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Fort Myers FL to Myrtle Beach South Carolina
Friday – April 25 - Engine Hours – Port – 1767.5 - Starboard – 1775.5 ..
.. da Crew – Marv Betty and Autumn .. the weather was overcast with a mild breeze .. once we got Dee Light ready and Autumn made her last potty call we pulled out of the Marina ( Centennial Harbour Marina at Fort Myers Florida - - Mile 135.0 ) by 07:30 am .. Betty fixed a ‘deeligtfull’ breakfast that we had at the Bridge .. we saw many Stingrays in the water .. we had a number of Bridges and three Locks to deal with .. the Franklin Lock at Mile 121.4 .. Ortona Lock at Moore Haven, Florida - Mile 93.5 .. and the Moore Haven Lock at Mile 78 .. the Locks in this area are ‘Line Locks’ .. they have us use there lines .. we cleat the Lines off to Dee Light .. both at the Bow and the Aft .. once we are ready the Lock Master opens the Lock ahead of us and the water flows into the Lock raising the required elevation .. we had a 3 foot lift .. a 8 foot lift and a 4 foot lift .. when we locked thru the Ortona Lock there was the 8 foot lift and they really gave us a ride up .. we had our hands full trying to keep Dee Light off the Lock Wall .. a few miles from our second Lock we met our first Towboat of the trip.. when we made it thru our last Lock for the day we entered the Ditch .. once in the Ditch we saw a mid size Pickup Truck roll down a Boat Ramp into the water right in front of Dee Light .. the Truck sank into the water right in front of us .. it went down so fast that we could not even get a photo of it .. there was a Guy on shore that watched it go down into 20 feet of water .. he had an Air Boat that was tied off to the Public Boat Launch Dock .. OOOOPs .. by 03:45 pm we had Dee Light docked at the Marina ( Roland Martins Resort Marina in Clewiston, FL – Mile 65.0 ) .. at the Marina there is a newly expanded Galley and Tiki Bar .. and a large Gift Shop .. after checking in at the Marina Office we had a drink at the Tiki Bar .. Betty needed a ‘stiff one’ .. they served Chicken Gizzards and Liver at the Bar .. we were able to pick up WINK-TV from Fort Myers Florida over our new TV Antenna on Dee Light .. we showered and headed into town to the Clewiston Inn for a great ‘southern style’ dinner .. when we made it back to the Marina we saw that the Lady Chateau was docked at the Marina .. its Home Port is Stillwater Minnesota .. we have crossed paths with them a number of times when we have had Dee Light in the Stillwater area ..

Travel – Fort Myers FL to Clewiston, FL - 3 Locks – Miles Traveled – Day 70 Miles – Cumulative 70 Miles

Saturday – April 26 - .. at 03:15 am the ‘heavy’ weather moved into our area .. high winds .. lighting .. rain .. etc. .. the forecast calls for conditions to not change much at all today .. the Transit Dock was full with boaters all wanting to head out .. by 09:00 am a number of the boater decided to give it a try and headed out .. we decided to stay and watch the weather .. at 10:30 am we made our ‘final decision’ to stay at Clewiston for a second night .. the name of the Harbour Master is ‘Little Man’ .. after making arrangements with the Harbour Master for a second night we called ahead to the Northside Marina in Stuart Florida and to Jim and Carol Stone to let them know of our change in plans .. all afternoon we heard Sever Weather Warnings over the Marine Radio .. boats were advised to get off the lake etc. .. we spent the day catching up on a number of ‘To Do’ things around Dee Light and we put on our rain gear and took a walk into town .. the Marina is about three blocks from one end of town and the Clewiston is six Street Lights in length .. part of the Sugar Festival that survived the rains was still in operation .. we ate ‘health food’ until we dropped .. we also went back to The Clewiston Inn Everglades Lounge .. they have a Mural that wraps around all four walls of the Bar called ‘The Everglades Mural’ .. it was painted by J Clinton Shepherd in 1945 .. once back to the Marina we saw that there were no additional boats that had made it to the Marina .. must be that there was no one traveling today in this area .. when we made it back to Dee Light and tuned in the TV Satellite ..

Travel – We stayed in Clewiston, FL all day - Miles Traveled – Day 0 Miles – Cumulative 70 Miles


Sunday – April 27 – our day started a the Roland Martins Resort Marina in Clewiston Florida .. there was a light fog over the water .. at Clewiston there is a Hurricane Gate at the edge o the Lake .. the Gate is used to protect the City from rough waters during high winds .. Marv toasted up some of the Cinnamon Bread that Betty’s mother made for us and Betty took Autumn for her morning walk .. the FOG moved in heaver .. we headed out of the Marina at 07:20 am .. when we were about 3 miles out we could no longer see nothing .. no land .. no Markers .. nothing .. we used our Plotter and Autopilot .. there was about 8 to 10 feet of water in the marked Channel .. by 08:40 am we could start to see again .. we saw a number of Snow White Pelicans near the Rocky Reef .. we noticed the FWD Bilge Pump running more than it should .. we checked all out and found that water was coming in thru the MID Bilge Pump .. the Check Valve must not be working .. always something .. YUP .. right in the middle of the Lake we are taking on water .. the High Bilge Water Alarm going off .. UGH !! .. at 09:30 am we called ahead to the Lock .. they said that they will be ready for us .. but once we got there we had a 20 minute wait .. ( Port Mayaca Lock – Mile 39.0 ) .. we pulled out of the Lock at 10:05 am .. about a 2 foot drop .. once thru the Lock we met a Sailboat and went under the Highway Bridge .. and then went thru a Lift Bridge .. we are still in the dirty Lake water .. the Ditch is narrow with about a 10 foot water depth .. at 11:10 am we passed by Indiantown, FL at Mile 29 .. before lunch Betty went out and got some sun .. Betty fixed a most delightful lunch that we had on the Bridge .. we entered the Lock at 12:30 pm .. ( St. Lucie Lock – Mile 15.0 ) .. we locked down about 14 feet .. we pulled out of the Lock at 12:40 pm .. once thru the Lock it was like taking a step into a deferent world .. or maybe it was stepping out of a different world .. whatever .. we are back to civilization .. it was slow going with all the weekend boaters out on a great day .. we called ahead to the Marina but later we found out that he had his Marine Radio on the wrong channel .. so we made our way in without any help via the Marine Radio .. we had Dee Light docked for the night by 02:00 pm .. Jim and Carol Stone met us at the Dock .. after a shot stay on Dee Light they took us for a tour of the area by car .. it was a great way to see the area by land .. we ended up at their new Condo where Carol had a superb meal put together .. Jim went over Charts and Water Way Guides of the waters ahead of us with Marv .. we picked up many ideas and tips for the days ahead .. Jim brought us back to Dee Light and after Autumn’s walk we all retired for the night ..

Travel – Clewiston, FL to Stuart, FL - 2 Locks - 58 Miles – Cumulative Miles 128

Monday – April 28 - .. the Marina ( Northside Marina in Stuart, FL – Mile 7.0 ) .. is a very large full service Marina with a Restaurant that overlooks the Harbour .. after checking in with the Harbour Master and taking Autumn for her walk we got Dee Light ready to take off .. we put out Antennas down because we will be traveling on the ICW and there are many low Bridges that we will have to deal with .. the Harbour Master gave us a Book with all the names of the Bridges in it .. we left the Marina at 08:15 am .. the Dolphins jumped our wake all the way to the ICW .. there were a number of Sport Fishing boats heading out at the same time to spend the day out on the Ocean .. we started on the ICW at 09:00 am .. Betty put her swimsuit on and got some sun .. we have been told that about 20 to 30 miles up the ICW from Stuart, FL there is a good spot for Fuel .. Port Petroleum .. 772-461-1020 at Mile 996 .. but we do not need fuel at this time .. Marv noticed a Battery ‘smell’ in the Engine Room .. upon checking we are going to have to replace the four 12 volt House Power Batteries .. Marv called ahead to the Marina to see about replacing the batteries .. it was a great day on the water .. sunny .. 80s .. mild breeze .. etc. .. Betty spotted a large ( four foot wide ) Stingray jumped totally out of the water .. we elected to back into our Slip .. our docking became more challenging when two elderly statesmen capsized their Sailboat right in front of us as we approached the Slip .. from the Bow of Dee Light Betty offered assistance as neither of them were wearing Life Gear .. they tugged on the brim of their tan hats and just thanked her .. the Harbour Master ( from Wisconsin ) met us on the Dock .. we had Dee Light tied off for the night by 03:15 pm .. there are two Restaurants at the Marina .. the Ichabod’s Dockside Bar and Grill .. as well as The Chart House Restaurant .. Betty hosed down Dee Light .. we had a number of black Carpenter Ants on Dee Light that we must have picked up in Clewiston two days ago .. by 05:15 pm we had four new Batteries all hooked up .. after a drink at the Dockside Bar we walked to The Chart House for dinner .. we had a table with quite a view ….

Travel – Stuart, FL to Melbourne, FL - 0 Locks - 77 Miles – Cumulative Miles 205

Tuesday – April 29 - the Melbourne Harbour Marina in Melbourne Florida is at Mile 918.0 .. ( ) .. it is tucked back behind a natural ‘Break Wall’ .. it would be a great place to weather out a storm .. after Autumns walk we got Dee Light ready to take off .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:20 am .. a GREAT day on the water .. sunny .. 80s and a mild breeze .. at 09:30 am we went under the NASA Causeway Bridge .. we could see the Space Center off to our Starboard Side .. three Pink Flamingos flew in front of Dee Light .. just beautiful .. we passed FIRST LADY .. a 74 foot 1962 Burger that was next to us last night .. in a NO WAKE area we went right past two Matinees that we could see right off our Starboard Side .. about 11:30 am we went into a seven mile No Wake area .. it was a good time for lunch .. after lunch Betty got some sun .. you have to really go slow in this area .. they have ‘Wake Watchers’ that hang out over the water way to alarm locals of boats putting out wakes .. to add to our slow going .. we came up on five Sailboats and a Trawler that were traveling together .. and at the same time we met a Towboat pushing one loaded box .. and to really complicate maters the Towboat had a Bikini clad Gal in a lawn chair right out in front .. but we were able to make our way thru the maze .. in all we lost well over an hour .. just as we approached our last Bridge of the day we saw a Houseboat towing a Sailboat under sail power and towing a Dingy .. just as they were in the center of the Bridge the Dingy started to sink and in a few seconds it sank right in front of Dee Light .. it now became an Anchor for the Houseboat .. the Guy on the Sailboat was trying to steer with an Ore that he lost in the water .. what a Zoo !! .. we called ahead to the Marina ( Daytona Marina & Boat Works – Daytona Beach, FL – Mile 831.0 ) and got directions to the Marina .. there is another Marina right next to ours so it was confusing for an old Guy .. we had Dee Light docked by 03:10 pm right in front of SUMMER LADY a 105 foot 1958 Fairfield boat .. .. we took the Bikes off Dee Light and took them over the ICW Bridge to the Beach .. we spent the balance of the afternoon riding on the Beach .. we had dinner at The Charthouse .. two nights in a row .. and another GREAT view .. we overlooked Dee Light ..

Travel – Melbourne, FL to Daytona, FL - 0 Locks - 87 Miles – Cumulative Miles 292


Wednesday – April 30 – our day started with a great sunrise .. but the weather people say that rain and storms are to move in .. the Daytona Marina & Boat Works in Daytona Beach, Florida is at Mile 831.0 .. it is a large Marina right next to an even larger Marina .. the Halifax Harbor Marina .. we put the cover back over the bikes at pulled out of the Marina at 07:10 am .. at the Flager Beach area a local Law Enforcement Officer did his morning aerobics for us pointing out the No Wake area .. we have been boating along with the many of the same boats that are heading North .. its called the ‘Annual Migration of Boats’ heading North .. St. Augustine Florida is located at the Matanzas Inlet .. we pulled into the Fuel Dock at (St. Augustine Municipal Marina - St. Augustine, FL – Mile 778.0 ) 12:00 pm .. we got Dee Light fueled up and into our Slip by 01:15 pm .. we got Dee Light hosed down .. St Augustine is the ‘Oldest City’ in the nation .. the Marina in located in the heart of ‘old’ St Augustine .. we walked to The Bunnery Bakery & Café right on St George Street for lunch and then did a Train Tour of St Augustine .. the tour included many sops including the Castillo de San Marcos Fort .. the tour was well done .. we had a light dinner right across the road from the Marina at the A1A Ale Works .. our table was on a second floor balcony that overlooked the Marina .. the Cheese Ale Soup was great .. once back to the Marina there was a Marina party on our Dock .. Betty took our laundry up to the Marinas Laundry Room .. once we got done with our work on Dee Light we were dad and hit the sack

Travel – Daytona, FL to St. Augustine, FL - 0 Locks - 53 Miles – Cumulative Miles 345

Thursday – May 01 – Engine Hours – Port 1807.7 .. Starboard 1810.7 .. we decided to only spend one night at St Augustine Municipal Marina in St. Augustine .. ( ) .. the only thing that we did not get to was the Lighthouse .. and we did see that from the water .. this will also get us back on our original plan as we did loose a day due to weather … the Tide was coming in very strong .. it created a current in the Marina .. we asked a couple of other boaters to help us with the lines .. they said that the last boat to stay in our Slip was a 54 foot Hat tress that was operated by a Captain .. they said that when they pulled out of the Slip they hit the Piling very hard due to the current .. so at 07:30 am we carefully pulled out of the Marina .. about 15 miles North of St. Augustine there is a long ‘Ditch’ .. very slow going due to being narrow .. built up with Docks and shallow .. we called ahead to the Jekyll Wharf Marina for dockage .. they will be waiting for us .. many LARGE to die for homes along the Ditch .. when we got in the St John River Inlet area we asked a Towboat for directions .. they were pleased to help us out .. today has had many navigation challenges .. Inlets .. Rivers .. Commercial Areas .. Red Markers becoming Green Markers .. etc. .. but we made it out of Florida and into Georgia .. by 02:45 pm we had Dee Light docked for the night at the Marina ( Jekyll Wharf Marina – Jekyll Island, GA - Mile 684.0 ) .. just after getting docked there was a very light mist in the air .. but not enough to get the salt off Dee Light .. this is the first rain that we have had since the Lake and we got 4 inches then .. after getting here I think that we should have stayed at the other Marina in town .. this Marina just has one long Dock to tie off to .. the Tide was out so all you could see was ‘mud and barnacles’ .. but the sun soon came out and it all looked much better .. Betty walked to the Beach and then into town for some supplies .. when she returned we had dinner at the Latitude 31 Restaurant right at the Marina .. the Seafood was GREAT .. we enjoyed seeing the sunset on the ICW .. and then hit the sack ..

Travel – Augustine, FL to Jekyll Island, GA - 0 Locks - 94 Miles – Cumulative Miles 439

Friday – May 02 – the Tide here (Jekyll Wharf Marina ) is about 8 foot in elevation .. there is quite a contrast here .. the Marina serves as the Home Port for a couple of Shrimp Boats and the Dock is much like Lady’s Landing use to be like .. then once you are to shore the homes that are along the shore are to die for mansions .. and many of the shops are very exclusive .. after Autumns walk we pulled off the Dock at 06:55 am .. the water ways kept our arteries well lubricated .. many Inlets to the Ocean all along this area .. the currents are strong .. keeps ya on your toes .. we were able to use our Autopilot on the straight sections ..we have been fighting our Starboard Throttle Control .. the same old problem .. after calling Gene we hand pumped the system up to 115 pounds .. that was fun .. and last night we bleed out the Control .. and today the Throttles are working fine for the first time in a number of days .. this saves us running from the Bridge to the Controls in the Cockpit every time we slow down .. we saw many Dolphins all along the Waterway .. Betty headed out for a little sun .. as its another sunny great day on the water .. there are a number of Shrimp Boats in this area .. as we approached the Thunderbolt / Savannah GA area there were many LARGE homes that lined the ICW .. had to be in the range of 6,000 to 10,000 square feet .. we called ahead to the Marina (Palmer Johnson Savannah Inc – Thunderbolt, GA – Mile 583 ) .. with all the large Palmer Johnson Boats at the Marina it was easy to spot .. and we had Dee Light tied off by 01:40 pm .. once we checked in at the Harbour Masters Office we called a Taxi for a ride into Savannah .. the Taxi that they sent was literally held together with Scotch Tape .. the driver had large warts all over his nose .. a big cigar .. and could hardly talk .. when we got to town took the Trolley Tour of the Historic Savannah .. Savannah is a city of Squares that are parks .. 21 in total .. we saw many stately homes and the Riverfront area .. we had a drink at an Irish Pub and dinner at The Olde Pink House .. with a real ‘old southern’ environment .. Betty bought a book Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil .. once we made it back to Dee Light we were dead but still had many boat tasks to take care of …..

Travel – Jekyll Island, GA to Thunderbolt, GA - 0 Locks - 102 Miles – Cumulative Miles 541


Saturday – May 03 – Savannah is a real party town .. the Palmer Johnson Marina must be fairly new .. it’s a ‘Boat Yard’ hat is being expanded into a Marina also .. its right on the ICW with tie along dockage .. during the night it rained .. and it was overcast in the morning .. the Maria staff delivers ‘Krispy Kream Donuts’ to your boat at 06:30 am daily .. they were still warm .. just GREAT !! .. we left the Marina at 07:15 am .. the sun was in our eyes much of the morning .. there are many ‘forks’ in the channel .. and we had from 6 feet to 70 feet of water .. and we even found a ‘skinnier’ spot .. we have no Barnacles on Dee Lights props .. at one of the Inlets we got into some rough waters .. after having Dee Light so clean last night we gave Dee Light a real ‘salt’ bath today .. after calling ahead to Charleston for dockage we decided to not stop at Beaufort SC .. about 10:15 am we went past the Beaufort area real slow .. in the Beaufort area there were many Sailboats anchored off right in the Channel .. we had to weave our way thru them .. just after Betty put together lunch and we got in a long narrow Ditch we met 26 Sea Rays .. ya can tell that it’s a weekend .. very slow going .. we called ahead to The City Marina at Charleston, SC – ( Mile 470 ) .. they directed us to dock on the inside of the Face Dock .. we were tied off by 04:00 pm .. right after we had Dee Light docked Marv finished off the last of the Krispy Kream Donuts .. six in one day .. they were a great treat ... on the other side of the Dock from Dee Light is a huge American Eagle Cruising Ship .. they cruise up and down the East Coast .. when we walked to the Marina Office to check in we met up with a couple (Jim and Kathy ) that we met in Fort Myers and Key West .. they are just finishing up doing the Loop .. this is a huge Marina .. many large boats from 60 to 120 feet .. the Marina is under a re-building program .. all new Docks .. electrical .. etc. .. and its all but done .. but the water is at premium right now .. a number of the boats were taking on water .. thus rinsing down Dee Light was not an option tonight .. we decided to wait until morning and walked to Marina Variety Store and Restaurant for a seafood dinner .. its about two blocks from the Marina ..

Travel – Thunderbolt, GA to Charleston, SC - 0 Locks - 112 Miles – Cumulative Miles 587

Sunday – May 04 – we spent a second night right at The City Marina in Charleston, SC – Mile 470 .. ( ) .. it’s a great Marina .. at 06:00 am the American Eagle Cruising Ship pulled out .. now we have a view of the River .. when it got light we started on cleaning Dee Light .. we used SALT-AWAY .. and it really did the job .. a 65 foot Pacific Mariner SE ( Sharon’s Rose ) .. had spent a number of days at the Marina .. after fueling up right next to us they headed out .. after spending the night here Summer Love headed out also .. we took our bikes and headed across the town to the Charleston Maritime Center and we took a Harbour Tour on a Paddle Boat .. we then drove to The Old Market on Market Street where we had lunch at AW Shuck’s Seafood Warehouse Restaurant and Oyster Bar .. and we had more seafood .. on our way back to Dee Light we went along the Harbour Coast .. it is lined with Southern Mansions .. and we could smell the Blossom or Magnolias .. we were going to have dinner with Jim and Kathy but when we walked to the Marina Variety Store and Restaurant we found that it was closed on Sunday so Jim and Kathy decided to eat on board and we went into town to the World Famous Hank’s Seafood Restaurant .. they had a full house .. so we sat a their Community Table and met up with a couple from Atlanta Georgia .. we were told that it’s the best Seafood Restaurant in South Carolina .. and they were right .. it was the best meal that we have had ..

Travel – None we stayed at Charleston, SC - 0 Locks - 0 Miles – Cumulative Miles 587

Monday – May 05 – this area is called ‘The Low Country’ .. and its easy to understand as the elevation changes only about 5 feet .. but the Tide in this area is between 6 to 8 feet .. we were on the Mega Yacht Dock .. the fuel hoses deliver 60 gallons per minute on this Dock .. we decided to wait for the boat directly behind us to leave before we pulled out .. one less thing to hit on the way out .. the boat behind us decided to let us go first .. sooo we pulled off the Dock at The City Marina in Charleston, SC – Mile 470 at 07:35 am .. we had to back our way thru the Mega Yachts behind us .. after getting past the last Mega Yacht we started to do our 180 to drive out the rest of the way .. we made it about half way around and a hard wind gust plus the Tide Current kicked in and got us good .. we quickly put Plan B into action and re-docked ( lightly slammed ) Dee Light on our Starboard Side into the Dock right between at the back of the last Mega Yacht and a ‘Jon Boat’ .. we had less than 10 feet to work with .. just as we were getting our shorts cleaned out MISTRAL .. ( a large Sun Seeker ) the boat that we had waited for started to back out just as we had done .. just after they cleared us they started their turn and also lost it .. they smashed into the Jon Boat right in front of us .. the Beam on the Jon Boat was reduced by about 18 inches .. and they smashed the Dock at the same time .. the First Mate was on the Bow at the time she caught herself on the Bow Rail just before she was about to go overboard .. we pulled off the Dock ( the second time ) and made our way past MISTRAL at 07:45 am .. Marv needed Krispy Kream Donuts but later settled for the last of Betty’s mothers bread for a late breakfast .. it was not long and Dee Light made it back into the Ditch again for most of the day .. we passed many Sailboats and we also passed Jim and Kathy aboard SHEARER ADVENTURE .. they will complete the Loop in one more day .. later Betty fixed us a deelightfull lunch including Toasted Garlic / Cheese Bread .. by 12:45 pm we were docked at the Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown, SC – Mile 403 .. Dee Light got another good bath .. Harborwalk is a laid back Marina .. quite a contrast from Charleston .. the Office Building is 8 foot by 8 foot .. after a quick but needed shower we headed into town .. Betty has shopping to do .. we met up with the LAZY J’s .. we first met them when we both wintered in the Centennial Harbour Marina in Fort Myers .. the shopping in Georgetown near the Marina was mostly set up for tourist .. small many gift shops .. after we had cocktails on the LAZY J’s with Judy and Jim .. they are traveling with another boat GOTA A WHISEL .. thy also joined us in cocktails and much conversation centered around boating experiences .. we later took a walk back into town for dinner at the Dogwood Café .. Marv had his She Crab Soup in a Bread Bowl and Betty enjoyed a variety plate of ‘local’ specialties .. including ‘dirty rice’ and ‘potato patties with spicy shrimp sauce’ ..

Travel – Charleston, SC to Georgetown, SC - 0 Locks - 67 Miles – Cumulative Miles 720

Tuesday – May 06 – the weather in the center part of the country has been very violent and heading in our direction .. many Tornados .. high winds .. etc. .. we made one last look at the weather before we decided to head out .. we pulled out of the Harborwalk Marina in Georgetown, SC – Mile 403 at 07:15 am .. our waters went from a wide Shipping Channel .. to a wide River .. to a narrow River .. to da Ditch again .. we saw a number of ‘Wooden Alligators’ .. and ‘Duck Blinds’ as the waters appeared to be at a high water / flood stage .. very much like the Mississippi River and Chippewa Rivers in the Spring .. the ‘junk’ in the water and the high waters is due to all the rains that have been passing thru this area .. we will be leaving Dee Light at North Myrtle Beach so we can make a trip up North for just over two weeks .. today we made a few calls to set up our trip .. Terry Wick will be picking us up in Minneapolis Minnesota on Thursday the 8th .. Terry will drive us to Wabasha Minnesota so we can visit a number of boating friends .. then we will be going to Marv’s Grandson’s Baptism in Barron Wisconsin on Sunday the 11th .. and then we will be heading to Indianapolis to visit Betty’s family .. returning to Dee Light on the 19th ……. we had a lot of slower going but we got Dee Light tied off to the Dock at 12:45 pm .. we used 6 Fenders and 8 Lines .. before we even got Dee Light checked in at the Marina Office Jonnie ( Betty’s sisters friend ) came with our mail .. Betty’s sister .. Ruth Ann .. and Betty’s mother live in North Myrtle Beach .. we headed up to the Marina Office and met Katie that we have been in contact with for the last few weeks .. we have planned to leave Dee Light here so we have relied Katie to help us out .. we got checked in at the Harbourgate Marina in North Myrtle Beach, SC – Mile 347 and then Jonnie took us to Ruth Ann’s place .. Betty’s mother had fresh bread and rolls waiting for us that she had baked on Monday .. Ruth Ann had a great lunch of soup and etc. waiting for us .. Betty and Ruth Ann did some shopping for supplies and Marv worked on Dee Light … a huge storm caught up with us about 07:30 pm .. a Tornado did touch down and ripped up the area just inland from our location .. it was great to be tied off to a good Dock ..

Travel – Georgetown, SC to North Myrtle Beach, SC - 0 Locks - 56 Miles – Cumulative Miles 776

Wednesday – May 07 – we started on our ‘to do’ list of things to get done before we head out on Thursday morning .. Betty’s sister picked her up at the Marina at 09:00 am .. the Marina ( Harbourgate Marina - North Myrtle Beach, SC – Mile 347 ) has all new Docks .. and is right on the ICW ..

Thursday – May 08 – we got out things packed for our trip North .. Katie from the Marina brought Marv and Autumn to the Kennel .. Cedarwood Pet Center .. we will be flying to Minneapolis later today .. we will be spending a couple of days in Wabasha Minnesota .. on Saturday and Sunday we will be attending Marv’s Grandsons ( Marcus ) Baptism in Barron Wisconsin .. then we will spend some time in Eau Claire Wisconsin and Indianapolis Indiana .. before returning to North Myrtle Beach South Carolina on May 19th ( Betty’s Birthday ) .. sooo this concludes LEG A of our Great Loop Adventure ..

Engine Hours – Port Engine .. 1836.7 …. Starboard Engine .. 1844.6

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