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Post Hurricane IKE
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Photos by - Marv
2009-01-24 Post Hurricane IKE
On September 13th 2008 Hurricane IKE made landfall in the Galveston Bay area .. about 130 days later on Saturday January 24th we had an opportunity to take a photo tour of the area to see with our own eyes the recovery efforts to date .. after spending a couple of hours on the Island of Galveston we took the Ferry to Bolivar Peninsula.
There has been a lot of work done on Galveston Island and the recovery efforts are well underway .. many of the business have reopened and the rebuilding of the area is just starting to get underway .. the Bolivar Peninsula was all but totally destroyed by Hurricane IKE .. as we drove thru the Peninsula we saw that the cleanup efforts were well underway but it will be a long time before the area will be getting back to the condition that existed before IKE came thru.