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Dee Light - Photo Gallery
March 01 thru 06, 2009 - Dee Light Out Of Water Survey
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Photos by - Marv
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March 01 thru 06, 2009 - Dee Light Out Of Water Survey
The last time that we had an Out Of Water Survey for our insurance company was in 2004 .. this year ( 2009 ) our insurance company insisted on us obtaining an Out Of Water Survey or they would not insure Dee Light .. so we contacted the Surveyor that did the survey in 2004 and Gulf Marine Ways ( Fort Myers Beach ) .. on March 02nd Gulf Marine Ways pulled Dee Light out of the water and the survey took place .. since the Dee Light was out of the water for the first time since 2004 we had them touch up the Bottom Paint ( Micron Extra Black ) the last that was done was also in 2004 .. there was almost nothing at all to even touch up EXCEPT the area where Owl Creek did the Wilma ( 2005 ) repair work .. Owl Creek did a VERY POOR JOB in 2005 !!! .. 95 percent of the work that Gulf Marine has done was to repair what Owl Creek did .. ie their work did not last even four years and Gulf Marin's work ( and still in great shape ) has lasted for over five years .. on Friday the 6th we were back in the water ..