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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2010- Log F
Staniel Cay to Compass Cay
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 Friday July 02nd
in port - Staniel Cay
farewell drinks
Conch Fritters tonight
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
at about 08:30 am we could hear "da plane .. da plane" .. and by 03:00 they were all gone ... we have decided they are much like grandchildren "wonderful to have them visit - but nice to see them go home again!"  ... we hope they had as much fun as we did in sharing with them a small taste of the Exumas that we have come to love!
 ... we spent the rest of the afternoon chillin' out and Rita Kay and Clay stopped by on their way to the Yacht Club for Happy Hour .... the local Conch Man ( Alan ) showed up with 20 large Conch for us ...  we watched as he cleaned them for us and we stowed the shells on Dee Light to take back with us ... we later met Clay and Rita-Kay at the Yacht Club for a drink and then had dinner aboard Dee Light ...
 Saturday July 03rd
in port - Staniel Cay
the gals at the pool
Zeelander from Holland
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
Holy moly!!!!   ... went to bed early and awoke right before 1:00 AM to a dull distant roar and our dinghy Lil Dee banging against the hull ... we both came up to assess the situation (with Marv checking the lines) and then it seemed as if all hell broke loose with a huge wind and rain storm .. we sat on the bridge and watched our dock neighbors trying to lasso their dinghy in the driving wind and torrents of rain ... (the wind was eventually clocked at about 70 MPH from the WNW with waves over 6 feet here at the marina) ... the storm lasted at least an hour with a number of boats having serious problems including a 50' Catamaran that was at anchor near the Marina  ... they came into dock right after the winds died down but had to cut the chain to their Grady White Tender and let it go to the sea during the storm ... another tender was found this morning upside down under Serenity's dock ... (crew of Dee Light believes we had a water spout blow thru) ... another adventure! 
 .. we had talked with Carleigh about taking the dinghy to Overyonder Cay to check out the ongoing development on the Cay but when they came in for fuel this morning we decided that we had enough excitement for the day and will go there next week some time ... everyone on the dock seems just a tad shell-shocked this morning ...instead we opted for a little R & R by the pool!  
 Sunday July 04th
in port - Staniel Cay
the 04th at Staniel Cay
Carol enjoying the 04th
 In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..

we slept in this morning and after watching some of the Men's Final Tennis Match at Wimbledon over breakfast we got ready for church ... they had lots of visitors from the USA and we were warmly greeted and wished Happy Independence Day during the service ...

it has been slightly overcast today so we elected to stay on the boat ( catching up on the log, going thru the mail, etc.) and watched all the new boats arrive for the festivities set to take place at SCYC this evening until the marina was full once again  ...

later we had a drink on the boat when Rita Kay and Clay arrived and then we all went up for the pig roast and roasted turkey buffet at the Yacht Club ... tonight was open seating with tables also set up on the dock and over 150 people were served buffet-style ... they even had cranberry sauce on the tables to accompany the roast turkey with dressing and mashed potatoes and gravy! ...

at 9:30 PM they set off a great fireworks display on the beach that lasted over a three-quarters of an hour .. we watched from the top of Dee Light while Marv shared some of his "ice cream stash" with us in celebration of the holiday ...  even Autumn tolerated all the racket reasonably well and eventually stopped shaking by the end of the display ...  

Monday July 05th
in port - Staniel Cay
dentist boat call
Overyonder Cay
 In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
Carol has been "babying" a loose molar crown and had hoped it would hold on until our return to have it fixed ... however while flossing this morning ... RATS! ... it finally popped out ... while contemplated the next move we suddenly realized we knew a friendly retired dentist in the neighborhood ...  in a few minutes Clay ( very capably assisted by Rita Kay)  had Carol all fixed up in a flash ..
we then all hopped into Lil Dee and headed to Overyonder Cay to take a closer look at all the construction they have been doing over the past year ... it looks to be quite a development ... after we left Overyonder we continued north and stopped by a cove area we had visited before as the beach is very sandy and nice ... we were quite astonished see 2 large yachts in the cove with anchor lines splayed out like spider webs to the surrounding beach areas ... as we neared the boats to say hello we were informed "this is a private island" and were ordered out of the cove in a VERY UNFRIENDLY MANNER!!!  ... so there!
 Tuesday July 06th
in port - Staniel Cay
treasures from the sea
safe in our Freezer
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..

we were finally able to finish emailing all the photos from last week to Lars so he could put them on a CD for the group - took longer than usual to allow for the slow internet connection here along with the occasional power outages on the dock ... 

the dive boat AquaCat arrived on the dock this afternoon ... they sail out of Hurricane Hole Marina on Paradise Island (Nassau) and stay out for a week at a time with a maximum of 26 divers aboard ... while chatting with a couple at the bar who are on the boat they told us they do a great job - comfortable, clean accommodations, great food and they even rinse all the divers off with a warm water shower as they come out of the sea after their dives  ...

Alan provided us with more conch and when we saw the shells decided that they were just too pretty to pass up so after cleaning them up a bit we will stow those on board Dee Light with the others we have ...

at cocktail time we took Autumn up to pool where we had a drink around the patio and then to the bar for bite to eat ...    

 Wednesday July 07th
in port - Staniel Cay
birthday dinner at Fowl Cay
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..

during the day we are enjoyed some downtime on Dee Light and have made reservations to have dinner tonight at Royal Plantation Resort on Fowl Cay to celebrate Carol's Birthday

we decided to take our dinghy over and had another wonderful dinner (the chef's selection this evening was Crab Legs and Cornish Game Hens ) ... neither one is particularly one of Carol's favorites but the preparation and presentation was superb! - the hens were butter-flied and deboned with a wonderful sauce and the crab legs were already split open ... after dinner Marv had a beautiful birthday cake delivered to the table which we shared over coffee with our host and hostess Yves and Marta Verhoustraete while they shared many tales of their life aboard the S/V Breakaway since leaving Belgium many years ago ... love my Birthday month !!!

 Thursday July 08th
in port - Staniel Cay
doing shells
birthday dinner at SCYC
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 .. Carol's Birthday ..

in the morning we finished cleaning and stowing away the majority of conch shells that have been cluttering up the cockpit of Dee Light ... the weather remains overcast with an occasional shower which has kept the temps comfortable for these chores ... later in the day Rita-Kay stopped by and the girls spent some time working on a couple of "shell projects" and enjoying some girl talk before we all headed up to the pool ...

after cleaning up and changing we planned to have dinner at the yacht club with Clay and Rita-Kay to celebrate Carol's birthday ... after dinner Carol slipped back to Dee Light in order to give her sister a call and noticed the Huge BLACK cloud bank that was rapidly approaching the marina so after finishing her call she went to get the others out of the bar ... we no sooner got back to the boat when the rain storm blew thru ... fortunately it didn't last long - by the time we finished a piece of birthday cake it had passed over us with only a light rain remaining the rest of the evening  ... 

Friday July 09th
in port - Staniel Cay
dinghy to Black Point
Carol and Lorraine
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
the weather has finally settled down so the crew of Carleigh decided to take advantage of the window to travel to Nassau as they are looking at acquiring a new dinghy up there ... we bade farewell and smooth seas to them and after watching the Lady GaGa concert on the Today Show (with a record crowd of 20,000+ in attendance) we headed out in the dinghy for Black Point to finally have lunch at Lorraine's Cafe
... the settlement of Black Point is a gem! It has a great harbor with plenty of room in the anchorage. But, the most attractive thing about the settlement is the people - friendly, outgoing, and focused on being of service to cruisers. It is a must place to visit in the Exumas .. we had a great visit with Lorraine and some wonderful pan-fried fish sandwiches... Lorraine’s Café .. 242-355-3012 ...
we packed up our left-over french fries and on the way back to Staniel we stopped at Gaulin Cay where we had fun feeding the local iguana population (these iguanas are smaller than the ones on Guana Cay) and found a bunch of small colorful shells along the shoreline to add to our baskets ... when we returned we took Autumn with us for a dinghy ride to Fowl Cay to return the cake plate from our Wednesday evening dinner ... after our substantial lunch we opted for a light snack on the boat and a drink at the bar this evening ...
Saturday July 10th
in port - Staniel Cay
Happy 37th Independence Day Bahamas !!!
 Carol with Pastor Burke
Yves and Marta from Fowl Cay
Carol with Captain Hal Hanson
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 .. Autumns birthday .. Happy 37th Independence Day Bahamas !!! ..
they have planned a full day of events celebrating the Bahamian Independence Day ... we started the day with a church service where we sang the Bahama National Anthem and the children recited the National Pledge ... after the service everyone assembled in the front on the church for a parade around the island ...
this morning we noticed that the marina was half empty which surprised us as we had been told that they were expecting a full house for the holiday weekend ... however, but by the time we returned from church the marina began to rapidly fill up with several boats arriving from the Nassau area ... we walked over to the picnic area on the beach where they were grilling hamburgers and hotdogs and we had a cold drink while watching the kids play a lively game of tug-of-war in the sand ...
later when we returned to boat we found the marina abuzz with all sorts of activity and kids galore everywhere and all dock hands were scrambling to get all the boats in ... a group of four boats who were traveling together from Marathon Yacht Club arrived and we walked over to greet Rich and Eileen on Defiant who are old friends with the Weiners and Thomases, our mutual friends in Fort Myers  ...
for dinner we decided join the festivities on the beach again and we were served an overflowing plate of  BBQ ribs and baked chicken with all the traditional fixins' including pineapple and strawberry pound cake   for dessert - YUM!  (we left a nice donation for sharing their generous hospitality with us) ... the party continued with a Junkanoo but instead, after finishing dinner, we stopped by the Yacht Club for a night-cap where we met up with Hal Hanson ( Fort Myers ), the former Captain of Overdraft ... he is now captain on Glory and we enjoyed seeing him again ... we also had a chance to meet up with the Marathon group and found we had mutual boating friends from Minnesota - Gene and Kathy who are our neighbors on Front Page at Legacy Marina in Fort Myers ...
.. the evening was capped off with another fireworks display ... this one even bigger and better than the one on the 04th of July ...  Happy Independence Day to all the Bahamian People - they sure know how to celebrate!!!
Sunday July 11th
in port - Staniel Cay
click on image for details
click on above
our last service .. AMEN !!
 Farewell Dinner
In Port - Staniel Cay Yacht Club - (242) 355-2024 ..
HEADLINES - The "Barefoot Bandit" has been busted in the Bahamas .. Colton Harris-Moore, a 19-year-old outlaw who has cleverly eluded US authorities for nearly two years, has been arrested in the Bahamas just 7 days after crash landing another stolen aircraft and stealing a 44 foot boat on Great Abaco Island according to police ... the locals in Harbour Island turned him into the police after he went to them for assistance with leaving the island ... he now sits in a Nassau jail cooling his heels over the holiday weekend ... what poetic justice !!
received this e-Mail fro a boating friend ( Beach Cat - Fort Myers FL ) .. CNN has run the story of the barefoot bandit.  We are at the marina AND our dear friend Bill Sport had his boat shot up by the police after this thief stole it!  CNN is running the story again at 4PM… and probably all night.  Wow what excitement.  We had dinner on Bill’s 80’ yacht, then after we all went to bed, this kid stole his 28’ fishing boat !
we went to our last church service this visit at Mt. Olive and Pastor Burkie along with members of the congregation bid us farewell and safe journey home ... but we will remain with them in our prayers and spirit ... we had a special treat today with hymns sung to us by a family visiting from NY, CT and Southern CA ..
since this was to be our last evening at Staniel Cay we made reservations in the main dining room for our Farewell Dinner ... we took Autumn up for her evening walk and while enjoying a drink before dinner on the patio Captain Tony supplied us with a couple more fresh-cleaned grouper to add to our freezer ... we watched as the staff set up the dock area again with tables and bar in preparation for a large group of 80 Marine Max boaters who were arriving by tenders from Sampson Cay for dinner at the Yacht Club ... we left them to the "elements" (it turned out to be another beautiful evening) and we went in for our dinner of Lamb Chops and Cracked Conch ...
Monday July 12th
in port - Staniel Cay
images from Beach Cat
Two New Engines .. $35k
Boat Repairs .. $20k
3 minutes of Fame ..Priceless !!!
our route today 
welcome back "home"
dinner on board
Travel - Staniel Cay to Compass Cay .. 22 nm ..
note from Doug and Sue ( Beach Cat ) ... more breaking news on the "Barefoot Bandit" ...
Good morning  
I assume you saw the news on CNN.  Bill was interviewed (sic) with pictures of the 28’ boat, and standing in front of his 80’ yacht.  CNN had reported the story wrong, and Bill called the reporter and talked to her for about 30 minutes.  Maybe they will continue running the story today.  Anyhow, here are the answers:
  • We had dinner on Bill’s boat (see photo) along with Bob, Susan, Jordan and Pam, who were on Bob’s boat the “Chairman”. a 90’ Palmer Johnson custom made yacht.  We had dinner on it several years ago in the Exumas, when we had Beach Cat.
  • Bill & Brenda were walking down the dock after we lad left and went to bed.  About 11PM.  They saw the “kid” running by them with his back-sack, but didn’t put the dots together.  They thought he was just a crew member of one of the other “big” boats here.
  • Later around midnight the lady that owns a 100’ Broward saw Bill’s 28’ drifting out with no lights.  The kid had swam out, untied it from the big boat, and pulled it away prior to starting.  Bill’s first mate, Stephen, had left the keys in the ignition.
  • The lady called security and the police were here quickly.  The police asked and were given permission to use the lady’s 26’ tender.  The police, her captain and her son jumped in and took off after the “bandit”.
  • Gun shots were fired and the Broward lady started screaming, as she was terrified about her son being on board her tender, with the “shoot out”
  • The “bandit” ran aground about the same time the police fired warning shots with Uzis, one hitting the out-rigger, and two or so hitting the engine.  They also shot some shotgun rounds.  The hull was not damaged.  See photo.
  • Bill and Brenda, and Sue & Doug slept through it all.  Yesterday was Bahamian Independence Day, so there were firecrackers going off.  Everyone thought the noise was firecrackers.
  • There were several small drops of blood in Bill’s 28’ boat.  We assume the kid was hit with a shotgun pellet, etc.  He’s okay, I guess.  We never saw him.
  • Too bad he doesn’t get tried here.  The Bahamian jail is not nice!  No A/C, and a bucket for your waste (that’s emptied daily), and one Bahamian said at high tide your feet get wet!  Ha
And that’s all the news.  The CNN interview was very good.  Bill has had his 15 minutes of fame!
All else is well.  Just another lazy quiet day in paradise!
the Staniel Cay Yacht Club was still jammed with boats this morning ... we were totally "boxed in" and no one was moving anywhere very fast ...finally a little after 1:00 PM the large trawler looming directly over our stern pulled away from the dock and we were able to "escape" by squeezing through the maze - sort of like threading a needle!  ... after Chubby (the Dock Master) assisted us off the dock we enjoyed a leisurely cruise up to Compass Cay in perfectly flat calm seas and at 02:45 PM  Tucker and David were on the dock to grab our lines and welcome us "back home"  ... and it is great to be back "at home" ... after checking in and giving Cleo a big hug hello she told us we were lucky to have just missed the 80 Marine Max folks from Sampson who just finished having lunch at Compass! ... 
Tuesday July 13th
in port - Compass Cay
 the Marina is full
I. Lorraine
dinner on the Bow
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138 ..

we launched the dinghy this morning just in time to get caught in a passing downpour .. by the time we got the dinghy tied up it was over as quickly as it started ... however as the weather continued to look a little unsettled so we decided to stay put on the boat today ...

... we walked up for Happy Hour at the "Marina Lounge" aka the dock picnic table and met several of the boaters who are staying in the marina including our dock neighbors Tom and Mimi on President from Daphne, AL and the crew on Nauti-Boys (a one reel nice girl) - a nice young couple from Tampa traveling with their 2 young sons ... Autumn also got lots of doggie treats from her favorite shopping spot (Pet Supermarket) brought in by the guests aboard the PartyGirl tender who stopped by to swim with the sharks

by early evening all the rain showers disappeared and the sun came out again ... there was a cool breeze after the rains so we decided to have our dinner on the bow of Dee Light this evening while watching the sun set on yet another beautiful day at Compass Cay ...  

Wednesday July 14th
in port - Compass Cay
Potluck tonight
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138

we took the dinghy out and headed south ... we wanted to further explore the areas around Little Hattie Cay and Pipe Cay ... but the wind had really picked up today and we were on a falling tide which made for slow going ... we found a couple of nice shells on the flats but then decided to head back in ... after unloading the dinghy we walked over to the other side of the island ... because of the wind the surf was really rolling in and we walked the crescent beach from one end to the other while enjoying a comfortable breeze ...

Captain Bruce and Sheila on the S/V Bahama Star are in port for a few days ... he makes a fantastic split pea and ham soup so we all decided tonight it was time for a pot-luck dinner ... for the first time they have no charter guests aboard and Bruce and Sheila are enjoying some rare "down time" (in addition to helping with some repair jobs around the marina) ..  also their first mate had planned an elaborate treasure hunt for his girlfriend ... the "treasure" turned out to be a diamond engagement ring with him asking her for her hand in marriage - it was so romantic!!!  ... he planted all the clues in little glass bottles at various spots in the Park at Warderick Wells and the treasure chest (with ring) and proposal ended up to be on the beach at Pirate's Lair ... they are a darling couple!

July 15th and 16th
in port - Compass Cay
windy today
Friday July 16th
dinner on the bow
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138

winds have been are even higher the last couple of days so we have decided to stay in the marina ... we are really enjoying our down-time with no particular schedule to keep ... have finally finished Libby Brown's book "Making Waves" which chronicles their development and sale of the furniture manufacturing company This End Up and their subsequent development of Fowl Cay Resort (which has a bit of a bittersweet ending) ...

after a long walk on the beach again we returned to the marina where Eric from Bahama Star  was preparing a big batch of awesome chicken on the grill ... as this was their last evening at Compass before leaving in the morning we all contributed to another pot-luck on the dock  ... after "partying on the dock" the previous 2 evenings we had a quiet dinner Friday evening on our bow once again ...     

July 17th and 18th
in port - Compass Cay
rescued Loon
32 visitors from George Town
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138

just another lazy day at Compass Cay ... we spent the afternoon watching all the kids (and their parents) come into the marina to swim with Tucker's Sharks ... while Cleo was grilling all the burgers and manning the VHF radio we watched the store for her until finally we could no longer resist and had Cleo grill a big juicy cheeseburger for us to enjoy too! ...

one the boats visiting was a "go fast" from Georgetown ... we figured it must be at least a 2 hour ride on that boat and they had 32 adults and children aboard! ... on Sunday the marina was especially quiet with the large north dock remaining empty until late in the day when one large boat arrived ... the winds remain steady at about 20+ knots which is keeping the smaller dinghies and fishing boats in port over the weekend ... but on the plus side it has been keeping the temps very comfortable so that we have been enjoying dinner on the bow every evening ...    

Monday July 19th
in port - Compass Cay
our view from Dee Light
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138

the winds are still blowing at a fairly brisk clip and we are keeping an eye on Invest 97L ..a tropical wave presently just north of Puerto Rico moving WNW  ... all the boaters we have been in contact with are pretty much staying put with a couple in Bimini, others in Nassau and even one in Hope Town ...

the weather hasn't hampered our enjoying our time here at Compass and we took to the dinghy to another lovely beach we had not previously visited ... behind the beach area is a beautiful creek which flows through the interior of the island ... it looked to be a great area to explore by kayak ...

Tuesday July 20th
in port - Compass Cay
docktails at the Marina Lounge
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138

we enjoyed docktails with a group of boaters from the Homestead area and realized we had met up with them last year during our stay at Compass ... we brought up a wheel of pastry-wrapped Brie we still had in the freezer and one of the other boats contributed a great platter of bruchetta  to the gathering ... Autumn also enjoys the daily migration to the Marina Lounge especially with the breeze blowing in her face as she lays on the dock listening to the evening "fish tales" ...

Wednesday July 21st
in port - Compass Cay
Carol and Mimi
afternoon at secluded beach
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138
this morning Mimi our dock neighbor on Star Fisher brought over a lovely matching pendant and earring set she had made from shells she found at Compass Cay ..
with the uncertainty in the weather forecast we decided to stow the dinghy on deck as we didn't want it banging against the hull like we experienced at Staniel Cay  ... however, before we did, we decided to pack up the dinghy for one last picnic at the beach ... no rain today and the air is much drier today and the sky is a brilliant blue color today ... hard to believe there is a tropical depression somewhere out there!  
in the evening we stopped at the Marina Lounge and then walked over to the service dock where the Bahama Star was docked ... Captain Bruce had just finished cooking one of his famous deep-fried turkeys ... with Sheila's homemade dressing and gravy we had a feast ... we used up the last of of the apples in the refrigerator and contributed a warm apple cinnamon crisp (thanks for the recipe Pattie!)  
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