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North Myrtle Beach South Carolina to Chesapeake Bay

Engine Hours – Port Engine .. 1836.7 …. Starboard Engine .. 1844.6

Tuesday – May 20 – we had a very good trip up North but it was great to be back to Dee Light and the Harbourgate Marina at North Myrtle Beach, SC – ( $1.25/FT ) - Mile 347 .. we missed Biker Week ( last week ) .. too bad .. Ruth Ann picked up Betty and they kept busy all morning with many pent up domestic things to do before we head up the East Coast again .. Marv worked on Dee Light’s ICW mustache .. Ruth Ann and Betty headed out to the Beach in the afternoon .. Marv got a call from Debbie ( sister-in-law ) .. Marv’s mother may have to have heart surgery .. we will find out in the morning .. Ruth Ann and Johnny had us over for dinner again .. Johnny grilled Pork Chops and we had dinner outside on the porch until the Bug Patrol People came thru .. we then finished dinner inside ..

Wednesday – May 21- starting at about 05:30 am there is a steady migration of boats going by the Harbourgate Marina .. heading North .. Dee Light is right on the ICW so our view / entertainment goes on all day .. Betty and Ruth Ann headed off to Wall-Mart and Marv fueled up Dee Light .. Debbie called and said that Marv’s mother would be having surgery on Friday morning .. Marv made arrangements to fly back to Eau Claire on Thursday .. we had Ruth Ann, Midge and Johnny to Dee Light for dinner .. it was confirmed that Betty can cook ..

Thursday – May 22 – rain has been predicted for the last couple of days .. but the weather has been great .. and again today its in the low 80s .. Atlantic Beach Bikefest / Black Bikers Week starts today in Myrtle Beach South Carolina .. it will bring in about 500,000 people .. after Marv got packed up for the trip up North .. Marv and Betty took off for the Beach .. we walked the Beach and the Pier and took a few photos .. Ruth Ann and Betty took Marv to the Myrtle Beach Airport .. after taking off Marv had a connection in Detroit and took the Shuttle from Minneapolis to Eau Claire.. it was really late before Marv made it to Eau Claire Wisconsin ...

Friday – May 23 – after a very short nights sleep Marv made it to Luther Hospital in Eau Claire Wisconsin in time to see his mother before she went into surgery .. after the surgery we met with the doctor .. he said that the ‘four bi-pass surgery’ went quite well .. but also noted that her arteries were blocked more than he had expected .. soooo her surgery was quite timely .. later in the day we were able to visit with mother .. she looks good and her spirits are very great …. Betty reported from Dee Light that Black Biker Week is going strong .. the media said that 300,000 bikers / 500,000 people were expected and Betty confirmed that they all showed up ..

Saturday – May 24 .. in North Myrtle Beach SC Betty and Ruth Ann went Flounder fishing .. in Eau Claire WI Marv was able to catch a little extra sleep .. the staff / doctors at the Hospital reported that Marv’s mother had a very good night and that she is doing great .. when Marv got there both Dan and Howie were in her room .. mother was in a chair next to her bed eating her breakfast .. they plan to move her out of Critical Care and back into a regular hospital patient room this afternoon .. and she is scheduled to head to her home in Eau Claire on Tuesday .. she is doing much better than anyone ( doctors included ) had ever anticipated .. after talking to Mike in Wabasha Minnesota .. aboard ‘RIVERGIRL’ .. Marv decided to take an afternoon drive to the Mississippi Parkside Marina in Wabasha MN .. this was the first big weekend of boating season for the area .. thus Marv aws able to see many of his boating friends from the Wabasha area .. before heading back the boaters on the 100 Boom fixed a superb steak dinner for him .. Betty and Ruth Ann’s trolling for Flounder was not very successful so Johnny took them for a ride to check out Black Bikers Week .. they watched thousands of bikers on the roads trolling .. trolling .. trolling .. their success rate seemed to be much better ..

Sunday – May 25 – the weather up North in Western Wisconsin has been much better than two weeks ago when we were up there .. the temperatures have been ranging from 50 to 70 .. the ‘locals’ love it but for a ‘Floridian’ it is down right COLD !! .. Marv checked in on his mother again .. she is doing just great .. she is spending more time out of her bed than in the bed .. after being at the Indy Track last Sunday for Bump Day the Indy 500 Race today had added interest for Marv .. Betty and her sister spent the afternoon walking the beach .. 85 and sunny was just right for the beach .. Gil de Ferran won the Indianapolis 500 .. Marv made one last trip to the hospital before heading up to Minneapolis to catch his flight in the morning .. the staff at the hospital has mother is doing some walking about four times a day ..

Monday – May 26 – Memorial Day – after a short nights sleep it was off to the Minneapolis Airport for Marv .. the weather was cold but clear .. thus the flight to Detroit and then on to Myrtle Beach were uneventful .. Myrtle Beach has more HOOTERS Restaurants than any other place in the World and the Myrtle Beach Airport is HOOTERS Airlines International headquarters .. its gotta be due to all the golfers that come here .. both Betty, Midge and Ruth Ann were waiting at the Airport when Marv arrived .. the weather here was 86 and sunny .. it was a very good trip up North but was great to be back .. after getting unpacked we had Flounder for dinner at the Blue Marlin Yacht & Fishing Club right next to the Marina .. there were many smaller boats on the ICW .. mostly locals out for Memorial Day .. Marv called his mother and she said that they have her on a stronger pain medication that seams to be helping out .. it sounds like she will be going to a Nursing Home on Tuesday for a week before heading to her home with family members helping her ..

Tuesday – May 27 – last night Ruth Ann made up a pot of soup for Marv .. she dropped it off at the Marina just before Betty and Ruth Ann headed out to bring one of Ruth Ann’s cars to Southport, NC .. they left the second car at the Indigo Plantation and Marina .. this is where the Ferry to Bald Head Island has its Home Port .. then they went shopping / exploring Southport, NC .. Marv worked in the Engine Room and setup the GPS / Plotter with the help of Heinz Marine Electronics Inc of Fort Myers Florida .. the soup was great !! .. Dan called and said that mother will be staying at the hospital until Wednesday and then will be going to the Nursing Home for a few days .. after a number of calls Marv was able to get the GPS / Plotter up and running .. we had dinner at The Marker Restaurant and Lounge .. the restaurant is brand new .. tonight was its first night on operation .. it overlooks the Marina .. the She Crab Soup was excellent ..



Wednesday – May 28 - Harbourgate Marina - North Myrtle Beach, SC (843) 249-8888 – ICW Mile 347 ..
da Crew – Marv Betty Autumn Midge Ruth Ann and Johnny ..
.. we pulled out of the Marina at 08:10am .. most of the ICW Bridges that are South of Norfolk Virginia open on the hour .. or on the hour and half hour .. the Sunset Beach Pontoon Bridge ( ICW Mile 337.9 ) opens on the hour .. so we timed our departure from the Marina to get us to the Pontoon Bridge at 09:00 am .. we wet by eight Sailboats that were at the Pontoon Bridge waiting for the 09:00 am opening .. today’s travel was slow going .. we were in the Ditch most all of the day .. the Ditch is lined with ‘to die fore’ homes and condos .. the Inlet at Southport was confusing but we made our way thru it and we found the Marina .. we had to wait for two Ferry’s to pull out of the Marina’s Cut before we could head into the Marina .. we were docked by 12:30 pm .. Betty and Ruth Ann put together a deelightfull lunch on the Back Deck .. Ruth Ann surprised Marv with a special treat .. Deviled Eggs .. they were GREAT !! .. the Marina is located two nautical miles off North Carolina’s coast at the mouth of the Cape Fear River .. Bald Head Island Harbour is located near buoy #13 at the mouth of the Cape Fear River .. the island is accessible by boat from the Intracoastal Waterway, Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean .. there are no cars just golf carts .. everything .. including the construction workers and the staff commute by ferry or private boat .. the Marina has much to offer .. we reserved a Six Person Golf Cart for us thru Island Passage Cart Rentals (910) 457-494 .. we spent the afternoon touring the Island .. walking the Beach .. checking out the Lighthouses .. shopping .. etc .. and ended up on the deck of EB and FLO’s Steam Bar for a light dinner .. Midge Ruth Ann and Johnny took the Ferry back to the Main Land .. .. from Bald Head Island it is a 20-minute passenger ferry ride to the mainland ferry terminal at Indigo Plantation and Marina in the historic waterfront town of Southport, NC .. after they left we drove our Golf Cart to the Southeast most part of the Island and took one more walk on the Beach .. this 20 mile section of North Carolinas shore line has three large shoals that stretch out into the Atlantic Ocean .. a number of Shipwrecks have taken place in this area .. thus this area is called a Graveyard for ships .. right after we watched the sunset from the Bridge we had to talk a very short walk to The Lightkeeper Ice Cream Shop that was located directly behind Dee Light ..

Travel - North Myrtle Beach, SC to Southport, NC – 0 Locks - 38 Miles – Cumulative Miles 814

Travel - Midge Ruth Ann and Johnny - Bald Head Island Limited Marina on Bald Head Island to Indigo Plantation and Marina in Southport NC by Ferry ..

Thursday – May 29 - Bald Head Island Limited Marina at Southport, NC (800) 234-1666 – ICW Mile 309 .. .. ( $1.25 ) ..
Crew – Marv Betty and Autumn ..
.. this is Bob Hope’s 100th birthday .. tarting today the Marina is hosting the 12 Annual Fishing Rodeo .. the First Place Boat will receive a $10,000.00 award plus a Trophy .. by tonight the Marina will be filled with Sport Fishing Boats .. it was windy all night from our side .. we rocked and rolled in our Slip .. we left the Marina at 07:30 am .. once we made it out of the Marinas Cut we found ourselves in very rough seas from our Port Side .. once we made it to The Ditch we had to time our travel to coordinate with the Bridges that are too low for Dee Light .. the stiff winds and currents at each one of the Inlets added much interest to our day also .. yesterday we heard Tin Man on the Marine Radio and talked with them .. ( we had met up with back in Fort Myers Florida ) .. they stayed at the Southport Marina last night .. between Bridges we met up with Tim Man again today .. after talking to with them they decided to cut their day short and stay at the Swan Point Marina also .. we heard over the Marine Radio that a boat that was on the outside heading North tried to come in thru the Inlet at Sneads Ferry, NC for fuel .. ( Make My Day was the name of the boat ) .. it was a boat that a hired Captain was delivering for an owner .. he asked for local knowledge .. we were listing to him when he went aground .. HARD .. Tow Boat US and the US Coast Guard came to his rescue .. with strong winds and a swift current we pulled into the Marina right behind Tin Man at 01:15 pm .. at 03:00 pm Make My Day made it to the Lifting Well with the help of Tow Boat US .. there was bad damage to both Rudders .. both Props .. and the Port Shaft .. the Marina is located right on the ICW .. it is a small Marina with a very good service department and there is a good fuel spot just a few 100 feet South of the Marina’s entrance .. Betty took a walk out from the Marina and reported that there are not any paved roads in the area .. and there are Goats all over .. just before we went over to Tin Man for cocktails another boat went aground within sight of the Marina .. after having cocktails on Tim Man Betty put together a very deelightfull dinner ..

Travel - Southport, NC to Sneads Ferry, NC – 0 Locks - 60 Miles – Cumulative Miles 874

Friday - May 30 - Swan Point Marina - Sneads Ferry, NC 28460 – (910) 327-1081- ICW Mile 247 .. .. ( $1.00 / LF ) .. a Severe Thunder Storm moved thru our area last night .. but this morning the weather is just great .. another 82 and sunny day with flat seas .. we timed out departure with a 12 foot Bridge that we will be passing just up the ICW .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:30 am .. Tim Man ( Bill and Paula – 56 Sea Ray ) pulled out after us .. just up the ICW we went by / thru the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base that we have heard so much about during the War .. there were signs that said that When The Lights Are Flashing we are to STOP .. as they shoot across the ICW .. there are Tanks and other military ‘stuff’ all over the shore line .. Betty took advantage of the day and got some sun on the Front Deck .. there were many local boaters out on the water for the day .. we used the Autopilot on many of the long straight stretches of the ICW Waterway .. an 80 foot Sun Seeker docked at the Marina just before we got there .. when we arrived at the Marina ( 12:00 pm ) one of the guys that was on the Sun Seeker ( It’s a Wonderful Life ) met us on the Dock .. he is a friend of Jim Bolton ( Jim use to live in Eau Claire ) .. he helped us tie off Dee Light .. he said that he will e playing golf with Jim o Saturday and will great him for us .. this is a great Marina .. new Docks .. we backed into the Slip and had all of our hookups within inches of Dee Light .. you can even fuel up right in your Slip .. right after checking in we spent some time on the Warf .. we shopped at the Scuttlebutt Nautical Books and Bounty and had lunch at Clawson’s 1905 Restaurant and Pub .. we also checked out the North Carolina Maritime Museum .. it is a must stop place .. very well done .. at 05:00 pm the 126 foot boat named Carolinlan from London docked next to us .. they have a Crew of seven .. all in uniforms etc .. we met the Captain Chris .. he said that they had been at sea for two days and got caught in the storm that came thru last night .. at the time of the storm they were 50 off shore .. we had a ‘seafood dinner’ at the Beaufort Grocery Company with Bill and Paula ( Tin Man ) .. we returned to Dee Light at checked out the weather as another storm is to pass thru tomorrow .. if so we just may spend a second night right here ..

Travel - Sneads Ferry, NC to Beaufort, NC – 0 Locks - 43 Miles – Cumulative Miles 917

Saturday – May 31 - Beaufort Docks - Beaufort, NC - (252) 728-2503 - ICW Mile 204 .. ( $1.65 / FT ) .. with the weather front heading our direction at 50 mph we decided to stay right here for a second night .. the Marina is right downtown on the Historic Beaufort Waterfront .. during the War we sent for a deck of ‘Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards’ .. in our last mail drop we got the deck of cards .. since this is an International Port with many foreigners coming and going we got our deck of cards out and started looking as we walked along the Warf .. we did spot one couple that was really suspect only to find out later that they were from Iowa .. the Marina has a courtesy car you can reserve if you want to explore by car the Beaufort area .. Bill and Paula took the car and did a grocery run .. Betty took a Water Taxi to the Shackleford Banks to walk the Beach and do some shelling and saw a number of Wild Ponies .. .. Marv and Autumn walked the Warf and did some work on Dee Light .. we talked to the Crew on Carolinlan they said that their owner ( Johnson family ) has a Lexus Dealership in the area and that they own another larger boat called the Sea Jewel ( 151 footer ) that just took off fro the Mediterranean where it will be doing some charters .. we also talked with the owners of a 47 foot Mainship that came into the Marina .. they winter in Longboat Key Florida and summer at Ocean City New Jersey .. thus they are heading up the East Coast also .. it was entertaining to watch the large boats coming in and docking at the Marina ahead of the storm .. it was windy all day and about 02:00 pm there was a Tornado Warring for the Beaufort area .. when Betty returned we took a good walk and did some shopping .. we found the Coastal Community Market on Broad Street .. just two blocks from the Marina .. they have Natural and Organic foods .. they also have breads from the Beaufort Bread Company .. during the storm we walked to The Net House for dinner .. Marv had his She Crab Soup again .. when we were eating the rains came to an end ( for now ) and high winds came up .. on our way back from the restaurant Paula from the Tin Man called us to let us know that Autumn had abandon the ship .. some lighting / thunder must have scared her .. from the sound of the forecast we just may be staying another day right here .. during the height of the storm we were sitting on the Back Deck of Dee Light when Betty spotted a fire on the Bow of the Sailboat docked right behind us .. Marv got on the Marine Radio and wither minutes had help from the US Coast Guard, Tow Boat US, the Beaufort Docks Marina and the Crew from the Carolinlan .. it was an electrical fire that was quickly taken care of ..

Sunday – June 1 - Beaufort Docks - Beaufort, NC - (252) 728-2503 - ICW Mile 204 .. ( $1.65 / FT ) .. the current at the Docks are at a right angle to the Docks .. thus getting in and out of the Slips can be a challenge .. when we were getting Dee Light ready to leave a hired Captain off a Sailboat asked if we had any extra Engine Oil that he could get from us .. we gave him part of a gallon .. it made his day .. after getting Bill from Tin Man out of bed to let him know that we were heading out we pulled out of the Marina at 07:15 am .. we had a 15 to 25 mph cross wind in the Marina but we were able get underway without a problem .. when we made it to the Ditch we passed the Jarrett Boat Works .. Betty had bought T Shirts with their logo on them when we were in Beaufort .. their location is referred to as ‘down East’ by the locals .. their manufacturing plant is right on the ICW .. seeing some of the Markers was a challenge with the winds and waves .. we even found the edge of the narrow ICW Channel once .. but quickly got bak on track .. we went thru two large Sounds where the waves became rollers that were right at our Port Side for many miles .. we had water over Dee Light and we rocked and rolled a for miles .. right after polishing off a very deelightfull lunch that Betty put together we pulled in the Marina at 12:30 pm .. ( Dowry Creek Marina ) docked right next to us was TONIC .. a 42 foot Chris Craft that we have been running with since the Myrtle Beach area but had never met before .. they are a retired live-aboard couple from New York .. we really scrubbed down Dee Light as the waters that we went thru today were very dirty .. we also repaired our Great Loop Burgee that we all but lost due to the winds .. about 01:30 pm Tin Man made it to the Marina for the night also .. it is also a good Fuel stop location .. the prices are right and you can take on fuel from most of the Slips .. Dowry Creek spoils its guests with amenities including a newly renovated pool and a fully furnished clubhouse .. thus the marina is also a popular destination for yacht clubs .. it is a good party place .. for parties they put together pig pickin's .. crab cooks .. oysters roasts .. kegs of beer .. and much more is available for parties .. Bill and Paula joined us for cocktails .. the Marina is in a remote location .. so remote that the Air Card will not pick up a signal .. or it could be that the system is down due to the storm that took place last night .. it took us quite awhile to get a grill going but once we did we grilled chicken breasts and pork chops for dinner .. we ate on the Back Deck and watched the sunset .. quite a contrast from last night ..

Travel - Beaufort, NC to Belhaven, NC – 0 Locks - 72 Miles – Cumulative Miles 989



Monday – June 2 - Dowry Creek Marina – Belhaven, NC – (800) 824-7035 – ICW Mile 132 .. .. ( $1.00 / FT ) .. the Marina is just 3 miles north of Belhaven .. the winds have settled down .. the seas this morning are flat .. some boats that have been harbored here for a few days left the Marina early .. TONIC pulled out of the Marina ahead of us and Tin Man behind us .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:40 am and soon went from open waters to the Ditch and a very shallow area that Bill and Paula told us about a number of days ago .. we passed TONIC and about 25 Sailboats .. the Ditch was lined with ‘Cypress Knobs’ .. tree stumps that were left behind from a forest fire that passed thru the area years ago .. the water is dark brown and has Tannic Acid in it .. poor Dee Light .. TONIC was very mouthy all day on the Marine Radio .. the Alligator River is much like the Kentucky Lake area or a Large Lake Pepin area ( no Bluffs ) but the Marked Channel is very narrow and shallow .. we went right into 3 footers for 20 plus miles .. it felt good to get Dee Light back in some open water again .. a good place to use our Autopilot .. there were many Duck Blinds on the open River .. out in the middle of the very wide River we went thru a 14 foot Swing Bridge .. once thru the Bridge we entered the Albemarle Sound .. we have been warned about the Albemarle Sound ( 15 miles wide and very very long .. all the way out to the Atlantic Ocean ) .. and Betty has worried about it for days only encountered 3 to 4 footers and a sunny sky .. when we made it back into the Ditch Betty put together our lunch .. we were tied off at the Coinjock Marina Resort at 01:15 pm .. at 02:00 pm Tin Man docked behind us on the tie along .. as we passed thru North Carolina we passed under many Bridges .. sooo when we got out our Deck of Cards we spotted the accused bomber Eric Rudolph, 36 from North Carolina .. he has been hiding in the North Carolina hills for a number of years .. we reported seeing a suspect guy .. much like that guy from Iowa .. well now he has now been captured so we can eliminate him from our Deck of Cards .. on to Virginia tomorrow and who knows what we will find there .. TONIC also made it to the Marina about 04:00 pm .. the Marina Fuel and Transient Dock is right on the ICW in a No Wake area .. it is a midway stopping off spot for boaters on their way to Norfolk from the coast .. in the Marina they have a collection of T-Shirts displayed on the Marina Office walls from boats that have stayed here in the past .. there are numerous shirts from all over the world .. Dee Light’s T-Shirt has now been added to the collection .. when we were in Fort Myers Florida a boating friend Dick Brilhart told us about the restaurant that they have at the Marina .. it is the Coinjock Marina Restaurant .. their signature meal is a 3 inch Prime Rib Dinner .. and it was GREAT !!! .. after dinner with Bill and Paula we all walked the Dock .. the Marina is home for 21 transient boats tonight ranging in size from 42 to 68 feet .. many have crews on them that are delivering the boats for the owners .. the Midway Marina is on the other side of the ICW .. there are 11 boats at that Marina tonight ..

Tuesday – June 3 - Coinjock Marina Resort – Coinjock, NC (252) 453-3271 – ICW Mile 49.4 .. .. ( $1.00 / FT ) .. we pulled off the Dock at 07:30 am .. passed many of the Sailboats that stayed at our Marina last night .. the water was shallow and the Marked Channel was very narrow .. in one area there were submerged pilings just below the waterline just outside the Channel .. they were put there to protect the Channel from shoaling .. UGH .. the water is very brown .. about the color of Marv’s ice tea .. we spotted a Blimp going over us .. we waited for a 7 foot high Double Wide Swing Bridge and passed thru it at 10:00 am .. after that Bridge we made our way to another Swing Bridge 30 minutes later .. this was the beginning of many more low Bridges and even a Lock that was 72 by 600 feet .. a boat called WHIT’S END told us how to prepare Dee Light for the Lock .. just before the Lock we spotted FRONT PAGE docked along a wall .. they are boating friends out of Fort Myers Florida and Minnesota .. we tried to reach them on the Marina Radio but we were unable to make contact .. after the Lock we had a number of additional low Bridges .. with every Bridge the winds picked up a lot .. the Bridges are very close together that all of the boats that we went thru the first low Bridge of the day were with us for the last low Bridge of the day .. when we made it into the Norfolk area we were in deep waters because of Navy’s Ship Yards and all of the commercial activities in the area .. once the Marina was within sight we called ahead only to have to wait in the high winds for 30 minutes to get docking instructions .. after waiting for the Marina Staff to help a two story Houseboat without power dock their Houseboat we pulled Dee Light into our Tie-Along Slip at 01:30 pm .. we had a good 25 mph wind right on our Port Side but to Betty’s amaze we were able to get docked once again without a problem .. TIN MAN pulled into the Marina right after us .. after getting settled in we became tourists .. we took a short walk to the USS Wisconsin and did the Deck Tour .. it is HUGH !! .. we even found two Malls .. the Waterside Festival Marketplace and the Norfolk Mall that is right Downtown .. we had dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack that is right in front of Dee Light ..

Travel – Coinjock, NC to Norfolk, VA - 1 Locks - 49 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1103

Wednesday – June 4 - Waterside Marina - Norfolk, VA – (888) 622-2540 – ICW Mile – 0 .. .. ( $ 1.25 ) .. the rains were to have moved back into this area again yesterday afternoon .. but it never happen .. today it is overcast and looks like rain .. the high for today is 82 deg .. the Marina is located right in the heat of the downtown area the Waterside Festival Marketplace and a number of restaurants within a easy walk from the Marina .. i.e. there are 35 restaurants within 4 blocks .. we went to WT Brownley Company and picked up a Waterway Guide on the Chesapeake Bay .. they have a very good selection of Charts, books, etc. for the boater .. we then stopped in at the Battleship Wisconsin Foundation .. and then we took the Naval Base Water Tour that is offered by Victory Rover .. it was very well worth it ..we saw the Navel Fleet that was in the Naval Base .. everything is just HUGH in size .. the USS Regan just made it to Norfolk a few days ago so it was interesting to see it also .. we had lunch at Hooters that is located just a few feet from Dee Light .. we enjoyed lunch and got our tummies full too .. we took a Water Taxi to Portsmouth VA .. there was not much there but we did find a bread shop .. Olde Towne Bakery .. we also got our rental car .. a PT Cruiser .. we picked up some supplies for Dee Light and walked to dinner at Hell’s Kitchen .. on our way back to Dee Light we stopped by to see Bill and Paula .. they will be heading out in the morning .. Jon called and said that he is helping John Ayotte bring his boat up North .. the are in Hoppie’s Marina tonight ..

Thursday – June 5 - Waterside Marina - Norfolk, VA – (888) 622-2540 – ICW Mile – 0 .. at 07:15 am we headed out in our PT Cruiser and headed Southeast to the Outer Banks area .. we drove thru Kitty Hawk NC .. and checked out where the Wright Brothers got their plane airborne .. the ‘Kill Devil Hill’ is the only place in the area where there is a hill at all .. it was easy to understand how they got their craft to fly .. all they had to do was to point it in the right direction and let the winds pick it up .. as anything not nailed down in that area just takes off and blows away .. there are a number of Hand Gliding operations now in business in the area and we saw many hand gliders in the skies overhead .. as we headed South along the Coast we noted that the houses are very weathered .. very weathered .. many to the point of being run down and many that have become rental units .. very untypical for coastal homes along these shore lines .. we checked out the Beaches only to find that the Atlantic Ocean water is very COLD in this area .. 59 deg .. but there were many hearty ( young ) people surfboarding all over .. the Outer Banks is much like the Florida Keys .. it’s a long very narrow strip of land with water on both sides .. many Sand Dunes .. long beach areas .. swamp grass areas .. and homes that line most of the Coast line .. we headed further South and soon found the Bodie Island Lighthouse .. ( black and white horizontal stripes ) .. it was built in 1872 replacing a lighthouse that was destroyed by the Confederate forces in the Civil War .. it is 156 feet tall .. they do not use the term ‘Lighthouse’ but instead just use ‘Light’ .. thus it is called the ‘Bodie Island Light’ .. this is typical of all the ‘Lighthouses’ in the area .. I will still call them Lighthouses .. we were also told that the Lighthouses in this area are 45 miles apart .. our second lighthouse was the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse .. ( black and white spiral striped ) .. it was built in 1870 .. it is the tallest lighthouse in North America at 208 feet and it was relocated in 1999 .. the entire lighthouse was moved over 2000 feet from its old foundation that was slowly disintegrating to its present solid foundation .. it guards the dreaded ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’ where hundreds of ships have met their end .. it is the most impressive lighthouse that we have ever seen .. this is also the area where the famous Pirate Black Beard was done in .. when we was killed in battle he was beheaded and his head was hung at the Bow of one of the Sailboats as a warning to others of his following .. it hung there from early November thru January .. UGH .. we found our last lighthouse of the day at the North end of the Outer Banks .. it’s the Currituck Beach Lighthouse .. ( red brick in color ) .. the road soon comes to an end just North of the lighthouse .. it dead ends into a large protected refuge area .. as we headed back to Norfolk we found a roadside Farmers Market .. we picked up a few supplies for Dee Light .. when we made it back to the Marina we found Dee Light in the center of the Waterside Annual Festival .. the annual city celebration kicks off on Friday but they got everything set up when we were gone for the day .. we took Autumn for a long walk and checked it all out ending up at Ben and Jerry’s where we treated ourselves .. we headed to bed after checking out the Charts of the waters ahead of us tomorrow .. it will be our first day in the Chesapeake Bay waters ..



Friday – June 6 - Waterside Marina - Norfolk, VA – (888) 622-2540 – ICW Mile – 0 .. ( $!.25 /LF ) .. the music ( noise ) of the Waterside Days went well into the night .. at 06:30 am we headed out of the Waterside Marina and went to the Portsmouth Boating Center for fuel .. it is just a few miles up the ICW / Norfolk Bay .. this area is the largest fuel storage area in the world .. the fuel comes from Texas by way of the Colonial Pipeline .. we took on fuel at the Portsmouth Boating Center and we left the Fuel Dock at 08:15 am .. a GREAT place to take on fuel and only $.99 per gallon ..

Engine Hours .. Port Engine - 1868.6 .. Starboard Engine - 1876.6 ..

.. by 09:00 am we entered the Chesapeake Bay and 60 plus feet of water .. we also entered into a totally different type of navigation .. we have to use ‘way points’ .. ‘vectors’ .. etc. .. a new challenge for us .. we went by a Lighthouse that is totally surrounded by water .. we met many ‘Tall Ships’ that were heading into Norfolk for Waterside Days .. quite a treat to see them out on the open waters .. we went over a roadway ( tunnel ) and then after making a sharp turn we went over the same roadway ( Tunnel ) again .. another good Autopilot day .. when we were in the center area of the Chesapeake Bay all that we could see was water in all directions .. both the US Coast Guard and the Navy appeared to be doing maneuvers .. both overhead and on the waters .. everything here is ‘think big’ .. the seas were only 3 to 4 footers .. the Navy sent a Chopper right over us .. they gave us a ‘water spout’ and looked us over real good .. he also really did a number on our electronics for awhile .. then we crossed paths with two Navy Destroyers .. a great day on the Bay .. 80 and sunny with a mild breeze .. there were also a number of Cargo Ships that were heading both North and South .. we pulled into the Marina at 01:30 pm .. Dee Light got a good SALT-AWAY bath .. Autumn also got a Dock bath .. Marv took the Marina’s Courtesy Car to Boat US .. he got a Fender replaced and picked up a few supplies for Dee Light .. we ended up taking the Marina’s car to the Boathouse Café for dinner .. we had She Crab Soup on an outside Deck that overlooked the Rappahannock River Inlet ..

Travel – Norfolk, VA to Deltaville, VA - 0 Locks - 65 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1168



Saturday – June 7 - Dozier Yachting Centers – ( at Broad Creek ) Deltaville, VA – (804) 776-8400 – Mile ?? – .. ( $1.25 ) .. the clear skies of yesterday turned grey today .. light rain is to move in turning into a good hard rain later today ( heavy thundershowers ) .. sooo we decided to spend another day right here .. this will give us a chance to rest up and tidy up the boat ( laundry ) .. and fix all the things we have screwed up and to do some planning for the next few days ahead .. the owner of the Marina is Jack Dozier .. he is also the Publisher of the Waterway Guide .. ( The Cruising Authority ) .. we just can't say enough about the Marina ...beautiful new docks, a great store and Captain's Lounge .. they even raise oysters here ! .. everything is first class !! .. this is a new Marina .. the Marina is a few miles up the Rappahannock River just off the main channel and provide direct access to the Rappahannock River and the Chesapeake Bay .. the Office Building design incorporates an open .. airy atmosphere with covered decks overlooking the Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay .. Marv got a call from Debbie and Judy .. his mother ended up back in the hospital again today .. we used the Marina’s Courtesy Car again today and we did some shopping at Latitudes and Nauti Nells .. both have nautical gifts and stuff .. the staff at the Marina recommended Toby’s for dinner .. sooo we had dinner at Toby’s .. we have been enjoying the local flare when eating at our stops .. Soft Shelled Crabs are very popular .. again tonight we had Fried Soft Shelled Crabs .. Betty says that its much like eating Fried Spider .. Marv has never had Spiders so he cannot compare .. we watched the Belmont Horse Race .. Empire Maker won the race .. too bad .. Funny Cide lost both the race and the Triple Crown .. .. this is our last entree for Leg B of our Log .. tomorrow we will be starting our Leg C and we will be heading North up the Chesapeake Bay ..

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