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Great Loop Log - 'pre' Trip Notes

.. prior to our anticipated departure date we have had much to do …. we spent most of the Winter Months at the Centennial Harbour Marina in Fort Myers Florida … we have spent a number of Winters in the Fort Myers area and we have found that there is a number of very good ‘nautical’ support firms and people in the area …. so we had most all of Dee Light’s systems checked out during the Winter Months .. and have had a number of little problems taken care of during our stay …. we carefully checked the overall height out of Dee Light as we will have a number of low Fixed Bridges to get under ....

…. there is a Chickee Hut at the Marina …. many of the ‘boaters’ that are harbored in the Marina gather at the Hut about 05:00 pm for cocktails .. we found a wealth of ‘boating knowledge’ sitting around the Hut and we spent many evenings exploring our anticipated trip with the boaters … including exploring the Trent Severn Waterway in Canada …

March 19 - Allied Forces cross into Southern Iraq .. and launched a major campaign in Iraq called 'Shock and Awe' … we have been watching what is going on in that part of the world and how it may affect us and our travels .. shortly before the campaign the Fuel prices rose at a rapid pace …. if the Fuel prices remain high it will have a huge affect on our trip cost ..

… during the Winter Months SW Florida is a ‘warm and sunny’ destination for many visitors from the North .. this Winter has been no exception .. Dee Light was host to a number of friends and family members .... Betty’s mother from North Myrtle Beach visited us for two weeks just before our anticipated departure on April 25th ..

April 20 - Easter Sunday the three of us went to Shooters and joined Marv’s son Jon and his wife Sarah for a most delightful Easter Brunch .. Shooters is right on the Caloosahatchee Rive just a short walk down West First Street from the Marina .. after Brunch we took Dee Light to the City of Fort Myers Yacht Basin and topped off our fuel tanks ..

April 21 – Betty’s mother baked bread and cinnamon rolls for us to take along for our trip ..

April 22 – Centennial Harbour Marina is the Home Port for Fort Myers Seaplane .. ( 239-332-4746 ) .. their Home Port has been in the Marina for about a year .. some time ago we decided that we would like to view the area by air .. so today Marv and Betty took a tour on the Sea Plane .. the weather could not have been better and we took many photos ..


April 23 – In an effort to work on our Website and to keep in contact with others thru E-Mail we purchased a Verizon AirCard that fits into the side of our PC .. we have hooked it up to our PC and while we spent our last few days at Fort Myers we tested it out … it works much faster than our phone line .. Jon’s crew finished waxing / polishing Dee Light’s exterior and Dee Light’s bottom got cleaned .. Betty finished up at her place and we put her car into storage ..

April 24 – .. when we moved Dee Light to finish the exterior work on the Hull we started to use Dee Light’s water system in stead of the shore water .. when Betty found herself in the shower without water we discovered that we had problem with Dee Light’s water system .. over the Winter Months the Pressure Tank had filled with water .. so Marv started the day in the Engine Room fixing the Water System ... we finished getting Dee Light stocked for our trip .. Jewel and Bob sent us Coffee Beans ( French Roast ) .. Betty’s mothers bread has been packed away .. Betty stocked up on Florida Grapefruit for the trip .. Marv had lunch one last time at his favorite place in Fort Myers .. the Morgan House .. right downtown .. our social calendar remained full right up to the last day in Fort Myers .. we said our farewells to family .. fellow boaters .. friends .. family .. etc. .. after putting Marv’s car into the Storage Unit we went out for dinner with Jon and Sarah …

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