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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2010- Log E
Staniel Cay to Staniel Cay
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Thursday June 24th
in port - Staniel Cay
Thunderball Grotto
 what a day
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024
this is our last day before the RPYC group arrives and we think we are about ready for their arrival ...
 ... first thing this morning DJ was here to wash Dee Light and scrubbed her stem to stern ...
 we made another trip to the Blue Grocery Store and the supply boat had brought in some beautiful produce and we got lots of romaine lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, some summer squash, broccoli, etc.
 while the Captain vacuumed - the first mate did some galley duties and finally ...  Autumn got a bath and a new kerchief for company too! ...
Friday June 25th
in port - Staniel Cay
Autumn welcomes RPYC
Bahamas 2010 Cruise
Long Legged Lady arrives
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024
at 09:00 am the first of the RPYC Bahamas 2010 Crew which consisted of our co-leaders Don and Mary and Bob and Karen arrived via Watermakers Air ... after checking in and getting settled we walked up to have lunch and go over the schedule for the rest of week with our co-leaders Don and Mary and Bob and Karen who will be helping out with the rest of the group ... 
we finished lunch just in time to greet Wayne and Diane as they docked their 48 foot Grand Banks Long Legged Lady ... they are meeting up with us on the return leg of a 6 month voyage down to Grenada and we were all anxious to hear about their trip ... while waiting for the second wave of RPYC members to arrive on the 03:00 PM flight we were all able to spend some time catching up at the pool area  ...
by early evening the first 18 people had arrived and were settled into their cottages ... we then met aboard Dee Light for a short "Captain's Meeting" and cocktails before going up to Staniel Cay Yacht Club for dinner in the bar area ...      
Saturday June 26th
in port - Staniel Cay
getting Dinghies ready
lunch at Sampson Cay
da Swimming Pigs
Thunderball Grotto
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024
we are truly amazed at the string of beautiful weather that we have been blessed with ... we awoke to another picture perfect day ...
our plan for the day was to take the dinghies out and stop at Big Majors to see the swimming pigs ... then on to Sampson Cay where we had made reservations for lunch in the main dining room  ... we pulled up to the beach area at Big Majors and were surprised not to see any pigs swimming out to us ... even after waiting around for a while the only one we saw was a lone small piglet who reluctantly ventured out to the dinghies ... even he didn't seem to be very interested in what we had to offer .... so after floating around for a bit we decided to head to Sampson and try again on the back on the way back  ...   
at Sampson we took a quick peek in the Gift Shop/Ships Store and came out with a few purchases ... we had opted to have lunch in the air-conditioned dining room as we know everyone would be getting plenty of sun on the water today ... we made a good choice and everyone enjoyed a lovely lunch ...
back to Big Majors Island ...  yup the PIGS woke up and did they swim ... guess you have to catch them when they're not napping  ... then on to Thunderball Grotto  ... several of the group had ridden over on the plane with a video crew who were doing some filming in the area  for Sandals Resort company and they greeted us as we pulled up to the mooring ball ... we had tried to time our arrival for low slack tide but ended up just a tad too late and the current was beginning to fairly strongly but most everyone able to see the Grotto and also lots of fish in the general area ... Dottie particularly enjoyed feeding the fish rice kernels  out of her hand ...    
Sunday June 27th
in port - Staniel Cay
walked to Church
Bahamas 2010 Crew
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
...  say amen, amen .. after breakfast we walked up to the local Church and sang hymns, hugged each other and said amen again! ...
we picked up several golf carts from Nikki at 3N's at the airport and loaded them up for our picnic at Hoi Tai Beach on the south end of the island ... Hoi Tai is one of Staniel Cay's community beaches and we picked this because of its location ... it has loads of shady seating with picnic tables, a wonderful breeze and best of all a soft, white sand beach area for sunning and swimming ... 
the last of our group (Win and Lars) arrived on the 3 PM flight and after cleaning up and changing we met for cocktails by the pool and another "Captain's Meeting" with the entire group ...
at 7:30 PM SCYC rang the bell for their traditional Bahamian dinner and we all went into the dining room for our Welcome Dinner ... at dinner each person on the cruise was presented with a personalized Sand Dollar along with SCYC Tervis Tumbler as a memento of our cruise ... 
 Monday June 28th
in port - Staniel Cay
swimming with the Sharks
Sea Aquarium
Rachel's Falls
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
another beautiful day and a good thing as we have a big day planned for the group ... Loan Rolle and his brother Ozzie are scheduled to pick us up at the dock and take us north to Compass Cay for the day  ... at 10 AM we were on our way in their two Albury Brother tenders  ... however Ozzie had to return to Staniel Cay because he forgot his sister Cleo on the dock.... and we needed Cleo because she was going to cook us our lunch !!! ...
as soon as we arrived at Compass Cay everyone immediately hit the water to swim with the sharks ... in fact the gals were the first ones in the water ... in addition, most everyone also had a chance to walk over to the crescent beach for a swim before partaking in "burgers in paradise" cooked on the grill by Jamal and Cleo ...
after lunch we again loaded up and headed to the Sea Aquarium in the Exuma Land and Sea Park just north of Compass ...  this is a natural sea aquarium with hundreds of fish that swim right up to your mask ... after spending time in the water snorkeling we toured the area seeing Johnny Depp's "digs" and several of the other islands in the area ... we bypassed snorkeling at Rocky Dundas ( as the surge was too strong today ) to head directly to Rachael's Falls on the north end of Compass Cay ... here we walked up the flats area to Rachael's Bubble Bath where Diane found several nice shells to share with the gals ...
on the way back we drove by the old Decca station that was used by NASA at one time ... by the time we got back to the dock it was 5:30 PM ... WHEW - what a GREAT DAY!
 Tuesday June 29th
in port - Staniel Cay
Sand Dollar Queen
heavy hors d'oeuvres
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
.. we had scheduled a deep sea fishing trip this morning but after talking with Wade (the charter captain)  we decided to postpone it until Thursday ... the bad news being that the winds a lot higher than we anticipated bringing 5 to 8 footers to the sound however it is also bringing in some nice afternoon breezes to keep everyone quite comfortable during their stay ...
after breakfast we said so long to the first of our group Ed and Peggy who needed to fly back to Ft. Lauderdale to attend a big wedding in Boston ... the rest of the group had a open day for a variety of activities ... some toured the Staniel Cay by Golf Cart .. some went to the Infinity Pool by dinghy and pulled up Sand Dollars from the sand (some with more success than others) ... and others just lazed by the pool area ...
in the evening we met at the pool patio again for heavy hors d' oeuvres and cocktails ...
 Wednesday June 30th
in port - Staniel Cay
Little Farmers Cay
shelling .. ?? ..
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
another big day on the water is planned ... the morning is slightly overcast which is not a bad thing because everyone spent lots of time in the sun the previous day ...
Loan and Ozzie (from Compass) again showed on up the dock with the tenders and we took off for Little Farmers Cay about 20 miles south of Staniel ...  after a tour of Cave Cay Marina and then Musha Cay which is a beautiful private resort owned by David Copperfield we docked at Little Farmers Cay for lunch at Ocean Cabin with proprietors Ernestine and Terry Bain ... they had prepared a traditional Bahamian al -u-can-eat buffet of fried fish, baked chicken, cracked conch, baked mac 'n cheese, peas 'n rice, and  coleslaw with a split broiled lobster tails to boot ... after lunch led by Terry we all sang the Little Farmers Cay song and then sang Happy Birthday and He's a Jolly Good Fellow to Fred to celebrate his 80th! ... finally Commodore Chuck hung a signed RPYC burgee from the rafters to commemorate our visit to Little Famers Cay ... before boarding the tenders again we walked up to JR's Woodworking Studio ...
we had hoped to stop at the long sand bar at Galliot Cut from some shelling but as we left the docks we noticed a storm brewing to the southeast ... after conferring with Loan and Ozzie we decided we did not want to get caught out on the bank quite a distance from any shelter so decided to pass on the shelling and head back to Staniel ... instead on our return we stopped at Guana Cay to feed the local Iguanas table scraps from our lunch ... we had been told they are vegetarians but they can certainly chomp down those chicken bones! ...
after the big lunch today at Ocean Cabin most everyone had a light bite to eat at the pool patio again and afterwards several of the group enjoyed a night-cap at the bar ...  
 Thursday July 01st
in port - Staniel Cay
they are off
they are back
Farewell dinner
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
.. Wade Nixon was at the dock in his Grady White at 09:00 am  for our fishing trip ... we headed north and went out at Conch Cut just south of Compass Cay ... when we were about 2-3 miles of shore in about 1000 feet of water the seas calmed down and Wade put out 2 lines rigged with ballyhoo  ... we began to watch for birds as they like to eat the same thing as the fish eat ... it wasn't more than 15 minutes when we spotted a flock working the water ... as we pointed the boat in that direction and came closer we could see the school of Mahi Mahi ... Eureka! ... not more than a minute later we had the first strike! ... and no sooner had Win taken the first line in her hands when we got the second strike and Carol G. began to reel that one in too!  ... it was really exciting with both gals reeling in fish at the same time!  ... all in all each of the girls caught a Dolphin with Win bringing in 2  (Lars concluded he "had caught enough fish to last a lifetime" so he passed) ... we finally called it a good day's catch and on the way in Carol M. managed to land a 4+ foot barracuda that Wade would cut up for bait ...
... the rest of our group used the day for beaching, shelling, snorkeling and exploring the area ... and Billie and GiGi came back with a bucketful of fish from their flats fishing trip ...  we all met aboard Dee Light at 5 PM for cocktails before boarding the tender from Royal Plantation for our Farewell Dinner at Fowl Cay where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner (with a fabulous birthday cake for Fred too! )
 Friday July 02nd
in port - Staniel Cay
farewell drinks
Conch Fritters tonight
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
at about 08:30 am we could hear "da plane .. da plane" .. and by 03:00 they were all gone ... we have decided they are much like grandchildren "wonderful to have them visit - but nice to see them go home again!"  ... we hope they had as much fun as we did in sharing with them a small taste of the Exumas that we have come to love!
 ... we spent the rest of the afternoon chillin' out and Rita Kay and Clay stopped by on their way to the Yacht Club for Happy Hour .... the local Conch Man ( Alan ) showed up with 20 large Conch for us ...  we watched as he cleaned them for us and we stowed the shells on Dee Light to take back with us ... we later met Clay and Rita-Kay at the Yacht Club for a drink and then had dinner aboard Dee Light ...
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