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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2010- Log C
Compass Cay to Staniel Cay
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 Current Position  - you can follow our travels from Fort Myers thru the Bahamas by clicking on the  CLICK HERE  photo link above .. our current location is updated once an hour .. check out the Google Maps .. zoom in and out .. etc ..
 Tuesday June 08th
in port - Compass Cay
Carol and Shyvette
swimming pigs
love it
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
after walking Autumn we loaded up the dinghy for a ride to Staniel Cay ... on the way we stopped at Fowl Cay and met the new managers of Royal Plantation Resort - Yves and Marta Verhoustraete ... while we were there we confirmed our reservations for our farewell dinner while our RPYC group is here and also met the chef ...
 .. after leaving Fowl Cay we met up with Paul and Bev at the Thunderball Grotto and then we all headed over to Big Majors so they could see the swimming pigs at the beach ... watching the pigs swim up to one's dinghy is a hoot and in general they are pretty docile however they are big (in excess of 200 lbs. each and usually there are at least four of them) and can become fairly aggressive when going for the "goodies" that we humans like to bring ... every year we hear of kids and adults being bit or otherwise injured during a close encounter with the pigs ... last week a young man visiting his parents had to have 32 stitches to close his arm and elbow from an incident ...   bottom line - please STAY IN YOUR DINGHY while you feed these critters ! ...
we left Big Majors and the pigs and met Bev and Paul for lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club  and after saying so long we met with Shyvette at the new Reception Office to finalize some arrangements for the arrival of our RPYC group in a couple of weeks ... walked up to the Bread Shop for a couple of loaves of fresh bread (Whole Wheat and Cinnamon Raisin)   .. on the way back to Compass we stopped at one of the sandy coves along Pipe Creek for a refreshing dip in pool ...
Wednesday June 09th
in port - Compass Cay
view from Dee Light
Jim and Kim's boat
Kim Jim and Carol
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
spent the morning puttering around the boat and catching up on email and such ( the internet connection at Compass Cay is by and large pretty fast and fairly reliable however like all such systems in the cays it has its "ups and downs" ) ...
later in the afternoon we took the dinghy north past O'Briens Cay and up around Soldier Cay where Bill and Mechelle are  - then traveled on both sides of Little Halls Pond Cay ( belonging to Johnny Depp ) where we took some photos of their lovely landscaped beach area ...
 we also stopped at the Exuma Park's Sea Aquarium .... we had not brought along our glass bottom bucket or snorkel gear but the water was so clam we could still clearly see the coral and colorful reef fish all the way at the bottom ... finally we ended up at the Cambridge Cay area where we found Jim and Kim's boat moored
( without a name on it as they had just painted it before heading over here ) ... they showed us the way into a new (for us) beach they have nicknamed the Blue Hole and we spent the remainder of the afternoon with cold drinks in hand while lounging in the water and catching up with all the latest news of their trip, etc. ...
... as the sun began to lower into the water we climbed back into our dinghies and we headed back to  Compass Cay and Dee Light for the evening ...
Thursday June 10th
in port - Compass Cay
"welcome back home"
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
shortly after we got up this morning the Air Conditioning system died .. always something .. after a quick check it was evident that the plumbing was chocked up with junk that we picked up when we were at Fort Myers Beach .. UGH !! .. however after cleaning the strainer and flushing the system with fresh water we still were not getting enough water flow to run the A/C units ... Marv went in search of David who is a certified A/C tech from the Del Ray Beach area but he had left the cay to ferry Cleo ( who works in the office here ) in his skiff to Barre Terra for her daughter's graduation ... he would not be back until early evening so we resigned ourselves to another night without the air ...
in the evening we walked up to the the "marina lounge" with Autumn where we found David had returned from his trip and over cocktails he told us he would be by in the morning to take a look at our A/C problem ...
fortunately the weather continues to be beautiful so after dinner we had our ice cream sundaes on the hard top while enjoying the cool breezes and did some stargazing ... by that time the stateroom had cooled down enough to make for a fairly comfortable night's sleep ...
Friday June 11th
in port - Compass Cay
heading out at High Tide
David from Del Ray
petting the Sharks
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138

... we were awakened at 06:15 AM by the sound of a bow thruster and 4 toots from the charter boat Good Times as they left the dock next to us ...  while having our second cup of coffee on the aft deck David stopped by ... after making sure nothing was obstructing the water intake we determined that the pump had finally "bit the dust" ... fortunately we carry a spare pump so David started on the task of replacing it ...

David O'Connor (M/V Outpost) had us fixed up in no time ... he is from the Del Ray Beach area but spends most of the summer months at Compass on his sport fish boat Outpost ...he is very capable to do most repairs and can easily be reached thru the marina here (Tucker or Jamal)  ... David was done by 01:30 pm .. wow!! -  cool A/C never felt so GOOD !! .. also have not seen such good water discharge from the system for quite some time...

... we took the dinghy to Sampson Cay to get it filled with gasoline and refilled our spare tank... ran into the folks from Totem who joined us for a drink in the bar  ... learned we are not the only boat to have air conditioning problems ... Pura Vida has had to cut their cruise plans short .. lost their A/C at Compass .. spent a night on the Hook at Big Majors and finally came into Sampson Cay where they have rented a villa   until they head home by air .. a captain will be bringing the boat back to the States for them ...

... enjoyed a quiet evening at Compass Cay ... two large families have arrived and we had fun watching all the kids on the dock trying to save their toes (and other body appendages) from the sharks and then making their "fabulous bead creations" around the picnic table ... we returned to Dee Light for a light dinner and then retired to our wonderfully COOL stateroom ... sure to sleep soundly tonight ....  ZZZZZZ!!!

Saturday June 12th
in port - Compass Cay
 beach at Joe Cay
another sunset
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
after installing the new A/C pump spent time cleaning up the Engine Room left from installing the new A/C pump  ... used the shop vac Ernie gave us and also found a handy spot to store it .. 
in the afternoon we took the dinghy to the south end of Joe Cay at the Thomas Cay Cut Inlet where we found a nice beach with a gentle surf and a great breeze ..
later in the afternoon a Katy Krogen with the hailing port of Portland Oregon pulled onto our dock and we spent some time chatting with Ted and Sue on Dream ... they told us they had purchased the boat 4 years ago from Southwest Florida Yacht Charters in North Fort Myers and had since taken the boat all the way down to Belize and Guatemala ... after cruising the Exumas they will be heading back to Florida to complete some much needed maintenance repairs on the boat where parts and labor are more readily available ... 


Sunday June 13th
in port - Compass Cay
from North Fort Myers Florida
Bill and Mechelle & Kim and Jim
Cleo and Carol
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
we had invited Jim and Kim along with our mutual friends Bill and Mechelle for cocktails and dinner aboard Dee Light and later in the that afternoon they arrived in their boat at Compass Cay ... they are living in the Cambridge Cay / Soldier Cay / Bell Island area and have both taken on big challenges with a lot of hard work ahead of them but they are enjoying every ( almost ) minute of it and will do great ..
we are going to be in this area for part of this week and after heading south we hope to return again before we head back to Florida ... we hope we are able to get together with them again before we head back ..
after saying goodnight to our dinner guests we spent the remainder of the evening at the marina lounge and then walked to the end of the dock to take a few photos of another beautiful sunset ...
Monday June 14th
in port - Compass Cay
this is NOT Dee Light
private beach
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138 ..
we awoke to yet another picture perfect day and in the morning many of the boats were on the move again ... four boats left Compass and another 3 arrived including another 60 foot Viking from Tarpon Springs ... we took the dinghy to Sampson Cay to meet with one of the charter captains to discuss our plans for when the  RPYC group arrives ... after meeting with Raymond "Breadboy" we joined the crew from Totem for lunch in the dining room ...
after lunch we made a stop back at Dee Light for some cold drinks and then headed back out in the dinghy to explore up north again and spent the rest of the afternoon on a couple of private beaches ...  we found the small inlet at O'Briens Cay with the stream that flows all the back into the interior of the island ... because it was low tide it was all sand and looked totally different this visit ...
Tuesday June 15th
in port - Compass Cay
Loan, carol and Jamal
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
Totem returned from Sampson Cay with their guests .. worked on our "Dee Light" sign that we had put along the walk way .. it had weathered to the point that it could hardly be read .. made an addition to the bottom of the sign and gave it a couple of coats of varnish ..
we wanted to talk to Loan (one of Tucker's son about helping out with the boat transportation while the Bahamas 2010 Land Sea and Air Crew are here ... while we waited for Loan to return to Compass from a graduation we retrieved our signboard hanging on a tree along the main walkway and took it back to the boat for a "facelift"  ... it had really weathered since our last visit so this time we added a couple of coats of varnish ... hopefully it will weather the elements a little better ... we also added a "lower level" with our names ...
we postponed our last dinghy trip to Rachel Falls until tomorrow and spent the afternoon around the docks until we were able to catch up with Loan and Jamal to make our arrangements for the boats ...because Jamal is generally busy running the Compass marina Jamal's brother Ozzie will most likely operate Jamal's second boat ( Tucker sure has a lot of good-looking boys - nice too! ) ...
we enjoyed a very nice sunset with a bit more breeze this evening which made for a very comfortable cocktail hour on the dock ..
Wednesday June 16th
in port - Compass Cay
Carol and Bruce (Bahama Star)
our updated sign
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138 ..
we wanted to get to Rachel's Falls during the incoming tide ... high tide was scheduled at about noon so we got our gear and cooler ready and loaded into the dinghy  ... before we left we invited Captain Bruce from the Charter Sailboat Bahama Star aboard to see Dee Light ... he and his wife Sheila have been doing charters (mainly high school and College kids in the summers )  for over 25 years ... when they "retire" they are looking to find a suitable live-aboard boat ... Bruce also makes awesome deep-fried Turkeys ...
the Rachel's Falls area was prettier than we remembered and we found 3 really nice shells on our walk up the the Falls ... after a short swim we decided we had exceeded our quota of mid-afternoon sun and headed back to the marina ... after we loaded the dinghy onto the boat we enjoyed some down-time with Marv working on photos and Carol enjoying a brief siesta )  ... when the sun was lower we took our sign to re-hang it in the tree branches lining the walkway ...  ( looks very nice! ) ... we then continued on to the crescent beach on the other side of the island  ... walked all the way to the far south end of the beach and around the corner to the "low tide landing strip"  in search of sea beans or whatever else may have washed ashore  ...  we think this must surely be one of the prettiest beaches in the world with super-fine sand that has a slight pink tinge similar to Harbor Island ... after having a cold drink after our beach walk we called it a day and headed back to Dee Light and took Autumn for her evening walk with a stop at the Marina Lounge ...  
Thursday June 17th
travel - Compass Cay
Travel - Compass Cay to Staniel Cay
we checked out at the Marina office and gave Cleo a big hug along with the dates for our return trip ... at 09:45 am we left the dock at Compass Cay ...  a little sad but knowing we will be back again soon ...
 we took our time traveling at only about 10.5 knots as it is a short distance to Staniel Cay ... after some very capable maneuvering on the part of our Captain dealing with a brisk current and a reasonable amount of wind we were docked before noon at Staniel ...  after which we even received a couple of compliments on our docking procedure !!
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