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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2008- Log  G
Highbourne Cay to Fort Myers Florida
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Tuesday August 5th
In Port - Highbourne Plantation
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 Log C
Sea Treasures
Normans Cay Yacht Club
( MacDuff's )
The Shellers at Tea Table Cay
In Port - Highbourne Plantation ( 242-356-1008 ) .. Office Manager - Barbara ..
.. this morning John used his Power Sprayer to clean some of the 'SALT' off the Boats .. it does not take much water and sure takes the salt right off .. we have been in contact with Kim and Jim ( Legacy ) .. they should be back at the Exuma Park today to do some volunteering .. we hope to set up a time to see them before heading back to Fort Myers .. at about 09:00 am the Bikini clad Sailboat pulled up to the Fuel Dock .. yup they are still following us ..
.. we were hoping to get to Normans Cay Yacht Club for lunch as we were unable to do so when we were here last time due to the WINDS .. we were told that they were closed yesterday so we went Shelling etc only to find out later that when Chris ( the Owner ) woke up yesterday he decided to open up for the day .. and checking today they are closed because they were open yesterday on a Holiday .. I am sure all of this makes sense to Chris .. ?? .. anyway with all of that we had a light lunch on the Boats and headed out with Lil Dee to do some exploring ( Shelling ) .. our first stop ( Saddle Cay ) was a jackpot for The Shellers ( Photo A ) .. in addition to Sea Treasures there was also a lot of 'trash' on the Beach from all around the World ..  once they had their treasures in the Dinghy we headed to the Normans Cay Yacht Club ( MacDuff's ) .. we knew that it would be closed but we wanted John and Mary Kay to see the place ( Photo A ) .. just before we pulled up to the Beach two Airplanes landed and were unloading supplies ( food and beverage ) .. from the Airplane ( Photo A ) the supplies were loaded onto a waiting Boat that was headed to Indigo Cay .. on our way back from Normans we stopped at Tea Table Cay where there is a huge long Sandbar with a small Building and a Communication Tower on it ( Photo A ) .. another real find as The Shellers found many more treasures ( Photo B ) ..
.. after cleaning up we had a most enjoyable 'Potluck' dinner that yes did include Ice Cream ..
Wednesday August 6th
In Port - Highbourne Plantation
The Sheller
deelightful dinner
In Port - Highbourne Plantation ( 242-356-1008 ) .. Office Manager - Barbara ..
.. we have been watching the weather daily and this morning we are watching a Tropical Disturbance that is located a couple of hindered miles East of the Bahamas ..
.. after a walk on the Beach and a little breakfast we decided to spend one more day here and then head to Warderick Wells in the morning .. we had an early lunch and headed out for the Beaches with The Shellers one more time .. we went to a NUMBER of Beaches and The Sheller ( Photo B ) were not real successful as they have been in the past or maybe they are just spoiled .. when we were near the Allens we did see the same Tour Boats out of Nassau that we saw yesterday .. just before we left Fort Myers I had a Bimini Top made for Lil Dee and it has proven to be a lifesaver .. we have had the Bimini Top up every day that we have had Lil Dee out .. when The Shellers are out adding treasures to their collections John and I spend the time resolving the Worlds problems ( Green Bay Packers ) in the shade of the Bimini Top and occasionally even take a nap .. when we returned to Dee Light I filled Lil Dee's Fuel Tank and hoisted Lil Dee up to the Bow of Dee Light ..
.. later we had a deelightful dinner aboard Dee Light ..
Thursday August 7th
Travel - Highbourne to Warderick Wells
Brett Favre goes to NY Jets
Jim and Kim - Exuma Park
Mooring Field - Exuma Park
Jim and Kim
most colorful Sunset
Travel - Highbourne to Warderick Wells - 31 Nautical Miles ..
HEADLINES - After 16 seasons, several NFL passing records and a Super Bowl title, the Brett Favre era in Green Bay -- and the drawn-out saga that came along with an offseason of contentious talks after his unretirement -- finally came to an end early Thursday morning ( Photo B ) ..
The Packers traded the future Hall of Fame quarterback to the New York Jets for a conditional fourth-round draft pick in 2009 .. marks the end of an era .. my Green Bay Packer Flag is flying HIGH above Dee Light ..
.. the Tropical Disturbance that has been East of the Bahamas started to move thru this area overnight .. we has THUNDER and LIGHTNING most all of the night with just a little rain .. Autumn did not sleep all night ..
.. just before 08:00 am Root Beer Float moved to the Fuel Dock to top off their Fuel Tanks before heading out .. we watched the weather and delayed our departure until the Storm Cell that has been hanging over us moved on a little .. the last time that we left Highbourne we had a huge Waterspout and this time we have a Rainbow ( see Photo C  ) .. at about 09:45 am we headed out for Warderick Wells .. the Storm Cell was about 18 miles South right in the direction that we were traveling so we went slower than our normal speed .. as we approached the Warderick Wells area the Storm Cell remained just to our Southwest with MUCH Lighting .. we had 2 to 3 footers for the entire trip .. after loosing one bent Boat Hook we were once again secured to Mooring Ball Number 15 at Warderick Wells just outside the Exuma Park Office at about 12:45 pm .. we splashed Lil Dee and I met up with Jim and Kim in their Dinghy as they were heading into the Park Office .. after a short chat Jim headed to Staniel to bring one of the Wardens there to catch a flight out and Kim was headed into the Park Office as she is volunteering there .. ( see Photo C  ) .. we picked up John and Mary Kay and headed into the Park Office to check in and get caught up with Kim a little ..
.. Kim recapped their trip over to the Exumas and said that their Crossing ( Gulf Stream ) was one of the best that they have had but after that it went down hill .. they had a bumpy ride once they hit The Tongue and a bumper ride from Nassau to the Exumas .. Jim and Kim will be moving into the Park Office tomorrow and will be at the Park until ??? ..
.. later Jim and Kim joined the five ( inc Autumn ) of us for dinner aboard Dee Light ( see Photo C  ) .. when I picked up John and Mary Kay with Lil Dee they had part of the dinner so we had a regular Thursday Night Potluck Dinner much like what we do at Legacy Harbour Marina on Thursday nights including everything from Deviled Eggs to Ice Cream .. Betty had bought a Shark Identification Shirt for Kim only to find out that Kathy ( Front Page ) had the same idea and had already given Kim the same shirt .. great minds think alike .. as we were having dinner and catching up with chatter some of the Storm Cells moved out and we had a most colorful Sunset ( see Photo C  ) .. we also decided to spend an extra day here and explore a few more Islands, Beaches etc that we have not seen before .. we had a great evening ..
Friday August 8th
In Port - Warderick Wells
Exuma Park Office
Seaplane landed at the Park
Deviled Eggs for dinner
Mooring Ball - Warderick Wells - Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park ..
.. 08-08-08 is not only the start of the Olympic games in China .. it's also an extremely lucky date, given that the number 8 is considered fortuitous in Chinese culture, being associated with wealth and prosperity .. due to this unlikely (but very lucky) confluence of events, upwards of 9,000 Chinese couples will be getting hitched on 08-08-08. Note that not everybody agrees with the astrological implications of this particular date, but that just sounds like mumbo-jumbo to me ..
.. anyway we will have a great day at the Park .. the sunrise was assume, the winds are down, the skies are all but clear etc .. this morning Tom and Judy ( Park Managers ) are going to be starting their vacation trip back to the United States .. today Jim and Kim will be moving into the Park's House that is next to the Park Office .. at about 09:30 am a Seaplane landed at the Park and taxied to the Parks Beach ( see Photo C  ) .. when Tom and Judy were aboard the Seaplane took off for Fort Lauderdale .. after they took off we loaded up the two Dinghies and under Jim's direction he took us to two Beaches that we accessed from the East Side of the Islands .. they were Islands that are part of the Exuma Park that due to their locations are not normally visited by anyone ( see Photo D ) .. when we returned to the Boats for lunch Betty came back the winner as she had the most 'stuff' ( Junk ) .. in the afternoon Jim took us to a couple of Coral Head areas where we could check out the Reefs with our Viewing Buckets ( see Photo D ) .. we also ended up at another Beach where Mary Kay found more stuff for Betty ..
.. later we had a 'leftovers' dinner aboard Root Beer Float .. we even had Deviled Eggs ( see Photo E ) for the second night in a row ..
Saturday August 9th
Travel - Warderick Wells to Nassau
slithered between Cells
good run to Nassau
Cruise Ships in the Port
click on any image for many more photos
Travel - Warderick Wells to Nassau .. 66 Nautical Miles ..
.. there was a large Storm Cell that moved thru the area during the night .. it gave us a good ride and relocated one of the Dinghy Cushions onto the Park Beach .. at first light I took Autumn to Shore and once back we hoisted Lil Dee onto the Bow of Dee Light .. we pulled out of the Exuma Park at 07:00 am for Nassau .. once we were underway I called Kim and Jim on the Marine Radio and THANKED them for all that they did for us .. when we pulled out the Storm Cell was West of the Park moving North just the direction that we were heading .. as we followed the Storm Cell the Seas were bumpy .. eventually we caught up to the Cell .. then we picked a small hole in the Storm Cell and slithered thru it ( see Photo E ) .. all we got was a sprinkle on our Windshield .. once past the Storm Cell we had a good run to Nassau ( see Photo E ) .. well that is until we were just outside the East end of Nassau .. just when I called the Nassau Harbour Patrol to secure clearance to enter the Nassau Harbour the Port Engine DIED on me .. after getting clearance I contacted the Nassau Yacht Haven so we could limp into their Fuel Dock on one Engine, NO Bow Thruster and NO Power Steering .. I also called Root Beer Float to appraise them of our dilemma .. the Fuel Dock was FULL and he did not know how long before we could get into the Dock .. I struggled to keep Dee Light on course and under control .. it was a good workout .. I called Hurricane Hole and found out that their Fuel Dock was now open ( it was closed when we came thru a number of weeks ago ) .. so we slowly pulled up to their Fuel Dock .. when we were taking on Fuel I went to the Engine Room and found that the Inline Fuel Shut Off Valves to the Port Engine from the Auxiliary Fuel Tank were shut off ( one was shut and one was all but shut ) thus when I ran the Fuel Transfer Pump the Fuel Tank for the Port Engine was just getting a trickle of Fuel .. and the Engines need Fuel to run .. UUUFFFDDDAA !!! .. after re-priming the Engine three times I finally got it up and running .. once we topped off our Fuel Tanks ( Diesel $5.75 ) we headed to the Nassau Yacht Haven for dockage .. good thing that we had both Engines and the Bow Thruster as the Slip that they put us in was a tight fit .. Root Beer Float was able to get into the Nassau Yacht Haven for Fuel and they made it to their assigned Slip just before we did .. by 01:15 pm we had both Boats docked .. we did not even have the Lines tied off and the Gals decided that they wanted us to bring them to the Straw Market .. with four Cruise Ships in the Port ( see Photo E ) it was not a good day to spend any time in the downtown area .. so John and I spent the afternoon at the Ice Cream Parlor while they bought more treasures from the Bahamas .. later we had dinner at Athena Cafe .. it is a second floor Greek Restaurant and Bar and of all things we had Omelets .. the Bus ride back to the Marina was unreal .. it was a wild ride thru areas of Nassau that we had not seen before .. made 'The Leap of Faith' seem like kids play .. our driver could match up to any NASCAR Driver .. it did settle our dinner making more room for .. yup .. Ice Cream ..
Sunday August 10th
In Port - Nassau Yacht Haven
Nassau Yacht Haven
Maratani X
dinner at the Poop Deck
Betty's dinner was looking at her
In Port - Nassau Yacht Haven - (242) 393-8173 - www.nassauyachthaven.com/home.htm
.. there is a real theft problem in the Nassau area .. we have heard of Boats and Boat Motors being stolen in the Nassau area so we are locking our Doors and have given Autumn the word ..
.. we are watching the Tropical Weather very close .. at this time there are a number of Waves that are on their way from Africa and the surface conditions in the Atlantic are ripe for generating Hurricanes ..
.. it is a flat rate for the water at the Marina so in addition to filling our Water Tank we did laundry, took LONG showers  etc ..
.. a couple of Months ago when Front Page ( Gene and Kathy ) were in George Town they had a tour of the Boat Maratani X ( see Photo E ) .. yesterday after getting the Boats into our Slips etc the Boat ( Maratani X ) that is docked a few Slips from us .. I am sure that this is the same Boat that you were docked next to at George Town .. ie Gold Rails etc .. when we went thru Nassau a couple of Months ago we had dinner at the Poop Deck that overlooks this Marina Harbour and during dinner we watched this Boat arrive at Nassau and back about two city blocks and make a 180 degree corner in reverse into their Slip where it is now .. that is the only way they can get into their Slip .. we have been told since getting here that it had a rough dockage a few weeks ago when it was backing back into its Slip and HIT two other Boats Bows / Anchors .. the repair work is being done at this time .. it is a great looking Boat .. the Gold Rails just sparkle ( see Photo E ) ..
.. after lunch Betty and Mary Kay took a Bus Tour of Nassau and John and I went to the Lightbourne Marine store .. it is to be Nassau's finest Marine Center .. well the Marine Center is only open Monday thru Friday so I went on a walk of the area .. the Marina right next to the Nassau Yacht Haven is TPA Marina Ltd .. when I was there I met the Captain ( Reggie ) of the boat Maratani X .. I tried to get a tour of the Boat but was unsuccessful .. must be loosing my touch .. Reggie said that his Bow Thruster and Stern Thruster have not worked on the Boat for about a year .. that helps to enplane the dings from hitting a couple of other Boats .. later we had dinner at the Poop Deck ( see Photo F ) that overlooks the Marina .. the last time that we were here Betty had their famous Bonefish .. it was with the Head and Tail on it with its Eye looking right at her .. it was such a memorable experience that she did NOT order it tonight .. we all had great dinners and we enjoyed the view of the Marinas Harbour with our Boats in it ( see Photo F ) ..
Monday August 11th
Travel - Nassau to Chub Cay
Nassau Harbour
Chub Cay Club Marina
Boat heading out of Chub
Travel - Nassau to Chub Cay Club Marina ( 242-422-7183 ) .. 35 Nautical Miles ..
.. this was our first morning of Sabrina ( FOX 4 Weather Lady ) .. ever since we left Nassau for the Outer Islands we have not been able to get the local feeds out of Fort Myers and we have sure missed her .. sure enough again this morning when we first checked out the local weather there was a Storm Cell about 30 miles West of us heading our way .. UGH .. after taking Autumn for a walk and checking out with the Marina Office we pulled out of the Marina at about 08:15 am .. when Betty did the Lines she said that the Lines were COVERED with Bugs .. a Fly type of Bug .. we just putted out of the Nassau Harbour ( see Photo F ) .. as we approached the West End of the Harbour we contacted the Nassau Harbour Patrol and they gave us permission to head home .. the winds from the Storm Cell ( see Photo F ) that was west of us provided us with a bumpier ride than what we had expected .. just before we headed out this morning John had talked with the Harbormaster at the Marina and when John told him that we were heading to Chub Cay he said that a Boater told him that the Generators at Chub Cay had been removed .. ?? .. when we pulled into the Marina we noted that they have power here and they even asked us if we needed Fuel ( when we were here before they did not have any Fuel for sale at all ) .. anyway both Boats were docked and set for the day by 11:15 am .. after we were docked we saw that the T End of the Dock near where we are docked has some big time damage .. apparently a 120 foot Boat lost its reverse as it was approaching the Dock and WOW did it do a number on the Dock ..
.. we had thoughts of going to the Berry Island Club for dinner but we found out that it is closed due to a funeral of a family member so we had dinner aboard Root Beer Float .. as we had dinner the Storm Cell that we has been lingering around all day did a 180 and headed right back towards us .. all we got was a lot of WIND and very little rain ..
Tuesday August 12th
Travel - Chub Cay to Bimini
Mother Nature Power Wash
Fuel Barge at Marina
Tackle Box for dinner
Travel - Chub Cay to Bimini .. 85 Nautical Miles ..
.. the Internet here ( Chub Cay ) is SLOW but I was able to take a look at the Tropical Weather this morning it looks like the Tropical Weather that is brewing off Africa will be in the Bahamas by this weekend .. thus it is now time to head back .. and we did just that after checking out the weather and after checking out at the Marina Office we headed out of the Marina at about 07:15 am into the back side of two Storm Cells .. we tried to slither between the Cells but we ended up getting a Mother Nature Power Wash for about 10 minutes ( see Photo G ) .. after passing the Storm Cells and the Tongue of the Ocean the Seas flattened down and we had a great cruise all the way to Bimini .. we never had a wave go over the Bow once and both Betty and Autumn had good naps ( see Photo G ) .. we went past a few Lobster Boats that were working The Flats and we saw a few other Boats that were on the move .. when we were within sight of the Marina I tried to contact the Marina on the Marine Radio but was not able to contact them so we docked the Boat right where we were the last time that we were here .. after getting Dee Light docked I found the Harbormaster napping out in front of the Marina Office .. I got him up so he could unlock the Fuel Pump for John .. John took on so much Fuel that they had to get a Fuel Barge in to fill up their Fuel Tanks ( see Photo G ) .. both Boats were docked by 01:15 pm and within minutes the Gals were off to the Straw Market and the Beach .. John and I checked out the Red Lion for dinner ( we were there in 2005 ) only to find that it is CLOSED .. we also noted that there are a number of Restaurants that are also closed .. but at the Big Game Club and Marina the Tackle Box Restaurant that overlooks the Marina is open ( see Photo G ) .. so when The Shellers made it back from the Beach we walked to the Tackle Box for dinner .. and did we have a pleasant surprise .. it was really busy and our dinners were excellent ..
Wednesday Aug 13th
Travel - Bimini to Miami
sunrise in Bimini
crossing the Florida Straight's
Miami Florida
South Beach
Travel - Bimini Islands to Miami Beach Marina .. 45 Nautical Miles ..
Anniversary - Hurricane Charlie - 2004 .. 
.. the first thing this morning I checked out the Weather and took a good look at the Tropical Weather .. I am paying close attention to the proposed Track of Invest 92-L that is heading for the Southeastern Bahamas area at this time .. I think that the Track could change to follow the Track of Hurricane Charlie ..
.. this morning after setting up a 'new' WeatherBuoy between Bimini and Miami and checking it and the my other WeatherBuoy's we made the decision to head out for Miami as today looks like the best day .. we talked over the idea of leaving with John and Mary Kay and without looking at the WeatherBuoy Reports they also agreed that we should head out .. The Shellers will have to check out the Beaches at Miami instead of Bimini today .. we checked out at the Marina Office and were underway by 07:40 am .. all of our weather information was right on and we had a most beautiful crossing of the dreaded Florida Straights ( see Photo G ) .. John said that he had his Bahaman Jonny Cake with an Egg on it for breakfast shortly after we left Bimini .. since the winds were from one direction ( WSW ) and the Seas were from a completely different direction ( ENE ) and the Florida Straight's from the South to the North the Seas .. thus the Seas did not know what to do and long before the Seas figured out what the program was we were in Miami .. ( see Photo G ) .. as we approached Miami the skies were hasie ie not good for taking photos .. UGH !! .. after getting docked ( 11:30 am ) we called the US Coast Guard and gave them our Local Boaters Option Numbers and within seconds we were cleared back into the US .. at the South Beach end of the Island there is a South Beach Local Minibus Service that goes around the perimeter of the South Beach section of the Island .. so for 25 cents we did a Minibus Tour of South Beach .. after our tour we had the Minibus drop us off on the South end of the Island and we walked along the Beach side of South Beach .. Betty loves a drink called Mojitos so she had to do a couple of them ( see Photo H ) .. after checking out many of the Restaurants we ended up having dinner at Primetime .. since this is the off season for this area they had all dinners at 50 percent off ( see Photo H ) .. on our way back to the Boats we did stop at one of the many Ice Cream Parlors that are in the area ..
Thursday Aug 14th
In Port - Miami
Miami Beach Marina Office
Lincoln Road Mall
Bayside Market Center
In Port - Miami Beach Marina .. http://www.miamibeachmarina.com/ .. (305) 673-6000
.. when I checked out the weather this morning I found that over night Invest 92-L appears to be taking the first steps to becoming a Tropical Depression .. in fact, environmental conditions are forecast to be favorable for development for the next several days and it looks like this system may be classified as a Tropical Depression either later today or on Friday .. this just reinforces our decision to leave the Bahamas when we did ..
.. after walking Autumn we took a walk to the 'Electronics' section of South Beach to check out Cameras and 'stuff' .. we ended up walking from the South end of South Beach ( see Photo H ) all the way to the Lincoln Road Mall ( North of South Beach ) where we found an Ice Cream Parlor .. from there we took a Bus over the Causeway to the Bayside Market Center where we found a limited lunch and did some 'window' shopping .. when we planed to leave it started to RAIN by the buckets and it became really WINDY !! when the Storm Cell moved thru .. again we were SO GLAD that we made the decision to do the crossing yesterday .. at Brookstone John and I tried out Massage Chairs for over an hour .. we waited at Bayside for well over an hour before we walked to the Bus Stop .. after taking the Bus back across the Causeway we had another long walk in the rain back to the Marina and Boats .. Autumn was at the door to great us .. Autumn really gets upset when it thunders etc ..
.. later Betty's son Randy and his wife Catalina met us for dinner at Monty's Restaurant that overlooks the Marina ..
Friday Aug 15th
Travel - Miami to Marathon
Miami Beach Marina Office
great day to be on the water
Tropical Storm FAY
Betty had her Lobster dinner ..
Travel - Miami Beach Marina to Marathon.. 96 Nautical Miles ..
.. when I checked out the weather this morning I found that Invest 92-L is now over Puerto Rico dumping RAIN ion them ..  it still appears that it will develop into a Tropical Depression within the next 24 hours .. our WeatherBuoy Reports all indicate that this will be a good day for us to travel from Miami to Marathon ..
.. after checking out with the Dock Guy we headed out of the Marina at 07:15 am to FLAT Seas and a light fog .. we headed South down Hawks Channel ( see Photo I ) .. just North of the Key Largo area John said that he had one of his Trim Tabs giving him a problem so we slowed down giving John a chance to see if he could correct it .. Mary Kay took the Wheel and John worked on the Trim Tab .. we dodged past a few Crab / Lobster Pots but fewer than ever before ..  we also saw a few other Boats out but again fewer than in the past .. after John worked on the Trim Tab replacing the end of a Hydraulic Hose for about an hour Root Beer Float was able to increase her speed about two to three knots to about 15 knots but shortly after getting back up to speed the Hose End failed again so we kept our speed down .. at about 10:45 am we picked up a slight breeze from the South Southwest ( 6 inchers ) .. the further South we went the more Crab Pots we had to dodge .. we must have looked like drunken sailors going down the Hawks Channel .. Betty got excited when we were just outside of Marathon and we had six Dolphins come out and welcomed us back .. we were going a little too fast for them to keep up but it was great to see them .. we have not seen a Dolphin in MONTHS .. what a great day to be on the water .. we were at Poncho's Fuel Dock at Marathon FL ( 305-743-2281 ) by 02:30 pm taking on Fuel UUUFFFDDA !! .. $4.66 per gallon ( see Photo I ) .. when we were here on our way to the Bahamas it was $4.99 per gallon .. after taking on Fuel the Harbormaster had Root Beer Float relocate in a Slip on the North Side of the Fuel Dock and we did a 180 and relocated right back on the Fuel Dock .. he remembered that we hit something when we were here before and he had us go around the corner on the South End of the Fuel Dock .. once we were relocated for the night John took off for West Marine to get additional Hydraulic Hose Fittings for his Trip Tabs .. they did not have them at West Marine but he was able to find them at a Small Engine Repair Shop ..
.. since we were right on the Face of the Fuel Dock for the night all of the Boats going in and out of the Bight went right past us .. and there was a LOT of Boats going back and forth .. in addition to the Pleasure Craft and Charter Boats there were a number of Shrimp and Lobster Work Boats ( see Photo I ) .. they made Betty hungry for Lobster ..
.. when I checked out the weather this afternoon I found that Invest 92-L is now Tropical Storm FAY ( see Photo I ) .. now I know for sure why we left the Bahamas when we did .. except the revised Track is now projected to go right over Fort Myers .. UFFDAA !! ..
.. we ended up having dinner at the Castaway Seafood & Steaks restaurant just a short walk to the end of the Pier at Pancho's .. and we came away highly impressed .. very GOOD dinners .. and Betty had her Lobster dinner ( see Photo I ) ..
.. when I had Autumn out this evening I asked a Crew person off of one of the Lobster Boats ( see Photo I ) if the Balls that we have been dodging were Lobster or Crab Pots .. he said that all of the Balls in this area are Lobster Pots ..
Saturday Aug 16th
Travel - Marathon to Fort Myers
pulled out at first light
Seas of less than 12 inches
Legacy Marina
Travel - Marathon to Fort Myers .. 145 Nautical Miles ..
.. the first Lobster Boats started to head out at about 05:15 am .. before the first light countless Lobster Boats had made it out in to the 'Moon lit Seas .. if you fill your Fuel Tanks at Pancho's Fuel Dock they will give you FREE dockage so we did not have to check out with the Marina this morning .. after having Autumn out for a walk we pulled out of the Marina at 06:45 am and into the land of Lobster Pots  .. when we brought the Boats up to our normal running speed the repair job that John did to his Trim Tabs got its first test and it worked great !! .. we had Seas of 12 inches or less ( NNE ) from Marathon to the Marco area .. with the Seas so calm Betty spent much of the trip working on her Sea Shells and spent much time re-organizing my Camera 'stuff' .. I also got the Camera that I used during the trip ready to sell on EBay .. as we passed Marco the winds changed to coming from the North .. ie right on our Bow .. what a GREAT day to be out on the water .. we made it under the Sanibel Bridge at 03:00 pm into the Seas of Weekend Boaters and were they out .. about a mile before Legacy Marina Autumn was watching out the Side Windows and did she get excited when she recognized that we were getting close to her Home Port .. when I called Legacy Marina Sheila answered and asked if we needed help docking .. there was a good wind moving thru with a little rain and we said that we could get the Boats docked on our own and by 04:30 pm we did have both both Boats successfully docked .. Rich and Nancy welcomed us back and Betty's son Randy and Catalina made it to the Marina within minutes to officially welcome us back .. after getting Betty's car packed up with Bahamas Treasures they headed to Betty's place to unload her Car and then went to Fort Myers Beach for a walk on the Beach ..
Sunday Aug 17th
In Port - Fort Myers
Daddy Dee's Ice Cream Parlor
In Port - Legacy Harbour Marina - (239) 461-0775 - http://www.marina33901.com/
.. if you have been following us along via our Trip Log the past two weeks I am sure that you have noted that when we were in Warderick Wells the Track of Invest 92-L was right from George Town to Warderick Wells and once we moved from there to Nassau NOAA changed the Track to include Nassau .. when we were in Bimini they changed it to Bimini .. then when we made it to Miami NOAA changed the Track to Southwest Florida .. by the time that we made it to Marathon they gave it a name ( Tropical Storm FAY ) and again changed the Track to center on Western Florida .. now that we have made it to Fort Myers the Track has been updated to head to Fort Myers on Tuesday the 20th .. now that we are at Fort Myers I am sure that the Track Line will stabilize .. click here for ( Tropical Storm FAY ) latest 5 day Track
.. so we will spend the day getting ready for FAY ..
NOTE - this is the End of Log G and is the End of our Bahamas 2008 Log ..
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