Marv's Seven Day Virtual Buoy Reports

since completing the Great Loop in 2003 we have developed what we believe is a unique 'weather tool' that has served us very well in our cruising travels .. over the last number of years purely thru 'word-of-mouth' we have shared this information on a daily basis to currently well over 800 fellow boaters ..

at this time the location of our buoy reports are primarily in the coastal off-shore waters from Mobile Bay to Key West on the Gulf of Mexico, from Key West up the US east coast to Maine, and all of the Bahamas including Turk and Caicos and the eastern Caribbean islands etc .. all of the virtual buoy lat/lon locations we use in our daily weather reports are strictly based on either our own actual cruising experiences or from feedback received from other fellow boaters from their boating experience ..

if you are interested in checking out what we call 'Marv's Seven Day Virtual Buoy Reports' in further detail just click on the link below
7 day buoy reports
(note - this report is only an example .. ie is not current)
after checking out our daily buoy reports and if you find them of use just drop us an email to marvboater1@aol.com with your 'full name' and eMail address and request to be added to receive Marv's Virtual Daily Buoy Reports .. if at any time you no longer wish to receive these eMails from us, simply send us an eMail with your name requesting to be removed from our eMail address list ..
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 Virtual Buoy Reports - our reports are based on Virtual Buoy locations that we have developed based on our years of boating
 experience and data that we get from www.buoyweather.com .. they use weather data from numerous services etc inc NOAA ..