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Great Loop Log - 'side' Trip North

Thursday – May 08 thru Tuesday May 12 – we made it into Minneapolis Minnesota late Thursday night .. Terry picked us up at the Airport and drove us to Wabasha Minnesota .. on our way we stopped in Lake City Minnesota for dinner at The Bronk’s Bar and Grill .. we spent a very cold Friday visiting friends ( boaters ) from the Wabasha area .. on Saturday morning we had breakfast with Mike and Carol at the Pier 4 Café in Alma Wisconsin .. the restaurant overlooks Lock 4 on the Mississippi River .. we watched an Ingram Towboat pulled out of the Lock when we were there .. we spent the rest of Saturday visiting Marcus ( Marv’s Grandson ) and his parents Jewel and Bob in Barron Wisconsin .. Bob’s mother Sue and Frank were also there for the weekend .. all of us had dinner at the Adventures Restaurant and Pub in Rice Lake Wisconsin .. it’s a real ‘northwoods’ restaurant .. on Sunday Marcus was baptized in Barron .. after the service Jewel and Bob had all the relatives that were up for the baptism at their home for a ‘Pasta’ lunch .. it was a great day .. we were in Eau Claire Wisconsin both Monday and Tuesday .. the 11th and the 12th .. Marv had a number of buddies to see and some ‘business’ things to take care of and Betty spent much time at the Oakwood Mall in Eau Claire .. Monday late afternoon we drove to Mike and Carol’s place in Pepin Wisconsin for the night .. after having cocktails on there new back patio we had dinner at The Pickle Factory Bar and Grill .. the Onion Rings and etc. were second to none .. on Tuesday it was back to Eau Claire again .. Marv thought that his Condo in Eau Claire was sold as the buyers rented and lived in the Condo for a year .. but the couple that had planed to buy Marv’s Condo change their mind and were in the final stages of moving out when we were there .. sooo before leaving on Tuesday for Minneapolis we had lunch with Bud and put the Toyota in storage at Marv’s Condo .. we made it to Minneapolis in time for us to do some shopping at the Mall of America where we also had a great dinner at the Twin City Grill ..

Wednesday – May 13 thru Monday May 19 – on Wednesday we had a direct flight from Minneapolis to Indianapolis Indiana .. when we got there Betty’s son Danny and Betty’s Granddaughter Danielle picked us up .. they gave us a tour of the downtown area of Indianapolis on our way to Betty’s daughter Cheryl’s house on the Northeast side of town .. we had a great evening and ended up at O’Charley’s for dinner .. by the time that we left the restaurant a storm had moved in .. rain .. high winds .. and a Tornado .. on Thursday Betty and Cheryl did a lot of shopping .. Marv joined them for lunch at Panera Bread and a tour of St Francis Hospital where Cheryl works .. after Betty and Cheryl bought out the Grocery Store we grilled out .. we had a feast .. the unit of measure that the Weather People use in Indianapolis is the condition of the surface of the Indy 500 Track .. we experienced ‘Dry Track’ conditions for three days .. on Friday Betty and Marv used Cheryl’s car and drove to where Betty and her family first had a boat .. on our way we stopped at Nashville to do some shopping .. from there we went to the Fourwinds Resort and Marina on Monroe Reservoir / Flowage .. it’s a huge Marina about 60 miles South of Indianapolis .. Betty’s family had a Burns Craft Houseboat and a Runabout at the Marina for a number of years .. after lunch at the Resort we drove back to Indianapolis Danny and Shelly’s home .. after Danny fixed a steak dinner for us we kidnapped Danielle and headed back to Cheryl’s place .. on Saturday we went to Aimee’s Lacrosse Game .. they won the game that we watched .. we also took Danielle to get her Dancing photo taken .. we then helped Cheryl prepare dinner for Betty’s birthday party .. we grilled ( Wisconsin style ) Bratwurst and chicken breasts .. Betty’s daughter and three sons all live in Indianapolis with their families .. they all were at the party .. on Sunday Marv went to the Indy 500 with Randy for ‘Bump Day’ and Betty got together with two of her girlfriends from Indianapolis .. Barb and Joyce .. at The Track we saw the last 9 cars become qualified for the race that will take place next Sunday .. one of John Menard’s cars was the 33rd car that filled the race .. John will have three cars in the race .. after another great meal at Cheryl’s place we retired early since our plane trip back to Dee Light is he first thing in the morning … at 05:30 am Monday morning Katie brought us to the Airport .. we had an uneventful flight to Myrtle Beach .. both Ruth Ann and Midge met us at the Airport .. they drove us to the Marina .. we picked up Autumn on our way .. we were all glad to get back to Dee Light .. after unpacking Ruth Ann picked us up and brought us to her place for a great Stir-Fri Dinner ..



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