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Dee Light - Cruise Log
Bahamas 2010 -  Log H
Compass Cay to Fort Myers Florida
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Saturday July 24th
in port - Compass Cay
Tom and Mimi heading out
Jim and Kim with Carol
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138 ..
with the passing of TS Bonnie the skies have really cleared up ... although it is still on the breezy side the surf on the beach is pretty much back to normal today ... early this morning we bid farewell and smooth seas to Tom and Mimi as they headed out to Highbourne to pick up company after which they plan to visit Spanish Wells and Harbour Island on Eleuthera ...
 we have decided to leave the dinghy stowed on the bow and a little after noon we set out on foot again as we wanted to explore the northwest side of Compass ... after leaving the Crescent Beach we found the Cliff Trail that snakes behind Hester's House and started our trek over the scraggy cliffs which overlook Exuma Sound ... we kept an eye out for Tucker's billy goats but we were the ones who felt like billy goats as we climbed up and over the cliffs  ... we were glad we had brought along enough cold drinks to sustain us because after 4 1/2 hours (and a nice refreshing swim at the end) we finally made it back to the boat at 5:00 PM ... just in time to greet Jim and Kim as they came into the marina with their dinghy!  ... Autumn was soooo glad to see Kim she could hardly contain herself!
we spent the next couple of hours catching up on all the latest news with Jim and Kim until the sun started to set and they had to leave to go back to their boat at the Cambridge mooring field ...
 Sunday July 25th
in port - Compass Cay
on Tucker's wall
last day on Crescent Beach
In Port - Compass Cay - Tucker ( 242) 355-2138

we have finally come to the last day of our summer stay at Compass Cay ... the marina is unusually quiet today with only 3 boats in the marina ... the crew and guests from Seven D' s stopped by for lunch and used the time to paint a signboard to leave ... we decided to move our sign from the trees along the walkway and instead attached it to the wall next to the office/store door ... and after one last cheeseburger which we ate with at the picnic table with Cleo and her husband Taylor we took one last walk to the Crescent Beach for a late afternoon stroll ...  David on Outpost suggested we have a "going-away party" so we brought up a gourmet pizza with Brie, caramelized onions and walnuts and a botlle of red wine to finish off the evening ...

... before retiring for the night we enjoyed watching the full moon rise over the island hills and light up tje surrounding water ... Ahhh - truly a beautiful sight!  

Monday July 26th
in port - Compass Cay
heading out of Compass Cay
yup .. docked on one engine
dinner with Clay and Rita-Kay
Travel - Compass Cay to Nassau - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 ) .. 76 nautical miles ..
 after a big hug for Cleo Tucker and David we cast off our lines at 0845 and waved farewell to Compass Cay ... we had great cruise from Compass Cay to Nassau with seas of 2 to 2 and a half from our Port Aft ..
after an uneventful cruise (the best kind) we pulled up to the Hurricane Hole Fuel Dock at 1:30 pm to take on fuel ... after fueling we got ready to leave and could not start the Port Engine .. UFFFDAAA!!!  ... after trying many different things we called Atlantis and elected to try to get docked at the marina on one engine ...  the wind was still blowing at a fair clip and with the strong current which runs between the 2 bridges in the harbor it was quite a challenge to maneuver Dee Light on only one engine .. Clay and Rita-Kay showed up in their dinghy just in time to cheer us on and give us moral support .... but we all held our breathes and kept our fingers crossed as we slowly glided under the bridge and through the pylons and abutments SIDEWAYS!   ... after standing by to wait for a LARGE yacht to come out of the Atlantis Channel at 0330 pm we had Dee Light docked without hitting a thing ... not even the dock !! .. as the Captain said "might not have been pretty but it worked"..
... after getting docked we called our local mechanic who had previously  fixed our throttle fitting and he was at the boat about 06:00 pm .. unfortunately Jason was not able to diagnose the problem and called a buddy who hopefully can come by tomorrow  ..  later we walked over to The Point and had a relaxing dinner with Clay and Rita-Kay and afterwards they stopped back at Dee Light for an after dinner drink  .. before falling into bed for the night it was a double-double ice cream day ..
Tuesday July 27th
in port - Nassau
Mario our boat detailer 
dinner at Atlantis
 In Port - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island ( 242-363-6068 )
sent an email to Wendel Angel at Gulf Coast Diesel and after talking on the phone and spending some time in the engine room we are pretty confident that the problem is a bad Solenoid ... hopefully we can get it resolved with a local electrical marine mechanic ... in the meantime Mario is back scrubbing the boat top- to-bottom and stem-to-stern ... he does a great job!! ..
the mechanics just left .. it was NOT the solenoid as we thought .. the problem was the wiring for the neutral safety control micro switch .. apparently over time it has become damaged etc .. that part is now fixed and tomorrow the leaky gage will be fixed .. the start up batteries for our Generator went bad some time ago so we are getting them replaced also ..
in the evening we strolled over to the hotel and casino and stopped for a drink at one of the terraces overlooking the Lagoon and Aquarium areas ... we then walked over to the Marina Village where we had a salad at the bar at Bimini Road Restaurant and finished up the evening with our favorite dessert ... Banana's Foster prepared tableside at Cafe Martinique...   
Wednesday July 28th
travel - Nassau
Complete Marine Repairs
Dee Light at Atlantis
travel - The Atlantis Marina, Nassau, Providence Island to Bimini

Christopher Bowe  ( Complete Marine Repairs 242-556-0728 or 242-341-2533 ) was at the boat this morning to finish up our repairs ... he also delivered and installed 2 new batteries for the generator ... the work was finished up before noon so we left the boat and took a taxi to do some shopping in downtown Nassau ...   with four cruise ships in port today ( 2 NCL and 2 Royal Caribbean )  the downtown streets were really busy!!!

... our first stop was the Straw Market where we found exactly what we came for and then headed for the Ice Cream Shack to grab a little energy for the rest of our shopping excursion ... our last stop was on the east end of the downtown area with a visit to Lorene's Fashions for Ladies, Men and Children ... as we left the store we noticed a brand new development directly across the street called Elizabeth On The Bay / Marketplace and Marina .. one shop was already open and the proprietor told us the rest of it will probably open in the fall (Oct) with shops, restaurants and a brand new marina which overlooks the Prince Edward Wharf  ... it all looks to be first class and very nice when it is  finished ... in fact, the entire street looked to be much cleaner and we noticed more construction projects since our visit last year to the area ...

went back to the boat to walk Autumn and drop off our packages and went back over to Nassau to meet Clay and Rita-Kay for dinner on the patio overlooking the harbour at Luciano's of Chicago ..  

Thursday July 29th
in port - Bimini
what a day !!
Big Game Club
Big Game Club
dinner with Rich and Eileen
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina ..
Rita-Kay had lost her deck cushion overboard and asked to buy one of ours ... since we can easily replace ours when we get back she and Clay came by in their dinghy to get one of our West Marine Folding Cushions and we gave them a last big hug good-bye til next time!  ...  at 08:20 am we untied the lines and left the dock at Atlantis Marina on the first leg on our journey back to our home port ... 
we passed Chub Cay about 10:30 am ... seas remain about perfectly FLAT - Yea!!!  ... once we were on the bank just past the North West Channel we started to see a few more boats ... when we were about 10 miles from Bimini Rich and Eileen on Defiant hailed us on the marine radio ... they had followed our trip on the Spot Tracker and wanted to know if we would like to join them for an early dinner at Guy Harvey Outpost at the new Big Game Club ...  after we "bumped in" on a very low tide and  got settled in at the Bimini Bluewater Marina we all walked next door to the Big Game Club ...
the Big Game Club has been completely remodeled and features include a lovely refurbished pool and deck area with game room, showers, picnic and grill areas, volley ball court, etc.  and upstairs is a beautiful open air restaurant and deck ... everywhere you look you see large murals of Guy Harvey' s paintings of sea life   .... even the table umbrellas are unique with some of his artwork embroidered on each panel of fabric and all the umbrellas feature a different design  ...
we enjoyed our time with Rich and Eileen and hope to see more of them in the future ... they will be here until the second weekend in August to attend the annual Silverton Rendezvous which is held at the Bimini Beach Club on South Bimini ...  
Friday July 30th
in port - Bimini
still enjoy the sunrise
take me to Groomingdales
In Port - Bimini Blue Water Marina ..

enjoyed a leisurely morning and savoring the last of our time in the Bahamian waters  ... it is nice not to have a schedule and still enjoy the sunrise! 

now that the Big Game Club has reopened several new shops have opened for business also  ... we noticed a little bakery right across the street and picked up fresh baked bread, parmesan garlic rolls, and a yummy gooey Guava-filled Danish with orange frosting which we immediately devoured ... everything was right out of the oven!  ... we also ordered a rum cake which we will pick up in the morning ...  we noticed some good looking tee shirts yesterday at the Guy Harvey gift shop and stopped in there and bought a bottle of Nassau Royale from the nice man at the new liquor store across the street ... 

we made the choice to have an early dinner on the deck at the Big Game Club and watched a steady parade of boats pass by ... it looked like it was going to be a busy weekend in Bimini!  ... we were glad we  finished our meal before 7:30 PM as the restaurant was already packed with diners as we left for the evening ...

Saturday July 31st
Travel - Bimini to Miami
Bahamian Rum Cake
"restoration jobs"
"where Italians go for Italian"
"restoration jobs"
Travel - Bimini to Miami

as we were getting ready to leave Bimini in the morning we made one more trip to the bakery to pick up the Rum Cake we had ordered - fresh from the oven the aroma was DIVINE! ... we quickly wrapped it up and stowed it in the freezer so we wouldn't be tempted to cut into it for a taste ...

left the marina dock at 8:30 AM ... skies were partly cloudy, with a slight breeze on our nose and smooth seas all the way ... we had a great cruise over the Florida Straits and saw quite a few boats as it was a perfect day for cruising and fishing in the Gulf Stream ... 

we arrived at Miami Beach Marina just after noon and as soon as we were tied up it was a whirlwind of activity ...  first order of business was a couple of "restoration jobs" for the crew at the SoFi Salon and Spa  located right here in the Marina Complex ... next we shared a cab with a Miami couple to the Apple Store on Lincoln Road Mall ... glad to have made an online appointment as the store was mobbed with people!  ... they cheerfully replaced our "dead iPad" with a brand new one and we walked out to explore the rest of the SoBe shopping district ... it is a great great place to window shop as all the latest fashions and bling-bling can be found here - "if you can't find it here - it doesn't exist!" and we thoroughly enjoyed visiting the studio and galley of the Brazilian artist Romero Britto  ( ) and were given a personal tour by Dawn Stone, one the gallery art consultants ... this is a great stop as the work of this young talented artist just makes you smile ear to ear!

we walked back south to Espanola Way to the Hosteria Romana "where Italians go for Italian" for dinner on the sidewalk cafe  ...  skipped dessert at the restaurant and instead walked up to the stately Lowes Royal Palm Hotel and stopped in the lobby bar where we had coffee and Raisin Bread Pudding with Mango Banana Ice Cream! ... and after a very full day we grabbed a cab back to the Marina and had a night cap at the pool bar at Monty's ...    

 Sunday August 01st
In Port - Miami Beach Marina
Carol with Ned
Romero Britto again
In Port - Miami Beach Marina ..
over the years we have keep in touch with Ned Bruck, (Denison Yacht Sales, Fort Lauderdale 305-282-4003) ... Ned sold us the 47' MainShip in 1995 and our current boat Dee Light in 2000 ... when he learned we were in the area he stopped by the Marina to say hello and we spent some time chatting and catching up ..
walked over to the newly completed shopping center on the corner of Alton and 5th Street (McArthur Causeway) ... wandered around Best Buy and checked out the new Publix Grocery which is immense ... its always a gas to experience the myriad of choices available after spending time in the out-islands ... even Nassau does not have a fraction of what is on the shelves in an average Publix store ...
spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening sightseeing and people watching on Ocean Drive and ended up back on Lincoln Road Mall for a light dinner at Paul's - a really nifty casual eatery ... tonight we opted to stay in the AC and ate inside ...  we are still getting used to the humidity as we have lost our evening island breezes ...
 Monday August 02nd
Travel - Miami to Marathon
another great day on the waters
dinner at Castaway's
Travel - Miami Beach Marina to Marathon .. 95.6 nautical miles .. Pancho's Fuel Dock & Supply Marathon Florida - (305) 743-2281

got an fairly early start and left the dock at 07:45 AM ... the weather is perfect for cruising with just a light breeze and waves less than one foot ...  after great day on the water we pulled up to the dock at Pancho's at Boot Key in Marathon at 1:30 PM ... since we were early we intended to move around the corner for the night ... UUFFFDAAAA !!!!  ... AGAIN the Port Engine would not fire up! ... back down to the engine room but to no avail!!???  ... will keep you posted ... in the meantime we have been entertained by the constant  parade of crab/lobster boats going out with stacks of traps on the deck of their boats and coming back empty to get more ... this is the time of year to begin to keep a sharp eye out for crap traps again ..

after putting in a call to our mechanic we showered and had dinner at Castaways ... Caesar Salad and a generous plate of Pasta  ... real comfort food ...

 Tuesday August 03rd
Travel - Marathon to Fort Myers
Lobster season .. Lobster Pot provider
Travel - Marathon to Fort Myers ..131 Nautical Miles -

a little before 09:00 AM we had finished having breakfast however still had not heard back from the local engine mechanic that was recommended to us ... as we were mulling over Plan B for the day - what the heck let's try pushing the big black Start Engine button on the dash? ... EUREKA!  she started right up!  Took us less than 15 minutes to walk Autumn, straighten up the engine room, unplug shore power, etc.  ... we were off the dock by 09:23and on our way back north to our home port in Fort Myers ...

after dodging numerous lobster pots (many of them right in the channel) and weathering a couple of isolated coastal rain showers as we left Marathon and Florida Bay we had smooth seas and blue skies all the way up the coast ... we were through the Sanibel Causeway Bridge at 4:30 PM and docked at our slip at Legacy Marina before 6:00 PM with 2 spare containers of ice cream in our freezer!  

 Wednesday August 04th
in port - Legacy Fort Myers
until hopefully next year!
to be continued
in port - Legacy Harbour Marina, Fort Myers ..

this morning the Man engine mechanic from Marathon gave us a call (he had been in the Bahamas working  which is why we could not reach him while we were there ) ... gave him an update on the "mystery engine problem" and told him we would let him know the eventual outcome ... Captain has a tentative theory that the problem may be related to some sort of safety cut-off with the rear cockpit control station??? ... will keep you posted ...

in the meantime we are glad to be back in our home slip safe and sound but will sorely miss the aqua and turquoise waters, white sugar-sand beaches, the tropical breezes and friendly people we met during our visit to the Exuma Islands ... until hopefully next year! ...   to be continued ... 

 August post cruise
in port - Legacy Fort Myers
click on above for larger image
in port - Legacy Harbour Marina, Fort Myers ..
.. we have now been back in our home slip for a little over a week and the Man Engine Mechanic just left after "fixing" the port engine:   
                 Labor:   Less than 1 hour to diagnose the problem (faulty worn-out micro switch)
                 Replacement Part:  Less than $6.00
                 Peace of Mind:  Priceless!
... turns out it was the neutral safety micro switch ( see image ) after all ... even though it was making contact and showing voltage the contact was "loose" and sometimes the voltage just wasn't adequate to kick over the starter ...  also mechanic tells us when the engines are hot they often require a higher voltage .. which is why it always seemed to occur right after refueling and after we had made a long run ... go figure!
... we replaced the micro switch on the starboard engine too !    
NOTE - this is the End of Log H .. and the end of this adventure ..
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