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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2008- Log  E
Cave Cay to Cat Island
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Thursday July 10th
 Independence Day
Location - Cave Cay Marina
Happy Birthday Autumn
The Shellers are really spoiled
view from Garbage Beach
In Port - Cave Cay Marina - http://www.cavecay.com/ .. (954-803-8330 ) .. Harbormaster - Cedric ..
.. it is Autumn's birthday today ( 9 years old ) .. ( see photo )
.. we have NEVER come across an area where the Shelling is SO GOOD .. there is not another place that even comes close .. the only thing that we can contribute it to is the lack of people, lack of boaters and the number of Inlets from the Sea .. what ever the case The Shellers are really enjoying it ..
.. this morning John said that he had some stuff to do around the Boat .. ie Air Conditioner Strainer and Fuel Filters .. so at Low Tide ( about 07:30 am ) I took The Shellers and headed out of the Marina .. there was a good sized Boat on the Hook right at the Marina's outer Markers .. we headed South to the Cave Cay Cut and stopped at one Beach near the Cut that was not to productive but at our second stop ( Jimmys Cay - North side ) Mary Kay found a to die for Tulip ( see photo ) .. then we headed South to a number of Cays that are owned by David Copperfield .. we knew for sure that we were at his Cays when we looked for the 'Conspicuous Round House' that is on our Nobeltec Chart only to find that David Copperfield has made it disappear .. it was no where to be found at all .. most all of the Cay's were posted with No Trespassing Signs .. Betty found another to die for Tulip ( see photo ) on Rudder Cut Cay one of David's Cays .. we went into a good size Pond on Rudder Cut Cay but did not even get out of Lil Dee .. it is the Cay's Dump .. we then worked our was further South stopping at most every Beach .. and we did not have an unsuccessful stop at all .. The Shellers are really spoiled as this area is the BEST SHELLING AREA !! .. Fort Myers and the Beaches of Florida will no longer be a treat for these two ..
NOTE - Steve said that the principal reason that the shelling is so good is that the Cays / Islands from Cave Cay and South are not Public Cays and most all boaters bypass the area .. ie they just go from Staniel to George Town and never explore the area ..
.. once back to the Marina The Shellers had to make one more stop at The Flats at the end of the Marina Basin even though it was not even near Low Tide ..
.. after a quick lunch we took a long walk to what we have been referring to as the Garbage Beach ( see photos ) .. ie there is much 'stuff' along the Beach that has been washed in from the Sea over a period of years .. looks like a lot of Cruise Ship stuff .. John and Mary Kay did the Beaches to the South where they found many new treasures ..
.. later we had a most deelightful Birthday Potluck Dinner aboard Dee Light .. and Autumn is the only one that had Ice Cream tonight ..
Friday July 11th
Location - Cave Cay Marina
Star Fish
Goat Cay ( owners are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw )
In Port - Cave Cay Marina - http://www.cavecay.com/ .. (954-803-8330 ) .. Harbormaster - Cedric ..
.. BERTHA is still a Hurricane but its Track is mostly North at this time and in this area the winds are FINALLY starting to go down a little .. Sunday looks like a good day to head for ( Emerald Bay ) George Town .. Mary Kay was up early to start working on her treasures .. The Shellers have the Finger Dock between the two Boats so covered with stuff that walking is a challenge and haven forbid trying to walk on the Dock after dark .. at Low Tide ( about 08:00 am ) I took The Shellers and headed South out of the Marina .. we went past Musha Cay and Rudder Cut Cay ( some of David Copperfield's  Cays ) .. we also headed further South past Rudder Cut and went between Little Darby Island and Darby Island to the Flats near Prime Cut .. from the first couple of shelling areas we could see Goat Cay ( owners are Faith Hill and Tim McGraw ) that appears to have an old Monastery type of structure on it .. we also found many Star Fish .. along the edges of the Beaches .. after spending some shelling time in this area we started to shell our way back towards the Marina .. we also stopped at Dove Cay and at the Cave Beach ( so I could take a photo ) on Cave Cay before returning to the Marina .. when we made it back to the Marina The Shellers started to clean some of their treasures but they were tired so they took a well deserved nap .. I have been sharing my Buoy Weather and Tropical Weather updates with the Crew from Genoveva II .. tonight when I delivered my Reports to them they gave me a bottle of Chilean Wine for our dinner .. I am sure that it is very GOOD .. they are now planning to head to George Town on Saturday ..
.. every night that we have had dinner aboard Root Beer Float they have a special gift set out for us .. tonight was the same we had a great Chicken dinner and yes another gift .. they were really busy coming up with the ideas and then coming up with the special items .. MUCH appreciated ..
Saturday July 12th
Location - Cave Cay Marina
Steve's House
Lil Dee to Little Farmers Cay
Little Farmers Cay
Genoveva II heading to Chili
In Port - Cave Cay Marina - http://www.cavecay.com/ .. (954-803-8330 ) .. Harbormaster - Cedric ..
WEATHER NOTE - Hurricane BERTHA will go down in the record book as the first Hurricane to ever reach winds of 170 miles per hour in the Month of July ..
.. in the last 14 years Steve has created his own community here on Cave Cay .. his employees and their families are his family .. he provides all for them .. ie their food, shelter, employment, transportation, entertainment etc .. Steve has secured and mobilized all the tools and equipment to accomplish the changes that he is doing to the Island .. and this includes everything from an Airport Strip a Dredger and a Mobile Crane to Double A Batteries .. every two Months Steve takes the LCU ( Landing Craft Utility ) Boat to Fort Pierce for supplies .. when John was in the Service he operated a Boat much like Steve's LCU .. it takes a week to travel each way to Fort Pierce .. once there they will load the LCU with the stuff that Steve for the next two Months .. the inventory that he has assembled in the Sheds is unbelievable .. and his House on the highest point on the Cay is spectacular .. in the morning Betty and I took a walk up to see Steve's House up close ( see photos ) .. there were eight people working on it and it is all but done .. much of the interior is trimmed out right down to having the tables set, the wall hangings up, the Pantry stocked etc .. and the 360 degree view is spectacular .. I ended up exploring the House and Betty ended up walking on to the Beach at the end of the Marina Basin ..
.. The Shellers took the day off from shelling and spent the morning working on the treasures that they had all over the Finger Dock between the Boats .. but sure enough Mary Kay and John headed out to one of the Beaches for one last time before we leave in the morning ..
.. we saw the same Airplane that was here a few days ago land and Steve's wife with her dog got out .. Steve meet them at the end of the dusty Runway and brought her up to their new House .. Betty talked with her for a few minutes ..
.. in the afternoon Mary Kay said that she wanted to spend more time on getting her treasures ready for our trip tomorrow so Betty and I took one last trip with Lil Dee .. we headed North to Little Farmer's Cay and checked out the Yacht Club ( see photos ) .. we saw Terry out fishing with four young boys .. on our way back we stopped at Lansing Cay to check out one more Beach .. no shells at all .. just as we were heading for the Marina we saw Genoveva II heading out of the Marina for Chili ( see photos ) ..
.. John has been saying that he wanted to prepare a special dinner for our last night at Cave Cay .. and a special Shrimp and Steak dinner we did have .. topped off with YUP Ice Cream, diet Jell-O and a Football Treat for Autumn .. Mary Kay worked into the dark on getting her shells off the Dock and into the Boat ..
Sunday July 13th
Travel - Cave to George Town
the skies when we left Cave Cay
Emerald Bay Marina
The Shellers at the
Sea Shell Table
Travel - Cave Cay Marina to Emerald Bay Marina, George Town - 30 Nautical Miles ..
.. Thunderstorms moved in during the night .. Autumn was not happy but that did not stop MK as soon as you could see at all she finished up stashing her shells away right in the light rains ..
.. after checking out with the Harbormaster ( Cedric ) and his son it was about 08:30 am before we were out of the Marina .. the cruise South was bumper than what we had expected as the winds had picked up due in part to the weather that was moving thru .. once at Emerald Bay ( see photo ) we were directed to dock on D Dock and after both of us were successfully docked we were told that there was NO SHORE POWER on the Dock so we had to re-dock on H Dock .. with the winds and surge in the Marina docking both times was an experience .. but by 11:00 am we had both Boats docked .. the location of the Marina Office has changed and the new Office is more centrally located and much nicer .. but the SURGE at the Marina is unreal .. it was not this way at all last year .. the Boaters that have Slips here say that it can get much worse and I believe them .. I just may get out my Hurricane Lines ..
.. once we were settled out first trip out was to the Ice Cream Parlor .. I did not know that Edy's could taste so good .. after spending a relaxing afternoon we decided to spend the evening 'bumming' around the Four Seasons Resort' part of the complex .. we had the Marina Shuttle bring us to the Four Seasons area .. the first thing that The Shellers found was a long Table that was totally covered with Sea Shells ( see photo ) .. after a quick look around we ended up at the Hotel Bar for a drink and snacks .. from there we headed to the Casino to make our contribution that has been burning a hole in our pockets .. and that did not take long at all .. we were amazed as how few people are around the grounds, the restaurants, the Bars, the Casino etc .. by the time that we made it back to the Boats the surge was down a lot from earlier in the day ..
Monday July 14th
Location - Emerald Bay Marina
Peace And Plenty ( celebrating their 50 year in business )
Emerald Bay Marina
In Port - Emerald Bay Marina .. http://www.emeraldbayresort.com/marina.html ..
.. the surge in the Marina Basin rocked us all night .. in the morning Betty took at walk ..
.. yesterday I talked with the owners of the Boat ODIN ( Fort Lauderdale ) he said that they were going to go into town with their Pickup Truck and offered a ride if we wanted to go along .. so today we went with them into Downtown George Town .. when we made it to George Town they did some shopping etc and we went to the Exuma Docking Service Marina Office which is in the Fuel Station near the Marina .. after walking the Docks and talking to the Harbormaster we decided to move from Emerald Bay to Exuma Docking Service in the morning .. we ended up having lunch at Peace And Plenty ( celebrating their 50 year in business ) that overlooks the George Town Harbour .. Mom's Bakery sets up her Shop ( Van ) near the Marina so we just had to check that out also and of course we just had to get some Bahaman Bread .. on our return trip we stopped at a couple of different Shops and at one of the stops John found his Cheerios .. apparently Mary Kay has been eating his Cheerios ..
.. we decided to take the Marina's Shuttle again to the Four Seasons section of the complex for the evening .. we ended up snacking our way right thru dinner as we moved from one part of the complex to the next .. 
Tuesday July 15th
Travel - Emerald Bay to George Town
Genoveva II heading to Chili
Exuma Docking Service
Travel - Emerald Bay to George Town - Exuma Docking Service Ltd George Town - 242-336-2578 .. VHF Channel 16 'Sugar One' .. 10 Nautical Miles ..
.. we are keeping a close look at a Tropical Disturbance which located about 950 miles East of the Lesser Antilles .. when I went to the Marina Office to check out I saw Genoveva II heading out to Chili ( see photos ) .. our plan was to leave at about 11:00 am because the Tide Chart that we picked up when we got here showed the Low Tide at 11:00 am .. well we must be in the Bahamas because the updated Tide Chart today has the Low Tide at 12:00 pm .. so we stayed a little longer just to be safe and ended up leaving at 12:30 pm .. the Navigation Charts show the water depth at the Marina Basin to be at about 1.7 meters at Low Tide so by leaving about 12:30 am we will have a rising tide when we get to the Marina .. we had a very short cruise of about 10 Nautical Miles and it was not long at all when we found ourselves heading into Elizabeth Harbour ( about 9.2 miles by 1.2 miles ) that lies between the Great Exuma Island and Stocking Island .. this area was dredged out by the United States during World War Two and used as a staging area for the US .. the waters are skinny and the Route is not marked at all so we went real slow .. it was not long at all and we found ourselves backing into the first Slip right by the Fuel Dock .. the Harbormaster was out for lunch so a visiting Sail Boater helped us with our lines .. the Marina Office is in the Gasoline Stations Office .. the Gas Station is not doing any business at all as they are out of Fuel .. after getting settled in Betty headed out in search of a Medical Clinic to have her blood tested .. we decided to have a light dinner on the Balcony of Sam's Place Restaurant / Bar that overlooks the Marina .. and then we had Ice Cream and Diet Jell-O aboard Dee Light ..
Wednesday July 16th
In Port - Exuma Docking Service George Town
Chat and Chill
Stocking Island Boats
In Port - Exuma Docking Service, George Town - 242-336-2578 - VHF Channel 16 'Sugar One' - Samuel - Harbormaster ..
.. you can sure tell that the Roosters here are Bahaman Roosters as they are on Bahaman time .. they are out strutting and crowing all the time .. Betty had to go back to the Clinic this morning to have her blood checked so she headed right there after we got the Dinghy splashed in the 'lumpy' waters .. well they are on Bahama time also .. they said to come back the first thing in the morning .. ie at about 11:00 am .. since we were sitting right on the Fuel Dock we topped off the Fuel Tanks of both Boats .. this was the first time that we topped off Dee Light's Fuel Tanks since Nassau ..
.. we took Lil Dee for a WET ride across Elizabeth Harbour to Stocking Island .. we beached the Dinghy at Chat and Chill ( http://www.chatnchill.com/ ) for lunch .. after lunch Betty and Mary Kay explored the Beach but came back with empty pockets .. when they were done shelling we explored the Inner Harbors which are filled with Mooring Buoys and vintage Boats of all types .. we then went to Sand Dollar Beach just up the shoreline of Stocking Island .. The Shellers not only did not find one Sand Dollar but they did not find anything at all .. I think that they are spoiled .. after they were done shelling we had another wet ride back to the Marina .. since we had such a big lunch we decided to have a munchies on the Balcony of Sam's Place Restaurant / Bar .. we just enjoyed the view, the fresh air and watching Betty eat her Chicken Wings ..
Thursday July 17th
In Port - Exuma Docking Service George Town
 Cargo Ships at Government Dock
waiting at Government Dock for her Auto to arrive
Bridge to Lake Victoria
dinner at Splash
In Port - Exuma Docking Service, George Town - 242-336-2578 - Samuel - Harbormaster ..
.. we have been watching the Tropical Weather daily and as of this morning there is a LOT of activity .. the good news is that there are NOT any Hurricanes heading our way but the BAD news is the Tropical Weather has the system stirred up enough to provide us with a lot of WINDS ..
.. George Town gets its supplies ( nuts to Autos ) via Cargo Ships that arrive at the Government Dock three day a week .. ie Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday .. in addition to the regularly scheduled Cargo Ships there are additional ones that come and go also .. today there are three at the Dock .. we walked down to the Docks .. it was much like a Chinese Fire Drill ( see photo ) .. UUUFFDDAA !! .. I ended up stopping at 'Count Your Blessings' and got my hair CUT .. the gal that has the Shop flies in from Nassau every Thursday and has the Shop open for two days returning on Friday ..
.. since the Exuma Docking Service is out of gas I took Betty's Cart to the Shell Gas Station a short walk away for fuel for the Dinghy .. between my first trip and my second trip to the Gas Station a gal with a bunch of luggage, boxes etc appeared on the Dock right next to Dee Light .. she said her name is Helen Buckley ( French Canadian ) and that her 'X' had dumped her and her stuff ( see photo ) on the Dock .. she said that they they are from Sarasota and had headed out in his Sailboat about 10 days ago for South America with the idea of never returning .. she sat on the Back Deck of Dee Light and shared part of her saga with us .. later she stopped by and said that she had lugged all her stuff over to the Government Dock and that she had bought a ticket to take the Ferry to Nassau at 07:00 pm tonight .. she was not looking forward to going to Nassau in the middle of the night all alone but she knew that Nassau was the conduit back to the US .. Helen seamed to be a real nice person that has just had a real negative experience with her X and I wished her a safe return to Sarasota ..
.. in the afternoon we took the Dinghy under Queens Highway and into Lake Victoria .. there is a very nice Dinghy Dock right behind the Exuma Market ( grocery store ) and a large Dock of Boat Rentals ( behind the Shell Station ) but other than that there is not much more on the Lake .. we headed out and saw Island Cowboy heading into the Exuma Fuel Dock so we talked with them a minute .. after getting Fuel and a trip to the Exuma Market they are going  to Stocking Island to spend the night on the Hook ..
.. later we got a Taxi ride to Splash for dinner ( see photo ) .. Nancy from ODIN had suggested the Restaurant and thanks to her we had a great evening and dinner ..
Friday July 18th
In Port - Exuma Docking Service George Town
Autumn's Bahaman Hair Cut
John's 'catch of the day'
In Port - Exuma Docking Service, George Town - 242-336-2578 - Samuel - Harbormaster ..
.. when we got to George Town one of the first things that I did was to set up an appointment for Autumn to go to the Beauty Parlor .. so at 09:00 am this morning I took her to the local Exuma Pet Store ( Perez the Barber ) that is located within sight of the Marina .. it was quite an ordeal but after a number of Dog Treats Autumn strutted back to Dee Light with her Bahaman Hair Cut ( see photo ) .. when we were gone Betty walked back to the Clinic to get the results of her Blood Test and found it to be ok .. so both Autumn and Betty are happy campers .. a few days ago I asked Sheila ( Legacy Harbour Marina ) to send me my mail and sure enough about noon today my Federal Express package arrived .. much stuff to sort thru ..
.. after a trip to Mom's Bakery Van ( sits near Marina Entrance ) and a quick lunch we took the Dinghy and headed out to do some exploring ( shelling ) .. we headed out to the location of the new Marina that is under construction just South of here .. ie The Crab Cay Marina .. they are just getting a good start and it looks like it will be a few years before completion .. when it is done it will be a huge Marina complex that will rival Emerald Bay .. we stopped at a number of Beaches but The Shellers did not find much at all a few more Sea Beans, a Rams Horn ( see photo ) etc .. John was the big winner today when he found a huge Fender ( see photo  ) that we floated back to the Boats .. after we got cleaned up we headed to Sam's Place for a light Popcorn snack ..
Saturday July 19th
In Port - Exuma Docking Service George Town
The Hermitage Estates
Santana's Restaurant
Tropic Of Cancer Beach
Saturday Night Junkanoo
Conch Salad
area Youth Band
Band was from Nassau
the Junkanoo was WILD
the Junkanoo was WILD
In Port - Exuma Docking Service, George Town - 242-336-2578 - Samuel - Harbormaster ..
.. before heading out today I took a quick look at the weather .. boy it sure looks like more like September than July in the tropics .. UUFDDA ! .. other than the abnormal WINDS that we are having all else looks ok for the next few days ..
.. a few days ago I set up a Rental Car for today so after getting organized the four of us headed out to explore the Island by Auto .. we first went about 18 miles South or as the Natives say East to the end of the Great Exuma Island to a narrow one way that took us to Little Exuma Island .. on our way South we stopped at The Hermitage Estates .. there are NO sings directing you to what is there so much would be easy to miss unless you really took the time to explore .. once we made it to the end of the Island we headed back and stopped at all of the places that we noted on our way down .. three small children had spotted us on the way down and they knew that we would be heading back shortly so shortly after heading back they hailed us down .. they had just picked some small green things off of a tree in their yard that they wanted to sell us .. so Betty donated one of my dollars for six of the things and did that make their day .. they ran and screamed all the way back to their house .. we stopped at a number of Beaches so The Shellers could do their thing .. mostly the spoiled Shellers got nothing but a walk on the Beach ..
.. for lunch we stopped at Santana's Restaurant .. Santana's is a BRIGHT multicolored building right between the Road and the Beach right next to Mom's Bakery .. Denise is the owner and what a wonderful person she is ( see photos ) .. we got there at about 11:30 am, walked around, took some photos, placed our orders and just as we were served our most out of the world lunch a scheduled Van pulls up with a number of people for lunch .. well Denise was told that there was going to be five coming in the Van and twenty-three people piled out of two Vans .. it did not phase her at all without missing a beat she had all twenty-three served .. Denise's
mother owns Mom's Bakery ( her Bread and other stuff is sold out of their Van in the Parking Lot in front of the Gas Station that is also our Marina Office ) .. we enjoyed some of the best Cracked Lobster and Grouper lunches that we have had ever .. Santana's is where Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp boarded the Boats to go to the Island where they filmed Pirates of the Caribbean .. Denise is open everyday except Sunday and Monday ..
.. when we were at lunch NOAA announced Tropical Storm CRISTOBAL off the George coastline ..
.. after lunch we found a number of Ruins and Historic Sites that are for the most part very well hidden .. we had been told that the best Beach on the areas Islands was also along our route .. it is called Tropic of Cancer ( see photos ) and with some effort and NO SIGNS we found it ..
The Tropic of Cancer, or Northern tropic, is one of five major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth. It is the northernmost latitude at which the Sun can appear directly overhead at noon. This event occurs at the June solstice, when the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun to its maximum extent.
The Tropic of Cancer currently lies 23 26′ 22″ north of the Equator. North of this latitude are the subtropics and Northern Temperate Zone. The equivalent line of latitude south of the Equator is called the Tropic of Capricorn, and the region between the two, centered on the Equator, is known as the Tropics.
The line is called Tropic of Cancer because when it was named the sun was in the location of the constellation of Cancer (Latin for crab) in the sky at the June solstice. However, due to the precession of the equinoxes, the sun is now in the location of the constellation of Taurus at the June solstice. The word "tropic" itself comes from the Greek tropos, meaning turn, referring to the fact that the sun appears to "turn back" at the solstices.
The position of the Tropic of Cancer is not fixed, but varies in a complex manner over time; see under circles of latitude for information.
.. once we made it back to George Town we made a quick pit stop , took Autumn for a walk and headed North or West to the other end of the Great Exuma Island .. in addition to Ruins, Settlements and more stuff our number one stop was the Emerald Bay Ice Cream Parlor where we had our dippers and John bought two more gallons of Ice Cream .. we scurried back to the Boats with the Ice Cream and took another short break before we headed out to the Saturday Night Junkanoo ..
.. this was George Town's last Junkanoo of the season so it was very well attended and they pulled out all the stops .. with the lack of any rain in this area the Festival Grounds were dry and very dusty so they just simply blocked the main Highway on the Island and had their Parade right down the Highway .. the first Parade was all local High School +- age youth ( see photos ) .. it was called The Youth Band .. the second Band was from Nassau .. both were great .. the length of the Highway that was shut down was very short so they marched to the left and then to the right .. back and forth countless times .. after the Parade we watched Conch being harvested for Conch Salad ( see photos ) none of us wanted to try the Salad .. but we did have Conch Fritters, Bahaman BBQ Ribs, Bahaman Bread Pudding etc .. there was a number of Bands that played and the Bartender from Sam's Place ( see photos ) was one of the singers .. and the Junkanoo was WILD ..
Sunday July 20th
In Port - Exuma Docking Service George Town
Exuma Docking Service Office
St Johns Union Baptist Church
In Port - Exuma Docking Service, George Town - 242-336-2578 - Samuel - Harbormaster ..
.. we spent much of the morning getting ready to head out tomorrow weather permitting .. when Betty and Mary Kay went to do laundry at the Marina Laundry Room that is shared with the public they discovered that there were 'Laundry Quarter Thieves ( see photos ) .. some of the local gals managed to sneak some quarters our of the machine that Betty was using ..
.. after getting a few things done around the Boats Betty and I went to St Johns Union Baptist Church ( see photos ) just down the Road from the Marina and Mary Kay went to St Andrews Church on top of the hill .. after a quick lunch we decided to get together and plan out our next few days .. we decided to head out of George Town on Tuesday morning and with that we are going to go to Stocking Island in the morning to Hamburger Beach and Piece and Plenty's place ..
.. later Betty put together a most 'Deelightful' dinner ( Scallops ) aboard Dee Light ( see photos ) .. no Ice Cream tonight as Betty put together a great desert .. after dinner we went to Sam's Place and gave the Bartender a number of photos that I took last night when she sang at the Junkanoo ( see photos ) ..
Monday July 21st
In Port - Exuma Docking Service George Town
The Shellers
Peace And Plenty Beach Club
Peace And Plenty Beach Club
In Port - Exuma Docking Service, George Town - 242-336-2578 - Samuel - Harbormaster ..
.. at about 02:00 am Autumn let out a 'howl' that bolted me out of the bed .. Autumn would NOT stop at all .. I could not see anything at all when I looked up and down the Moon lit Dock .. so I hushed her up and went back to bed .. apparently someone tried to get aboard Dee Light and did not want to deal with the likes of Autumn so they went to Root Beer Float .. they boarded the Boat, went down into the Salon, found John's shorts, pulled out his plastic Zip Lock Bag and took all the cash .. they left all of his Credit Cards, Drivers License, loose change, Camera etc .. after hearing John's saga I gave Autumn an extra Dog Treat ..
.. the Electrical Power went down for a short time during the night so this morning the WI-FI System was down so there was no Internet until it was reset .. at about 08:00 am we walked to Town Cafe and Bakery for breakfast and what a breakfast it was .. we have seen what a huge carryout business that they do we thought that it must be very good and it was ..
.. we headed out in the Dinghy one last time .. the winds are down a little today so our ride to Stocking Island was not near as salty as our past adventures across Elizabeth Harbour .. before heading to Peace And Plenty Beach Club for lunch we just had to stop at a couple of Beaches .. it was almost a dry run .. again The Shellers are spoiled !! .. we had a great lunch at Peace And Plenty's Stocking Islands place .. it is MUCH different than their location at George Town .. we also met a group the took the Shuttle from Peace And Plenty and had a most interesting conversation with Jack Connoley who has a new Home just North of Emerald Bay .. he is now 79 but he was a writer for the Oil Business throughout the world .. his Granddaughter was visiting and looking for Sea Shells to return to Tennessee but was not finding any so Betty gave her the one shell that she did find this morning .. after lunch we stopped again at many Beaches along the way .. on one of the Beaches we came across a collection of 'junk' that was put together by some Boaters with way too much time on their hands ..
UPDATE - when we got back to the Marina John talked with the Harbormaster and he said that 7 Boats were 'hit' by the thieves last night .. a number of them being Boats that were on the Hook in the area of the Marina .. as near as we can piece it together they came by Boat close enough to their target Boats to swim to the Boat and once on the Boat they targeted cash only .. when the thief was on one of the Sailboats the Owner woke up and the thief dove off the Sailboat and disappeared under the Boat ..
.. we had a great Pasta dinner aboard Root Beer Float ..
Tuesday July 22nd
Travel - George Town to
Cat Island
Root Beer Float
Hawks Resort & Marina
Travel - George Town to Cat Island, Bahamas .. 43 Nautical Miles ..
.. we left the Marina at about 07:45 am for .. it took us about 45 minutes to weave our way thru Elizabeth Harbour before we made it to the Cut .. the Seas ( 3 to 4 foot ) were on our Starboard Side once we were out in the open waters .. just out of the Stocking Island area I turned on the KVH / Direct TV system and sure enough we were back in Direct TV land again .. all the time we were at George Town the Direct TV signal was too week for our Receiver .. we had a very comfortable cruise for the entire crossing .. the Marker ( Red ) at the mouth of the Creek leading us to the Marina was easy to spot and the Red Markers led us to the Marina .. by 11:30 am we were in our Slips .. the Marina much like George Town is all but empty but at this Marina many of the Slips are rented out by the year so they still have the cash flow coming in ..
.. after a light lunch John helped me splash Lil Dee .. we then took the Marina's Bikes and explored around the area a little .. we went to the Main Loge and Marina Office ..to set up our Rental Car for Wednesday and we found a good Book about the Island that is required reading before heading out in the morning .. the Bar area in the Main Loge serves as the 'Internet Cafe' .. later we took Lil Dee out to YUP Beaches so the gals could search for more Sea Treasures .. we went on the East Side of the Island and in no time they were on the Beaches .. when we were out the Seas settled down and we had a deelightful cruise back to the Marina .. later we had dinner aboard Dee Light .. after dinner John and I went to the Internet Bar to update the Trip Log and do E-mail ..
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