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Toronto ONT to Georgian Bay ONT 
Friday – July 18 – Marina Quay West – Toronto Ontario .. (613) 394-2561 .. ( $1.50 – Canadian .. i.e. .. times 65 percent .. equals .. $0.98 / foot US ) .. Marina Quay West is pronounced Marina Key West .. another great day .. a light rain moved thru during the night and the skies are clear today .. Betty hosed down Dee Light and Marv went back to The Nautical Mind to get some additional Charts .. The Nautical Mind has more Charts and marine books than we have seen anyplace .. they claim to be Canada’s largest specialty nautical bookstore .. Betty talked with her mother she said that Joey appears to be holding his own at this time .. Betty took a Bus Tour of Toronto and Marv got on-line and updated our Website for the first time in a number of days ( since getting to Canadian waters ) .. our Harbormaster said that tourism is down over 35 percent in Toronto but right now in mid July its starting to pick up .. he added that ‘its too bad that the rest of the world thinks that all we do up here is ride around on infected Mad Cows with our SARS Masks on’ .. we took our Bikes for a long ride thru the downtown area of Toronto and did much ‘looking’ and shopping .. we spotted a Guy that we called The Bird Man sitting on a Park Bench with birds all over him having a great time feeding the birds .. Toronto is a very large, clean, friendly, safe, multi culture, modern, etc community .. we were very impressed with Toronto .. after talking with a number of people we have concluded that Tourism is Toronto’s number one business followed by Sporting / Entertainment .. and Tornado is the Finical Center for Canada .. much like our Walls Street area .. we have noticed loud BOOMS going off at all times during the day .. after questing a few people we discovered that the Airport Personal we scaring the Geese of the Runway for the Airplanes .. the Island Airport is less than a mile from Dee Light .. Autumn dose not like this method at all .. we ended up at Il Forello’s Restaurant for an Italian dinner right on the Warf .. we did some more shopping and when we got back to Dee Light we started to get the Dinghy ready for tomorrow as we plan to do some exploring ..

Saturday – July 19 – Marina Quay West – Toronto Ontario .. (613) 394-2561 .. ( $1.50 – Canadian .. i.e. .. times 65 percent .. equals .. $0.98 / foot US ) .. another great weather day .. the month of July is Toronto’s Summer .. when we were out last we could detect a slight lag on the Starboard Engine .. sooo Marv changed the Fuel Filter on the Starboard Engine today .. there was not any Slime in the Filter but there were ‘fines’ in the Filter .. Betty cleaned the Dinghy as this was the first time that we have used it since leaving Florida .. once cleaned we launched the Dinghy .. when we go thru the Welland Canal we will need a third Crew Person ( Canal Regulations ) .. yesterday Dick Hanson called and gave us the name of a good experienced person to contact .. he is Rodger St. Amand and his phone number is 905-646-8765 .. when the Hanson’s were at Erie Pennsylvania they were docked next to a 76 foot boat owned by Jerry Miller ( the local Mercedes Dealer ) .. they got Rodger’s name from him for us .. we contacted Rodger St. Amand to assist us thru the Welland Canal .. he also recommended us staying at a different Marina than we had planed on .. so we made reservations at Port Dalhouse Marina at Port Dalhouse Ontario .. we have a ‘local’ ( Homeless ) that spends the nights in the grass under a tree near Dee Light .. Betty thought that it was Aaron but when taking a second look this local he has not had a hair cut for a long time .. we took our Bikes to the CN Tower ( Canadian National .. the Worlds tallest Building .. built in 1973 to 1976 ) .. we had lunch up in the Tower and took many photos .. the Dining Room rotates a full 360 degrees in 72 minutes .. after lunch Marv went up another 33 Floors to the Skypod and took more photos .. Betty went shopping at the Base of the Tower .. once back to Dee Light we took the Dinghy across the Harbor and visited a number of other Marinas and Harbors .. the Toronto Harbor is about 1 by 2 miles in size and it is created by a long and narrow L shaped Island .. it has many small Bays and Coves tucked away along its Shore Line .. there is an entrance to the Harbor at each end of the Island and there is an Airport on one end of the Island .. we docked the Dinghy at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club ( RCYC ) .. where we were told that dogs were not allowed on the premise .. Marv did get a RCYC Shirt .. many elders ( in all white attire ) were playing Lawn Bowling ( Croquet ) .. it looked like they were having a huge tournament .. this part if the Island is very stately .. once back on the water we got stopped by the Royal Canadian Police for going too fast in the Dinghy .. after getting the Bikes and Dinghy back on Dee Light we took a walk down the Warf and had dinner .. there were a number of tents ( 70 to 80 ) that were set up like an International Food Court .. when we made our way back to Dee Light we were dead .. the sun had done us in ..

Sunday – July 20 – Marina Quay West – Toronto Ontario .. (613) 394-2561 .. we were thinking of fueling up in Toronto but decided to wait .. for some unknown reason the Plotter / GPS were ‘beeping’ .. after checking it out we had to reset the settings on the Plotter .. when we were out in the Dinghy yesterday Betty got stung by something and now her foot is really swelled up .. we pulled out of our Marina at 07:45 am .. once out of the Harbor we headed into 2 to 3 footers with no Rollers .. the skies were overcast due to rains that are heading this way .. when we could first see land we also saw a large Freighter heading East towards us .. we altered our course to avoid the Freighter .. we called ahead to the Marina .. the Gal working in the Office came out to help us and said that she had Coffee at the Office .. we had Dee Light docked at the end of D Dock at 10:00 am .. D Dock is only 40 long and there is an 80 that is blocking the one end sooo our Bow was really hanging out between D and E Docks .. the Marina is on the East side of the Inlet and there is a Water Shuttle Service ( $1.50 ) that takes people from one side of the Inlet to the other side where the main part of the City is .. the Water Shuttle broke last night so we walked into town in the light rain and found some medication for Betty’s foot .. if it doesn’t work we just may have to cut it off .. we also treated the interior of the Dinghy with Bug Spray .. there is also a ‘floating’ restaurant in the Marina Harbor .. we talked with Rodger St. Amand .. once he gets in contact with the Locks in the morning he will be joining us at Dee Light .. we ended up having dinner on board the Big Kahuna Water Front Grill .. it is a huge old Steel Boat that is right in the heart of the Marina with dining inside or outside .. our Italian dinner done ‘Canadian’ style was just great ..

Travel – Toronto Ontario to Port Dalhouse Ontario – 36 Locks to Date – 40 Miles Today – Cumulative Miles 2357




Monday – July 21 – Port Dalhouse Marina – Port Dalhouse Ontario .. (905) 646-5515 .. ( $1.25 – Canadian .. i.e. .. times 65 percent .. equals .. $0.82 / foot US ) .. the Canal at Port Dalhouse is the site of the first Canal system between the Lakes .. it was built in the 1800s and was constructed with wood .. Rodger St. Amand joined us at 06:45 am and we left the Marina at 07:00 am .. we got to the Lock Canal and tied off on the Lock Wall outside Lock 1 at 07:30 am .. once tied off Rodger got us checked in with the Lock System and got our Lock Papers for us .. there was a ‘Laker’ coming thru so we had a 45 minute wait on the Wall .. the Lakers pay $23,000.00 to lock thru and we pay $20.00 per Lock .. i.e. a total of $160.00 to lock thru soooo now we know why we have to wait a little .. the Lakers carry 25,000 tons of cargo .. we were joined by two other Pleasure Craft on the Lock Wall .. the Welland Canal is a series of 8 Locks that go from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie .. the Locks are 80 feet by 750 feet and the Freighters / Lakers are 78 by 740 feet .. it takes 12 minutes to raise or lower the Lock .. and 21,000,000 gallons of water .. we entered Lock 1 at 09:10 am .. they send down two Lines tied together .. long yellow clean Lock Lines .. once we were at the top of the Lock the Lockmaster gave us a packet of papers to fill out .. when we were in Lock 2 we filled out the paper work .. the Lock System is 27 miles long and is averaging 12 Lakers per day plus Pleasure Craft and other boats .. the total lift is 326.5 feet from Lake to Lake .. and all the Locks are ‘Line Locks’ .. after Lock 2 we had to move our Fenders from the Starboard Side to the Port Side .. at Lock 3 we paid our Lock Fees ( $160.00 ) .. after Lock 3 a light rain started .. the ‘Flight Locks’ are Locks 4 thru Lock 6 .. they are in line with the Niagara Falls area .. we went up 150 feet vertical when we went 2,000 feet horizontal thru the three Locks .. in Lock 5 the boat behind us was thrown off the Wall about 25 feet when the Lock Valves opened up .. Rodger had Dee Light positioned on the Lock Wall just at the right spot and we had very little movement .. when looking forward to the Lock Gate ahead of up it was two Locks in height and with the water coming thru it in a number of spots it looked like Niagara Falls from the bottom .. the rain stopped when we got thru Lock 5 .. our Fenders really got a workout .. the Seaway System generates its own ‘hydro’ ( Electrical Power ) with the water that passes thru the System .. once inside of Lock 7 we saw huge holes in the Lock Walls .. we positioned Dee Light so our Fenders would not fall into one of the holes and get ripped off .. just as we got into the Lock the rain poured down on both Betty and Rodger .. Lock 7 went up real fast as they filled the Chamber in 6 minutes .. after Lock 7 Rodger left us and we pulled out of the Lock at 11:45 am .. we met a large Freighter / Laker and the rains became a little lighter .. we floated thru Lock 8 with the two other boats that we started with .. ( only a 3 foot lift ) .. we were out of the Lock at 02:15 pm .. this Lock is 80 wide feet by 1,600 feet long .. Rodger works for the Seaway Welland System in the Main Office .. we would highly recommend having a third person on your Vessel when going thru the Welland Lock System .. and if you can get Rodger that would be a plus for your day .. his number is (905) 933-4146 .. he does about 50 boats a year and his fee is $100.00 US .. $140.00 Canadian .. we pulled up to the Fuel Dock at 02:30 pm and took on Fuel and at that time Betty discovered that we lost one of our Round White Fenders since floating thru Lock 8 ..

Engine Hours – Port Engine .. 1979.5 – Starboard Engine .. 1988.5

.. after fueling up we made it to our Slip at 03:00 pm .. right before we headed up to the restaurant two boaters hailed us from the Sugarloaf Marina that is a neighboring Marina in the same Harbor .. they Summer at Fairport Harbor in Ohio and will be back to Centennial this Winter .. ( a small world ) .. at the end of our Dock was the Upper Deck Restaurant & Bar where we had dinner .. the Upper Deck overlooks the two Marinas .. it was a great view even thru the overcast, light rain, light fog, etc ….

Travel – Port Dalhouse Ontario to Port Colbourne Ontario – 8 Locks today .. 44 Locks to Date – 35 Miles Today – Cumulative Miles 2392

Tuesday – July 22 – Marion Marine – Port Colbourne Ontario .. (905) 834-6331 .. .. ( $1.40 – Canadian .. i.e. .. times 65 percent .. equals .. $0.91 / foot US ) .. the day that Jessica Lynch returned home .. we got up to fog on Lake Erie .. Betty checked out the Bus Station .. Betty decided that we should wait until we can see a little .. Marv talked with the owner of a Sailboat that was docked next to Dee Light .. they will be going thru the Welland Canal tomorrow after they get two more Crew People later today .. Marv gave them our experienced Straw Bail Fenders .. later after checking out the weather we pulled out of the Marina and into Lake Erie at 08:10 am with the sun trying to peek thru .. now Betty can see the freighters coming in time to tell Marv to stay out of harms way .. the Markers at this Inlet have the Green Markers on your right when going from the Lake into the Inlet as Lake Erie is the secondary water body to the Atlantic Ocean and the United States is the major land mass with Canada being the secondary land mass .. we headed into 1 to 3 footers from our Aft and with 2 to 4 foot Rollers from our Bow and within a few minutes we could no longer see land in any direction due to the overcast / fog .. Betty talked to her sister and found out that Joey is doing better .. Marv called his mother and she is doing better also .. two other Pleasure Crafts passed us when we were in route to Erie .. we called ahead to the Marina and they gave us very good directions to the Marina where we ended up docking next to the other boats that had passed us .. we were docked by 12:15 pm .. after checking in at the Marina Office ( and picking up two boxes of mail ) .. we walked to the Video Phone and checked in with the US Customs .. all they wanted was our names, birth dates, where we were, etc and they said that we were checked in with Mike from Pittsburg Pennsylvania .. Betty has been fretting for days thinking that since we did not get our I-98 Form they were going to give us a rough time and take our boat or something sooo now she will sleep much better .. there was a Sailboat on our Dock called PEPIN and its home Port is Lake City MN .. but there was not anyone on board .. after lunch we scrubbed the Bugs off Dee Light .. and it needed it .. it rained a little when we were cleaning Dee Light but once it passed thru the sun came out .. over CNN and MSNBC we heard that Uday and Qusay were killed today in a raid .. we met Ray and Judy Weaver ( aboard a 48 foot Sea Ray named Never say Never again ) that had the boat directly behind us on the Dock .. they gave us many tips on Marinas and etc in the Western end of the Lake Erie area .. we had dinner at the Waterfront Place that is located at the end of the Pier next to our Marina .. a great restaurant with an equally great view .. we took an elevator to the top of the Lighthouse located at the end of the Pier .. even at 09:00 pm it was light enough to get some great photos from the Lighthouse ..

Travel – Port Colbourne Ontario to Erie PA – 44 Locks to Date – 70 Miles Today – Cumulative Miles 2462




Wednesday – July 23 – Moorings at Wolverine Park – Erie, PA .. (814) 874-0698 .. ( $0.95 / foot US less Boat US ) .. the Weatherman here refers to ‘Pop-Up-Showers’ that are common in the Lake Erie area as the weather on the Lake can change very fast and with no warning at all .. when we were in Toronto they got a lot of rain and bad weather in this area .. many boaters were ‘weathered in’ at the area Marinas .. Lake Erie is also a large Shipwreck Graveyard .. the bottom of the Lake is covered with ships that did not make it .. thus Lake Erie has the distinction as being the most dangerous of all of he Great Lakes .. this morning there was less fog and a hint of sunshine .. we left the Marina at 07:30 am .. the protected Harbor area is huge so it took us 30 minutes to get out of the Harbor .. we followed the CJ ST JOHN from Erie out of the Harbor .. we had Rollers from all directions .. the Rollers were from 2 to 4 feet mostly on our Starboard Side .. it made for a ‘bumpy’ day but nothing that Dee Light and the Crew couldn’t handle .. Betty’s tummy got a little upset from something .. ?? .. we followed the South Shore Line and were within site of land ( 4 to 5 miles out ) for the entire day .. we called ahead to the Marina but did not get a response .. once thru the Inlet and into the Harbor area we backed Dee Light down a long narrow Channel and docked Dee Light on our Starboard Side .. we were all hooked up for the day by 12:30 pm .. after a deelightfull lunch Betty was going to head to the Pool but there was a ‘Summer Camp’ of what seemed to be thousands of ‘Munchkins’ so she got some needed rest on Dee Light .. Marv headed to the Engine Room and installed new Fuel Filters .. Autumn was kept busy with the activity of all the kids right along the side of Dee Light .. after walking the Docks in the Marina we had dinner at the Mentor Harbor Yachting Club main restaurant .. it over looked the Dock that Dee Light was docked at .. a great place for a sunset on the water ..

Travel – Erie PA to Mentor OH – 44 Locks to Date – 82 Miles Today – Cumulative Miles 2544

Thursday – July 24 – Mentor Harbor Yachting Club – Mentor OH .. (440) 257-7214 .. ( $1.25 / foot US ) .. there was a good storm that went thru and it rained during the night .. we checked the weather and all sounded like it would be a great day on the Lake .. when we headed out of the Marina at 07:15 am the skies were starting to clear and the winds were from the Northwest with Seas of 2 to 4 feet .. for the most part we were going to be heading West and Northwest so we had the Seas on our Bow .. once we got on our way the Rollers from last nights storm started to hit us on our Starboard Side .. at the morning went on they got larger .. they were soon 8 to 10 footers .. we changed our course and ‘tacked’ as much as we could holding our overall direction .. then the winds started to pick up ( 20 to 25 mph ) .. that goofed up all efforts to do much tacking as the waves from the winds became as large as the Rollers .. the Rollers from the North and the Waves from the West Northwest .. ugh .. it got very bumpy .. they say that the weather on Lake Erie can change very rapidly and that is just what it did .. the Fuel Filter on the Starboard Engine became plugged so we switched to the second Filter .. it wasn’t long and the second one plugged up also .. sooo we used both of them at the same time .. and it got rougher .. we started to look for an alternate destination .. then the Generator went down .. with no Generator we lost the Plotter, etc .. Betty took the Wheel using a Compass reading for navigation .. and Marv cleaned out and replaced one of the plugged Fuel Filters and hooked up the Plotter to the Inverter to get it back up and running .. as we got closer to land on our Starboard Side the Rollers went down some .. we limped our way along going slow so we would not plug our Filters any more before we got in for the day .. without the Plotter it would have been a challenge to find our way because we had to navigate between Markers and Islands .. we finally made it to the Marina / City Docks at 02:30 pm only to find out that due to an area celebration going on this weekend there was no dockage for the night .. when we had called earlier we had name dropped Ray and Judy Weaver’s name and that’s the only reason that we ended up getting a place to tie off at and once we did find an Outside Wall ( C Dock ) to tie off on there was no Shore Power to be had .. there were Power Cords going all over as boats were rafted off 5 to 8 deep .. many of the boaters had come over a week ago with there boats just to get dockage for this weekend .. because all dockage is on a ‘first come’ basis .. we soon found out that we boated into ‘Christmas in July’ the areas largest annual event .. there are three City Dock Piers .. Dock A .. B .. and C .. each of the Docks has its own Crew that works the Dock as they are very long and can accommodate many boaters .. each of the Crew People are like portable Marina Offices .. sooo when we checked in for our dockage we did it right on the Dock .. they could even take our Credit Card on the Dock .. Marv went right to the Engine Room and worked on the Generator until he got it up and running .. once we got cleaned up we walked to the Boardwalk Restaurant for a great Seafood dinner right on the Warf .. we walked down to the Lighthouse before heading back to Dee Light .. and once back to the Dock we walked into a huge party .. Christmas music, scantly clad young lady’s, Santa on the Dock get kisses, Beads for all, a lighted Boat Parade on our Port Side, etc .. with all the goings on back on the Docks Betty was concerned about Marv’s heart .. she did check and found that there is a very good Rescue Squad on the Island .. we spent some time on a Sailboat from Detroit .. they are members of the Detroit Yacht Club .. the bed looked great as this was a very long day !! ..

Travel – Mentor OH to Put-in Bay OH – 44 Locks to Date – 90 Miles Today ( it should have been 78 but we took the long way ) – Cumulative Miles 2634

Friday – July 25 – Put-in Bay Public Docks – Put-in Bay OH .. (419) 285-2068 .. ( $1.25 / foot US ) .. today is Christmas Eve at Put-in Bay .. Playboy ranks Put-in-Bay as one of the Top Ten Best Destinations in the World .. and Playboy is celebrating its 50h Anniversary this week .. this is such a popular spot that ‘Rafting is Mandatory’ on the Docks plus there are 81 Mooring Buoys to tie off on .. we rented a Golf Cart for the day and toured the Island .. we stopped at the Perry’s Monument Lighthouse and took the Elevator to the top .. it’s a great view of the Harbor and the waters all around the Island .. we even found Krispy Kreme Donuts so Marv stocked up .. after lunch at the Boardwalk ( She Crab Soup ) we headed back to Dee Light .. before we even made it to the boat some of the other boaters told us that Dee Light’s Rub Rail was damaged by the wake of the 12:30 pm Jet Express ( a Ferry Boat that docks near the Marina ) .. Marv filed a report with the Put-in Bay Police Department and Betty picked up some supplies at the Islands Grocery Store .. with the Golf Cart Marv got some extra Diesel Fuel from the Marina next to the City Docks spent the rest of the afternoon working in the Engine Room .. we had dinner at Ladd’s Landing just two Piers down from Dock C .. a great view with great seafood .. we returned our Golf Cart .. and once back to Dee Light the Christmas Eve celebration was in full swing .. Santa and his Elves were all over ..

Saturday – July 26 – Put-in Bay Public Docks – Put-in Bay OH .. (419) 285-2068 .. today is Christmas Day at Put-in Bay and a GREAT sunrise today .. there were many of Santa’s Elves sleeping on the Decks of the boats on Dock C .. and some of the Elves were still up .. must be that their ‘work’ was not done yet .. we left the Marina at 07:00 am .. the waters in the Harbor ere near flat due to the direction of the wind ( Southwest ) .. once we were out into the open waters we had 4 foot Rollers and 4 to 8 foot Seas ( not predicted at all ) .. and again they were both coming from different directions on our Port Side .. UGH .. we went slow ( 12 knots ) and ‘tacked’ a lot trying to protect our Fuel Filters from being plugged up again .. at 11:00 am we finally made it to the Inlet to the Detroit River and we headed right into a current of about 2 knots .. we were very glad to get off Lake Erie and totally understand why the Lake is known as a Boat Graveyard .. we called ahead to a number of Marinas for dockage and finally got dockage at the Detroit Yacht Club thanks to Gard and Annette Adams who we met at the Put-in Bay Public Docks .. they lets us be Guests of them .. there was a stiff wind on our Aft all the way up the Detroit River .. when we looked ahead we saw a Fixed Bridge with a Vertical Clearance of 32 feet sooo we staid on the Main Shipping Channel and back tracked to the Marina down the West Channel of the River to the Marina .. when we pulled into the DYC at 01:30 pm we headed right into the hard up River wind of 25 mph with gusts of 40 mph .. two Dock Assistants met us at the Dock .. they were well dressed with proper attire on .. their were color coordinated outfits with Logo shirts even had their names embroidered on the shirts .. but they did not have a clue as to how to assist a boater when docking .. except how to ‘braid’ a Dock Line .. the Marina is on a large Island with the downtown area of Detroit right across the River from the Marina .. Betty took Autumn down the Dock for her trip to land .. they never made it to land and the two of them were yelled at by a ‘crusty’ old Guy .. he said that Dogs were not allowed on the grounds .. and in order to ‘walk’ a Dog you had to put the Dog in a specially marked Dog Cart and push the Dog to the Designated Dog Walking spot .. Marv worked in the Engine Room and Betty cleaned the interior of Dee Light .. when our Generator failed on our way to Put-in Bay we thought that it was ‘fuel’ related .. but in hindsight the work that we did on the Generator did get it up and running for an additional couple of days but now we determined that the Water Pump on the Generator will have to be replaced .. since this will not get done until Monday we decided to stay right here and get a few other things done also .. later we had dinner at the DYC in their casual Dining Room .. our evening entertainment was watching the boaters haul their Dogs in Dog Carts up and down the Docks .. when we got back to Dee Light our electrical power was not working .. and with our Generator not working we did not have a back up either .. UGH .. after much effort by the DYC Staff and ourselves we found a 50 amp outlet that had been abandoned years ago that was still hot and we got up and running again ..

Travel – Put-in Bay OH to Detroit MI – 44 Locks to Date – 75 Miles Today ( with Tacking ) – Cumulative Miles 2709

Sunday – July 27 – Detroit Yacht Club – Detroit MI .. (313) 824-1200 Ext 237 .. ( $2.00 / foot US ) .. we were not impressed at all with the DYC .. they have many rules that appear to benefit the ‘social boaters’ and very little services for a ‘real boater’ .. there are very few Marinas in the entire area that will even take a Transient Boater and in order to stay at the DYC a non member has to be a guest of a member .. UGH .. more rules .. HEADLINES – Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France for the 5th straight time .. since it was a gloomy day we decided to spend some time on Dee Light getting at our ‘to-do-list’ .. in the late afternoon we took the DYC Water Taxi to the other side of the River for dinner .. when we got to the other side we found ourselves in a Parking Lot .. we hit a ‘dead end’ so we returned and had a snack at the Marina’s Exterior Deck and watched the sunset ..

Monday – July 28 – Detroit Yacht Club – Detroit MI .. (313) 824-1200 Ext 237 .. the DYS was established in 1886 and in 1923 the current Yacht Club building was completed .. ‘at that time it was and still is heralded as the finest Yacht Club in the world’ !! .. we contacted Joe from J & J Marine about getting our Generator repaired .. at 09:30 am two of Joe’s Mechanics removed the Water Pump .. about 03:30 pm Ray from J & J Marine returned with a new Water Pump and by 04:30 pm we were ready to go again .. HEADLINES – LOS ANGELES (July 28) - Bob Hope, master of the one-liner and favorite comedian of servicemen and Presidents alike, has died, just two months after turning 100 .. Hope died late Sunday of pneumonia at his home in Toluca Lake, with his family at his bedside, longtime publicist Ward Grant said Monday .. we spent much of the day looking ahead to Lake Huron and up dating our Photo Album .. with the added time ‘in Port’ Betty tried to resurrected her baking skills and she did good .. she put together a loaf of Nut Bread .. it was not burnt nor did we have to eat it with a soup spoon .. sooo there is still hope that she has not totally lost her skills in the Galley ..



Tuesday – July 29 – Detroit Yacht Club – Detroit MI .. (313) 824-1200 Ext 237 .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:20 am right into the sun .. yesterday we looked into solutions to our Fuel Filter and we even got some helpful information over th Internet from Jim Cronin a good friend from Northern Wisconsin .. sooo we decided to head to the Sarnia Bay Marina .. they are the home of the largest Viking dealer on the Great Lakes .. once out on the St Clair Lake we followed the Main Channel until we detoured to the Marina .. the Lake is about 15 by 25 miles in size so we were out of the site of land most of our trip .. about 09:10 am we pulled up to the Fuel Dock at the Sarnia Bay Marina .. once docked we added Killem to our Forward fuel Tank .. we added enough to ‘shock’ the system .. Killem is a Fuel Additive that is to ‘kill’ the Fungi, Bacteria, etc that can grow in a Fuel Tank .. we stayed at the Fuel Dock with the Starboard Engine running for about 3 hours .. we do not have any idea if this will clean the Tanks out but it is sure worth a try .. the Fuel Filter turned a ‘grey’ color . there are over 2,500 Slips at the 6 area Marinas but they do not have one Slip for Transient boaters ..

Engine Hours – Port Engine .. 2003.5 – Starboard Engine .. 2013.5

.. after we topped off our Fuel Tanks and headed out of the Marina at 11:45 am .. the Staff at the Marina ( all Gals ) were some of the best that we have encountered .. the weather has been GREAT the last few days .. low 80s .. sunny .. and just a mild breeze .. after lunch Betty went out on the Front Deck and got some sun .. once we got to the top of the Lake we entered a River again with the United States on our Port Side and Canada on our Starboard Side .. the River was wide and deep and lined with gorgeous homes and cottages on the US side and a rural look on the Canadian side .. there were many pleasure crafts out today .. we called ahead to the Marina ( first come basis ) and we were docked at the Marina by 03:45 pm .. once we got checked in at the Marina Office we checked in with the Canadian Customs .. our Number is 20032100544 .. Betty took the Marinas Shuttle to the grocery store and Marv returned to Dee Light’s Engine Room .. we replaced one Fuel Filter as a results of the Fuel Additive that we put in earlier .. hopefully its doing a number of the Fuel .. we walked to Paddy Flaherty’s Restaurant & Pub for a great ‘Irish’ dinner and watched the sunset .. Marv called and left ‘Happy Birthday’ messages for his son Jeff ..

Travel – Detroit MI to Sarnia ON – 44 Locks To Date – 65 Miles Today – Cumulative Miles 2774

Wednesday – July 30 – Sarnia Bay Marina – Sarnia Ontario .. (519) 332-0533 .. .. ( $1.65 – Canadian .. i.e. .. times 65 percent .. equals .. $1.07/ foot US ) .. the Entrance to the Marina is well marked but it is shallow .. we kicked up mud yesterday all the way in .. there are many Canadian Geese in the Harbor .. with the noise that they were making you could tell that they knew that they were at home in Canada .. we pulled out of the Marina at 07:15 am right after Betty got done feeding the Baby Ducks and the Canadian Geese .. once we were in the Port Huron Harbor area where the Lake funnels into the River we headed into about a 4 knot current with 2 to 3 foot Rollers .. it was like going thru a ‘white rapids’ .. once we made it to Lake Huron the Lake was ‘flat’ .. after about an hour out the Seas were only about 18 inches from our Aft and we had 85 feet of water .. we made good use of our Autopilot most of the day .. a GREAT day on the Lake .. by 11:00 am the Rollers were about 2 to 4 foot from our Port Aft .. about noon the Rollers and the wind started to become a factor for the first time today .. we have good paper Charts but the Charts on our Plotter are very limited for this all of area .. soooo we really had to spot our Markers on the way in .. we called ahead to the Marina and we were docked by 01:15 pm .. Carol Seiser called and said that their house in Pepin sold 17 days after they put it up for sale .. sooo now they are ‘dirtless’ too .. since we were off the Canadian Coast Carol also asked if we could see any Mounties .. if so she expressed an interest .. we will keep an eye out for them .. when we checked in at the Marina Office they did ask for our Canpass Number .. soooo it’s a good thing that we checked in with the Canadians yesterday .. Betty cleaned the exterior of Dee Light and Marv worked in the Engine Room .. we ended up with water in the Bilge today ( always something ) .. upon inspection Marv found that the Generators Thru Hull Strainer was leaking .. when the Mechanic from J & J Marine fixed the Water Pump on the Generator he did not get a good seal on the Thru Hull .. sooo Marv the ‘Bilge Rat’ fixed it .. we did not clean or change the Fuel Filters today .. hurray !! .. but we did not have real rough waters today either .. this is a great quaint Lake City .. many Fishing Boats harbor here .. both commercial and private .. the Town has is original charter and is very well kept .. the area is buzzing with ‘Summer Time’ activities .. when we called ahead to the Big Tub Harbour Resort in Tobermory Ontario we found that their dockage was on a ‘first come’ basis thus we will have to get up with the birds in the morning .. Betty walked to the Post Office and when she returned we ( and Autumn ) walked to the Beach .. there is a golden brown Beach in either direction from the Marinas Inlet .. Autumn really enjoyed getting back to the Beach for a good run ,, Betty found many polished stones .. over the Weather Channel on the Marine Radio the Canadian Coast Guard gives out a ‘Mafor Code’ .. the format is a series of 5 numbers each with a separate code .. we asked at the Marina Office what the numbers meant and we got a Chart that gives the meaning of each number .. ie ‘Time Period’ .. Wind Direction’ .. Wind Speed’ .. and ‘Weather Forecast’ .. it is a quick very GOOD way of giving a Weather Forecast .. something that our Weather People could put to good use . we had dinner at The Erie Belle just up from the Marina .. when we got back to Dee Light there was a Bag Piper at the top of the Lighthouse directly above Dee Light .. he played his Bag Pipe as we watched the sunset ..

Travel – Sarnia ON to Kincardine Ontario – 44 Locks To Date – 111 Miles Today – Cumulative Miles 2885

Thursday – July 31 – Kincardine Marina / Yacht Club – Kincardine Ontario .. (519) 396-4336 .. ( $1.00 – Canadian .. i.e. .. times 65 percent .. equals .. $0.65/ foot US ) .. during the night Betty’s tummy became upset for no apparent reason .. after checking the weather out we pulled out of our ‘Well’ at 06:45 am .. in this area they refer to Slips as Wells .. a Canadian thing we think .. once on the Lake we headed due North and we had Seas of 2 to 4 feet from the East Southeast .. for the first two hours we headed Northeast .. thus when the Seas started to build we were able to change our course and cut down from getting the Seas directly on our Side as the Rollers / Waves did grow to 4 to 6 foot and we were able to keep them right on our Aft .. with two weather systems merging over us about 10:00 am the Seas started to lay down a little and a light fog started to set in .. since we do not have the Charts for our Plotter for this area we used our Radar unit to help spot Markers .. we spotted our first Marker at 10:45 am .. and were able to spot the other Markers with the aid of Betty on the Binoculars and our Radar .. this area is all ROCK .. and we had our hands full getting around and thru many rock Islands without the Plotter .. once thru our first cut of ROCK we entered the Georgian Bay for our first time .. at 11:00 am we called ahead to the Marina to let them know that we were in route and to get directions .. we were confused to say the least ( at least our Captain was ) .. and after heading towards Big Harbor we ended up getting directed into the Little Tub Harbour Resort .. by 11:30 am we had Dee Light docked with the help of three Dock Hands .. it’s a good thing that we made it when we did as the Marina was soon filled up for the night and the weather started to make a change .. the winds picked up and the fog became heavy overcast .. by 12:30 pm boats were starting to raft together for the night .. there is a Government Warf where boats can also tie off on for the night but there is not any electrical power or water .. just a wall .. we overheard many disappointed boaters over the Marine Radio .. after lunch on the boat we took a walk around the Harbor / Town and found the Ice Cream Shop .. there were people all over as this is a hub for tourist activity’s .. we launched the Dinghy and explored the Harbor and went out around a couple of the Islands in the area .. we also stopped at the Big Tub Harbour Resort where they have a Fuel Dock .. we talked with them and they are going to set up a Tanker Truck to come and fill Dee Light right where we are docked .. we also stopped at the Little Tub Bakery and got a loaf of ‘fresh baked’ bread .. and it was great .. its located on the other side of the Harbor .. when we went to dinner at The Crowsnest Restaurant we sat at the same table as a couple from Niagara Falls ONT .. John and Ruth Beyer .. they were on vacation doing a walking trail that goes thru the area .. in segments they have completed 400 of the 500 mile trail .. it led to an interesting evening of conversation .. after a stop at the Ice Cream Shop John and Ruth stopped by Dee Light to extend our conversation ..

Travel – Kincardine Ontario to Tobermory Ontario – 44 Locks To Date – 105 Miles Today – Cumulative Miles 2984

Friday – August 01 – Little Tub Harbour – Tobermory Ontario .. (519) 596-2731 .. ( $1.25 – Canadian .. i.e. .. times 65 percent .. equals .. $0.81/ foot US ) .. spending an extra day in Port has its advantages .. sleeping late ( 06:00 am ) and laundry .. next to the Marina there is a large Commercial type Laundry Facility .. we even did our ‘Fuel Oil’ rags .. Tobermory is located on the end of a long Peninsula with Lake Huron to the West and the Georgian Bay to the East .. there is a lot of Divine done in this area due to the clear waters .. the area also attracts Hikers and Bikers ( the type without motors ) .. even the local Grocery Store is stocked to cater to the recreation that goes on in this area .. we also studied our Charts and talked with many boaters and Marina personnel .. we met Bill and Maria Wertz ( Kalamazoo MI ) .. who are on their Sailboat docked just across from us in the Harbor .. they have ‘sailed’ this area many times and know it very well so we picked their minds for ‘local information’ .. they were most helpful .. we talked with the Harbor Master from Little Tub about getting our Fuel Tanks filled right at our Well.. we could have gone without fuel for a while yet but it was so covenant so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity .. the Fuel Oil Truck and the Harbormaster from Big Tub made it to Dee Light at 11:15 am .. within 10 minutes we had a Diesel Fuel Oil spill .. UGH!! .. the Truck Driver tried to fill the Tank too fast !! .. but by 12:00 pm our Fuel Tanks were full again ..

Engine Hours – Port Engine .. 2018.7 – Starboard Engine .. 2028.7

.. we took a tour on the Blue Heron and saw many of the Islands in the area and of two Shipwrecks in the Big Tub Lagoon .. it also gave us more ‘local knowledge’ of the area for the next time that we set out with Dee Light .. Bill recommended having dinner at The Grandview and we did .. there is a large sing that says ‘GOOD FOOD’ right outside the restaurant and Bill said that he has always been told to not go to a restaurant with that type of signage as the food in normally not good but he said that this was an exception and he was correct .. we did save enough room for a stop at the Ice Cream Shop on the way back to Dee Light ..

Saturday – August 02 – Little Tub Harbour Resort – Tobermory Ontario .. (519) 596-2731 .. another great morning .. the storms that were in Wisconsin and Michigan have passed to the South and Southeast of us .. we got a few drops and the temperature dropped some but we can still wear our shorts so its not too bad .. there were many Dive Boats that took off loaded with Divers .. they were in and out of the Marina all day .. the water is so clear that it is a great place for diving .. there are a number of diving business in the area that give people instructions / classes and then take them out to do diving .. after some of the boaters left the Marina Staff ( Moe ) had us move Dee Light down the Warf to make more room for other boats .. Marv talked with Bill from AIRWAVES and he let us barrow his CDs for this area .. it took some time but we got the Charts to work on our Navigation Computer .. Betty did some productive shopping .. this weekend in Canada is like our Fourth of July weekend in the US .. thus they have Monday off sooo this is a busy boating weekend in this area .. we met the owner of TOMMY TIGER ( 54 foot Hatteras ) and his Captain Mike Levell out of the Sarnia Bay Marina near Detroit .. Mike works for Atlantic Yacht & Ship ( Dania Florida ) .. we had the Dinghy out again and we went to the Big Tub Harbor / Resort to pay for the Fuel that they had delivered to us yesterday .. we went to the Flowerpot Island but we could not find a place on the Island to dock or beach the Dinghy once back to the Harbor we put it back on Dee Light .. we ended up having dinner at a restaurant that looks like it belongs in Key West Florida .. its called the Shipwreck and that is just what it looks like .. like all of Tobermory they were very busy and the food was great .. and so was the Ice Cream Shop on the way back to Dee Light ..

Sunday – August 03 – Little Tub Harbour Resort – Tobermory Ontario .. (519) 596-2731 .. we saw Bill and Maria leave the Harbor about 06:00 am .. we left the Marina at 07:00 am into the FOG .. our visibility was less that a half of a mile and the Seas were 2 to 3 foot from our Starboard Aft .. sooo we took our time .. good thing for our new Charts .. shortly after Betty was checking out our Charts and spotted the Island ahead of us called ‘Cash Flow Rock’ .. ( that we stayed away from ) .. she was thinking back to Tobermory and remembered that there was not a Bus Station there but there was a Ferry that she passed up .. we were in Marina Radio contact with Bill and Maria and we passed them at about 08:00 am .. we passed thru many Islands but saw very few of them .. only on the Plotter and the Radar that we used all day .. we also maintained our course using the Autopilot .. about 09:00 am the FOG really got dense .. due to the FOG we heard and talked with many Boats over the Marine Radio .. we went from the South Side on the Georgian Bay to the North Side of the Bay today .. when we got close to our Marker Betty went out on the Bow to watch for rocks .. we used out Two-Way Radios .. we made it to our first Marker at 10:15 am .. we could not see the Marker until we were within 25 feet of it and when we saw the Marker on out Port Side we had ROCK ( Shore ) dead ahead .. UGH !! .. we made our way up the Killarney Channel passing many boats that were fogged in .. there is a strong current in the Channel that made docking another challenge but we had Dee Light docked and hooked up by 11:00 am .. when Betty made it in from her ‘rock spotting duty’ on the Bow Marv could hear her mumbling / sputtering something about ‘he is trying his best to hit a ROCK and then all my underwear will end up at the bottom of the Georgian Bay’ .. ‘I’m not moving from here’ .. ‘spending the Winter right here’ .. ‘call 911’ .. ‘etc’ .. we were docked right across the Channel from the Marina Office .. once we were docked w called AIRWAVE and thanked them again for the Electronic Charts that they let us copy .. they have a Water Taxi that takes the boaters from one side of the Channel to the other side that operates all day .. after a deelightfull lunch we headed over to the Marina Office on the Water Taxi called ‘Tinkerbelle’ .. after checking in at the Office with Heather the Harbormaster we took a walk on the ‘Main Land’ side on the Marina exploring the area .. the Sportsman’s Inn is celebrating its 100 year here and it has not changed much at all .. for those that do not stay on a boat they do have some room for the night .. they didn't have a road to the outside world until 1962 at that time the first and only road here was built sooo Betty does have an escape route .. we had Bill and Maria over for cocktails before we all headed across the Channel to the Sportsman’s Inn for dinner ( our treat for the Charts ) .. and we had an evening of great conversation over an excellent dinner and we enjoyed Chris at the Piano .. the piano music went on until 02:00 am ..

Travel – Tobermory Ontario to Killarney Ontario – 44 Locks To Date – 57 Miles Today – Cumulative Miles 3041

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