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Chesapeake Bay to New York

Sunday – June 8 - Dozier Yachting Centers – ( at Broad Creek ) Deltaville, VA – (804) 776-8400 – .. ( $1.25 ) .. the light rains continued all night .. by morning it was overcast but not raining .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:30 am into grey skies and grey seas .. in an hour at 16 knots we made it to the Marked Channel .. we crossed the Channel and continued heading Northeast .. we used the San Marcos Ship Wreck at a Way Point .. we stayed clear of the wreck as the steel of the Ship is still there .. the breeze picked up and gave us 4 to 5 foot seas on our Port Side .. at about 09:00 am we started to head up the Tangier Sound .. and we could see land again .. the Sound is much like a very wide River with Islands ( Tangier Island ) on our Port Side and the Mainland on our Starboard Side .. but we could hardly see land on either side for another 45 minutes .. we strictly navigated with our electronics for the entire trip .. once in the Sound the Seas went down to 3 footers right at our Bow .. we talked to Tin Man on the Marine Radio .. they stayed at Crisfield for three days .. we went thru a VERY NARROW Channel to get to a large open Bay where the Marina is located .. by 10:30 am we were tied off at the Marina .. this is a REAL Crab Fishing Port .. many Crab Fishing Boats line the Warf .. Crisfield is the ‘Crab Capital of the World’ .. we are wonder just how many of the local residents are struggling with ‘Crabs’ .. when we walked around Crisfield we noted that every sing had either the word ‘Captain’s’ .. or ‘Seafood’ .. or ‘Crabs’ .. or ‘Warf’ in it .. we took the 12:30 pm Ferry to Tangier Island .. there is one round trip to the Island each day .. the name of the Ferry is ‘The Great Getaway’ .. its home port is Fort Myers Beach Florida .. Betty has fished off of the boat when it was in Florida .. the Marked Channel to the island is lined with rows of Docks with Crab Traps on them .. there are 780 people that live on Tangier Island and 95percent of the men are Watermen with Crabbing, Fishing and Oystering as their livelihood .. the island is four feet above the Sea Level .. there are many .. many cats on the island .. there is a K thru 12 school system on the island .. last Spring the Tangier Island High School graduated 9 Seniors .. the English Teacher must have a speech impairment as all the ‘locals’ talk with a hard to understand brogue .. a local merchant told us that living on the island is like ‘a three mile long tranquilizer’ .. he also said that the definition of a Crab is a ‘Sea Spider that was unfortunate to just taste good’ .. we had a light ‘Seafood Lunch’ at The Islander Seafood Restaurant and then we shopped our way back to the Ferry .. Bill from Tim Man suggested that we should have dinner at the Original Captain’s Galley ( Home of World Famous Crab Cakes ) .. and we did .. we had Crab Cakes prepared four different ways .. and WOW were they GREAT !! ..

Travel – Deltaville, VA to Crisfield, MD – 6 Locks to Date - 52 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1220

Monday – June 9 – Somers Cove Marina – Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Crisfield, MD - (800) 967-3474 .. ( $1.00 ) .. Today Hillary Clinton’s book goes on sale .. when we were on the Tangier Island we noted that the name ‘Crockett’ appeared all over .. like on Grave Markers etc. .. we later found out that Cornishman John Crockett was one of the original founders of the Island .. that could be the reason that the locals talk with a brogue .. today started out still overcast but SUN in the forecast .. again .. the ‘locals’ are really grumbling about the weather .. reports of up to 12 of the last 14 weeks of overcast and rain .. UGH .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:30 am .. as we headed South down the Tangier Sound a large Cruise Ship appeared out of the fog on the horizon as we were passing Smith Island .. we surmised it was a Ghost Ship .. it was the American Eagle .. the Seas started at near flat then became 2 to 3 footers .. not a factor at all .. we used our Chart Plotter and Autopilot all day .. about 10:00 am we went by the Mouth of the Potomac River and the sun appeared and the Seas became FLAT .. a number of Navy vessels were out doing maneuvers ( War Games ) .. so we knew that we were safe .. once we were past the Potomac River it became overcast again .. that should tell us something .. ?? .. we went past the Point No Point Lighthouse and took a photo of it .. the Fog moved in to the point where we could not see anything at all .. the Navy was overhead doing maneuvers also .. we could not see them for the Fog but we could sure hear them .. over the Marine Radio we could hear that the Navy had a target area that they will be shooting at shortly .. Debbie called to say that Marv’s mother is doing good and that the Doctors want to send her out of the Hospital in a couple of days .. Dee Light was docked at the Marina at 12:00 pm .. Zahniser's Yachting Center is the most comprehensive Marine Facility on the Chesapeake Bay .. it is nestled in the heart of historic Solomons Island .. Zahniser's is a Marina that blends the beauty of a pristine yacht club and the technical expertise of an award winning repair yard .. Solomon's Island has a few nice shops and an interesting Marine Museum .. next to the Museum there is a Lighthouse .. Drumm Point Lighthouse .. the sun came out and after we explored the Island on bikes Betty wasted no time to get out and soak up some sun .. there are many spots for lunch or dinner within a short walk of the Marina .. we had dinner at the Zahniser's Dry Dock Restaurant that is part of the Marina .. we had a table on the Deck that overlooked the Marina .. and had more Seafood !! ..

Travel – Crisfield, MD to Solomons, MD – 6 Locks to Date - 77 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1297




Tuesday – June 10 - Zahniser's Yachting Center - Solomons, MD - (410) 326-2166 .. .. ( $1.85 / Foot ) .. the sunrise over the open Bay this morning was breathtaking .. Zahniser's was established in 1960 by the Zahniser family .. today owned and operated by Skip and Ellen Zahniser .. it is a FIRST CLASS MARINA !! .. it is a Sailboat Marina as there are very few ‘stink pots’ in the Marina .. but that did not bother Dee Light at all .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:30 am .. after working our way out of the Bay and Cut where the Marina is we headed up the Patuxent River a for a few miles before we headed back out into the Chesapeake Bay .. as we headed out into the Bay the Shore Line that we went past had BLUFFS .. ( Calvert Cliffs ) .. this whole area is so flat it was a treat to see the Bluffs .. our Navy was out in the Bay again this morning maneuvering ( War Games ) .. we heard the US Warship 87 and Pilot Boat setting up a boarding of an unmarked vessel .. we also heard the US Coast Guard stopping and boarding private vessels .. there was a warring over the Marine Radio for all vessels in the Cove Point are to go real slow as they have Divers working in the water under the Warf .. so when we went past the Cove Point Marker we slowed right down even though we were miles off the Point .. another great day on the Bay .. clear skies .. fla seas .. 80 deg .. and Dee Light just loves the ‘open water’ .. we saw a number of Cargo Ships .. we met a large Cargo Ship from Venezuela .. and took a photo of it .. at 10:45 am we entered the Eastern Bay .. Betty spotted on the NBC TODAY Show a yellow banner that said ‘Cruising America’s Great Loop’ .. we plan to be there soon .. we went real slow due to all the other Fishing Boats and Sailboats in the area and the Channel really got narrow and full of sharp bends .. as we docked Dee Light a Viking Sport Fishing boat docked right in front of us .. it had 16 gales with Bikinis on the Back Cockpit .. despite the distraction we got Dee Light tied off by 12:30 pm .. Tin Man was docked on the same Warf .. WOW what a great Marina .. another first class Marina .. we walked into the Downtown area and shopped .. we crossed paths with Bill and Paula .. this was their second day so they were of much help to tell us what to do and see .. it's an easy walk into town, and to the museums .. there are two quite good grocery stores .. we found the post office .. there are at least a dozen good restaurants .. when we were walking thru the Downtown area we asked many locals where the Weather Stone was ( we had heard about it from other Loopers ) .. only to find it right back at our Marina .. sooo when you are at the Saint Michaels Marina .. whatever you do .. don't miss seeing the Weather Stone .. it dose a much better job than the Weather Channel .. about 15 years ago Betty visited this area and remembers eating Crabs at a Restaurant where she cracked the Crabs with a wooden mallet .. when we got here she spotted the same Restaurant .. The Crab Claw Inc .. we walked around the U shaped harbour and had 12 large Crabs .. they plunked them down on the table top .. gave us a knife and a wooded mallet .. and a roll of paper towels .. and we ate Crabs .. and were they great .. but very messy ..

Travel – Solomons, MD to Saint Michaels, MD – 6 Locks to Date - 55 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1352

Wednesday – June 11 - Saint Michaels Marina - Saint Michaels, MD – (800)678-8980 – .. .. ( $2.00 / Foot ) .. another sunny morning with flat Seas .. but rains are expected later today .. the local Weatherman aid that the last time that this area had three days in a row without rain was April 15th thru the 17th .. we left the Marina at 07:15 am .. we were very pleased with the facilities at Saint Michaels Marina .. but we were glad we arrived on a weekday when rates are $2.00 / foot .. on Saturdays and holidays it goes up to $3.00 / foot .. we have been zigging and zagging up the Chesapeake Bay .. each day going from one side to the other .. today we went from the East side to the West side .. we had a nice cruise up to Annapolis we went past the Bloody Point Bar Lighthouse and crossed paths with another large Cargo Ship .. we went past Cove Point and Thomas Point Lighthouses .. the Seas were 3 to 4 foot in the Chesapeake Bay area .. we went real slow ( 10 knots ) because we had a very short distance to go .. there was a heavy fog on the water making spotting Markers a challenge .. we heard the Warship 51 board a boat with a British Flag on it .. the US Navy has an Anchorage Area at the Mouth of the Severn River that we went up on our way to the Marina .. there were at least 14 Warships at anchor .. we went real slow past them so we did not alert them .. with the help of a VERY inexperienced Dock Boy we struggled but got Dee Light tied off at 10:30 am .. even with rain in the forecast of rain we hosed down Dee Light .. Tin Man also docked shortly after we docked .. we talked with the Crew from SUMMER LOVE that we had met a number of weeks ago .. their owner is from Washington DC so this is their Summer home .. the Marina is right downtown within site of the Naval Academy .. after a quick lunch we got our bikes off Dee Light and took off into the Downtown area .. we did a tour of the Navel Academy and some shopping .. thr tour of the US Naval Academy was worth the stop in Annapolis .. the Museum is a must for any boater .. we ended up at Ben and Jerry’s .. we took a Water Taxi to dinner with Bill and Paula .. after a Water Taxi tour of the harbour we ended up at O’Leary’s Seafood Restaurant for another Seafood Deelight .. a heavy Thunderstorm moved thru the area during the night .. high winds put down many trees in the Washington DC area ..

Travel – Saint Michaels, MD to Annapolis MD – 6 Locks to Date - 40 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1392

Thursday – June 12 - Annapolis Yacht Basin Co - Annapolis, Maryland - (410) 263-3544 .. ( $2.00 / Foot ) …... two of today’s headlines …. AP-LOS ANGELES .. Gregory Peck .. an Academy Award winner .. died .. he was 87 …. and .. AP-NEW YORK .. David Brinkley .. of NBC's Huntley-Brinkley .. died at the age of 82 …… both a great loss ….. after having breakfast on Dee Light we took our bikes to the Information Center where we got on the Minibus Tour Bus and took the Historic Annapolis tour .. it was a great way to see the Downtown area as well as many of the historic buildings in Annapolis .. the Bus was not allowed to tour the USMA since September 11th but they gave us a good verbal tour of the Academy .. and we did our own walking tour of the Campus yesterday .. Betty was hungry for a GOOD BURGER since we have been consuming the ‘local seafood’ the last many days .. so we found ‘Chick and Ruth’s Delly’ right on Main Street .. Betty had a long awaited Cheese Burgher with the works and Marv had a bowl of Maryland Crab Soup .. the ‘Delly’ had more character than any restaurant that we have seen in Annapolis .. when we were seated they had a bowl of pickles at the table .. Marv really enjoyed them .. Bill and Paula gave us a number of photos that they had taken during the last week when we have been traveling together .. Marv has been getting his share of sun so he wore his hat today .. Betty just had to take his photo at the Annapolis City Dock with his hat and bike .. Betty gave Autumn a good bath .. when we were in town the Triumphant Lady a 147 footer left the Marina for the day .. right when a HUGH Thunderstorm with HIGH winds moved in the Triumphant Lady tried to come back in .. it went back out to the River and waited out the storm there before docking .. two other large boats also waited our the storm .. Summer Love was one of them .. we sat on the Fly Bridge and watched the boats maneuver there way in .. after the storm we walked along the Warf towards the downtown area and had dinner at Pusser’s of Annapolis right on the Warf overlooking the City Harbor .. three of the large boats that got caught out in the storm took cover on the docks in front of Pusser’s .. Crab Cake on top of a Creaser Salad .. we talked to Mike and Carol ( Pepin, WI and Wabasha, MN ) .. we found them on their boat .. they are spending much time this Summer enjoying their boat on the Mississippi River ..

Friday – June 13 - Annapolis Yacht Basin Co - Annapolis, Maryland - (410) 263-3544 .. ( $2.00 / Foot ) .. this Marina is a Summer home for many large boats ( Mega Yachts ) from Fort Lauderdale and other Florida Ports .. many of them have full time Crews that live on the boats .. we left the Marina at 07:30 am and went out into heavy FOG .. we went right past the US Navy’s marked land mines and Navy Warships .. we soon went under the Williams P Lane Bridge in the fog .. we passed the Sandy Point Lighthouse and a number of other Lighthouses .. we used Range Finders with Fog Lights for our navigation .. the Channel in and out of Baltimore is very narrow but well marked .. it is like an Interstate system .. we passed the USS Comport that just got into the Harbor from the War .. went past Fort McHenry were Frances R Key wrote our National Anthem the Star Spangled Banner .. we passed many Marinas as we headed up the River .. the River is very dirty and is full of ‘junk’ .. we spotted a couple of more Skipper Liner boats that are being used as tour boats .. Skipper Liner Boats are made in La Crosse Wisconsin .. we have seen a number of them in almost every large Port that we have visited all the way up the East Coast .. Baltimore is a large Heavy Commercial Sea Port .. we pulled up to the Dock at 10:45 am .. the American Eagle pulled into the Harbor right after us .. when we checked in at the Marina we found a place where we could get our hair cut but we had to take a brisk walk to Monica’s located right in the heart of town .. we made it in time and they did a great ( over due ) job on both of us .. now we gotta get Autumn taken care of .. we did the Inner Harbor Water Taxi Tour .. for $6.00 it took us all day to the various Ports around the Inner Harbor .. we went to Fort McHenry, Fells Point, Harbor Place, etc .. a great way to see the city by water .. later we walked into a section of town called ‘Little Italy’ and had dinner at an Italian Restaurant called ‘Sabatio’s The Taste of Italy’ .. it came highly recommended .. and it was GREAT !! .. ( a no seafood night ) .. just before we left the restaurant the skies opened up and for about 10 minutes buckets of rain came down .. we waited for the rain to pass and had a very pleasant walk back to Dee Light .. the rains filled the Cannels that ran into the River .. the current in the Cannels created a HUGE title wave going so fast that they had 3 to 4 foot waves going down the narrow Cannels right into the River brining more junk into the River .. UGH .. later we saw reports over TV of cars and people being swept down the city streets .. they showed cars totally under water .. it was the hardest rain that the locals could remember .. and e were there right in the middle of it all ..

Travel – Annapolis MD to Baltimore, MD – 6 Locks to Date - 38 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1430





Saturday - June 14 - Inner Harbor East Marina - Baltimore, MD – (410) 625-1700 - .. ( $1.30 / Foot ) .. the storms that quickly passed thru Baltimore last night cleared the air .. this morning the Weathermen are calling for more rain but the skies are clear and it is another GREAT day .. the Inner Harbor East Marina is right in the Downtown area so it is very easy to get to anyplace in the Downtown are .. we were within walking distance of Little Italy, Fell's Point, and all the shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and museums of the Inner Harbor area .. we enjoyed the floating docks .. but we were dismayed with the actual condition of the water of the Inner Harbor area .. thick gray-green with trash ( Styrofoam cups, old tires, cigarette butts, plastic bags, you name it, junk ) floating everywhere .. we've never boated anywhere with such filthy water .. and yet the marina staff thought it necessary to post a sign telling visitors that the oily yellow scum on the water was pollen, not pollution .. at 11:00 am we took the Guided Narrated Tour of Baltimore .. it was a great way to get a good ‘snapshot’ of Baltimore .. we also toured the 4 ships that are harbored at the Inner Harbor .. and we went to the ‘National Aquarium in Baltimore’ .. both the exhibits and Dolphin Show were great .. in the late afternoon it did cloud up and a light rain started .. Betty went to the Whole Foods Store just a short walk from the Marina and came bak with all sorts of treats .. and food supplies also .. the Inner Harbor Marina is on the other side of the Harbor from our Marina ( Inner Harbor East ) .. the Rusty Scupper Restaurant is the anchor restaurant of the Inner Harbor Marina .. it is a great Seafood restaurant but it is tied to the other Marina .. we ‘coned’ the Staff into picking us up at our Marina and driving us to their Marina / Restaurant .. and we had a great ‘Seafood’ dinner ..

Sunday - June 15 – Fathers Day - Inner Harbor East Marina - Baltimore, MD – (410) 625-1700 .. Tin Man pulled out of the Marina about 07:40 am .. they have two friends from Michigan that joined them yesterday .. so the four of them will now be heading North for a week .. Baltimore is a BIG Baseball city .. soooo last night when our Milwaukee Brewers beat the Baltimore Orioles it was a real downer for the locals .. this morning the Weathermen are calling for more rain but the skies are clear and it is another GREAT day .. today’s headlines - PORTLAND, Oregon (CNN) -- At least nine people died Saturday when a charter vessel ( TAKI TOOO ) capsized off the Oregon coast, the U.S. Coast Guard said .. the Inner Harbor area is a great place to visit but the Harbor is filthy .. the City had a ‘Garbage Barge’ machine that is a boat with a garbage scooper on the front and a garbage box on the back to try to get some of the junk out of the Harbor .. but with the ‘rains’ and ‘people’ it is an up hill job .. with all the ‘junk’ in the waters we heard many boaters contacting Tow Boat US .. they said that this has been one of the worst years for debris on the water and that one of the City’s sewers was flowing into the River also .. we made another trip to the Whole Foods Market and filled all of our water tanks .. it is a great store and is just a short walk from the marina .. and there is a nice wine shop next door to the grocery store .. Betty did laundry at the Marina’s Laundry Room and Marv worked on our trip plans .. we met Donna and Carl when we and they were at the Centennial Harbour Marina in Fort Myers Florida for the Winter .. they live in Alexandria Virginia .. they drove to the Marina for the day .. Karl has recently rewritten the Journal of their trip to Florida ( Fort Myers ) and back .. for Karl it brought many memories of the waters that we have been traveling the last two Months .. so we talked boating most all the rest of the day .. Karl and Donna are both back in the ‘working world’ and doing great !! .. Autumn remembered Karl and Donna right away .. after Betty and Donna did some shopping we tried to find a restaurant in the Harbor Front area for dinner .. they all were very busy .. sooo then we walked into ‘Little Italy’ and had an Italian dinner including an Italian desert .. it was great to see both Karl and Donna and get caught up a little with their lives .. Jewel and Jon both called to wish Marv a Happy Fathers Day .. Sarah has ended up in the Hospital with pains that the Doctors are having a hard time determining what is causing them .. when we got back to Dee Light we noted that at the Inner Harbor area the outdoor tables were fully occupied and that live ( very loud ) music was coming across the open water where a band was performing .. it went on until 10:00 pm ..

Monday - June 16 - Inner Harbour Marina .. Inner Harbor East Marina - Baltimore, MD – (410) 625-1700 .. after spending three days here we were now ready again to head out .. we left the Marina at 06:50 am .. as we passed thru the long Channel that leads to the Chesapeake Bay it was evident that the number one business in Baltimore is Shipping .. there were Cargo Ships all over .. both being unloaded and loaded .. once we made it past the Bridge we headed into some rough Seas that were on our Port Side .. the forecast called for 2 footers .. well we had water going over Dee Light .. we were in a tight Shipping Channel thus we could not tack much at all .. we just took it .. the Starboard Engine fluttered a little and we switched over to our second Fuel Filter .. the Chesapeake Bay showed us that it can get rough .. Betty took the Wheel and Marv worked on the Filters .. as we approached the C & D Canal we caught up with a Cargo Ship .. we followed behind him right into the Canal .. .. the C & D Canal is about 450 feet wide and 14 miles long .. according to what we have been reading the C & D Canal can be closed for any reason (at this time of year fog is the likely reason) .. if it is closed you will see red lights flashing at Town Point ( Western end ) .. if the weather is questionable we may want to have an alternative plan for where we may spend the night .. the huge Cargo Ships come through this Canal .. so it's a good idea to monitor Channel 13 on the Marine Radio as approaching the canal to be forewarned of any traffic headed our way .. we have also heard that the waters in the area of the West End of the Cannel can be very tricky and shallow .. we thought that the Canal was well marked with Red Markers on both sides of the Canal .. we watched our depth and we did go past a Sailboat that went aground HARD and sunk .. see the photo that we took .. we have heard that many boaters refuel at Schaefer's Market and Marina in Chesapeake City .. as they have good prices .. and then headed across the canal to the Chesapeake Inn Marina .. located inside the basin on the South side .. as we entered the Bay off the Canal our depth dropped from 40 feet to 5 feet .. and this is at High Tide .. UGH .. we had thoughts of going all the way to Cape May today but we changed our minds and decided that we have had enough fun for one day .. we had Dee Light docked by 11:30 am .. after a quick lunch on Dee Light Marv went to work in the Engine Rom and Betty decided it was time to see if she really could still bake something .. later after setting off the Smoke Alarm she decided that she was gonna have to start to work a little at her baking skills .. Autumn even ran the other way when she got a whiff of Betty’s creation .. Chesapeake City is a quaint town .. it is dotted with historic homes and waterfront restaurants .. the Chesapeake Inn is a popular place with a fancy upstairs restaurant and casual dockside eating and live entertainment .. after a walk thru town we had dinner at the Chesapeake Inn Restaurant .. the docks were busy .. as boats from Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey came and went all afternoon .. we had dinner on the Outside Deck .. the restaurant offers a breathtaking view of the Back Creek Basin .. C&D Canal and historic Chesapeake City .. the outdoor tables were fully occupied and the live (loud) music started at 04:00 pm .. ( Happy Hour ) .. it was enjoyable up until 09:00 pm .. but not so much at 01:30 am ..

Travel – Baltimore, MD to Chesapeake City, MD - 6 Locks to Date - 53 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1483

Tuesday – June 17 - Chesapeake Inn Restaurant & Marina - Chesapeake City, MD - (410) 885-2040) .. .. ( 1.75 ) .. the Marina has 65 transient slips available for overnight stays .. it has shoaled in at the mouth of the entrance to the Marina .. at low tied the depth at the entrance is about 6 foot at best .. but it is a soft bottom .. after we rearranged the bottom of their marina we left the Marina at 06:30 am .. the Cargo Ships use the C & D Canal as a spot for Crew changes .. they are going slow and there is calm waters most of the time .. so it is a good spot to make the changes .. C & D is short for Chesapeake and Delaware as the Canal connects the two Bays .. there is a lot of junk in the water .. Railroad Ties .. etc. .. as we entered the Delaware Bay we saw a large Nuclear Plant .. we are in the coldest spot in the nation according to Al Roker of NBC’s TODAY Show .. UGH !! .. almost had to turn the heat on today .. in the Delaware Bay we met and passed many large Cargo Ships .. some were Towboats pulling Cargo Boxes .. all day as we were bouncing up and down over the news they were talking about TAKI TOOO .. we passed many Lighthouses that were out in the middle of the Bay .. it wasn’t long and we could no longer see land .. the Seas were rough but not as bad as we had thought that they would be .. 4 to 6 and 5 to 7 Seas .. thanks again to Tara South for warning Loopers about the shoaling (1 foot depth!) in the middle of the channel by the Ferry Docks (right as you enter the canal from the west) .. before we got to the Canal .. we called our destination Marina for advice about the Canal .. their response .. "We always tell people to stay in the middle and watch what other boats are doing" .. WHAT .. ?!? .. as you pass the Ferries whatever you do DON'T stay in the middle .. first make sure no Ferry is pulling away from the Dock .. and sure enough right when we were going to enter the Jetty from the Bay a HUGH Ferry starts heading out right at us .. we moved over and gave him all the room that he wanted .. we entered the Cape May Canal Entrance at 11:00 am .. once in the Jetty / Canal we kept port and keep close to the Ferry Docks .. not long after we passed the Ferries we heard a boat calling Sea-Tow .. it had just gone aground by the Ferry Docks .. the Ferries are HUGH .. they carry both Cars and People .. they are six Decks in high .. the 6 foot clearance Railroad Swing Bridge was open .. so we didn't have to call to have it opened .. the approach to the Marina is very shallow .. you have to go along their Breakwater from the Marked Channel to their entrance .. we made a hard right in the wind and pulled into the Marina and then went down a long narrow passage way to our Slip .. we had boats on both sides of us and a good side wind .. but we made it .. we were into our Slip at 12:00 pm .. and took on Fuel right in our Slip .. if you could call it a Slip ..

Engine Hours .. Port Engine – 1902.7 .. Starboard Engine – 1910.8

.. when we paid for the Fuel and checked in at the Marina they gave us a ‘Goodie Bag’ as a gift from the Marina .. we met up with 2 other Boats displaying a Green Bay Packer Flags also .. we met them and found out that they have ties to Wisconsin also .. after an extensive cleaning of the Oven .. Betty redeemed herself with more baked treats .. Marv enjoyed the ‘second batch’ for lunch .. in the afternoon the skies became cloudy .. and Marv went to the Engine Room to work on the Fuel Filters .. once we got cleaned up we headed out to dinner .. in a light rain .. we walked across the Parkin Lot to the Lobster House .. it is part of ‘The Nation’s Oldest Seashore Resort’ .. and we had the best meal that we can remember .. the restaurant was built around the Shrimp Boats Docks .. much of the dining area was outside right on the Warf next to the Shrimp Boats ..

Travel – Chesapeake City, MD to Cape May, NJ - 6 Locks to Date - 70 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1553

Wednesday – June 18 - Utsch's Marina - Cape May, NJ - 800-898-BOAT .. ($1.75/foot) .. .. upon registration .. they give us a goodie bag with Key Ring, Biscotti, and bottle of New Jersey Wine .. a nice touch .. they have a very nice Boater's Lounge and Computer Port .. this Marina had the some of the nicest facilities for Showers and Laundry of any we have stayed at so far on the trip .. running North in the ICW from Cape May to Atlantic City is not an option for us .. it is a very zigzagging and shallow 65 miles .. soooo our only option is to go outside .. after checking out the weather with the Harbormaster we left the Marina at 06:45 am .. it was LOW Tide .. UGH .. ( the Tide here is 5 to 6 foot ) .. but we made it to the ICW and out the Cape May Inlet without a problem .. we were back into Rolling Seas plus the Chop .. then it started to RAIN .. the Rollers were about 8 to 10 footers and the Waves were about 3 to 5 feet all the way to the Atlantic City Inlet .. it was very ‘Lumpy’ .. the visibility became ZERO .. we proceeded using the Plotter and our trusty Compass .. at this time the First Mate questioned the sanity of her Captain decision to venture out on a day like this .. she stated .. ‘that the next time that he wanted to go out on a day like this she was gonna take the Bus’ .. our Filters did not present a problem at all with theses Seas .. ?? .. we called ahead to the Marina for directions as the rain was pounding down .. by 10:30 am Dee Light was backed into her Slip on what the Marina Office refers to as their Viking Dock .. Slip E-13 .. lucky 13 .. the two Gals that man the Marina Office both have the first name of Dee and they were looking forward to ‘having their boat come in’ .. Betty put together a deelightfull lunch on Dee Light .. this is Viking Land as the Viking Yacht Company’s Corporate Office is in New Gretna New Jersey .. Betty worked all afternoon in an attempt to try to get the smoke odor ( that was caused by her baking attempt a few days ago ) out of Dee Light .. we explored the Trump Casino and ended up having dinner at Hooters that is part of the Casino .. after dinner we had to try our luck at the Slots .. we did ok .. at least our cup wasn’t empty when we made it back to Dee Light .. Atlantic City has a Jitney Transportation System .. the cost is $1.50 per trip .. sooo we explored and took a round trip from the Trump Marina and Casino to the ‘Strip’ and back ..

Travel – Cape May, NJ Atlantic City, NJ - 6 Locks to Date - 41 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1594



Thursday - June 19 - Trump Marina / Senator Frank S Farley State Marina - Atlantic City, New Jersey - (800) 876-4386 .. ( $3.00 to $4.00 / FT .. negotiable ) .. we got up to heavy FOG .. then it turned to rain .. there were many Sport Fishing boats moved in ( 06:00 am ) and then ( 08:00 am ) out of the Marina .. there is a Fishing Tournament going on here .. the Weather Gods have put a LOW right over Dee Light and it is not moving .. we have had very little wind but no sun at all and MUCH rain and FOG .. YUCK !! .. we spent the morning working around the boat catching up on our ‘to do list’ and Betty gave Autumn a bath .. the couple ( Sue and Dave ) from SUMMER that we met in Annapolis brought their Dinghy to our Marina to check out the Trump Casino .. and in the afternoon we walked on the Atlantic City Boardwalk .. we did some shopping and people watching .. the sun finally tried to come out a little .. but the FOG returned as the sun went down .. after having dinner on the Boardwalk we went back to the Trump Casino and this time we returned to Dee Light with empty cups ..

Friday - June 20 - Trump Marina / Senator Frank S Farley State Marina - Atlantic City, New Jersey - (800) 876-4386 .. ( $3.00 to $4.00 / FT .. negotiable ) .. we got up to FOG again today but no rain .. we took the Taxi to the Shop and Bag ( Grocery Store ) .. and we really put on a large supply of groceries .. in the afternoon the sun tried to find its way thru the overcast and the Sport Fishing Boats started to move in for the weekend .. there is a big Fishing Tournament here this weekend .. we walked the Docks and talked to a number of boaters .. then we shopped at the Trump Casino Gift Shop .. later we took the Jitney back to the Boardwalk .. the Jitneys are ‘owner operators’ so maybe that’s why they drive like there is no tomorrow .. we had dinner at the Atlantic City Bar and Grill .. 1 ˝ pound Lobster for $10.95 .. and it was GREAT !! .. on our way back it started to rain again so we had to find the Ice Cream Parlor once again .. when we were at the Boardwalk we stopped at Caesars Palace Casino to try our luck .. well Marv had his winnings burning a hole in his pocket but the Trump people took care of that for him .. when we made it back to the Trump Marina there was a Band on the Exterior Deck that overlooks the Marina Harbor .. they were LOUD and the crowd was toasting to NO MORE RAIN .. the band went on well into the night ..

Saturday - June 21 - Trump Marina / Senator Frank S Farley State Marina - Atlantic City, New Jersey - (800) 876-4386 .. ( $3.00 to $4.00 / FT .. negotiable .. we got up to wet Docks but no rain but still much FOG .. visibility is just to the end of the Dock .. the Weatherman says that the LOW that has been directly over Dee Light is to move on out to Sea .. we are hoping so .. Marv has been talking to Jon daily .. Sarah is still in the Hospital with testing going on to try to determine what is going on in her tummy .. the Doctors have come up with nothing .. a large Paddle Boat called the Crystal Queen moved into the Marina with a home port of Atlantic City .. also a number of Mega Boats moved into the Marina .. after having a deelightfull lunch on Dee Light we took a walk to the Harrah Casino where we had to try our luck out again .. we decide to spread out our quarters so we took the Jitney to the Boardwalk and we checked out a number of places that we had not been to before .. we also filled up on ‘junk food’ .. but soooo good .. after a lot of people watching we decided that we were defently in the minority .. by the time that we made it back to the Trump Marina the band was really cranking it up .. and did they have a crowd .. if ya have to be held up for weather or what ever this is a good place to spend some time .. much to do and see .. we checked out the weather and decided that on Sunday morning we would head out ..

Sunday - June 22 - Trump Marina / Senator Frank S Farley State Marina - Atlantic City, New Jersey - (800) 876-4386 .. ( $3.00 to $4.00 / FT .. negotiable ) .. after getting up to fog everyday for the last week this morning we can see again .. it is still overcast but no fog .. the Trump Marina is a great place but its time to head out .. Dee Light left the Dock at 07:00 am .. we followed two Vikings Sport Fishing Boats out of the Marina and out of the Inlet .. and we were soon passed by another Viking Sport Fishing Boat .. it was a treat to be able to see the Inlet this time when we went thru it .. the Fog was so thick when we got to Atlantic City that we could not see the Inlet at all we headed into the Rollers ( Lumpy ) again and into a WNW wind .. once we were off Shore a couple of miles the Rollers were only 5 to 7 feet and the waves were just 3 to 4 feet . a great day .. the sun even came out for a few minutes .. it’s the first sun that we have seen in days .. we used the Autopilot quite a bit .. there were many boats out being a Sunday .. especially near the Inlets .. the Fuel Filter did not present a problem at all .. the last number of days that we have been traveling we have maintained a Compass reading of about 60 degrees .. plus or minus .. but today the Coast Line has finally started to change a little and we are almost heading North .. almost .. we came in the Manasquan Inlet (very well marked, but does have strong current) .. the Brielle Marine Basin is just West of the Railroad Bridge .. ( first Marina on right after the Railroad Bridge ) .. we made it to the Marina and got ourselves tied off without any help by 11:20 am .. there was a Big Offshore Boat Race at Brielle NJ today .. during our lunch 12 of them paraded by Dee Light .. we took our Bikes down and headed into Town and then off to the Beach .. we made it out to the Inlet and watched the boats going in and out as well as many people surfing just off the Beach .. the Coast Line is lined with very small ‘Summer’ type Cottages .. we spent the night at the End of a T-Dock right on the Manasquan River with many Sunday boaters going right by us .. sooo Dee Light rocked and rolled all night ( that is due to all the boats going by ) .. a boater shared with us a little ‘local knowledge’ .. he said when passing thru the Railroad Bridge we should do it under good power due to the swift current .. as the Tide is about 5 feet here .. in part that is why the boats were going by us so fast .. there are two restaurants within 200 feet of the end of the Dock .. we had dinner at The Sand Bar Restaurant and it was great .. the restaurant is part of the Brielle Yacht Club .. after dinner we made it back to Dee Light in time for the seasons first episode of ‘Sex In The City’ on HBO .. and tomorrow we plan to be there .. New York that is ..

Travel – Atlantic City, NJ to Brielle, NJ - 6 Locks to Date - 71 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1665




Monday – June 23 - Brielle Marine Basin - Brielle, NJ - (732) 528-6200) .. ( $2.00 / Foot ) .. Diesel Fuel is $1.27 per gallon .. when we got up the SUN was shining .. we have been advised to try to get to New York Harbor and our Marina before mid or late afternoon because if not you will be severely bounced around by the Ferry wakes that have been building all day and that peak in late afternoon .. sooo we left the Marina at 07:10 am .. the Current both at the Dock and the Inlet was a challenge .. the Seas were neat flat .. due to the winds being only 5 to 10 Knots the past number of days .. the Rollers were only 3 to 5 footers .. we set the Autopilot and headed North with near CLEAR skies .. we have been pacing our trip and hoping / planning for a nice sunny / clear day for the past 10 days and we got it .. Sandy Hook is a Peninsula that extends North towards the New York Harbor .. once past the end of Sandy Hook we had to decide what direction ( roadway ) that we wanted to head for as there are many options to choose from .. we spotted a number of Large Cargo Ships .. ( in the Shipping Channel ) .. they must be brining ‘quarters’ from Atlantic City to New York .. our Compass reading actually went to due North as we got close to Sandy Hook .. we could see the Skyline of New Your before we got to the end of Sandy Hook .. ( about 15 miles out ) .. Betty first thought that Marv was seeing a mirage but then put her ‘Old Lady Glasses’ on and did see the Skyline for her self .. about 8 miles above Sandy Hook is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge .. one of the World’s largest Suspension Bridges .. we followed a large Cargo Ship into the New York Harbor named PROBO PANDA from Majuro . we passed the Staten Island Ferry .. it is huge !! .. and just a short distance up the Hudson River is The Statue of Liberty .. we have been anticipating passing by this spot ever since we first started talking about doing the Great Loop . there are no words that can possibly describe the emotional feeling when you see the New York Skyline and then see The Statue of Liberty .. it is truly beyond any form of description .. there was a US Coast Guard Ship anchored on guard just outside the Statue on the North end of the Statue .. but we were able to get Dee Light between the Coast Guard vessel and the Statue of Liberty .. the Liberty Landing Marina is on the New Jersey side ( the first Canal after the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island ) .. the main selling point is its calm water .. this is a true claim .. and probably worth the $3.00/foot they charge for this feature alone .. we called ahead to the Marina on the Marine Radio .. we talked to the Dock Boy but could barley understand him .. he had us dock Dee Light three times in three different spots before he and his Office finally made up their minds as to where they wanted us .. soooo Betty really had a work out rigging the Fenders and Lines from side to side .. but we did get Dee Light docked by 11:30 am .. after a deelightfull lunch and checking in at the Marina Office we spent the afternoon cleaning Dee Light .. the Marina Office is a retired Lighthouse Boat painted bright red .. at about 04:00 pm President Bush came to New York today and it really slowed up all forms of transportation .. later we took the Ferry into Manhattan to explore and for dinner .. we found Ground Zero and walked the entire perimeter on the site .. it is a HUGH area .. see photo .. we had dinner at Southwest New York on their exterior Patio that overlooked the Seaport Harbor where the Ferry docks ..

Travel – Brielle NJ to Jersey City NJ - 6 Locks to Date - 59 Miles – Cumulative Miles 1724

Tuesday – June 24 – Liberty Landing Marina - Jersey City NJ – (201) 985-8000 - … $3.00/LF .. New York has had a record rain fall in the Month of June .. 10.22 inches to date in June .. and the temperatures have also been very low .. but yesterday and again it is to be 90 degrees and sunny .. at the Marina we get a fantastic view of Lower Manhattan from our Back Deck .. and of the Statue and of Ellis Island on our Port Side .. there is very secure dockage with a Guard and with locked Gates to Docks .. there are two Restaurants on site .. one a Bar and Grill and the other (Liberty House) a really good Restaurant .. yet which is glad to take boaters in their blue jeans and rain slickers .. there is a large, clean park adjacent to the Marina (Liberty State Park) a good place to walk Autumn .. given the price of Hotels in Manhattan we thought that $3.00 / foot to be where we were was well worth it .. the Ferry landing site is also right at the Marina .. it costs five dollars each way to cross the Hudson to the World Financial Center (one block from Ground Zero) .. today we took the NYC Metro Subway System uptown to Rockefeller Center ( the home site of NBC’s Today Show ) .. after exploring the area we had lunch there at Morrell Wine Bar & Café .. right where Katie and Matt have lunch .. after lunch we too the Metro Subway System to the LaGuardia Airport .. Betty’s daughter Cheryl and Kim will be flying in on Thursday so we wanted to check out how we were going to pick them up .. we returned to the downtown area .. Ground Zero area .. and did some shopping .. we had dinner at the Marina’s Bar and Grill at the Lighthouse Boat .. Marv talked t Jon .. Sarah is recovering from her surgery on Sunday and hopes to return home on Thursday .. they were planning to join us at New York but now will have to take a rain check ..

Wednesday – June 25 – Liberty Landing Marina - Jersey City NJ .. we took the 06:00 am Water Ferry to Manhattan and then walked to the NYC Metro Subway System and took it ‘uptown’ to Rockefeller Center .. from the Metro to the Rockefeller Center it is about a 6 block walk sooo we got there just as the NBC Today Show was starting at 07:00 am .. we ‘cased’ out the show in preparation for a return trip on Monday when we hope to get on the Show with our Great Loop Banner .. but today we got a surprise and we even got our photo taken with Katie .. she is petite .. very tinny .. perky .. and really cute !! .. after the Show was over we did some shopping in the Rockefeller Center area .. we even went to Saxes Fifth Avenue ( the original one ) .. we did all 9 floors .. later Marv even got too close to a Camera Shop .. then we walked to the Time Square area and did some more shopping and took many photos .. we also walked to the Theater District .. we ate ‘New York Street Food all day .. we have concluded that New Yorkers do not eat at home .. they eat off the streets .. there are Deli’s .. Coffee Shops .. little Venders etc. are all over .. later we took the Metro back to the Ground Zero area and walked to the Wall Street ( Financial District ) area .. but we did not do any shopping here !! .. by the time that we made it to Dee Light we were dead ..

Thursday – June 26 – Liberty Landing Marina - Jersey City NJ .. the New York area is having near record high temperatures .. today high of 98 challenged the all time record of 100 degrees for today .. we made it to the La Guardia Airport to welcome Betty’s daughter Cheryl and her friend Kim to New York .. on our was back to Dee Light we stopped for a quick Deli lunch near Ground Zero .. after getting settled in on Dee Light we all walked to the Liberty State Park and took the Circle Line Water Ferry to Ellis Island and then on to The Statue of Liberty .. we caught a different Water Taxi to the Battery Park area of New York .. we walked .. shopped .. took photos .. ate .. etc. .. we also found the WTC Sphere that out of the buildings rubble and relocated in a near by City Park .. we also took Cheryl and Kim to Ground Zero .. we had dinner at the Southwest NY Gourmet that overlooks the Harbor for the Water Ferry that we took back to Dee Light .. when we did make it to Dee Light Cheryl collapsed on the Back Deck where she ended up spending the night ..



Friday – June 27 – Liberty Landing Marina - Jersey City NJ .. we got the Crew up at 04:30 am .. and took the 06:00 am Water Ferry to New York .. the sunrise thru the New Jersey haze was unreal .. then we took the NYC Metro to the Rockefeller Center and the NBC TODAY Show .. since it was Friday they had their weekly performer ‘On Stage’ .. this week the TODAY Show had Beyonce Knowles .. she was great and was there ever a large crowd of people there .. since we got there late ( 07:00 am ) we sat inside a Coffee Shop right next to the Stage area .. front row seats .. after the Show Marv met Emanuel who is a regular in the TODAY Show crowd .. Marv found out that he is from Cuba and that he left Cuba 45 years ago before Castro took over the country and he has no desire to ever return .. ever !! .. he said that he will be looking for us on Monday morning when we get there and will help us get and hold a spot for our Banner .. we plan to met him there at 05:30 am on Monday .. we shopped at the NBC Store .. Saxes Fifth Avenue .. a Camera Shop .. we bought a copy of Hillary’s new book at the Barns and Noble where she had signed her book when it first came out .. etc .. we went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral .. ( we needed the time there after getting Hillary’s book ) .. we had lunch at an Irish place in the Irish District called Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant .. they have live Music with ‘Black 47’ every night .. and it was truly Irish .. we then walked to Times Square .. we walked thru the Jewelry District with Armored Trucks lining the curbs .. we took a number of photos on the Naked Cowboy who was playing a Guitar and singing right out on the Street .. the Gals from Dee Light’s Crew thought he was just great !! .. we also walked thru the Fashion Center area .. ( one third of all the clothing manufactured in the United States is made in this section of town ) .. we shopped at Macy’s ( the worlds largest store ) .. and we went to the top of the Empire State Building ..

Saturday – June 28 – Liberty Landing Marina - Jersey City NJ .. today is the 50th Anniversary of the Corvette .. New York is called ‘the City that never sleeps’ .. and after the last number of days in New York we are doing are part to maintain that reputation .. the first Water Ferry on Saturday is at 08:30 am and we were on it .. everyone in this part of the state who has a boat was on the Hudson today and they are all going to regret their sunburns tomorrow .. after getting to Manhattan we walked to the Embassy Suites Hotel and made arrangements for Cheryl and Kim’s luggage for Sunday morning .. after Marv talked with Frankie the Bell Captain he said that he will take care of the luggage .. we then took the NYC Metro to Central Park .. we got off the Metro at the Trump International Hotel .. and were we impressed .. it is huge and very modern .. when you are at the Park you can take a 20 minute Horse drawn Carriage ride for $40.00 .. we walked and enjoyed it .. after our ‘walk in the Park’ we took the Metro to the Greenwich Village area and the New York University area .. they are side by side .. we found a Open Market that was 7 City Blocks long and we took it all in .. we did much window shopping and had lunch at Flaco’s Taco & Tequila Co .. it was pure Mexican and very well spiced .. the Greenwich Village / New York University area attracts people with an ‘alternate life style’ .. we even found the street sign for GAY STREET .. after more shopping we took the Metro to Little Italy and Chinatown .. they are also right next to each other .. the Streets are lined with Restaurants .. small Shops .. native Food Stands .. etc .. we did more window shopping or should we say Street shopping .. and a lot of people watching .. in Chinatown there was a ‘chinatown summer festival’ going on sooo we had to tour that area also .. when traveling thru New York you go from District to District and the changes are unreal .. it is many cities all put together into one big City .. our feet were ready to call it a day so we headed back to Dee Light and had a great ‘snack’ dinner .. at the Marina there were a number of large party boats that had wedding parties out for the night .. the weather was just perfect for their big night on the water ..



Sunday – June 29 – Liberty Landing Marina - Jersey City NJ .. today started out being overcast and even a very light rain but by 07:30 am it cleared off .. Cheryl and got packed up and we took the 08:30 am Water Ferry to Manhattan .. we brought their luggage to Frankie the Bell Captain at the Embassy Suites Hotel and then took the Metro System to Time Square .. from there we walked to Rockefeller Center .. we did some shopping and then we stumbled into a the parade route .. New York’s annual Gay and Lesbian Parade was today ! .. it headed South down 5th Avenue starting at 52nd Street and ending up at Greenwich Village .. so we just found a spot along the route ( directly across from Saxes Fifth Avenue ) .. and watched the Parade .. and took many photos .. many photos .. the parade was not over but after we had seen enough we walked back to the Rockefeller Center for lunch at the Rock Center Café .. it is the area where they have the ice skating over NBC .. from there we headed back and got Cheryl and Kim’s luggage and saw them off to the Airport .. we went back to Dee Light to get at our ‘to do list’ that included laundry and planning for the next leg of our trip .. later we watched HBO’s ‘Sex In The City’ .. and we were in the city .. when it was over we knew that we were going to have a very early morning and collapsed ..

Monday – June 30 – Liberty Landing Marina - Jersey City NJ .. we made it up at 03:30 am and took a Taxi to the NBC TODAY Show .. the Water Ferry service doesn’t start until 06:00 am so the Taxi was our only option .. the route that he took brought us thru the Holland Tunnel to Manhattan and then North to the Rockefeller Center area .. the Taxi ride at 04:30 am took about the same length of time as taking the Metro during Rush Hour .. once in line for the TODAY Show Marv spotted John one of the NBC Security Guys that he had talked with last week and checked in with him .. Marv also walked across the Street to the Café Variety for a cup of Hazelnut Coffee .. in the Café he spotted Lenny and Emanuel who are both regulars on the TODAY Show .. in the crowd .. Marv had coffee with the two of them .. ( Marv took a photo of the two of them at coffee ) .. Lenny is retired out of the Military and has been on the TODAY Show for the past 9 years .. Emanuel is also retired .. after coming from Cuba 45 years ago he worked 28 years at Saxes Fifth Avenue and has been on the TODAY Show fro 8 ˝ years .. Lenny said that he is concerned about Emanuel’s health .. he said that Emanuel has some really bad days and refuses to get help .. the two of them checked in with John the NBC Security Guy and went to their spots for the TODAY Show about 06:15 am .. just before 06:30 John came and got us .. he brought us to Lenny and Emanuel and we set up camp for the Show with them .. at 06:30 am they started to let the people in line enter the Plaza where the TODAY Show is done .. when the NBC Stage Guys were setting up the part of the Show that was to be right in front of us Emanuel asked what they were setting up .. hey said that they were going to have animals from Central Park including a ‘Rat’ .. when Emanuel heard that a Rat was going to be right in front of us he got very upset and after saying goodbye he took right off as fast as he could get thru the crowd .. we enjoyed the Show and got good photos of Katie, Matt, Al and Ann .. one of the NBC Staff Guys took a photo of us with Lenny .. after the Show we had lunch at a Street Deli and we did some ‘window shopping’ in the Rockefeller Center area .. Saxes Fifth Avenue did really good as they had the best bargains of any place in the area .. we had our I Love New York T-Shirts on for the Show and its much like wearing a sign that says .. I am a tourist and I need HELP ! .. and the New York people go way out of their way to help you out .. all week we have felt very welcome on the Streets of New York .. with sore feet we staggered back to the Marina and had a light dinner at the Marina’s Restaurant .. ‘Sex in the City’ was on at 10:00 pm .. we watched it with one eye open ..

    Marv Lenny Betty at the NBC TODAY Show - New York NY   
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