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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2010- Log A
Fort Myers Florida to Nassau Bahamas
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 Current Position  - you can follow our travels from Fort Myers thru the Bahamas by clicking on the  CLICK HERE  photo link above .. our current location is updated once an hour .. check out the Google Maps .. zoom in and out .. etc ..
Friday April 30th
travel - Legacy Marina to RPYC
Fort Myers FL
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pre cruise photos
Travel - Legacy Marina to Royal Palm Yacht Club - Fort Myers
... the first leg of our trip this summer is around the corner to the docks at Royal Palm Yacht Club for a Kentucky Derby Party and Fleet -In ... with most everything on board and stowed we left Legacy Harbor Marina and were docked at RPYC by 09:00 am .. we will stay here until next Thursday morning when we leave for the Annual Mother's Day Cruise to South Seas Resort on Captive Island ...
Sunday May 02nd
location - Fort Myers FL
Travel - Fort Myers to Picnic Island - Burial at Sea ...

...  our dear friend Nicole recently lost her husband Ronnie and asked the crew of Dee Light if we would assist her in scattering his cremains to the Gulf of Mexico ... on Sunday we welcomed aboard Nicole, along with a few family members and close friends to bid farewell to Ronnie ... it was a beautiful and moving ceremony with P/C Wendeborn officiating and we feel very privileged and honored to have been a part of it ...


Thursday May 06th
location - Fort Myers FL
Thursday May 06th
Sunday May 09th
Dee Light at South Seas
location - South Seas FL
Thursday May 06th
Sunday May 09th
RPYC Mothers Day Cruise
location - South Seas FL
Travel - Fort Myers to South Seas Resort, Captiva Island
..  promptly at 8:00 am our guests for the weekend, Win and Lars came aboard and we departed the RPYC docks at about 08:15 am ...  the morning was sunny and warm and we had a great trip down the river and up Pine Island Sound ... as the marina had reservations for well over 35 boats as part of our fleet for the Mother's Day Cruise we had hoped to beat the rush and get docked fairly early ... however as we neared the entrance channel for South Seas Resort the dock master advised us that our slip would not be available until after 11:00 am ... oh well - best laid plans ... so we slowed to around 10 knots and leisurely made our way to South Seas ... as we were entering their harbor we waved and said hello to our neighbors at Legacy Marina on BEECH TO BEACH just as they were leaving ... 
.. after docking and hooking up the power and water we successfully tested the new Water Maker as this was the first time opportunity we had to run it in salt water rather than the fresh/brackish water we have at Legacy ... hurrah! ... ran great and we topped off the fresh water tank ...
Thursday May 06th thru Saturday May 08th ..we have had a wonderful time on the Mother's Day Cruise at South Seas with our hosts and hostesses outdoing themselves with all the food, libations and entertainment planned and executed with perfection for well over 100 participants ... for more details and photos check out the RPYC website: 
.. we have had only one minor hiccup while our guests have been aboard ... the fresh water valve got stuck on the front head and caused a small flood in the guest bath and v-berth ... thank goodness we decided to pull up the yucky old carpet last fall and install a wood floor ... in a few minutes it was mopped up into the bilge with no soggy feet to worry about ...
.. 52 points for one word in a Scrabble Game !!!?  ... Win has got Carol hooked on an iPhone/iPad App  Words with Friends  - a  version of scrabble ... she can't seem to put it down ... 
Sunday May 09th
Mothers Day
location - South Seas FL
Marathon to Bimini Bahamas
updated on May 09th 2010
Travel - South Seas to Fort Myers Beach Florida .. 105 nm ( original destination Marathon FL - 130 nm )
.. after we bade farewell and many thanks to our hosts we left the dock at South Seas Marina at about 09:30 am ...before leaving the dock noticed the monitor on the Garmin Navigation Weather unit would not power up and will plan to check the connections while underway ... the weather continues to be hot and sunny ... as we traveled thru Red Fish Pass around the north end of Captiva Island the seas were minimal with a few gentle rollers and a light breeze from the Northwest ... it was a beautiful Mother's Day morning and we were making about 18 knots ... just after passing the Naples area Carol spotted a large Sea Turtle directly off the starboard side of the boat ... at about 11:15 am ( just south of Marco Island .. see track ) the starboard engine raced up in rpm's and Dee Light immediately slowed in her forward momentum .. Oh Noooooo! ... the first mate said what was that?! ... did a prop fall off ?? .. shaft ?? .. transmission ?? ..  UUUFFDDAA !!! .. after weighing several options (including continuing on to Marathon) the crew decided that the most prudent decision would be to make a U-turn and head back to Fort Myers Beach on one engine ( 11 knots ) .. the seas, winds and current continued to cooperate as we made our way thru Matanzas Pass where the captain was able to make a "masterful docking" on the outside dock at Gulf Marine Ways ...
... after calling and cancelling our dockage reservation at Poncho's and "teleconferencing" with our lead mechanic Joe at Universal we have settled in with dinner planned aboard so as to stay clear of the 2 large guard dogs that roam the boatyard at night (and not let Autumn wander too far from the boat) ... in the meantime we have an ample 50 amp power connection which means A/C and refrigeration (along with the 32 cartons of ice cream in the freezer) .. in the morning we will have the boat yard take a look ...


Monday May 10th
location - Fort Myers Beach FL
dinner at Parrot Key
'click' to enlarge
Location - Gulf Marine Ways - Fort Myers Beach Florida -
this was to be our day to do the crossing .. UGH !! .. at 07:00 am the waters here are all but FLAT .. first thing we called Gulf Marine Diesel ( 239-561-9701 ) Wendel Angel and then took a walk with Autumn and checked in with David at Gulf Marine Ways ( our landlord ) .. by mid morning Angel from Gulf Marine Diesel made it to DEE LIGHT .. after a brief inspection he determined that the Rubber Plates in the Transmission has failed most likely due to fatigue ..the coupling between the engine and transmission will have to be replaced ... unfortunately it is no small job but later in the day Angel called to let us know they would be able to start the work tomorrow morning ... once they begin we will have a better idea of how long it might take ...
... we launched the dinghy and with Autumn we headed over to Parrot Cay at Salty Sam's to grab a bite for dinner ... as we approached the docks we spotted the US Coast Guard with two of their launches out front and Fire Rescue had a couple of vehicles in the parking lot ... seems they were attempting to get someone off a boat but we didn't get any details ...
... after settling into a nice shady booth on the deck and ordering a drink we were approached by Captain Vincent with the charter S/V ADVENTURE ... ladies, he is the very charming captain of a lovely sailboat ...
a  Morris Yacht built in the classic-style in Bass Harbor, Maine ... he will take 1 to 6 passengers and his rates are very reasonable ... for additional info you can call him at: (732) 859-9448 ... he sails daily out of Salty Sam's Marina ... 
... the dinner at Parrot Cay was excellent ... they are offering some nice sunset specials during the summer season and we enjoyed a great Caesar Salad and an entree of  fresh grilled Snapper over rice and veggies for $12.95 ..after dinner we were invited for a tour aboard ADVENTURE ... while walking to the boat we were told the sailboat usually moored in the next slip had lost its engine and was attempting to sail in ... the guys jumped in LIL DEE (our dinghy) to help them get in ... with 3 gals aboard it wasn't entirely clear if the captain really wanted any additional assistance?!! ... anyway, they made it in without incidence ...
... we made it back to DEE LIGHT before dusk and after a dish of ice cream we called it an early evening ... 
Tuesday May 11th
Saturday May 15th
location - Fort Myers Beach FL
Dee Light repair started
Thursday at 01:30 pm - "the part"
Friday at 10:30 am - "the part" 
dinner with Autumn
 Location - Gulf Marine Ways - Fort Myers Beach Florida -
... well it's not Bimini but we are still on the water!  ... mid morning Wendel with Gulf Marine Diesel arrived and immediately began work on the repairs to our starboard engine ... in the meantime Howard ( RPYC Management Committee Chairman ) asked Marv to chair the meeting on Wednesday as he had a conflict and also asked Marv to attend the board meeting on Thursday .. so back to the real world with Howard to get one of our cars ...
... as Wendel's business is presently very busy he was unable to get any of his mechanics from either of their offices ( Fort Myers or Fort Lauderdale ) .. thus he started the project by himself .. after spending a short day on Tuesday and a full day on Wednesday he has accomplished moving and blocking the SB engine forward and was able to pull out the  'broken' part by mid afternoon on Thursday ... the part is now on order and will hopefully be delivered "in no time"  ...
... in the meantime we have been enjoying the various restaurants located on Fort Myers Beach as there is quite a variety reachable by dinghy ... after our first evening at the Parrot Cay we tried Bonita Bill's for fresh grouper and some wonderful onion rings and Nervous Nellie's which is in the old Snug Harbor location  ... we  also walked down to Time's Square for an ice cream treat after dinner ... Autumn has enjoyed her evenings out with us too ... on Thursday we all took a "trip into town" and after Marv's meeting at the yacht club we made a couple of stops before heading back to Dee Light for the evening ...
Friday - David at Gulf Marine Ways has asked us to move Dee Light to the inside dock in the basin as they will be bringing in some work barges this weekend ... so first thing Friday morning "the boys" were at the boat to help move Dee Light ... winds were calm and with the help of 3 strong sets of arms we had the boat soon turned around and backed into the other side of the dock ... piece of cake! ...... while we are waiting for "The Part" we now have Joe with Universal working on our fresh water pump which keeps tripping the breaker ... (and we keep getting these emails from folks that tell us "well it's a boat!")
.. Wendel from Gulf Marine Diesel called at about 10:00 am and said that The Part ( Coupling ) had arrived and that he would be at Dee Light shortly ..
in the meantime Joe from Universal arrived and determined we needed a new fresh water Pressure Tank which he located, picked up and got installed ... and in the meantime Mayer Rubin stopped by and helped Marv solve a computer issue he had been dealing with ... by 04:00 pm both Joe and Rubin were done and Wendel was still hard at it in the Engine Room finally calling it a day around 7 PM after getting the coupling in place...
recap of week ..
the Crew of Dee Light is still at FMB .. but all is going as well as can be expected .. our issue last Sunday was that we had the 'Coupling' in the Starboard Engine / Transmission go out .. to replace it the Engine had to be moved forward and elevated .. UGH !! .. the Transmission has to be unbolted and moved back .. the Coupling had to be removed and replaced .. the new Coupling could not be ordered until it was removed as the unique to each Coupling numbers are stamped on the Coupling .. UUFDDAA !! .. this is now ( Saturday ) all done .. what is unreal is that it took our mechanic ( Wendel - Gulf Marine Diesel ) a total of about 24 man hours to do it .. Wendel is unreal !! .. anyway the Engine should be lowered, moved back and realigned on Monday and with our next weather window coming up next Wednesday we hope to be on our way again !! ..
Sunday May 16th
Tuesday May 18th
location - Fort Myers Beach FL
Osprey on top of Dredger
engine back in place
Carol's new metal detector
Barb, (Pat) and Jim with their new boat
Location - Gulf Marine Ways - Fort Myers Beach Florida ..
... it is very quiet here on the beach on Sunday mornings ... after breakfast we got ready and took a drive to Cape Coral for church ... after the service we ran a few more small errands with a final stop at Publix for a few additional cartons of ice cream (it has been a stressful week and needed to replenish our supply!) ..
 the Dredger was launched with the Osprey right on top of the rigging for the Boom ..
as of 06:00 pm today ( Monday ) the work on our Starboard Engine is all but done .. if all goes as planned we will take on fuel Tuesday am ( Bollards Oil ) and will be heading to Marathon on Wednesday am .. after spending the night at Marathon we are planning to head to Bimini on Thursday early am ..
we picked up Carol's new metal detector ....
dinner at the Big Game ( without Autumn ) .. Packer Bar next to Parrot Key .. got back just as the rains came .. hoisted the Dinghy and what a surprise .. UUUUFFFDDDAA !! .. no wonder why the Water Maker intake filter got clogged up .. cleaned the Dinghy in the rain and in the dark .. 
Tuesday .. "tar balls" found on the shores of Key West .. YUCK !! .. however it seems unlikely that they are related to the Gulf Oil Spill ..
at about 07:45 am the Dredger with tug docked next to us headed out for Naples to do a shore restoration project .. and at about 08:25 am we waved at Ernie who was aboard the Key West Express with his Power Squadron group as they headed down to Key West for a couple of days ..
... at 08:45 am Wendel was at Dee Light to make the final adjustments to the Starboard Engine ... while Wendel was completing his work our friends Jim and Barb stopped by ... they were at the yard doing an out of water survey and sea trial on a 38 foot Sea Ray (see photo of them with Pat) ...
FINALLY Wendel made some last adjustments to the engines and pronounced all systems "good to go" and by 11:30 am we were on our way to Ballards OIl Co. for fuel (2.85 inc tax)  .. after fueling we returned to the our dock at Gulf Marine Ways with everything working GREAT! ...
we headed back into town to drop our car at Legacy Marina and planned to have dinner at Royal Palm YC ... as a bonus Tonya with RC Media Services (our wedding photographer) called to tell us our album had arrived and she would drop it off at the Club so we could take it with us on our voyage!  ... it came out beautifully and they did a GREAT JOB! ... after dinner Lars and Win drove us back to the boat and we fell into bed as we wanted to head out at first light ...
Wednesday May 19th
travel - Fort Myers Beach to Marathon
 start of a great day
Fort Myers Beach to Marathon
Travel - Fort Myers Beach to Marathon 124.4 Nautical Miles -
... up at 0500 and FINALLY on our way to Marathon ... left the dock at 0630 ... 'click' on the orange Click Here image above for our current position and to follow our track .. Joel on Steelin' Time greeted us good morning as he passed by our dock on his way to Key West ...
... we watched the sunrise over the buildings as we left Matanzas Pass ... unfortunately that was the last of the sun we saw today as the skies were very overcast ... however seas were smooth with calm winds out of the SE which made for a very comfortable voyage as we traveled past Naples and Marco Island ...
... around 1000 as we were approaching  the northern tip of Cape Sable we began watching a series of heavy rain bands on the Garmin unit and kept an eye on them as they were moving up from the south thru the Keys
... about 1115 we hit light rain and choppy seas and at 1230 we traveled thru a particularly heavy band which gave us steady winds close 25-30 knots ... we slowed our speed a bit for a more comfortable ride until it finally began to lighten up after about an hour ... rain continued to follow us all the way into Boot Key but also managed to get most of the salt and grime rinsed off Dee Light ... forecast for tomorrow is for a "disturbed weather pattern" with more rain for the morning ...
a Shrimp Boat named Miss Suzanne ........
after refueling and straightening up a bit we headed for dinner at one of our favorite "fish joints"  The Castaway ... it is a short walk but we still enjoyed the golf cart shuttle which picked us up at the boat ... we enjoyed a great dinner of fresh grilled Snapper over pasta and of course, their world famous Honey Buns which truly melt in your mouth!  ... as Autumn is entirely worn out after all her recent activities we left her guarding the boat (which really means she will have a good nap on her favorite chair)  .. returning from dinner we watched a shrimp boat (Miss Suzanne) come in on the next dock and our shuttle driver made the observation that it had been MANY years since she had seen a shrimp boat up in these waters as they normally do not come up this way?! ...
Thursday May 20th
travel - Marathon to Bimini
Buoy Report for today
YEA !!
Marathon to Bimini
a great cruise
our sunset
Travel - Marathon Florida to Bimini - 130 Nautical Miles -
.. we had planned to get up at 05:00 however Marv was up at 02:30 am with last minute preparations and emails)  ... we wanted to get an early start and at 06:25 we untied the lines and FINALLY we were on our way to Bimini .. after the Storm Cells passed thru yesterday the Seas ( see Buoy Report ) have settled down today .. YEA !! ..
the water was flat-calm as we pulled away from Boot Key and remained relatively calm as we made our way out to Hawk's Channel ... the few rain cells that were left over from yesterday's disturbance stayed well to the south and east of our course (with only a few rain drops on the windshield) and we had a great ride along the coast of the Keys ... by the time we reached the Key Largo region the sun had reappeared from behind the clouds and all we saw to the east were big puffy white clouds in the far distance ...
... we had a glorious trip across the Florida Straits as the seas flattened right out with the breezes from ESE ... it was a also a good day for fishing and saw numerous small recreational boats out in the Gulf Stream - no doubt getting some fishing in today as they are predicting windier weather for the weekend .... we also saw quite a bit of freighter traffic and altered our course a couple of times to stay well clear of their course ...
... finally at 12:00 we spotted Bimini and Cat Cay on the horizon and at 1:20 we navigated the very well marked entrance channel into North Bimini (the two sets of red and green buoys are very easy to spot)  ... after calling Bimini Bluewater Marina we were warmly welcomed by CJ who assisted us at the dock... we were docked, tied up and had the power connected by 1:45 and CJ  (Dockmaster) was kind enough to deliver all the required Customs Forms to the boat ... after filling out all our forms the Captain had the crew, Autumn and the boat cleared for cruising in the Bahamas ... 
Friday May 21st
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina
our sunrise
Bimini Bay Marina
the Bahamas beverage
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina ..
... after a very restful night we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and caught up with a few things on the boat ... around noon we launched the dinghy and took a ride up to Bimini Bay ... not much has changed - a few more homes under construction .. .the buildings and landscaping look great and very well maintained and they are making some new additions and improvements in Marina Village area ... we stopped in at their poolside restaurant Sab,or to inquire about reservations and then went on to the deli shop for pistachio and mango gelatos which just hit the spot on a warm, sunny afternoon in Bimini ...
we wanted to say hello to Antoinette in the Sales Office who so graciously showed us around last year but unfortunately she is now longer there after the passing of her husband earlier this year ... however they did tell us she has since opened a shop in Bailey Town ... we will try to get there later ...
Marv wanted to check out the lighting on the wreaked freighter to take some photos so we took Autumn with us for the short walk over to the ocean side beach ... the breeze was delightful as we watched several boats coming in for the weekend or returning from fishing ...  as we walked back to the Bluewater Marina we decided to catch a ride on the local tram ($3.00 pp) for a ride to Ms. Antoinette's Shop  ... while she was in Miami visiting family her friend Andrea showed us around her lovely shop  - lots of candles, handmade soaps, pottery, pillows, jewelry, handbags, etc.- all beautifully displayed ... Andrea also has a shop right across the street and help each other out as needed ...  the tram picked us back up for the return ride to the marina ..
after cleaning up and changing clothes we got back on the tram headed for Porgy Bay ... we ended up at Edith's Pizza and Bahamian Restaurant which is dine-in or take-away -  the dine- in is a covered open-air deck overlooking the bay side ... the tables and booths are rustic (Bahamian -style) - which generally means pieces of plywood painted bright colors but the tables were neatly set with brightly colored placemats and real silverware - and the food was absolutely delicious - some of the best grilled Grouper we have had! ... along with fresh baked bread, salad, green beans and peas and rice we just had to try their pizza and we can highly recommend the conch pizza  -  also delicious with a home-made crust!
As a side note ... before leaving the States we had been hearing some negative reports about Bimini and "the locals"  - we are happy to report that we have found Bimini and the people very friendly and helpful and in general have found the overall area cleaner with more remodeling/construction going on since our last visit ... the adjacent property to Bluewater is the Big Game Marina which has been in bankruptcy -  they have just completed extensive renovations of the docks and resort with the restaurant and rooms scheduled to reopen the weekend of May 27th .. we hear the new owner is Guy Harvey (the marine artist and conservationist) ...
Saturday May 22nd
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina
aground again
finding treasures?
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina ..
winds have been picking up from the NE throughout the day ( 4 to 6 just West of Bimini ) .. combination of a high moving into Florida and a Tropical Low that is East of the Bahamas .. we did a number of 'things' around the boat .. ran the water maker and filled the fresh water tank ..
in the afternoon we took a walk on the beach again ... Marv to "experiment" with his camera on the freighter wreak again and Carol to try out the new "detector" (which will take a little getting used to) ... on the way back we stopped at the local museum which has some nice exhibits depicting of the history of Bimini ... great photos of Ernest Hemingway with his family, bootlegging during Prohibition, Chalk's Airlines, etc. ...
this being a Saturday the main street of Alice Town was very busy with traffic (if anyone remembers, this is the street where the closing scene in "Silence of the Lambs" with Anthony Hopkins was filmed) ...
 it was a lovely evening with a nice breeze so we dug out the folding chairs from the cockpit storage and decided to have dinner on the bow tonight with the aqua and turquoise waters at our feet ... after dinner we walked over to the beach with Autumn to catch the sunset ... mostly obscured by clouds but still managed to show us a brilliant magenta finish to the day ...
Sunday May 23rd
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina
 Bimini Wesley Methodist Church 
Kalik at Bimini Sands Marina
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina ..
on Sunday it was another sunny and breezy day in Bimini as we took the short walk up the hill to the Bimini Wesley Methodist Church overlooking the ocean in time for their 11:00 am service ...  since it was Pentecost Sunday the service was conducted by Randy McCurdy who is the Director of Youth Ministries based in Nassau ... we were also treated to the baptism of baby Alejah Lanai Culmer  ( she didn't make a peep the entire service! )
later in the afternoon we took the dinghy with Autumn to the Bimini Sands Marina located on South Bimini ... we grabbed a couple of cold drinks from their cafe/ship store and walked over to the pool to enjoy our drinks at the shady bar area where several marina/resort guests were spending the afternoon around the pool ...  the grounds are very nice and well-kept and from the other guests we learned there is a great sushi restaurant not far from the marina ...
... around 6 pm a few scattered showers moved thru so we elected to have dinner aboard again tonight but it ended up being nice enough to enjoy the evening on the bow of the boat ...  
Monday May 24th
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina ..
 it is a Bahamian Holiday today - Whit Monday or Pentecost Monday celebrated the day after Pentecost and is determined by the date of Easter .. it is pretty quiet here this week however they are expecting a crowd for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend ...
we took the dinghy up to Bimini Bay Marina again and took a look at a very large construction project which is underway on the north end of the island but didn't have a clue as to what they are building ... looks very industrial? ... we also popped in to the marina at the  Bimini Big Game Bar and Grill  where they are putting the finishing touches for their grand opening this weekend ( www.TheBigGameIsOn.com) the restaurant and pool area looks very nice - we will need to definitely come back when they are open!  ... we also stopped by the government dock to check out a couple of HUGE buoy markers ...
 Tuesday May 25th
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina
 what a day
 plane crash
 dinner at Bimini Bay
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina .. ( Diesel $4.35 and Gasoline $5.05 ) ..

... we spent our last day in Bimini relaxing and getting the boat ready to depart in the morning ... we stowed the dinghy on bow and Marv cleaned up and rewired the connections to the Garmin unit on the dinghy that had been loose ...

... we made reservations to have dinner at the poolside Sabor Restaurant in Bimini Bay and after checking out at the office at Bluewater Marina and chatting with the staff we asked them to call us a cab to take us up to Bimini Bay ...just as we stepped onto the curb to wait for our taxi we heard a terrific explosion and as we looked to the north we saw a huge fire ball light up the sky ... immediately after that several young boys came running down the street yelling that a plane had crashed on Radio Beach!  ... piecing together bits and pieces of info it seems a local pilot by the name of Jimmy was flying very low over the island and doing some fancy maneuvers ( seems this was his usual custom ) ... as he was was nearing the island he clipped a power line with a wing  which caused the crash and resulting fire ball along with a power outage to the south end of Bimini ... we watched in awe as everyone gathered to the beach to see if they could assist and watched several people take to the water ... there were 2 people aboard the plane (the pilot and a young woman) ... unfortunately there were no survivors and everyone is in shock and very upset as we understand the young woman was from a local family ... our prayers are surely with them tonight ...

... after dinner we called our original taxi folks and since it was a lovely evening we took a walk up to the main gate to wait for them ... unfortunately (maybe due to the airplane accident) they never showed up - however Seymour with the Security Office was kind enough to call Scooper Taxi and eventually we made it back to Bluewater where we found the power had been restored ...

 Wednesday May 26th
travel - Bimini to Nassau to Bimini
Biminis solution to the Gulf oil problem
Travel - Bimini Blue Water Marina to Nassau to Bimini .. i.e. we returned to Bimini ..
... we headed out at 06:30 am bound for Nassau and navigated the Bimini Channel into the deeper water ...
at 0700 just as we were about to begin our route thru the cut at Triangle Rocks we had an issue with the  Port Engine .. our first dreaded thought was that the Port Coupling went out as we had just had that problem with the Starboard Engine .. we turned the boat around and headed back to Bimini on one engine and were re-docked at Bluewater by 08:00 am .. after a trip to the engine room we determined that the throttle linkage on the Port Engine was apart and a small fitting had come loose... all was not lost however as Marv was able to reconnect the fitting  ... now all we needed was to find the right material to secure it so it wouldn't come apart again until we could get a new fitting ... a walk to the local hardware store was in order and while waiting for them to open (at 10:00 am) took a walk to take a few more photos of the Plane crash area ...
 at the hardware store Marv found a section of heavy fishing line (actually a coated leader) and was able to make a temporary fix using the line and a couple of cable tie wraps ... after the "surgery" was completed we tested out the port throttle and felt confident that we could leave for Nassau in the morning ... at that point our Captain/Lead Mechanic put away his bailing wire, rubber bands and chewing gum and took a well-deserved nap ... 
we ended the evening with a short walk up to the Anchorage for an appetizer plate of fish fingers, conch tenders, conch fritters and cheese sticks before getting the boat ready for our early morning departure ...
 Thursday May 27th
travel - Bimini to Nassau
what a day
I can see land
our Spot Tracker
full moon over Potters Cay
Travel - Bimini Blue Water Marina to Nassau ..
... we couldn't have asked for a better day! ... after leaving (again) at 06:30 am we made our way back onto the Bahama Bank with smooth seas all the way ... on the Garmin unit we watched a couple of large rain cells on either side of our route ... eventually they moved in opposite directions and finally dissipated altogether ... at 10:30 am we reached the NW Channel and the Tongue of the Ocean (with depths over 8000 feet we watched as our depth finder got stuck at 117 ft)  ... as we passed Chub Cay at 11:15 am the waters remained very calm with seas never more than 2 feet the entire time ... a very comfortable trip ...
... at 1:30 pm we reached Red Buoy "No 1" marking the entrance to Nassau Harbor ... we called Nassau Harbor Control for permission to enter and were advised to "stand by and clear the Channel" for the Seaboard Freighter that was entering directly behind us .... since the freighter is quite a bit bigger (and heavier) than Dee Light we nimbly made our way over to the side of channel until they were well past us and we were given permission to continue on our way ...   
at 2:00 pm we are finally docked at Atlantis on Paradise Island - a little later than anticipated but "better later than never"  ... as a couple of boater friends have reminded us "what's a couple of RTPs (return to Ports) when there's so much good fun to be had along the way!" ... and  "probably going to be a great vacation, the best ones usually start out with the most trouble" ... we plan to stay until at least Wed. June 2nd when a Marine Max Group is expected to arrive ... 
dinner at The Point .. full Moon over Potters Cay ..
walk thru the Atlantis Marina etc .. had a great evening !! ..
 Friday May 28th
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island
Dee Light
The Atlantis
Bananas Foster
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
... another beautiful day with light winds and temps in the mid 80's - what a great day !! ..
in the morning while we had the outside of  Dee Light cleaned we used the time to catch up on the domestic chores inside of the boat ie. vacuum, garbage detail, etc. .. we have not had the opportunity to really wash down the boat since leaving Fort Myers ... Mario did a wonderful job for us and when he was finished she just sparkled!  and she's "lookin'  pretty sharp for an older boat" ... 
in the afternoon we walked over to the Water Park for a leisurely float on the Lazy River ... it was so nice we ended up making the loop twice ... finally decided to call it quits and headed to the bar for a cold drink ... not very busy so we had a chance to chat with the bartender and talked about the Gulf Oil Spill - seems they are also worried about the future impact if it comes here and are beginning to make plans to eventually cope with it ... the economy and people here are so interconnected to the sea ...
in the evening we walked up to the Marina Village and stopped to chat with a group of boaters on Devil Dogs from the Marco Island area ... they have 2 dogs hence the name of the boat and the black terrier was in doggy quarantine this evening for trying to jump ship earlier .. they have recently purchased the boat and would like to take it up to Tennessee ... on the way to dinner we noticed the new yachts that had arrived and admired all the floral arrangements, balloons and uniformed staff as they waited for their guests to arrive for the evening's festivities ...
ended up on a couple of barstools at Bimini Road Restaurant where we enjoyed a nice Caesar salad while we visited with a young honeymoon couple from California  ... afterward we took the glass elevator up to Cafe Martinique to be served coffee in a silver coffee urn and Bananas Foster prepared for us at our cocktail table in the lounge all the while listening to some great live music ... oh - life can be so "civilized" ... 
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