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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2008- Log A
Fort Myers Florida to Nassau
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Log - the Months
before the Cruise
 location - Fort Myers
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pre cruise photos
-the months before the cruise have flown by and along with completing the normal preparations for our upcoming trip to the Bahamas - we have been spending time with family and catching up with good friends in the Fort Myers area.
 .. in addition to all the normal 'stuff' the Crew of Dee Light added a Freezer (now fully stocked with plenty of  of ice cream in addition to a few other necessities).  Most other provisions are now on board with the exception of a last minute run to the grocery for any "perishable items".. the Water Maker on Dee Light gave us a number of hiccups last year so Ross ( Classic Yacht Service ) has been working on it for the trip this year .. Joe from Universal Marine Service also gave Dee Light a good once over before we were ready to head out ..
All crew members have their necessary "papers" including LBO (Local Boaters Option) cards issued by the US Dept of Customs and Immigration for reentry to the US. ... Autumn has been to the vet and the groomers for her Bahamian "haircut" and is also ready to embark on our voyage...
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Marathon to Bimini Bahamas
updated on May 07th 2009
Our departure date has been centered around when we feel it would the best time for us to make 'The Crossing' Florida to the Bahamas ( Bimini Islands ) so we will be watching the weather forecast daily to try to determine the best time for us to leave Fort Myers ..
one of the tools that we use is an Animated Wave Image ( see link to left ) from The Weather Underground ( www.wunderground.com ) .
one of the tools that we used is BuoyWeather ( www.buoyweather.com  ) .. 'click' on the image to the left for one of the latest Reports that we are looking at ..
Wednesday May 06th
location - Fort Myers FL
click on above for
Fort Myers to Fort Myers Beach
Fort Myers Beach to Marathon
updated on May 07th 2009
Travel - Fort Myers to Fort Myers Beach 25.9 Nautical Miles - this will be out 'shakedown' cruise .
Our day of departure dawned sunny and beautiful with a slight easterly breeze.
 Everything was on board and stowed neatly away with the exception of a couple of last minute errands the captain wanted to run. We were ready to  embark when the Blackberry decided to leap out and go for a swim.  After a couple of phone calls and having to wait for Edison Mall to open...success...a replacement cell phone was procured from Verizon. Luckily, the captain had the foresight to backup all his numbers (and sign up for the insurance policy!).
Finally at 1145 we pulled away from our home slip at Legacy and were treated to the sight of several dolphins playing in the river. We were also pleasantly surprised at the amount of boat traffic we encountered for a midweek day and waved at many boaters traveling up and down the waterway
At 1500 we were safely docked with the able assistance of Chris, the dock master, at Moss Marine on Fort Myers Beach and were able to watch the Big M Casino boat pull into their berth in front of us. 
Times Square and the beach pier are a short walk away...so off to dinner at The Beach Pierside Restaurant with a stop at the local 2000 Flavors Ice Cream Parlor for dessert.  
Thursday May 07th
location - Fort Myers Beach FL
click above to check out the fuel prices one year ago at Pancho's
2009-05-07 - Photo Album
Sunset at Marathon
Travel - Fort Myers Beach to Marathon 124.4 Nautical Miles -

Left Moss Marine at 0715 after assisting a fellow dock mate ( sailboater) with his bow line - didn't have a mate but his boat's name was "Mermaid Harbor" so...who knows? ... then off with the lines and another sailboat decided to cross our bow in search of fuel ... didn't like the docking arrangements and while maneuvering back into the harbor managed to get their dingy pontoons sandwiched into the nearest piling.  We hovered about until they were safely back on their way.

Again we had several dolphins accompany Dee Light out of the pass and into the Gulf of Mexico ... winds were out of the southeast right on our nose and seas started out with about a 2 foot chop...off Bonita Beach the seas really flattened out nicely and we finished assembling the contents of our "ditch bag" while having a bit of breakfast ... thank you Pat M. for all the wonderful grapefruit you have provided this season! .. we had the last of Pat's grapefruit today ..

Not much boat traffic...except for the crab boats who were tending to their buoys which we managed to avoid with an occasional eye on the horizon.  All in all, it was another beautiful day on the water...entered the channel to Boot Key on a very low tide keeping the green markers to our port to avoid the shoal areas and pulled up to Pancho's Fuel Dock ( 305-743-2281 ) at 1400. 

After washing down Dee Light and cleaning up a bit ourselves, we took a short stroll down to the entrance of the marina to Castaways Restaurant for a great dinner of local grouper and their special honey buns which truly melt in your mouth! 

the only downside for today was that the Weather part of our new Garmin died today ..

Friday May 08th
location - Marathon FL
Marathon to Bimini Bahamas
updated on May 08th 2009
2009-05-08 - Photo Album
our Crossing - Marathon to Bimini
Travel - Marathon to Bimini 137.8 Nautical Miles

At 0700 we left Pancho's Fuel Dock behind us along with the no-see-ums that were parked in the mangroves next to Dee Light .. however, we think we had a couple of hitchhikers along for the ride .. once past Hawk's Channel and into deeper water the ride was beautiful!  Today we encountered lots of recreational fishing boats and the wind was still out of ESE with waves  2-3' with an occasional 4 foot roller which pretty much continued to the other side of the Gulf Stream .. at which time the seas really flattened out to less than a foot all the way into Bimini .. the captain decided that "the weather sea buoys are pretty accurate"   and once again we managed to arrive at low tide but followed a nice Sportfish from Hollywood, FL into the channel without incidence and pulled up to the marina dock at 1340

However the BIG fuel tanker right behind us needed to off load on our assigned dock so we backed into a temporary slip until our slip was vacated by the tanker after a couple of hours.  We used the time to our advantage by filling out our paperwork (which was delivered to the boat by the very friendly and competent staff here at Bimini Bluewater Marina and hoisted the yellow Q flag and the Bahamian courtesy flag that was given to us by P/C Marv McMahon at RPYC. Cleared customs and immigration with cruising permit by 1500.  The marina is quite busy tonight with fishing boats along with several sailboats and cruising boats.

We walked down to the Bimini Big Game Club to have dinner but found the gates locked tight and informed by the locals that it has been closed for close to a year now.  Too bad...so we walked back to the Bluewater Resort and up the hill to their dining room and bar for dinner.  Had a lovely dinner (conch chowder, fresh grouper and key lime pie) with an ocean view of the sunset and then walked back to see the full moon rising over the bay.  A great ending to a great day!      

Saturday May 09th
location - Bimini Bluewater
2009-05-09 - Photo Album
no WI-FI
2009-05-09 - Photo Album
hard aground
2009-05-09 - Photo Album
Bimini Bay Resort
In Port - Bimini Bluewater ( 242-347-3166 ) - Dockage $1.00 - Diesel Fuel $3.30 per gallon - there was no WI-FI as the main communication line were cut
Awoke to a beautiful sunrise off our port side and then watched the parade of sport fishing yachts going out for another day of fishing.  Heard an angler on the marine radio inquiring about the bag limits for mutton snapper .. when told it was 60 lbs. he commented he would have to throw back about 100 lbs.!
Walked into Alice Town to check out the Museum but it was closed...told it was always open but for some reason not today... peeked thru the windows and looked interesting so will try again tomorrow...at the straw market we were able to get a ride to Bailey Town to Charlie's Bread Shop for a couple of loaves of world famous Bimini bread...still warm from the oven! After a leisurely stroll on the beach where we picked up some sea glass and stopped to get some photos on the Atlantic side of the island we hopped into the dinghy for a ride up the north channel to Bimini Bay.
The resort and marina at Bimini Bay ( www.BiminiBayResort.com - 866-344-8759 ) is ultra plush with world class amenities .. beach and bayside pools with bar and restaurants, spa facilities, high-end gift and apparel shops and even a state-of- the-art game room for the youngsters. The long-range plans calls for a convention center, golf course and casino to be added to property. The staff is very professional and personable.  After getting our "visitor wrist bands" at the reception center we were invited to tour the grounds at our leisure.  Stopped at the pool bar and observed a large party getting ready for a wedding later in the evening...certain to be a beautiful setting.
While at the pool got the "skinny" on the closure of The Bimini Big Game Club...seems the Bacardi family sold the property to a developer who got into a major disagreement with his fuel supplier...to the point where he had them pull the tanks out and eventually went broke...the property is now waiting for a new owner....but can't verify the accuracy of this information.
Bimini after dark...is teeming with activity and commerce of all sorts.  After an excellent dinner at the Sabor Restaurant back at Bimini Bay, Antoinette gave us a tour of Bimini via gas powered golf cart...which is the preferred mode of transportation.  At 9 pm business was bustling with all the shops open and doing business...you can get conch salad or chowder to go , BBQ, groceries of all sorts, flowers from the florist and even beauty supplies all within a 2 or 3 mile stretch - we inquired as to how late everyone stays open and were told maybe 10 or 11 or however long the shopkeepers decided to stay open. The world may be in a recession but business is alive and well in Bimini on a Saturday night.
Sunday May 10th
location - Bimini Bluewater
2009-05-10 - Photo Album
Nature Trail on South Bimini
2009-05-10 - Photo Album
Dolphin House
In Port - Bimini Bluewater ( 242-347-3166 ) - Mothers Day
Spent a leisurely day in port just watching the boats go in and out...many leaving after the weekend for the mainland...seas are totally flat today.  Went to church just up the hill from the marina and every mother was presented with a box of Russell Stover Chocolates in honor of Mother's Day.  
Still no internet or phone service at the marina...walked down to a pay phone to call Chub Cay but couldn't keep a connection on the pay phone either .. will have to wait until we get to Chub to get on the internet.
On a positive note, we ran the Water Maker for the first time and were able to fill the tank in a couple of hours and took the dinghy over to Bimini Sands on South Bimini where we able to borrow the phone and finally call Chub .. also took a short stroll on the Bimini Sands Nature Trail.
after having dinner on the dock we went to the beach for the sunset .. while strolling back from the beach we walked past the Dolphin House and the owner Ashley Saunders invited us in to take a look around.  Mr. Saunders is an artist, poet, historian/writer and builder and has been working on his home and studio for over 16 years.  He showed us the jewelry collection using native shells and coral he has been working on and the many artifacts he and his family have collected for display...many going back several generations.   He has used conch shells in the construction of the house and he explained how they burn the conch shells and limestone to get a powder which is then mixed with sand and water to get a "cement" used for mortar.  All of the materials used to build the house have been salvaged...a most interesting man and house.
Monday May 11th
travel - Bimini to Chub
2009-05-11 - Photo Album
Dee Light at Chub
2009-05-11 - Photo Album
Chub Cay Club Marina
Travel -Bimini Bluewater to Chub - 81.8 Nautical Miles -
Chub Cay Club Marina - Dockage $4.75 - Diesel Fuel $3.90 per gallon ( 242-422-7183 and 242-325-1490 )
Left dock at Bimini Bluewater Marina at 0700...partly cloudy with breeze from the SE . Made the turn thru the cut onto the Bahama Bank with a fair size rain cell on the east side of Cat Cay...but no rain for us and had a great run to Chub Cay with mostly flat seas including the Tongue of the Ocean all the way in to Chub.
Docked at Chub Cay at 1230  and have a prime slip right at the bottom of the walkway leading to the Reception Center...the pool and beach are right beyond only a short walk away. Met a nice young lady visiting Chub with her 3 children. Husband is in the Marines getting ready for deployment to Afghanistan. Her father is a building contractor on the island and has been here for about a year working on private homes.  Unfortunately, there is no work being done on the public amenities and we are told that presently the bank owns everything except the private lots, however the pool area is great and the beach is stunning.
The Atlantis Shuttle lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 2:01 pm today and we looked to the NW in hopes of catching a glimpse but apparently were too far away to see anything.
Very few boats in the marina compared to last year...must be the dockage rate keeping many away. We have decided to head to Nassau tomorrow morning as the winds are due to pick up again later in the week.
Stopped in at the Harborview Dining Room for a light dinner and then took a stroll after dinner to look at some of the new houses recently built in the development. Finished off the first carton of ice cream last night so we opened a new carton ...only 23 to go!
Tuesday May 12th
travel - Chub to Nassau
2009-05-12 - Photo Album
The Atlantis Marina
Chub to Nassau
updated on May 13th 2009
Travel - Chub to Nassau, Providence Island - 39.9 Nautical Miles
Departed from the dock at Chub Cay at 0725...winds still out the SE...a little fresher today with seas 2-3 feet on our nose. An uneventful cruise to Nassau... about 3 foot seas with an occasional whitecap. At 1000 we passed the first set of markers into Nassau harbor and called Harbor Control for permission to enter the harbor.  Decided to stop for fuel before going into Atlantis...first cruised up to Nassau Yacht Harbor but no pumps in sight so we turned around and went into Hurricane Hole Marina...$2.65 per gallon.
After fueling we continued around the corner to the entrance for Atlantis Marina where we had to wait for the charter party boat to clear out of our slip...it was worth the wait however, since we are right in the middle of the marina with a great view of the hotel and fountains right in front of our boat. Great spot to watch all the mega-yachts also!
Checked in at reception center and then took a stroll around the hotel...lots of great shops...and stopped in at Ben & Jerry's for a quick pick-me-up!  Had dinner on the patio by the pool overlooking the harbor.
Have decided to stay at Atlantis thru Saturday, May 16th and then will see how the weather shapes up before planning our next leg of our journey. 
Wednesday May 13th
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-13 - Photo Album
at Nassau
2009-05-13 - Photo Album
Poop Deck
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island - Dockage $4.00 water 25 cents - ( 242-363-6068 )
After spending the morning doing a few light chores around Dee Light we walked to the Paradise Bridge to catch the ferry to downtown Nassau...fare is $3.00 each way and leaves on the 1/2 hr.  With a stop at the Ice Cream Shack to provide us with a little energy for our shore excursion, we took in all the hustle and bustle of the big city of Nassau which is the centre for commerce and government in the islands. Wandered thru the temporary location of the Straw Market (old one burned down and are building a new structure) and got a new straw hat for Marv, sunglasses for Carol and a bead necklace from Senor Frog's for Autumn where we stopped for libations overlooking the harbor.
When we returned to the marina later in the afternoon we were pleasantly surprised to see another boat from Fort Myers and then another 3 boats as we rounded the corner.  Stopped by to say hello and met up with Albert Jensen who is co-leading a group of 8 boats from the Landings Yacht Club.  They are just finishing up a cruise that left Stuart on April 22nd and now will be heading back to Bimini next week. Also said hello to Charlie Ryan on the LaBelle Rochelle.
After a quick change we grabbed a taxi in front of the hotel for dinner at the Poop Deck...back over the Paradise Bridge and down to the east end of the harbor overlooking all the boats at the marinas...being thankful we were not doing the driving!  With regard to traffic lights...green means GO...amber means GO FASTER...red means GO if you have faith you can still get thru the intersection!  Special tonight at the Poop Deck was fresh caught whole Yellowtail Snapper...we ordered ours grilled with cold slaw and peas 'n rice on the side.  Too full for dessert but the coffee was superb while watching the sunset!       
Tomorrow we plan to explore Atlantis and the Sea Aquarium a little further. 
Thursday May 14th
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-14 - Photo Album
we walked the grounds
2009-05-14 - Photo Album
dinner at Cafe Matisse
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
Spent a good portion of the day walking around the grounds of Atlantis and determined that one could spend a week here and still not cover everything.  The artwork, tapestries and sculptures alone are worth the trip to see. The magnificent bronze fountain sculpture of  Flying Fish is by Kathy Spalding from Naples, FL.
Spent some time observing the folks "screaming down" the water slide...lazy river looks a lot more relaxing!  After all our walking we decided to grab a ride on one of the courtesy golf carts rather than walk the rest of the way to our slip....cleaned up and then out to catch the ferry back to Nassau.
While in town yesterday we stopped in at BaTelCo to inquire about cell phone service and were told we could purchase a SIM card for our existing phone ...however when we brought the phone in today we found out that Verizon is not compatible with their system.  Could have used our T-Mobile phone if it was not locked by the provider so instead we just bought a new cell phone with prepaid minutes to use while we are here.  Next year we will get the unlock code for our phone before we leave and then purchase the SIM card for around $15.00.
Stayed in town for dinner at Cafe Matisse www.cafe-matisse.com, a lovely, small restaurant tucked away among the government buildings...seems to be mostly frequented by the locals or on recommendation.  Once back at Paradise Island we stopped in at the casino but it was very quiet and slots were cold as no one was around to play...so after a while we wandered back over to Ben and Jerry's for ice cream and then walked back to Dee Light after a brief rain shower.
Friday May 15th
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-15 - Photo Album
Overdraft arrived at Atlantis
2009-05-15 - Photo Album
gals on the Back Deck
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )

on April 19th when we were in Fort Myers getting ready for our cruise to the Bahamas we saw the boat Overdraft as it was heading out for the Bahamas .. this morning we saw Overdraft ( Captain Albert Hansen ) at it entered The Atlantis Marina ..later in the morning we stopped by their dock to say hello and chat for several minutes while they were awaiting the arrival of their guests from Atlanta.

...quite a few of the mega yachts were busy today getting ready for their owners/guests as evidenced by the appearance fresh flowers and candles on the aft deck, pillows being fluffed up, sisal baskets and fresh mats by the gangplanks for shoes and a good deal of "spit and polish" being done on the boats.  The crew members are very young, good looking and very friendly and cordial with lots of smiles. It is obvious that life on a mega yacht is a whole lot different than life on Dee Light .. oh well maybe the next time we are at the straw market we can get a sisal basket to put next to our boarding ladder too.

Stopped over at Hurricane Hole Marina  (where all of the construction work of last season is now complete) to inquire about dockage .. were advised that they could accommodate us if we wished to move from Atlantis. The weather was a bit unsettled today with several periods of dark clouds that threatened rain .. but no more than a sprinkle actually fell. We will keep an eye on the approaching front and decide when it is best to leave for Highbourne.  In the meantime, as one of the Landings cruisers commented "it's not such a bad place to be weathered in!" 

We walked across the street for dinner at Anthony's Grill where we had fresh snapper and bread pudding and then enjoyed the evening's activities and atmosphere in the Atlantis marketplace where several local musicians and entertainers were performing...finished the evening with a leisurely stroll back to Dee Light while admiring all the beautiful "sexy" lights on our neighbor's yachts while "peeking" in the windows to see how the other half lives.

Saturday May 16th
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-16 - Photo Album
a day at the Water Park
2009-05-16 - Photo Album
Miley Cyrus
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
Spent most of the day at the water park .. loads of fun and makes one feel like a kid again!  We liked the slides well enough but concluded the Lazy River is more our speed .. after the third slide named  "The Drop and Falls"  Carol proclaimed she needed a beer!  (and they said that was the easy one) .. while we were at the park we got a small locker at the hospitality center to stash all our stuff including shoes and enjoyed the activities without having to worry about watching our belongings. Ended the afternoon lounging by one of the pools with lots of palm trees for shade.
Got tickets for Miley Cyrus in concert at Atlantis Convention Center...only had one slight problem...as we were leaving Dee Light Carol dropped the tickets in the drink along with her purse so we had to stop at the box office to get new tickets and convince them that no one was going to find them.  The ballroom turned out to be about the size of a football field and we expected a "younger" crowd but were surprised at how many little tykes were in the audience (must have been expecting a Hannah Montana show)...many were fast asleep before the end of the show as it didn't start until close to 9 pm. But the show turned out to be very good...her band is fantastic and had a good time even though we ended up standing for most of it.
After the show we tried to stop for coffee and dessert but found all the restaurants close at 10 pm and the line at Starbucks was out the door so we just decided to go back to the boat for coffee and ice cream. 
Sunday May 17th
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-17 - Photo Album
Carol's purse
2009-05-17 - Photo Album
the Lazy River (great fun)
2009-05-17 - Photo Album
dinner at Potter's Cay
2009-05-17 - Photo Album
fresh conch salad
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
Woke to mostly cloudy skies with the sun trying to break through occasionally...got plenty of sun yesterday so the break is welcome this morning. We are watching the weather closely and will probably extend our stay to the middle of the week due to the tropical rain/wind event that is expected come thru on its way to Florida...it looks like the Landings folks will be with us a while longer also.
 Inquired at the Dock Master's Office for a diver to take a look for Carol's purse...watched it "gurgle" straight to the bottom between boat and dock so we thought it might be worth a look-see...got out the glass bottom bucket and boat hook but water too deep-15 foot at our slip...but young man who came with his dive gear went down and success...brought it up on the first attempt...lip gloss and reading glasses survived intact!
Went back to the water park for another ride down the Lazy River (great fun)...also hit the Jungle Slide again but wind kicked up and clouds moved in so we  "wimped out" and with our complimentary beach towels wrapped tightly around us walked back to Dee Light - feels more like March today than May!
After checking the email, etc., cleaned up and put on our walking shoes on for a trip over the Paradise Bridge and down under the bridge to Potter's Cay where the local fishing fleet have little shanties set up for fresh conch and fish and cold Kalik beers (or whatever else you desire). You can also get a nice array of fresh produce - tomatoes, mangos, plantains, oranges, etc.  We decided to stop at a little place just because it had oilcloths and "cute" placemats on the tables and there was a nice looking older couple having dinner at the next table. We sat at the bar and watched the man behind the counter as he very methodically cut up the fresh conch, onion and tomatoes to make a huge pile of salad. Eventually someone asked us what we wanted so we ordered...conch fritters, grilled snapper, Kalik and real Coke...sorry no diet available.  The snapper was more steamed than grilled...piping hot with a wonderful sauce full of onions, tomatoes, green pepper and plantains...undoubtedly one of the best meals so far!  If you want great local fare don't be afraid to try this area...as we had dinner we watched car after car pull in for "take out"... sort of like New Yorkers do Chinese for take out on Sundays!  As we left our little shack after a wonderful meal, we wandered by one of the fishing boats where the crew was preparing more fresh conch salad and took some home with us... also learned that conch produce beautiful pink pearls which the crew showed us...$1000.00/pearl!
Monday May 18th
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-18 - Photo Album
Nassau liveaboard
2009-05-18 - Photo Album
Gordon and Audrey Ramsay home
2009-05-18 - Photo Album
Atlantic at night
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
Took the ferry over to Nassau this morning...was offered a tour of something or other with the promise of cash, t-shirts and beach towels...but it never amounted to anything so continued on our way back to the phone store to find out how to program the voice mail so we could receive messages...once we got the code it worked fine.
As we were then on the east side of town we decided to walk on to the Ramsay's home where they once lived.  It is a lovely traditional Bahamian style home and looked as if it has received some recent updating... the landscaping was lush and beautiful with large mature trees shading the property.  Along the way we stopped at a couple of marine supply stores and finally on the return trip stopped at a large shopping plaza which had a local Diary Queen.  By then it was getting late so we grabbed a taxi back to the marina.
Once back at the marina were we greeted with the site of Gallant Lady (a 172 Feadship - Gallant Lady ) along with her fleet...a 65' Viking Express Cruiser docked at her bow and a 74' Viking Sport Fish docked at her stern.  The boys on the express cruiser certainly enjoyed watching the docking of a local "party boat"  as did the photographer!  Also chatted a few minutes  with some tournament fishers out of Katy, TX (suburb of Houston) on a boat called Hot Cotton...they are on the tournament circuit and expect to out about a total of 6 months making the rounds of the hot fishing grounds.
After doing a couple loads of laundry at the crew/guest lounge we grabbed a bite to eat at The Green Parrot which is the bar and grill at the pool area in Hurricane Hole Marina.
Tuesday May 19th
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-19 - Photo Album
Nassau Yacht Club
2009-05-19 - Photo Album
Ramsay home - interior
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
Woke to what looked like a "tropical depression"...rain was literally coming down sideways!  After a leisurely breakfast on the boat we broke out the yellow foul weather gear and hoofed it up to the hotel to catch a taxi into Nassau.  Earlier we phoned the Nassau Sailing Club where the Ramsay's were members for many years and asked to come in for lunch.  Had a wonderful lunch with the very BEST conch chowder ever and split a conch burger!  Very lovely club and marina.
By the time we finished lunch the skies had lightened and when we got back downtown the sun was back out...along with all the passengers from 5 cruise ships that arrived in port today.  Downtown was busy, busy, busy but we managed to fight the crowds and pick up a couple of items. Stopped to have a cold drink at a little cafe overlooking Bay Street and then grabbed the ferry back to Paradise Island.
Turned out to be a beautiful sunset which we enjoyed at the whirlpool at the Harborside Complex which is next to the marina.  Spent some time chatting with folks from St. Augustine...part of the Bahamian Albury clan who migrated to Florida. They also have quite of few relatives who live in the Naples area.
Since we had such a filling lunch we decided to have a light bite on Dee Light for dinner and then headed out to the Marina Village for coffee and dessert. Ended up at Bimini Road where we had a Bahamian specialty called Guava Duff with rum sauce on top along with a piping hot pot of coffee and then walked back to Dee Light under a star-lit night.  
Wednesday May 20th
location - The Atlantis Marina
2009-05-20 - Photo Album
The Atlantic Marina
2009-05-20 - Photo Album
Sun And Restaurant
In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
at about 0715 four of the seven boats from The Legions left for Bimini .. As the weather again was a bit unsettled with periods of pouring rain and then sunshine ...we decided to hang around the boat and marina and catch up on few chores...laundry, engine room check-up, returning emails and just getting Dee Light ready to take off as soon as the weather breaks.  Four of the boats from the Landings left today for Bimini and the other four plan to leave at daybreak tomorrow. We invited them to join us for dinner tonight but they decided to call it an early night.
What a fabulous restaurant and what a wonderful place!  You will not find the The Sun And ..  Restaurant in the any of  the usual dining and tour guides...it is a bit off the beaten path on the east end of New Providence.. but if you find yourself with a bit a time it is well worth the visit. As our taxi driver told us it was at one time the only 5 star restaurant in the Caribbean.  The setting is an old guest house and the bar is small, intimate and filled to the brim with old photos and racing memorabilia. The dining area surrounds a lovely courtyard with a lushly landscaped pond area.  We began our meal with a crab cake appetizer, grouper on angel hair pasta and finished with a Coconut Rum Souffle. Dress code is casual elegant and reservations are recommended 242-393-1205.  Plan to take your time and enjoy the wonderful Bahamian atmosphere and hospitality as the service is first class!
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