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Trip North December 2008
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2008 Dec - Marv's Trip North to the Tundra
Photos by - Jewel and Marv
December 18th 2008 I made it to the Tundra and was greeted with -12 degree temperatures. I drove to Barron Wisconsin and celebrated Jewel's birthday with her and she gave me my Christmas gift .. a very nice WARM Coat. Jewel and Bob are in the mist of doing an extensive remodeling project so their home is in the final stages of a construction project. When we picked up Marcus and Fran at the Sitters the excitement of Christmas started.
After spending Thursday and Friday at Barron I made my way thru the light snow to Eau Claire to visit my mother and a number of friends. Before the day was in the light snow came down and down ( 8 to 12 inches ) making the Roads a real challenge for both me and the guy that hit my Rental Car in a Parking Lot .. UFDA !!
Despite the BITTER COLD temperatures ( low -18 .. high +17 ) , snow ( about 16 inches ), roads ( rough and slippery ) etc it was well worth it to be able to spend some time with family and friends over the holidays. 
After having Christmas Eve dinner at Dan and Debbie's home and having the Family Gift Exchange at my mothers place on Christmas Day I returned to SUNNY and WARM Fort Myers Florida.