got back to the Marina we hoisted Lil Dee up on the Bow of Dee Light and got the Boats ready to head out in the morning .. after we cleaned up we had a great dinner aboard Root Beer Float .. and yes Ryan we did have a three dipper again tonight ..
Sunday July 6th
Travel - Staniel to Cave Cay
Cave at Cave Cay
the Galliot Bank
Apple Murex
Travel - Staniel Cay to Cave Cay - 26 Nautical Miles ..
.. after a quick check on BERTHA and after checking our of the Marina at the Bar we headed out for Cave Cay at about 09:00 am .. we had 3 footers plus rollers at our Bow most all of the trip and once we headed towards the Galliot Cut the waves back off .. we had a Chinese Fire Drill trying to dock Dee Light with the principal issue being a communication problem .. once we got some help from the Crew of the only other Boat ( GENOVEVA 11 ) in the Marina who hardly speak any English but know the basic principals of Boating we got our Spring Line on the correct Cleat and all went much better .. all in all by just after 11:00 am we were both in our Slips and securely tied off .. the Owner of the Marina Steve Cone came out to welcome us back to his Marina .. he is a great Guy and has sure put his heart and sole into this development ..
.. it did not take long and we had the Dinghy splashed and after a quick lunch we headed out to do some exploring .. we first went to a small Beach right outside the Entrance to the Marina where we found an unlimited supply of Conch Shells .. there was also a most unique 'Cave' for John and I to get out of the Sun in .. after loading up the Dinghy we headed West about two miles to a huge Sand Strip Beach called the Galliot Bank that is only exposed at Low Tide where we found more Sea Treasures than I thought that the Dinghy could handle .. Mary Kay found a large Helmet Conch and a huge Horse Conch that were both alive so she returned them for someone else to find .. the WINDS had picked up so it made a 'salty' trip back to the Marina Entrance .. the real highlight for the day was right back inside the Marina Basin were Betty found an Apple Murex almost in the exact same spot where she found one here last year .. Betty gave it to Mary as a special gift .. this is only the second one that Betty has ever found in all of her years of shelling ..
.. after cleaning up out salt encrusted bodies we had a light dinner and YUP Ice Cream .. Betty put together a Berry Berry Berry Ice Cream for John and I .. Mary Kay and Betty had their diet Jell-O ..
Monday July 7th
Location - Cave Cay Marina
Little Farmers Cay
Ocean Cabin
the Shellers
In Port - Cave Cay Marina - http://www.cavecay.com/ .. (954-803-8330 ) .. Harbormaster - Cedric ..
.. the only Internet on the Cay is at the Owner's Office so updating the Log and doing E-mail takes longer .. overnight Tropical Storm BERTHA has become Hurricane BERTHA ( the first Hurricane this season ) UUFFDDDA !! .. when we made it to Cave Cay yesterday it was WINDY and since then the winds have continued to increase .. Cave Cay Marina is a 'Safe Harbor' as the Cay is much like a donut and the Marina is in the center of the donut ..
.. I took my Laptop up the hill to the Owners Office and hooked it up to his Internet System ( see photo ) to updated our Log and check my E-mail .. his System is a Satellite System and is quite fast .. Cave Cay is a 'working' Marina and is self-sustaining with 'stuff' all over .. Steve has been developing the Marina for 14 years .. and has his new Home on the Ocean Ridge all but done .. the hospitality here is second to none .. Steve says to treat his place like your 'home' ..
.. later in the morning after getting a few things done around the Boats we took Lil Dee to Little Farmers Cay for lunch .. the trip to Little Farmers Cay was with the 18 knot winds so we were almost totally dry when we made it to Little Farmers Cay but when we returned we had the Salt Seas ( 5 to 6 footers ) going over the top of Lil Dee's new Bimini Top and the four of us got a real SALT BATH !! .. it was an adventure !!
.. we did have a great lunch at the Ocean Cabin .. and we managed to find a few T-Shirts that we just had to get .. the ceilings are lined with Burgees from all over the World and now there is one from the Legacy Harbour Marina with our Boat Names on it .. when we made it back to the Pier where Lil Dee was tied off there were some locals harvesting some Conch .. on our return trip the Gals had to take one more Beach / Schelling break and of course once we got back to the Boats they scraped one layer of salt off and headed out to explorer another Beach .. John power sprayed the Boats to get some of the salt off ..
.. this afternoon BERTHA became BIG BERTHA .. ie it went from a Category One to a Three ..
.. when the Shellers were out this time they had a little excitement .. the Beach that they were exploring is 'spoil' from the dredging of the Marina Basin and Betty started to sink into the soft Beach .. with Mary Kay's help she was able to get out and they kept right on shelling until almost dark ..
Tuesday July 8th
Location - Cave Cay Marina
click on image for a printable BIG BERTHA five day Track
Seas crash against the Coral
inside a Cave at Cave Cay
unique Sea Shell
In Port - Cave Cay Marina - http://www.cavecay.com/ .. (954-803-8330 ) .. Harbormaster - Cedric ..
.. the first thing in the morning I turned on The Weather Channel ( ie no Internet on the Docks ) to check up on BIG BERTHA .. at this time it looks like BERTHA will track well East of us and may even track East of Bermuda ..
.. with Low Tide at about 07:30 am this morning when I headed to Steve's Office to get on the Internet John took Betty and Mary Kay to the Sand Shoal that is at the far end of the Marina Basin to do some shelling .. on the way to the Beach they stopped at another Beach within the Marina Basin where John found a Sea Bean Shell .. when the Shellers had the Beach picked over I picked them up in the Dinghy ..
.. when we were at Little Farmers Cay we saw two Cruisers at the Yacht Club's rickety Dock .. this morning one of the Boaters took their Dinghy to Cave Cay to check out the Marina for dockage .. they were told by the Harbormaster that they had to be a guest of the Owner ( Steve ) to dock at the Marina .. we have heard this from others also .. I do not know how we rank ..
.. after a quick snack we took Lil Dee out to do some shelling and photos .. we tried to get to a Flats area just South of the Marina but it was way too windy and we decided that it would be better if the Tide was lower .. so we headed up towards the North end of Cave Cay where we found three Beaches to explore .. each area was more fruitful than the last one .. at the tip of the Cay we walked to the Ocean side of the Cay to watch the Seas crash against the Coral ( see photos ) .. it was a two Sea Bean day for John .. at the last Beach there was a Cave that I crawled back into to take some photos ( see photos ) .. at that Beach we filled Lil Dee with Conch .. we then headed slowly back to the Marina to unload .. once we got everything unloaded our original plan was to head back out to The Flats just West of Cave Cay .. ie at low Tied but The Shellers were TOO TIRED !! .. so we cleaned up and had a group effort dinner aboard Root Beer Float ..
.. one of the Sea Shells that we found today is quite a unique Sea Shell ( see photos ) .. if you know the name of this Shell please send me a note ( marvboater@aol.com ) .. we think that it is in the Murex family ..
.. we heard over The Weather Channel that BERTHA has lost much of its steam and is now projected to turn North much sooner .. YEA !! ..
Wednesday July 9th
Location - Cave Cay Marina
Galliot Bank Flats
Mary Kay's Sea Treasure
at Cave Cay Marina
'Galley Iguana'
In Port - Cave Cay Marina - http://www.cavecay.com/ .. (954-803-8330 ) .. Harbormaster - Cedric ..
.. according to The Weather Channel BERTHA is much weaker than at this time yesterday and should be Tracking well to the East of us ..
.. the Tide has been LOW in the mornings so right after I took Autumn out for a walk and we headed out in Lil Dee to the Galliot Bank ( Flats ) that is only exposed at Low Tide .. we first tried to approach the Banks from the WINDY side and that did not work at all so we went around to the back side and dropped the Shellers off and then tried to find an area to beach Lil Dee but with the winds it was rough all over .. when we were there a Tour Boat from George Town came by us and beached their Jet Boat ( Para Sail ) ( see photos ) for a few minutes just down from us .. John talked to the Captain and found out that the passengers ( a couple with their three sons ) were from Ohio and that with their draft they are able to take the Inside Route as it is better protected .. they also said that the Island just South of us is owned by David Copperfield .. he has a Resort type of complex on the Island .. the trip to the Flats was all worthwhile when Mary showed us the Sea Treasure ( see photo ) that she found .. the Crew was too tired to do any more shelling so we headed back to the Marina .. our trip back to the Marina was right into the WINDS and did we get our share of SALT .. I guess that you can only get so wet .. right after we docked Lil Dee Steve came by to check up on us .. he sure makes us feel right at home ..
.. this afternoon when I was up at Steve's Office on the Internet and Betty was doing laundry John and Mary Kay walked down the Airport Runway to the Beach at the end of the Runway .. among other stuff they found nine more Sea Beans about eighteen Lucky Beans .. I have been sharing weather and tropical info with the Crew on the only other Boat ( GENOVEVA II ) in the Marina ( see photo ) .. today when I brought their reports to them they invited me to come aboard which I did .. after reviewing Routs over their Charts they gave me a tour of the Boat .. it is a 64 foot Hatteras that was extended to 73 foot by the original owner .. they are from Chili and are brining the Boat to Chili .. once there they plan to use it as a Charter Boat ..
.. when we had dinner aboard Root Beer Float we were introduced to their 'Galley Iguana' .. when Ryan was here they thought the reason their cupboards are getting bear was due to Ryan .. wrong .. Mary Kay discovered that they have a  'Galley Iguana' ..
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