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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2010- Log B
Nassau Bahamas to Compass Cay
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 Current Position  - you can follow our travels from Fort Myers thru the Bahamas by clicking on the  CLICK HERE  photo link above .. our current location is updated once an hour .. check out the Google Maps .. zoom in and out .. etc ..
 Friday May 28th
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island
Dee Light
The Atlantis
Bananas Foster
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 ) - Diesel Fuel $3.71
... another beautiful day with light winds and temps in the mid 80's - what a great day !! ..
in the morning while we had the outside of  Dee Light cleaned we used the time to catch up on the domestic chores inside of the boat ie  vacuum, garbage detail, etc. .. we have not had the opportunity to really wash down the boat since leaving Fort Myers ... Mario did a wonderful job for us and when he was finished she just sparkled!  and she's "lookin'  pretty sharp for an older boat" ... 
in the afternoon we walked over to the Water Park for a leisurely float on the Lazy River ... it was so nice we ended up making the loop twice ... finally decided to call it quits and headed to the bar for a cold drink ... not very busy so we had a chance to chat with the bartender and talked about the Gulf Oil Spill - seems they are also worried about the future impact if it comes here and are beginning to make plans to eventually cope with it ... the economy and people here are so interconnected to the sea ...
in the evening we walked up to the Marina Village and stopped to chat with a group of boaters on Devil Dogs from the Marco Island area ... they have 2 dogs hence the name of the boat and the black terrier was in doggy quarantine this evening for trying to jump ship earlier .. they have recently purchased the boat and would like to take it up to Tennessee ... on the way to dinner we noticed the new yachts that had arrived and admired all the floral arrangements, balloons and uniformed staff as they waited for their guests to arrive for the evening's festivities ...
ended up on a couple of barstools at Bimini Road Restaurant where we enjoyed a nice Caesar salad while we visited with a young honeymoon couple from California  ... afterward we took the glass elevator up to Cafe Martinique to be served coffee in a silver coffee urn and Bananas Foster prepared for us at our cocktail table in the lounge all the while listening to some great live music ... oh - life can be so "civilized" ... 
 Saturday May 29th
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island
Mario detailing Dee Light
The Atlantis
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 ) - Diesel Fuel $3.71
we had a light early morning rain but by 9:00 am it was clear again  ... Mario stopped by to clean up part of Dee Light that had some streaks from the morning shower ..
we took the dinghy from Paradise Island to the Main Land and docked in front of the Poop Deck Restaurant .. to go looking for a new stapler gun for a small project Carol was working on and the parts to repair Dee Light's throttle linkage .. after a couple of dead ends we resigned ourselves to returning on Monday morning to resume our quest ... as we were getting ready to leave in our dinghy we talked with a local mechanic named Jason and told him what we were after .. he not only offered to drive us up to a huge NAPA Store but went to the parts desk with Marv to try to locate what we needed ... in the meantime Carol found the stapler but we ran into another dead end on finding our parts .. we decided to have Jason drive Carol back to Atlantis Marina while Marv took Lil Dee back to Dee Light ... once there Jason removed our 'patch job' and took the broken parts back to his shop to get exactly what we need to finish the repair .. he will be back on Monday evening to repair the linkage ..
the weather continues to stay warm and dry so before dinner we walked over to the pool area by the condos  to use their Spa hot tub ... we enjoyed a cold drink and while watching the sunset we visited with a nice couple from the Daytona/Palm Coast area who own a time share at the condos ...  after showering and changing we walked over to The Green Parrot at Hurricane Hole Marina where we had a Caesar Salad and grilled fish for dinner at their bar overlooking Nassau Harbour .. 
Sunday May 30th
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island
Christ Church Cathedral
yup .. we found it 
  one of our treasures  
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 ) - Diesel Fuel $3.71
 ... after inquiring about local church services at the Marina office we decided to catch the 10:30 am Water Ferry to Nassau .. we ended up at Christ Church Cathedral for their 11:15 am service ... after the service we were invited to stay for brunch served in an area adjoining a pretty courtyard next to the church ... with about 50 or so parishioners we had a lovely meal that consisted of chicken drumettes and rice, roast pork with casaba, mini meatballs, fresh fruit and crudités with dip, fruit punch and mimosas! ... we enjoyed visiting with the local folks ... unfortunately a lot of their conversation revolved around the Gulf Oil spill and they remain very worried ...
... after we left the church we walked down Bay Street for coffee on the balcony at Starbucks and then set off for a little shopping ... made a stop at Cole's of Nassau where Carol was once again successful at finding a bargain on their sale rack! and tried a new Edy's Ice Cream Parlor before heading to the Straw Market across the street ... the market was very slow it being Sunday and only one cruise ship was in port today ... most of the booths were closed with the rest closing before 4:00 pm ..  as we left the ferry dock for our return trip to Paradise Island we watched a huge freighter called Hoegh Autoliner drive car after car off the ramp onto shore ... we were told the boat comes from Japan and brings all the new (and some used) autos to the islands ...
 ... once again we decided to spend some time in the Spa Hot Tub  before having dinner at Bimini Road in the Marina Village at Atlantis ..  the line at the Ice Cream Parlor was way too long so we had our dessert on the boat instead ...  
Monday May 31st
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island
The Atlantis Marina
Conch Stand - Potters Cay
Carol's favorite fish dish
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 ) - Diesel Fuel $3.71
after finishing up some morning projects on the boat (including 2 loads of laundry) we got the dinghy ready to head over to Nassau ... before we left a couple of local fishermen stopped by with 2 beautiful mutton snapper for sale ... unfortunately we decided we didn't have enough freezer space to accommodate them ... too bad! - guess we need to work on eating more ice cream for now ...
... we took the dinghy to Potter's Cay which is located under the southbound Paradise Bridge and were headed to the Blue Wave where Leslie makes some of the best Conch Salad on the island but he had taken the day off ... ended up next door instead and while we watched the locals playing an energetic match of checkers we waited for our conch salad ... we also picked up some fresh veggies at one of the produce stands and a 12 pack of cold Kalik Beer at the liquor store .. with our packages in hand we dinghied back to Atlantis ... we took it pretty slow as the ICW was rough with the tidal current and winds funneling thru ..
... our nice mechanic Jason Turnquest (his cell phone is 242-557-1991) showed up at Dee Light just after 5:30 PM with the part needed to repair the port throttle linkage ... in less than 30 minutes he had everything in place ... for "peace of mind" it sure beats fish wire and plastic wire ties!  Jason also gave Carol a great and easy recipe for a fish spread/dip ...
... after all our talk of fresh fish we decided to go to The Poop Deck for dinner where one of their specialties is whole grilled snapper ... we took a cab and got a table on the outside deck right away .... AND we got the LAST snapper of the evening ... with the coleslaw and plantains we ended up eating every last bite! ... 
Tuesday June 01st
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island
first time since getting here
dinner at The Point
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 ) - Diesel Fuel $3.71
in the morning we watched as several large yachts left and new boats arrived ... a family from St Petersburg pulled into the Slip next to us .. their young daughter Elaine took an immediate liking to Autumn and the attraction was mutual because Autumn really liked the headband with bright purple 'bobbles" she gave her to wear ... with 3 children they have been liveaboards for the past 11 years on Miss Enna ..
after stowing the dinghy and getting the boat ready for our departure in the morning we walked over to Scotia Bank to get some "change" and then did a little shopping ... for the first time the Ice Cream Parlor at the Marina Village did not have a line so we stopped in for a small treat ...  when we walked back to the boat around 3:00 PM the overcast sky finally turned into a very light rain .. this being the first day we had rain ...
... by 6 PM the rain had passed and we got ready to head to dinner ... before leaving a boating couple from the Jacksonville area stopped by to let us know they were also headed for the Exumas on Friday so we exchanged info and will hopefully meet up again later ... 
we walked up to the The Point again for a light dinner at the bar ... Carol asked the bartender for a Mojito but they were out of mint leaves so he suggested a Pitty Punch instead  ... will have to "google" the recipe but it had loads of lime (which I love) - not too sweet and very refreshing!  
Wednesday June 02nd
Travel - Nassau to Highbourne
 Highbourne Cay
 end of Fuel Dock
 Travel - Nassau to Highbourne - 38 nm ..
at 0845 AM we left the dock at Atlantis (after Elaine gave Autumn a final scratch behind her ears) ... the day was slightly overcast with low fast moving clouds overhead but no rain ... the sea buoy reports had called for 2 to 3 foot seas and they were right on ... right on our nose ...
after an eventless cruise we arrived at Highborne at 11:30 AM .. we first docked at the Fuel Dock and filled all 3 tanks with fuel before heading to our slip (turns out we have the same slip as last year ) .. Highborne is a smaller Marina but is a very popular stop-off because of it's close proximity to Nassau (less than 40 nm) ... this weekend is also a Bahamian Holiday - the first Friday in June is Labour Day (or Labourless Day as the locals refer to it) so when we arrived the Marina was busy "juggling" a lot of reservations - many of them are locals from the Nassau area  ...  it also becomes tight when the 100 foot+ yachts come in as they take up lots of dock space ... but it is a great marina and the staff does a great job of getting it all done!
after launching the dinghy and getting settled in we opted for a casual dinner aboard wich included our Potter Cay Conch Salad ...
Thursday June 03rd
In Port - Highbourne Plantation
dinghy to Normans
view from the Office
always time for ice cream
In Port - Highbourne Plantation ( 242-356-1008 ) ..
we awoke to another sunny, warm day at Highborne Cay ... after walking Autumn we loaded up the dinghy for the trip down to Norman's Cay and McDuff's Restaurant for lunch ... the winds were down but we had a few large rollers so we took our time and arrived at the beach in front of McDuff's at about 1:30 PM  ...
... as we were beaching the dinghy we realized we were very close to low tide which would eventually put us right on top of the rocks so we decided to head around to the other side of the island to tie up to the old fuel dock (one of the few things left over from the notorious drug-running days)  ...  as we came into the harbor we counted 7 boats at anchor in the harbor - the most we have recently seen here ...
... after chatting with a sailboater as he cleaned some fresh caught conch we took the short walk up the old asphalt road and across the airstrip runway to McDuffs ... it's a slightly further walk but we worked up an appetite for lunch on the way ...
... after greeting the resident dogs Salt and Pepper along with a new addition Brandi we enjoyed some of the best conch fritters around and a great grilled fish wrap with Caesar Salad for lunch/dinner! ... while having lunch the TV was tuned in to CNN ... everyone in the Bahamas remains keenly interested in the continuing coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill and how the outcome will affect their way of life ...
Thursday June 04th
travel - Highbourne to Warderick Wells
welcome back
Mooring Field 
RPYC members
Tim, Monica, Tom and Rodie
RPYC members Tim & Monica and Paul and Bev
dinner on Serenity
Travel - Highbourne Plantation to Warderick Wells - 37 Nautical Miles
Autumn had a LONG night .. an electrical storm moved thru the area during the night .. it started at 0230 and didn't let up until 0500 .. however it did provide enough rain to rinse most of the salt off Dee Light and by 8:00 it turned into another sunny beautiful day with light winds  ..  (later we heard that 60+ MPH winds had been clocked off Norman's and Shroud Cays)
... after checking out at Highbourne and paying the fuel bill (Ugh!!!)  we pulled out of the marina at 0845 am and headed to Warderick Wells at Exuma Park ... at 10:00 after radioing the Park Office we were advised that the Mooring Ball #15 was still occupied and check out time was noon so we slowed our speed ... when we arrived at the cut to the Park entrance we continued to just "hang out" at idle as the tide and wind was keeping Dee Light right in one spot ... as we waited we observed our fellow club members on Serenity and Way Gone enter the cut from the ocean side on their way into the park (.... while we STILL waited ...) finally at 1:30 the boat Perfect decided to leave (and even managed to throw us a nice wake as they roared by us)..
after a very good cruise to The Exuma Park and an easy pick-up at our mooring ball we launched Lil Dee and helped Meridian Magic pick up their mooring ...  several boaters have asked us for the Mooring rates at the Park so here they are (these cover all of their mooring fields i.e. Shroud Cay, Hawksbill Cay, Warderick Wells, Emerald Rock, Pirates Lair and Cambridge Cay) and all reservations are first come, first served
Mooring Ball Rates per Night
40 foot and less - $15.00
40 to 49.11 feet - $20.00
50 to 59.11 feet - $30.00
60 to 69.11 feet - $50.00
70 to 89.11 feet - $75.00
90 feet and up - $ $100.00
after checking in and getting settled we invited the crews of Serenity (Tim & Monica Wonnenberg)
 Way Good  (Tom & Rodie Gibson) and Meridian's Magic (Paul and Bev Behrens) for cocktails aboard our boat Dee Light ... after wine and cheese, conch salad and lots of good conversation we ended up on Serenity for grilled Turkey Legs ala Tim with stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy courtesy of Monica ...
we putt-putted back to Dee Light under a mostly clear star-filled sky ... with no city lights to obscure them the stars were so brilliantly close we felt we could almost reach out and touch them ... a truly spectacular ending to a glorious night  ... 
Friday June 05th
Mooring Ball - Warderick Wells
on Mooring Ball 15
Boo Boo Hill 
RPYC atop Boo Boo Hill once again
a swim at Pirates Lair
Mooring Ball - Warderick Wells ( 2423578344 ) - $50.00 per night
again a good wind storm moved thru at about 05:00 am and Autumn was not a happy camper and stayed on high alert until it had passed ... but again the morning dawned clear and bright ...
at 10:00 am the group met at the Park Office and we headed up the trail to Boo Boo Hill ..  the RPYC sign board left in 2007 was still in place and Marv found the old burgee lying in the pile of rubble and reattached it to the top of the pile ...
after lunch we again met and took our Dinghies south .. we stopped for a swim at Pirates Lair and were going to go to the Sea Aquarium but on the way we spotted a good size rain cell ... as it looked as if some weather was going to move in we decided to stay closer to the anchorage ... on the way back we spent some time at another nice beach closer to Warderick where we picked up a great tip from Tom on how to attract fish ... he took a plastic bottle and punched a hole in the top of the cap and filled the bottle with cooked rice ... as you squeeze the bottle underwater a few kernels of rice come out for the fish to feed on ... works real slick! ...
on Saturday evenings the Park hosts a bon fire on the beach that starts about 7:00 PM  ... tonight we met aboard Way Good for cocktails and hor 'd oeuvres before hand ... as the evening progressed we all decided we were just too comfortable where we were so decided to forgo the "beach shindig" ...
after returning to Dee Light we had just settled in for the evening and just as Marv got ready to serve up our evening ice cream our Generator died .. UGH !! Pitch Black .. UUUUFFDDDDAAA !!!!  ...after checking out the generator he found the fan belt had to be replaced ... after an hour in the engine room it was just too hot, too dark and plain too tired to fight with it any further ... finally came to bed exhausted deciding to "slay that dragon another day" ... which brings to mind an adage of one of our fellow boaters -  "boating is traveling from Port to Port doing repairs in exotic locations" ..
Saturday June 06th
travel - Warderick Wells to Compass Cay
the Sharks and the Dock Hands greeted us with 'welcome home'
our friends Susan and John
dinner with Bev and Paul
Travel - Warderick Wells to Compass Cay - 18 nautical miles
after a less than restful sleep we were up at 06:00 am and watched the sun rise on yet another beautiful morning ... unfortunately without the generator we not only could not have our morning cup of coffee but we knew we would not be able to hoist the dinghy onto our deck with the davit ... so we dug out the tow line from the cockpit storage, took Autumn to shore for her morning walk and prepared the boat to leave the mooring field ... fortunately the Garmin Unit is powered by the battery bank and the Nobel Tec computer is powered by the inverter so all of our navigation equipment was up and running ...
... we had a very uneventful cruise to Compass Cay traveling at around 8 knots with the dinghy nicely in tow ... at 10:00 am the Sharks and the Dock Hands greeted us with 'welcome home' ... after a beautiful job of backing Dee Light into her berth at Compass and plugging into shore power the first job for the Captain was brewing a fresh pot of coffee ... second job for the First Mate was a nice long cool nap in the stateroom ... AAAHHHHHH !!
.. about noon we heard Paul and Bev Behrens ( Meridian's Magic ) on the Marine Radio and they joined us on the North Dock ... after our naps and showers by late afternoon we were feeling back to normal and invited the Behrens for dinner on Dee Light  ... Bev contributed a great salad with balsamic dressing and we put together a chicken and veggies pasta dish along with the last of our Staniel Cay bread ...   
Monday June 07th
in port - Compass Cay
love it 
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
after our early departure yesterday we all slept in this morning and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast ... Bev and Paul are leaving today to spend a few days at Staniel Cay before heading back to the States with their boat ... before they left we all took a walk over to the other side of Compass Cay to enjoy the beautiful white sand beach ... we left Autumn curled up in a ball catching up with her sleep on the back deck  ...
used our down time in the afternoon to refill our fresh water tank with the water maker and in the afternoon our friend Bill stopped by to help Marv replace the Fan Belt on our Generator ... 
later we walked up with Autumn to the covered dock/picnic area ... it was high tide so we watched the kids swim with the sharks and enjoyed some evening conversation with the crew of Totem from the Melbourne, FL area ( Donna is presently commodore of the Eau Gallie Yacht Club and they are traveling with Scooter their 1+ old  Jack Russell puppy ) ... one of the boaters had caught a shark so he prepared shark tidbits wrapped in bacon on the grill and we brought up the remainder of our conch salad to share for a casual dinner ...
 Tuesday June 08th
in port - Compass Cay
Carol and Shyvette
swimming pigs
love it
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
after walking Autumn we loaded up the dinghy for a ride to Staniel Cay ... on the way we stopped at Fowl Cay and met the new managers of Royal Plantation Resort - Yves and Marta Verhoustraete ... while we were there we confirmed our reservations for our farewell dinner while our RPYC group is here and also met the chef ...
 .. after leaving Fowl Cay we met up with Paul and Bev at the Thunderball Grotto and then we all headed over to Big Majors so they could see the swimming pigs at the beach ... watching the pigs swim up to one's dinghy is a hoot and in general they are pretty docile however they are big (in excess of 200 lbs. each and usually there are at least four of them) and can become fairly aggressive when going for the "goodies" that we humans like to bring ... every year we hear of kids and adults being bit or otherwise injured during a close encounter with the pigs ... last week a young man visiting his parents had to have 32 stitches to close his arm and elbow from an incident ...   bottom line - please STAY IN YOUR DINGHY while you feed these critters ! ...
we left Big Majors and the pigs and met Bev and Paul for lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club  and after saying so long we met with Shyvette at the new Reception Office to finalize some arrangements for the arrival of our RPYC group in a couple of weeks ... walked up to the Bread Shop for a couple of loaves of fresh bread (Whole Wheat and Cinnamon Raisin)   .. on the way back to Compass we stopped at one of the sandy coves along Pipe Creek for a refreshing dip in pool ...
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