Marv's Tropical Weather Reports 
Marv's Tropical Weather Reports
HEADS UP - Invest 91L is likely to develop into a tropical storm (Arthur) between Monday and Wednesday and at the same time It should drifts offshore of Florida’s east coast ..
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2014-06-29 - before we get into today's update I would like to share a interesting question ..
question - "Quick question what does Invest 91L mean? Is it a “named low”? Does that make it a “named storm” for insurance companies? Or is it just a weird name?"
my response - good question .. the term "Invest" is short for 'Investigation' and it is followed by the numbers 90 through 99 and either the letter "L" for the Atlantic basin systems or "E" for the eastern Pacific systems .. these full labels in the Atlantic would be displayed as Invest 90-L, Invest 91-L, etc .. in the eastern Pacific, you would see Invest 90-E, Invest 91-E, etc .. this naming convention is used by the National Hurricane Center to identify features they are monitoring for potential future development into a tropical depression or a tropical storm .. thus at this time Invest 91L is just an area of interest .. 
our update - it ooks like we are in for a busy week in the tropics as we may have the development of our first tropical storm of the season .. everyone from North Carolina to northeast / east-central Florida should keep close watch on this possibility ..
Invest 91L is likely to develop into a tropical storm (Arthur) between Monday and Wednesday and at the same time It should drifts offshore of Florida’s east coast ..
here are my thoughts as of this Sunday morning (it is still morning) .. once again using the European model guidance as a guide, I do expect that Invest 91L will track south and then turn more to the southwest throughout today and tonight .. I do not expect much, if any strengthening from Invest 91L today or tonight due to the persistent northerly wind shear which will impact this system. By Monday morning, Invest 91L is forecast to be located about 150 miles east of Cape Canaveral, Florida ..
during Monday and Tuesday, Invest 91L is forecast to close the distance to the coast of east-central Florida from 125 to 150 miles on Monday to around 100 miles during the day Tuesday .. in addition, the environment could become quite favorable (especially on Tuesday) for development with near zero wind shear and ocean water temperatures in the low 80s .. based on this, Invest 91L has the potential to become a tropical depression or even a tropical storm during Monday and Tuesday ..
from Wednesday through Friday, the forecast track and intensity of Invest 91L becomes quite complicated with many unknowns .. the current European model guidance shows a trough of low pressure system picking up this system and sending it northeastward from just offshore of northeast Florida on Wednesday to just offshore of the outer banks of North Carolina on Friday .. in addition, the European model guidance forecasts a setup that consists of a track right over the very warm waters of the Gulf Stream underneath a low wind shear environment .. this results in the European model guidance now consistently forecasting this to become a hurricane as it tracks just east of Cape Hatters, North Carolina on Friday ..
what makes it complicated is that the European model is the only model showing this strong of a scenario .. all of the other guidance, including the GFS, Canadian and UKMET models forecasts little if any development and keeps it a weak system (probably a depression or low end tropical storm at most) ..
everyone from North and South Carolina to the coast of northeast and east-central Florida should continue to keep close tabs on Invest 91L .. even though this is going to be a busy week for many of you with the upcoming Fourth of July weekend coming up I urge you to keep abreast of the latest information surrounding any developments with Invest 91L and the potential for this to become a tropical storm .. Arthur ?? ..
above - Invest 91L ..
above - Western Atlantic ..
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